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Pee Safe : Your Personal Hygiene Expert

 Brand: Pee Safe Company: Red Cliffe Hygiene Private Ltd Brand Analysis Count: # 597 Pee Safe is a very bold brand. Look at the brand name itself. Its ticks most of the boxes in the theoretical way of looking at the qualities of a good brand name. The brand was launched in 2013 and quickly became a pioneer in the development of a market for branded female hygiene products other than the sanitary napkins. The Indian personal hygiene market is huge. pegged at around 85000 crore INR ($1...
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changing customer needs

In this time of change, I’ve been thinking about the gap between a desire to change and uncertainty on where or how to change. The pandemic has been a change accelerant, but the path isn’t always clear. Jeff Bezos has some relevant insights in how he describes Day 1 versus Day 2 thinking.  He first codified this idea in the early days of Amazon in 1997 (and even named his Amazon Building “Day 1” as a reminder always to act like it is Day 1).  In a , he expanded on Day 1 thinking in a way th...
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Popular vs. good

They’re not the same. We often strive to have both, but that’s unlikely. The price of having one almost certainly involves losing the other.  We often end up compromising something to get both and fail. Better to have one than neither.
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A Proposed Joint Resolution on Judicial Power

Here's a thought in the event that there is a Biden appointed commission on court reform. What about a Joint Resolution on Judicial Power: "No court shall hold a federal statute unconstitutional unless it concludes that the statute is manifestly unconstitutional."Some accompanying commentary: As a Joint Resolution it has the force of law. I have little doubt that the current Supreme Court would hold it unconstitutional (even, perhaps, manifestly so -- which would raise a question sort of about s...
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Customer experience doesn’t stop – Interview with Richie Manu

Today’s interview is with Richie Manu, who is Programme Director (Culture & Enterprise) at University of the Arts London, a multi-award-winning lecturer, a designer, creative consultant […] The post Customer experience doesn’t stop - Interview with Richie Manu first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe.
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The thing about sunk costs

Tomorrow is another opportunity. There are thirty people over there who are just waiting for you to help connect them, lead them or make things better. But if you’re still defending the stuck project over here, the one you put so much into, you won’t be able to show up for them. Customers, partners, clients and students who need your voice or your product aren’t going to benefit from it because you’re working so hard to dig yourself out of a previous hole, a situation that is now harder than eve...
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"Yes, Prime Minister" on the Biden Supreme Court Commission

Claire: (PM's Advisor): One more thing, Prime Minister. I do think that after the interview you need to announce some pretty impressive action to make it look as if you're serious.. . .Sir Humphrey Appleby: What about a Royal Commission?The Prime Minister: That's more like it. It won't report for three years. And if we put the right people on it they won't agree about anything important. Right, a Royal Commission. [Author: Gerard N. Magliocca]
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5 tips For a More Effective Remote Onboarding Process

5 tips For a More Effective Remote Onboarding Process How can you effectively onboard new employees during the pandemic? Employees joining during lockdown don’t have the same chance to meet other members of their team or get acquainted more casually with the company, and it can be tough on both morale and productivity as a […]
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HCM Talent Technology Roundup – October 23, 2020

HCM Talent Technology Roundup: October 23, 2020 Press play to listen to this article!   Workday Pushes Idea of ‘Talent Mobility’ Workday launched its Talent Marketplace, an employee mobility solution that helps workers uncover in-house opportunities when it’s time for a change. The product will help organizations with their employee development and talent allocation efforts, the […]
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Big business vs. small business

Small companies create almost all the jobs. They are the insurgents, the agents of change. Big companies are a backbone, reliable providers of goods and services. Big companies operate at a scale that most of us can’t even imagine. The two points of view often conflict. And each can learn from the other. Net neutrality is an argument between freedom of innovation by small business vs. control from big business. Campaign finance reform is an argument against big companies and their leaders buying...
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[PODCAST] Storytelling about XOR with Aida Fazylova

  Storytelling about XOR with Aida Fazylova Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 28. This week we have storytelling about XOR with Aida Fazylova. During this episode, Aida and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing XOR. Aida is an expert in pairing today’s most popular […]
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Narrative Hardball

When Dave Pozen and I wrote our article two years ago on asymmetric constitutional hardball (building on the important and ongoing work by Mark Tushnet), our bottom line was that the constitutional hardball we observe is reciprocal but not symmetrical. Both Democrats and Republicans engage in constitutional hardball, and predictably tend to do so in response to one another; but for at least the past 25 years or so, the Republican party has simply played harder hardball. Over and over, Democrat...
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Truist’s New CMO Has Strong Views on Fintechs and Personalization

Vinoo Vijay, architect of Ally Bank's early marketing and a TD Bank alumnus, will help the SunTrust-BB&T megamerger deliver on its promise. The post Truist’s New CMO Has Strong Views on Fintechs and Personalization appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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How to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive For Workers with Disabilities

How to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive For Workers with Disabilities October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, or NDEAM for short. NDEAM has been celebrated since 1945 and spotlights the challenges that people with disabilities face in securing employment, the benefits to companies who hire people with disabilities, and practical advice for organizations working […]
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“That’s not what I meant”

Disagreements among people who mean well usually begin with that emotion. You meant to say something or agree to something, but the “other side” didn’t hear it that way. That’s enough for a customer to walk away forever. That’s enough for a lawsuit. Because denying the experience of the other person doesn’t open the door for re-connection. Forward motion is possible if we can extend the sentence to, “That’s not what I meant, but that must be what you heard, how do we fix this? Will you help me m...
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[PODCAST] Garick Chan: Working For Free (Money For Nothing)

Garick Chan: Working For Free, Money For Nothing We have a very special Sourcing School. Garick Chan is the most positive Recruiter out there. He’s good to people and offers steadfast advice. We’re going to be talking about something that irks the hell out of a lot of people: Working for free. Most recruiters are […]
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Successful Banking M&A Demands Creative Communication in 5 Key Areas

There’s no such thing as too much communication when executing mergers or acquisitions. That may actually be the key to your success. The post Successful Banking M&A Demands Creative Communication in 5 Key Areas appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Pre-launch code names of disruptive startups.

