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Twitter Link Roundup #355 – Terrific Reads for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

By now, the entire Netflix indulging world has heard of the diminutive-yet-formidable Mari Kondo. The tidying-up mania is literally and figuratively sweeping the nation as overwhelmed homeowners seek to create a little breathing room for themselves. The premise itself is a good one – a minimalist attitude toward stuff is healthy, and there’s something to be said for living with less. However, hidden beneath those shiny plastic bags stuffed with unused junk lurks an ugly reality. Each one of tho...
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Do you have a chocolate problem or an oxygen problem?

Run out of chocolate, and that’s a shame. Run out of oxygen and you’re doomed. Sometimes, we overdo our reliance on chocolate. It’s better in small doses–too much and it loses its magic. And sometimes we confuse the thing we want with the thing we need… If your day or your project or your organization focuses too much on finding the next piece of chocolate, you might forget to focus on the oxygen you actually need.         
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Herrera v. Wyoming: A Cautionary Encounter with Careless Repudiation

Daniel B. Rice and Jack Boeglin The law of repudiating precedent is hopelessly muddled.  The Supreme Court often simply overrules decisions whose reasoning it chooses to disavow.  But it sometimes stops just short of doing so—repudiating the principle underlying a case without explicitly overruling the case itself.  When those enfeebled decisions are invoked in later litigation, how should the Court understand their residual force?  Have they been “effectively” overruled, overruled sub silent...
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Gillette’s Biggest Mistake — And How To Fix It

This video gives a 2-minute summary of the biggest mistake Gillette has made with the “We Believe” campaign and what the brand can do now to fix it. If you want more comprehensive guidance on how to manage a crisis, read the report I wrote with my colleague, Emily Collins: “Brands Forget The Rules of Modern Marketing When Crisis […]
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Gillette’s Path Forward With “We Believe”: Own The Controversy

In Part 1 of this post, I criticized Gillette for its statement, “We weren’t trying to court controversy. We were just trying to upgrade the selling line that we’ve held for 30 years,” as lacking conviction in the values it claimed that the campaign represented. My first piece of advice was: If you aren’t authentic […]
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For Trademark Infringement, You Can’t Compare Apples to Cannabis

They say one Bad Apple can spoil the bunch. But what can a Happy Apple do? It depends on which one you buy, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right Happy Apple. One Happy Apples brand involves fresh apples, apple cider, and caramel apples.  The other Happy Apple is a cannabis infused drink. Sure, the names are nearly identical, but does the candy apple company have a viable trademark infringement claim against the cannabis drink company? A recent ruling from the Western District of Was...
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Bluevine and Bullhorn teaming up to help the small-to-mid staffing agency market

Bluevine (think fast funding for your business) and Bullhorn (a leader in staffing and recruiting software) have increased their commitment to fostering the growth of small and medium-sized staffing agencies through an innovative partnership. Enabling access to invoice factoring and business credit lines provided by BlueVine, Bullhorn’s small and medium-sized staffing firm customers can accelerate […]
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Problems and boundaries

All problems have solutions. That’s what makes them problems. The solution might involve trade-offs or expenses that you don’t want to incur. You might choose not to solve the problem. But there is a solution. Perhaps you haven’t found it yet. Perhaps you need to do more research or make some tradeoffs in what you’re hoping for. If there is no solution, then it’s not a problem. It’s a regrettable situation. It’s a boundary condition. It’s something you’ll need to live with. Which might be no fun...
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Friday Already? Yes, Friday our standard registration ends. THE STANDARD REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR THE 6th ANNUAL VERTEX AWARDS ENDS FRIDAY. BE SURE TO ENTER FOR THE BEST RATE.  The Vertex Awards formally recognizes the absolute best in private label/store brand packaging design globally. Retailers manufacturers, marketers, agencies, in-house creatives, around the world turn to The Vertex Awards as the gold standard for private brand design. Standard Registration closes December 18, 2018 ENTER...
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Target adds Baby Essentials to Cloud Island

This week Target announced the expansion of their baby private brand Cloud Island into essentials, including diapers, wipes, toiletries and feeding products! Since launching in May 2017, the brand has become a customer favorite, known for its stylish and affordable nursery décor, bedding, bath and layette products, all created by Target’s very own design team. It remains to be seen how this will impact Targets mega NBE brand Up&Up however it seems unlikely that Target needs two private brands i...
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The Power Of Simple Brand Experiences

