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Helping leaders in college reboot

We’re announcing a free intensive today, especially for people who are finding their college journey disrupted right now. If you know someone in that situation, I hope you’ll forward this on to them. We’re looking for some students ready to leap forward. To shift from education to learning, from following to leading, from holding back to leaning in. The months and years after school are often fragile. The pressure is on, trajectories are being set, and most of us were probably without a clue. Do...
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Applying the Four P’s of XM Insights in the Current Environment

The way we live has changed due to COVID-19. As a result, organizations face the dual challenge of meeting dramatically different customer, employee, and partner needs while operating in a new economic environment. The discipline of Experience Management (XM) can help successfully navigate through this time because it enables organizations to continuously learn, propagate insights, and rapidly adapt to meet new and evolving needs. XM leaders better understand and more quickly respond to these ne...
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3 Steps to Developing a Successful Retail Hiring Strategy in 2020

  3 Steps to Developing a Successful Retail Hiring Strategy in 2020   With Covid-19 cases growing exponentially in the US, retailers are scrambling to deal with multiple challenges. From plummeting sales and stalling supply chains to keeping employees safe and healthy to ensure they can continue working. Malls and non-essential retail companies might have […]
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Where the Supreme Court went wrong in today's Wisconsin election decision (I think)

If I'm not mistaken, the Supreme Court just stayed a provision of a district court preliminary injunction that does not exist, and in so doing imposed a restraint on the franchise of Wisconsin voters that Wisconsin law itself doesn't require.At least that's how I read the Court's decision, together with the underlying Wisconsin law.  [I am, of course, far from being an expert on Wisconsin voting procedures.  If others more learned than I bring additional considerations or contrary authorities to...
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Converting Brand Crisis To Brand Opportunity

Our current situation is one of disruption, fear and uncertainty. However, there is one thing we do know with certainty. This situation will end, and the rebuilding will begin. As marketers, the question for us is simply this: What should we be doing now to weather this crisis while positioning our brands for the other side of it? Most economists do believe that there will be a sharp rebound driven by pent-up demand. Assuming that’s true, will your brand be ready? I challenge my fellow marke...
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Election "fetishism"

"Elections are the fossil fuel of politics."  This incendiary sentence comes form a fascinating book, Against Elections, by David van Reybrouck.  What he is attacking is what might be termed a certain kind of "fetishism" that views our standard reliance on certain forms of election as the one true way of selecting leaders in a "representative democracy.'  To be sure, Reybrouck can be read in part as a critic of "representative democracy" in favor of more direct democracy, as seen in America in s...
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Coronavirus and Executive Underreach

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[PODCAST] Lever – Continuity Planning for Recruiting with Sarah Nahm

Introduction We are continuing our podcast series where we have a virtual chat with some of the best and brightest in Recruiting and Talent Acquisition. I’d like to give a warm virtual welcome to Sarah Nahm, CEO, and Co-founder at Lever. Sarah tells me that she studied engineering and design at Stanford University. She then […]
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Idea Bar #17: Virtual School Hackathon Challenge

Schools went virtual overnight. Sure, online classes have been growing from the full blown online universities like the University of Phoenix to LinkedIn Learning to new startups like Lessonly for business. But a lot of secondary school teachers and even university educators got thrown in the deep end when students were sent home abruptly. On top of that, it's not clear if schools will be able to start terrestrial classes in the Fall.  Virtual School Hackathon Challenge If you are a high sc...
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PB Careers: Program Manager, Private Brands – Expansions

Job ID: 1103454 | Services LLC DESCRIPTION The Private Brand Safety and Compliance (PBPSC) team is responsible for establishing and administering a program that ensures product safety and enables compliance of Amazon’s Private Brand (PB) products. The program is designed to protect our customers, our brands and Amazon with the commitment to only sell PB Products that are safe for customer use and meet or exceed Amazon’s compliance requirements. We are looking for a hard-working, and c...
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Sobeys 2020 Vertex Award Entrant