Here is a collection of 186 code names with explanations from companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Canonical, Red Hat, Adobe, Mozilla, Automatic and more.  
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Hotels, Ice Cream, and Shoes as Canvases for Great Brands

Hotels, Ice Cream, and Shoes as Canvases for Great Brands   Seth Godin has written about how Nike is a great brand because we can imagine what a Nike hotel would look like.   So, let me ask a slightly weirder question: If Nike were an ice cream flavor, what would it taste like?   My guess would be something like a lemon zest sorbet, perhaps. (I’ll look for your best guess in the comments.)   Speaking of ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s is another great brand, like Nike.   Maybe you have a favorite Ben &...
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Fireside chat with William Tincup & Andres Blank of Fetcher

Fireside chat with William Tincup & Andres Blank of Fetcher I met Andres and Fetcher in early 2019. He and his passion to make recruiting easier for everyone left an edible mark on me. Of course, we talked ad nauseum about automation and AI but what I came away from the first meeting with Andres […]
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In these unprecedented, challenging times of togetherness

We have reached the saturation point for trite phrases that signal to your audience that you are trying to acknowledge the fact that pandemics are not the norm. These words and phrases have been overexposed to the level that they are now like chalk on a blackboard – creating a screeching noise in our mental ear so distracting that we actually lose the point of the message. I am pretty sure there is not a human being on the planet that does not know we’re living through an unprecedented and chal...
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5 smart things top agents are doing that you should implement now

OJO Labs CEO John Berkowitz and Chief Product Officer Charles Myslinsky revealed five bright ideas during an Inman Connect Now session on Tuesday.
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Eric Segall responds on originalism and judicial review

 Eric SegallThanks, Jack for engaging with these two questions. I'm going to limit my response to the first one. My argument is that the original meaning and understanding of the judicial power in Article III was encapsulated in Alexander Hamilton's Federalist No. 78  in which he said judges would only overturn laws when they were at an "irreconcilable variance" with the Constitution. This deferential standard was well-accepted at the time as the work of many historians shows. You responded that...
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Cross the bridge and join the dragons

53 years ago, early in her career, Joni Mitchell recorded this song. It’s not something most people will want to listen to often. Shortly after that, she became the one and only Joni Mitchell. But first, she had dues to pay. That’s the work of practice and discernment and skill. You’re not born with genius, it’s a skill. You might have to sing more than one song like this before you end up with the art that resonates with your audience.
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[PODCAST] Wistia – Opening Up on Mental Health in the Workplace with Chris Meador

  Wistia – Opening Up on Mental Health in the Workplace with Chris Meador This topic is fantastic, so I want to get right into it. We will be discussing opening up on mental health in the workplace with today’s guest Chris Meador. A great and timely topic to explore, especially now where people are […]
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27 Brainy Ways You Can Repurpose Content Today from the Author of the Master Content Books

Want to know how to repurpose content the smart way? It boils down to a single idea: Create content once and promote it many times, in many places. A powerful idea deserves to be spread.  Let’s get your idea in front of as many people as possible! In this article, we’re going to talk about how to repurpose content for social media platforms, inboxes, and even on your own website. My book Master Content Strategy covers how to repurpose content in detail — there’s a whole chapte...
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Where the virtual meets the irresistible force of Liz Strauss

Terry “starbucker” St. Marie shared his thoughts about Liz during “Gathering Stardust for Liz Strauss.”  You can watch the video of the gathering here. Terry also sent us a copy of his speech so that we could share it with you here on Successful Blog.   Hi everyone, I’m Terry “starbucker” St. Marie talking to you from smoky Portland, Oregon. I was blessed to go on a 7 year journey with Liz as a business partner. Liz inspired me from the very first time I read her blog way back in 2006. It was a...
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AMA: Eric Segall asks about originalism and judicial review

ES: Jack, to the best of my knowledge, and maybe I'm wrong, you have never addressed the many historical sources collected by Sylvia Snowiss, Jack Rakove and others showing that the framers quite clearly had a conception of judicial review that was modest, humble, and centered around clear constitutional error (and the 14th did not change that according to the best historians of that time other than possibly for protecting the newly freed slaves). I review all that, including Treanor's views on ...
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The limited-edition pre-launch of The Practice

My new book ships in two weeks. It’s about the human process of shipping creative work, regardless of what sort of job we have. It’s about trusting yourself. Mostly, it’s about getting back to becoming the person you seek to be. You can find details on the book (and links to pre-order) here. For the true fans, I’ve put together exactly 400 sets of limited-edition swag. If you order the special 12-copy set of the book from Porchlight, you’ll also get a large handful of cool stuff, including a han...
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Branded Direct Sourcing: What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

Branded Direct Sourcing: What Is It and Why Do I Need It? If 2020 has proven anything, it’s that “just in time” recruiting no longer works – for a lot of reasons. Back in early April, LinkedIn wrote about the biggest challenges that talent acquisition faced during coronavirus. And while they correctly identified a few, […]
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