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McKesson v. Doe—Searching for Clarity on Protesters’ Rights

Guest Blogger Tabatha Abu El-Haj This summer’s protests following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor reveal the costs of an ill-defined right of peaceable assembly. Uncertainty about what is “peaceful” has fueled grotesque law enforcement crackdowns and left protesters exercising their constitutional rights at the mercy of officials. And it has also enabled Bill Barr and others to testify, with straight faces, that the dispersal of protesters on Lafayette Square and the tactics...
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Selling your time

We don’t pay surgeons by the hour. And if the person who cuts the lawn shows up with a very fast riding mower, we don’t insist on paying less because they didn’t have to work as hard. Often, what we care about is the work done, not how long it took to do it. And yet, some jobs, from law to programming, charge by the hour. When you sell your time, you’re giving away your ability to be a thoughtful, productivity-improving professional. Sell results.   [Today’s one of the last days of 2020 to enrol...
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[PODCAST] Greenhouse: Understanding the Hiring Maturity Curve with Jon Stross

Understanding the Hiring Maturity Curve with Jon Stross Today we have a guest who is both a friend and a colleague. Here today with Jon Stross, the cofounder at Greenhouse. We will be talking about a topic that’s really interesting. We’re going to get into the hiring Maturity Curve. What that is, and what that means, […]
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From Brand Safety to Brand Suitability

Brand safety has been high on marketers’ agendas since the 2017 YouTube crisis, when some advertisers found their ads next to terrorist videos. Yet the blunt tool response that followed has brought its own problems.  Many brands started addressing brand safety with overly broad keyword blacklists that can penalize legitimate content and make it harder to find audiences, limiting reach and engagement. Tracy De Groose, CEO of UK Newsworks described the situation this way: “You might thin...
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Simple tips for security and serial numbers

[This probably impacts every person reading this, but few of us get to decide to fix it. I figured it was worth sharing so you can share it…] Don’t require special characters (like ! or worse, ‘) in the passwords created in your app or on your site. You’re simply training people to either forget them or to write them down in an unsafe location. Instead, require long passwords. When you set up a wifi password that others have to use, there’s really no reason to use capital letters, special charac...
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Mitigating Circumstances and the Death Penalty: The Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

Jeffrey Abramson As a follow-up to my August 4 poston the federal appeals court decision throwing out the death sentence for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for his role in the Boston Marathon bombings, I append to this post a section of the verdict form on mitigating circumstances used at Tsarnaev’s death penalty hearing.   This form was provided to me by Professor Mary Rose of the University of Texas, and is available at the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel’s website,
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Inadequate, Unworkable, and Unlawful: The Trump Unemployment Aid Program

        President Trump’s effort to relieve the pressure he and Senate Republicans have been feeling over the expiration of enhanced unemployment benefits is a failure on every level.  It provides too little in aid.  It will miss many families in need.  It will expire very soon.  It likely cannot be implemented in some states.  And it is transparently unlawful.  Unemployment Assistance in the Recession      The CARES Act that Congress enacted in March did many things, including provide the A...
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Don’t waste the lesson

Things rarely turn out precisely the way we hoped. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can figure out why. If we find the lesson and learn from it, it might be even more valuable than if we’d simply gotten lucky.
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Developments in the SDNY Cases Challenging Trump's "I Won't Count Undocumented Immigrants as Inhabitants" Plan

A couple of weeks ago I published a long post about President Trump’s announcement that he plans to exclude undocumented immigrants from his calculation of State populations for purposes of reapportionment of House seats on the ground that such persons who live in the various States … aren’t inhabitants of those States.   (Seriously—that’s the theory.)   I thought I’d try to keep Balkinization readers up to speed from time to time on the many lawsuits that have already been filed challengi...
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Check Out New Reality TV Series Debuting on FYI Network: DREAM LIFE Starring Serena DC!