Designed by FISH Consumer Engagement Agency Today marks our first post spotlighting the more than 400 entries from this year’s Vertex Awards leading up to the official publication of winners the week of May 25, 2020. This set of entries was comes from Canadian retailer Sobeys. Designed by FISH Consumer Engagement Agency and Elmwood Continue reading Sobeys 2020 Vertex Award Entrant at My Private Brand.
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FREE WEBINAR Covid-19 & the Supply Chain: Lessons from Europe for the US

Brought to you by My Private Brand and Global Retail Brands magazine. IPLC consultants have prepared a webinar to give an update on the Covid-19 pandemic, the impacts on commerce & individual freedom of movement and the knock-on effects on the grocery supply chain. With our unique insights from Europe, this webinar will help you to take real steps to protect your business when coronavirus comes to your doorstep. Europe is several weeks ahead of the United States with respect to the COVID-19 pand...
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The lifelong fan

What does it mean that for forty years you’ve been a steadfast and true fan of a team? The Red Sox, perhaps, or even the Montreal Expos. Over time, every player has changed. Every coach. Perhaps the logo, the stadium, the city and even the name. So, what, exactly, are you a fan of? The same is true for car brands, political parties and just about anything where affiliation drives our sense of self and community. People like us do things like this. This instinct is so strong that we suspend disbe...
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Introducing the XM Professionals Network Online Forum

XM Institute is launching the XM Professionals Network Online Forum, (XMPN Online). The goal is to help XM professionals around the world connect with each other, learn from each other, and tap into the latest thinking from the XM Institute. The post Introducing the XM Professionals Network Online Forum appeared first on Experience Matters.
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If you need a distraction…

  Last week I sent this email out to a group of industry friends. It was a lighthearted way to help folks cope with the stress of COVID-19. Since I sent the email out I’ve decided to make the Google doc a list here and thus more publicly available to folks.  ____   Friends, colleagues […]
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Brookshire Grocery Co. Offers Private Brand Discount to First Responders

Tyler, Texas, regional family-owned grocer Brookshire Grocery Co. (BGC) is offering a 5% daily discount on private brand products for critical and emergency service providers, through May 5, 2020, in all four banners it operates – Brookshire’s, Super 1 Foods, Spring Market and FRESH by Brookshire’s. This discount is available for all emergency first responders (EMS, fire department and law enforcement officers), hospital personnel, and active-duty military (including National Guard and Military ...
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WuMart: 2020 Vertex Award Entrant

Today marks our first post spotlighting the more than 400 entries from this year’s Vertex Awards leading up to the official publication of winners the week of May 25, 2020. This set of entries created by ReTech Labs for WuMart. Continue reading WuMart: 2020 Vertex Award Entrant at My Private Brand.
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marketing is more than communication

In any crisis that impacts cash flow, one of the first reactions of a business is often to cut the marketing budget. That can leave marketers scrambling with how to do their jobs with less. I liked this reminder from Mark Ritson to remember all four Ps, not just Promotion (which relates to communications), but Product, Placement, and Price. “The world does not need our support or our concern. Your companies do not need a communication campaign about how much you care about the state of th...
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Enough little things

We rarely have complete control over the big issues. But the way we interact with each other, the small kindnesses, the extra effort–it adds up. One after another, day by day. It might be enough to change someone’s day. And then the ripple continues.
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Two Timelines of COVID Crisis

We often hear that the current COVID crisis came “out of the blue,” that “nobody” was expecting it.* But anyone with a decent grasp of pressing issues in public health knew the risks of pandemics. As I wrote in 2014: [R]eduction in hospital facilities and other resources, although “efficient” in normal times, may prove disastrous if there is an epidemic. For example, one national preparedness plan for pandemic flu estimated that, in a worst-case scenario, the United States would be short over 60...
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Acknowledgments 2020

Authors get to put a page in their book thanking people who have quietly and persistently and generously helped. But the page is rarely read, and it comes out infrequently and it’s not so timely. It’s worth taking a second to think about people who are doing more than expected, more than they have to do, more than we can imagine. I’m filled with gratitude for the healthcare workers who have shown up to do the jobs that they never hoped to have to do, risking so much to help people. From docs lik...
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Common good v. public good or public interest