I have a new favorite toy store brand. I don’t know what their logo looks like. I have no idea how simple their digital user journeys are. I know nothing of their brand purpose, or even if they have one. What I do know, is that one experience I had with them this week has left a hugely positive and abiding memory… and it was all about the bubbles. I have a 21month old son. It’s a fantastic age and it’s fascinating and beautiful to see him play happily. On a recent visit to Bath (in the UK) we...
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The ERA on the Brink

Earlier this week the Virginia Senate voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. If the Virginia House of Delegates follows suit (which is by no means certain), then Virginia will become the 38th state to ratify the ERA if the rescission votes of five of those 38 states are disregarded. As a result, a yes vote by the Virginia House will lead to a formal petition to the Archivist of the United States for recognition of the ERA as the Twenty-Eighth Amendment. Stay tuned. [Author: Gerard N. Maglio...
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True People Search Removal & Opt Out Instructions

[Big News]: We’re excited to share the release of a feature that’ll automatically remove you from True People Search. You can try it by heading over to this page. One of the first things we recommend for anyone looking to protect their personal information online is to go through the True People Search removal process. There are a number of reasons for this. You see, there are a lot of sites that exist solely to share info about as many people as possible. This isn’t a groundbreaking or new busi...
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Gillette’s Close Shave: Its Latest Ad Is A Masterful Emotional Play Let Down By Its Execution

Brands are jumping into the messy arena of polarizing issues with greater fervor — and Gillette just raised the stakes. After 30 years of sitting on the sidelines, Gillette is passing its razor like a baton, with an overture that overtly calls masculinity into question. Within 72 hours of launch, Gillette’s “We Believe” TV spot skyrocketed […]
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McDonald’s Big, Super, Good-for-nothing European Trademark Mess

From time to time, I post squirrelly thoughts. Today, I wonder: Should a large company with famous, distinct trademarks sometimes hold back from aggressively enforcing those trademarks, even when doing so might at first appear to be a useful competitive strategy? I’m sure many executives at McDonald’s–the worldwide fast-food chain that it is so ubiquitous The Economist uses the prices of the Big Mac to measure purchasing power parity throughout the world–are questioning some past enforcement dec...
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Do Co-Working Office Spaces Really Help Productivity?

By Kayla Matthews Co-working office spaces are popping up all over the country and inspiring people to look at office culture in a new way. In the past five years, co-working office spaces have and are expected to grow two to four percent more each year. What Is a Co-Working Office Space? Co-working office spaces are designated workspaces shared among remote and independent workers who want the sense of an office without the competitive corporate atmosphere. In addition to offering desks and...
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How to be honorable

Honorable men (at least that’s what they called themselves) used to settle their disputes with dueling pistols. Honorable women used to bind their feet and shame others that didn’t. Honorable humans used to own slaves. “Honorable” has always been measured against the current culture, not an absolute of what we’re capable of. Over time, then, as the culture changes, what used to be honorable becomes dishonorable. Sticking with it because it’s always been that way is a truly lousy reason to persis...
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5 Key Benefits of Internal Brand Building

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Please Help This Brand Grow

ENTER TO WIN A $500 CASH CARD Just Tell Us How We Can Be More Useful When The Blake Project launched Branding Strategy Insider in 2006 our goal was to be the leading resource for helping marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. After nearly thirteen years and 3,000 thought pieces later we need your help in building a more useful Branding Strategy Insider. Please help us by taking this survey. Our survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete, and responses are c...
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Tesco Begins Boosting Fiber in Private Brands

Increasing customer interest in fortified foods has prompted British retailer Tesco to begin boosting fiber content in some of its most popular private brand snacks. In a move to help customers increase their dietary fiber Tesco has begun boosting fiber to own label foods starting with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, and chilled bread. It follows Government guidelines which recommended that the average daily intake of fiber needed to nearly double in order for Brits to lead a healthier lifestyle. ...
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Kroger Chairman & CEO McMullen Bullish on Private Brand