Dream Life: Your sweet escape to a new reality In today’s world, an escape from reality would do us all some good. For the perfect way to escape, look no further than Serena DC’s Dream Life, premiering on FYI network on August 9.     Dream Life makes the most of Serena’s many talents and […]
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Build Brands On Value Not Price

Levi Strauss, the 167-year-old blue jeans company, is fast-tracking its brand-business strategy to address our changing retail habits. The venerable brand has a great deal of incentive to do so, as many retail establishments are struggling or are facing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Levi Strauss has several plans that focus on how we will be shopping from now on into the future. As with other retailers, coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the implementation of these strategies. Our expectations hav...
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Will He Go?: An Interview with Lawrence Douglas

I recently spoke with Lawrence Douglas (Amherst) about his new book, Will He Go? Trump and the Looming Election Meltdown in 2020 (Twelve Books, 2020). JB: Why did you write this book? LD: Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, I began writing contributing opinion pieces for The Guardian. My very first piece was about Trump’s claim that three to five million illegal voters had robbed him of a popular vote victory over Hillary Clinton. At the time I wrote, “that same script could be called upon...
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Allocating public honor: The cases of Benedict Arnold and Philipe

Allocating public honor is no small issue.  Consider two possible candidates for such honor.  The first is Benedict Arnold.  Given that he is an eponym for traitorous conduct, it is no surprise that there are no monuments honoring him in the United States.  But consider the almost certain possibility that there would be no United States were it not for his courageous leadership at the Battle of Saratoga.  Not only were the British forces defeated; it is also the case that the victory spurred the...
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Editing Tips: Do These Things Before Posting To Social Media

Who among us hasn’t viewed a confusing, inappropriate, or downright appalling post from a once beloved brand on social media? Answer: Nobody who’s reading this right now! “De-branding” posts happen… Read more » The post Editing Tips: Do These Things Before Posting To Social Media appeared first on
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Is John Marshall Next?

America's reckoning with slavery and white supremacy is focused thus far mainly on Confederate monuments. But there is also an ongoing discussion about the Founders who owned slaves, How should we remember them? What should be done with their monuments?The Supreme Court will at some point confront this question about John Marshall. When you tour the Court, a statute of the Chief Justice dominates the exhibit hall downstairs. When new Justices are formally given their place on the Court, they sit...
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Drop in

One of the most difficult things to do in skateboarding is to learn to ‘drop in’. This is the commitment at the top of the ramp. One moment, you’re standing still, at the abyss, and the next you’re committed, fully engaged with gravity. The worse thing you can do is half. When you sort of commit, you’re likely to fall. The rule is pretty simple: If you’re going to bother going skateboarding, then you’ve already decided. In this moment, you’re not making a new decision. You’re simply acting on wh...
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HCM Talent Technology Roundup – August 7, 2020

HCM Talent Technology Roundup: What Recruiters Want During a Recession Recruiters tend to be optimists. So even after they’ve scrambled to adapt to the economic havoc triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, many believe the recovery, when it comes, will leave them in a stronger position than they had before.  Since the spring, talent acquisition has […]
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Brands Must Adapt To Smaller Consumer Worlds

Today’s marketplace is defined by fragmentation. This diversity of tastes, values, ideologies and lifestyles creates a complex operating environment for brands. The universal mass-market America, defined by a shared aspirational narrative has given way to a nation of Smaller Worlds. Today’s consumer is infinitely complex. Traditional means of segmenting consumers like age, income, gender and race are no longer sufficient. An exponentially fragmented consumer requires an equally complex strategi...
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Brand Naming Strategy: Capturing Disparate Ideas In A Single Word

When your brand positioning requires a name that expresses two disparate ideas in a single word, one proven strategy is to have the look, sound and personality convey idea “A” and the meaning of the name convey idea “Z”.A real-world execution of this strategy is Trillium, a family of processors we named for Arm. The name needed to convey “high tech” AND “organic”. The name Trillium has a futuristic/sci-fi/high tech look, sound and personality. Trillium could be what powers the ships of Starfleet...
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What do you own?