Let me begin with where I certainly agree with Jack:  Adrian Vermeule is in fact promoting Catholic integralism (just as some Protestants, including, it has been alleged, Vice President Mike Penc,  are adherents of "dominionism"), both of which advocate forms of theocracy.  Indeed, certain members of the Haredi community in Israel and, I suspect, some members of Modi's ruling coalition in India are also theocrats, not to mention supporters of an Islamic Caliphate or even the "Islamic republics" ...
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Telling A Blockbuster Brand Story

More and more, brands are finding their way to the intersection of brand and entertainment, adopting Hollywood’s tools and techniques that lead to blockbuster story brands. Rightfully so in an attention economy that rewards brands that are both meaningful and interesting. A brand brain trust can help build an advantage at these important crossroads. The concept is ideal for considering how a spectrum of ideas related to products, advertising, branded content and social media can be screened, ...
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Common Good versus Public Good

One of the distinctive claims in Adrian Vermeule's recent constitutional work is his argument that government authority should endeavor to promote, and enforce, the "common good."By contrast, the political theory of liberal republicanism argues that politicians and the public should cooperate and compete with each other to promote the "public good."Does this mean that Adrian is arguing for a familiar kind of liberal republicanism well-known to the founders and promoted by them?No, these two conc...
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HCM Talent Technology Roundup – April 3, 2020

  Job Boards Feel COVID-19’s Impact; New Recruiting Tech Gets a Boost    When 3.3 million workers file unemployment claims in a week, you know the recruiting world’s going to change. As the COVID-19 pandemic gathered steam, blogs, and trade media filled with stories about how the move toward remote work increased demand for virtual-interviewing […]
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The semiotics of face masks

It’s difficult to get adults to wear bicycle helmets. (I wrote about this on the blog 16 years ago). The reason has nothing to do with comfort or safety. It has to do with signals. Semiotics is the science of flags, signals and other communications. It studies the very human act of judging something (or someone) based on limited information as we seek the message behind the signal, all in a quest for belonging and social standing. Even more than helmets, face masks make a statement. Ten years ag...
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Symposium on Helen Norton, The Government's Speech and the Constitution: Collected Posts

Here are the collected posts for our Balkinization symposium on Helen Norton's new book, The Government's Speech and the Constitution (Cambridge University Press, 2019).1. Jack Balkin, Introduction to the Symposium on Helen Norton, The Government's Speech and the Constitution 2. Frederick Schauer, The State’s Speech and Other Acts 3. Sonja R. West,  3. Richard Schragger, What is “Government” “Speech”? A View from Charlottesville 4. Josh Chafetz, Who is The Government? 5. Nathan Cortez, What To...
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Publix: 2020 Vertex Award Entrant

Today marks our first post spotlighting the more than 400 entries from this year’s Vertex Awards leading up to the official publication of winners the week of May 25, 2020. This set of entries created by the Publix Creative Services team. Continue reading Publix: 2020 Vertex Award Entrant at My Private Brand.
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Corporate Storytelling Workshop

Marketers often talk about story as if it is one thing. But corporations and brands with multiple stakeholders need to cater for different responses and priorities by streaming a range of stories to a range of audiences at different times. The reason is simple. The things that make a brand attractive in one context are different from what they might be in another context. Inclination changes, sometimes markedly, depending upon what people value. With this understanding The Blake Project devel...
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Marks & Spencer Count On Us

Marks & Spencer’s (M&S) low-calorie private brand food range ‘Count on Us’ is successfully countering declining interest in traditional calorie counting with a re-design created by the design agency Elmwood that resonates with health-conscious consumers. M&S launched its Count on Us low calorie range in late 2019, as an array of other weight loss tools and practices evolved. However, consumers came to see calorie control as outdated and less relevant and as a result, the Count on Us brand was lo...
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