Kroger Co. Chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen delivers a keynote presentation moderated by CNBC Anchor Sara Eisen in New York City at NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show. Kroger Chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen provided his outlook on the future of retail at this weeks’ annual NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show in New York City during a dynamic keynote presentation themed Restocking the future: Kroger’s insatiable appetite to play and win the long game. CNBC “Squawk on the Street” and “Closing Bell” Anchor Sar...
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DuetsBlog 2019 New Year’s Resolution

Wow, what a start to 2019!  We already have a Supreme Court case to look forward to, some great guest posts here and here, and plenty to build on from 2018.  Our first trade show of the year is also in the books – this time in Louisville, Kentucky for the Archery Trade Association’s annual trade show.  In addition to supporting clients in the industry, we had the privilege of working with the ATA in 2018 to develop an IP Guide for its members and help launch a new brand for the ATA, seen in the ...
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Are you prepared to be this brave for your customers?

In the early part of December I was lucky enough to attend the Most Contagious event in London. It is run by Contagious, one of the leading, global creative and strategic intelligence services and the event aims to provide an appraisal of the year’s most innovative and influential brand campaigns, events, technologies, start-ups and emerging trends from around the world. The event was kicked off by Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder of Contagious, and Chris Barth, it’s Lead Strategist, who were tal...
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Are you in good voice?

When I think about the trends that are facing marketers and business owners in 2019, the one that I believe is going to be most significant is the influence of voice on search and content. Not only do I think it’s critical, but I think it is growing faster and stronger than anyone could have imagined. Let’s define the term, so we’re all on the same wavelength. When we talk about voice what we mean is all voice-activated or operated devices, apps, and the Internet of Things accessories that you ...
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What does the OutMatch acquisition of Wepow mean?

This happened about a week ago.  Previously — November 2017 — you might remember that OutMatch acquired Pomello as well. They also acquired Assess Systems and Chequed, Inc. along the way. That’s four total acquisitions. Let’s break them down by what they were focused on pre-acquisition: Wepow (the most recent): Video interviewing Pomello: Culture fit […]
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Don’t steal metrics

A thoughtful friend has a new project, and decided to integrate a podcast into it. Talking to a producer, he said that his goal was to make it a “top 10 podcast on iTunes.” Why is that the goal? That’s a common goal, a popular goal, someone else’s goal. The compromises necessary to make it that popular (in dumbing down the content, sensationalizing it, hunting down sort-of-famous guests and doing a ton of promo) all fly in the face of what the project is for. It’s your project. It’s worth findin...
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Boosting Exposure for Your Business with Blogging

In today’s highly competitive world of business, it is vital for business owners to take steps that will help to boost exposure. Competing with rival companies has become easier in… Read more » The post Boosting Exposure for Your Business with Blogging appeared first on
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Life in the Fast Lane with Private Brands

This guest post comes from  Doug Baker, Vice President, Industry Relations – Private Brands, Technology, Food Marketing Institute. Private brands have become full-fledged brands in their own right, as evidenced by 69% of consumers saying it’s very or somewhat important to have a good assortment of private brands in food and beverage. These own brand products continue to make strides and hit an upward growth trajectory again. As consumers continue to explore new products based more on attribut...
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Online Wholesale Club Boxed Launches Jackpot Popcorn

Online wholesale club Boxed recently introduced a new line of clean-ingredient popcorn, Jackpot Popcorn, to its industry-leading private label brand, Prince & Spring. Jackpot’s name, meant to make customers feel like they’ve won the “popcorn lottery,” promotes Boxed’s playful personality and charisma to its customers. Offered in Sea Salt or Sweet and Salty flavors and comprised of a few simple, non-GMO ingredients, Jackpot Popcorn is gluten-free, vegan, and kosher, providing on-the-go customers...
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Online Wholesaler Boxed Launches Jackpot Popcorn

Online wholesaler Boxed recently introduced a new line of clean-ingredient popcorn, Jackpot Popcorn, to its industry-leading private label brand, Prince & Spring. Jackpot’s name, meant to make customers feel like they’ve won the “popcorn lottery,” promotes Boxed’s playful personality and charisma to its customers. Offered in Sea Salt or Sweet and Salty flavors and comprised of a few simple, non-GMO ingredients, Jackpot Popcorn is gluten-free, vegan, and kosher, providing on-the-go customers a q...
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