Your skills. Your reputation. The noise in your head, your attitude, your personal passions… But after that, it starts to diverge. Some own real estate. Some own machines. Some own trademarks, or the permission asset of being able to interact with people who want to be interacted with. If you want to build a career as a freelancer, or a business as an entrepreneur, it helps to own something. Really valuable public companies are worth so much because of the assets they own and the market position...
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Brands Find New Ways To Communicate Value

As we get used to living with a global pandemic and the resulting economic fallout, brands and advertisers are changing the way they communicate with customers in our ‘new normal.’ In their COVID-updated trends report, JWT Intelligence says, “Hugs and handshakes are out. Finger-licking too. And with half the world in lockdown, standard backdrops for advertising—sporting events, busy streets, family reunions, holidays—now seem off-key, if not downright dangerous.” How long will this last? A su...
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The difficulty of trying defendants in the courtroom and not the media

Jeffrey Abramson Death penalty cases test the limits of our belief that defendants -- even despised defendants -- deserve trial in court, not in the press. Consider last week’s federal court decision throwing out Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence.   The court acknowledged Tsarnaev’s admission of guilt for planting the deadly bombs near the marathon finish line. Nevertheless the court set aside the death sentence, since at trial the judge failed to adequately que...
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Reports of the Reagan Era’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

For the Symposium on Mark Tushnet, Taking Back the Constitution: Activist Judges and the Next Age of American Law (Yale University Press 2020).Amanda Hollis-Brusky Taking Back the Constitution is an ambitious book that covers a wide swath of territory in its attempt to explain, critique and offer alternatives to the contemporary Supreme Court and its constitutional agenda. While it treads over fairly well-trodden territory in its critique of the Roberts Court, Originalism, and the conservative ...
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Passive Candidate Emails: Not the Usual Advice

Passive Candidate Emails – Not the Usual Advice I really wish the internet would purge all guidance for building potential passive candidate email templates published before 2020.  Any intelligence preceding to this year on the subject is all moot. I’m not just saying that because of the effects of Covid-19. Although, that has the distinction […]
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How to get ratings and reviews

A couple summers ago, my daughter and I went on a three-week African adventure. As you can imagine, we stayed in many different hotels, resorts and safari lodges while we were there. We also enjoyed the company of several different tour guides, tour companies, restaurants, and venues. Every one of those businesses survives and thrives on word of mouth recommendations, and in today’s world – rating and reviews from crucial sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and others. What I found fascinating is th...
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Posing for selfies

We act differently when we know we’re about to be on display. Aim a camera at someone and they tense up. I guess we call it “taking” a picture for a reason. We feel defensive. Social media multiplies this by counting “likes” (which doesn’t mean someone actually likes us) or “friends” (which doesn’t mean that someone is actually our friend.) The irony is that the people we’re most likely to want to trust and engage with are the ones who don’t pose. They’re consistent, committed and clear, but the...
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[PODCAST] Naviga – Providing Direct Feedback to Hiring Managers with Kathleen Steffey

Providing Direct Feedback to Hiring Managers with Kathleen Steffey Today we have Kathleen Steffey on the show. We are talking about a subject near and dear to my heart and a great topic for the audience. “Providing direct feedback to hiring managers (and, why it’s respected and not taboo.)”   First, the Introductions Kathleen is […]
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Five Reputation Management Tools to Use

Nowadays there’s a lot of personal information publicly available on the web. We all have an “online persona” which is directly related to the way people see and judge us as individuals. Unfortunately managing your online reputation is everything but an easy task. There are many social media channels where people can spread unbiased opinions about others, tag inappropriate photos, and otherwise mess with your reputation. As a blogger, your name stands for the quality and authenticity of your pos...
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Tushnet’s Taking Back the Constitution

For the Symposium on Mark Tushnet, Taking Back the Constitution: Activist Judges and the Next Age of American Law (Yale University Press 2020). It probably did not occur to many people encountering Mark Tushnet’s early career work that he would wind up being something of a national treasure in constitutional law.   Despite possessing the dubious virtues of unrelenting honesty and unfailing clarity, he is.   I’ve read most of Mark’s books and for relevance and making a timely punch in the righ...
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The Most Powerful Brands Have Always Been Agile

Marketing and communication has a way of being reinvented over and over again, with each new and unapologetic rendition billed as a break from a seemingly blind and rigid tradition. Except they’re nothing of the sort. Despite keeping things feeling fresh, most reinvention is historical revisitation. Take some of the discussion revolving about brands, with the key concept being that a brand must be agile, adaptable, and seek out opportunity as opposed to a voice as personified by a logo. The ...
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