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HCM Talent Technology Roundup June 18 2021

Indeed and SMB financial platform Fundbox formed a partnership to provide small companies with better capital and hiring options. Fundbox CEO Prashant Fuloria said the partnership provides Indeed with “access to entrepreneurs who are actively growing their businesses and looking for top talent.” Fundbox is embedded in a range of business solutions, such as Quickbooks, […]
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Kurt Lash on Reconstruction (2): Is the Fifteenth Amendment an Embarrassment?

For the Symposium on Kurt Lash, The Reconstruction Amendments: The Essential Documents (University of Chicago Press, 2021)(2 vols.).  Having offered very general remarks about Kurt Lash’s valuable collection of materials on the gestation of the Reconstruction Amendments, let me now turn to the specific history of the Fifteenth Amendment that he has now made available to us.  Is it, in its own way, an embarrassment for the contemporary lawyer or constitutional theorist, especially if she ...
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In control

Is this a want or a need? Do you know anyone who has managed to gain control over things outside of their grasp? Honking at traffic serves no purpose other than to express a need to control the uncontrollable. Why do we work so hard to try to capture control over things that are clearly not in our control? And what would happen if we stopped trying and worked on the things we can influence instead?
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Allbirds – Why Leading with Compassion has Never Been More Important With Laila Tarraf

Today’s podcast has a topic that I was really looking forward to getting into. Laila Tarraf, Chief People Officer from Allbirds is here to talk about why leading with compassion has never been more important. This was a really great conversation, especially coming off of a year and a half of the pandemic. This awareness of empathy […]
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Ken Paxton Shoulda Hired a Legal Philosopher

It has been a morning of overlapping consensus at the Supreme Court: in both California v. Texas and Fulton v. Philadelphia, the Justices found their way to a broad (7-2 or 9-0) resolution of questions far narrower than what the plaintiffs in these lawsuits had hoped to win from a far-right court. In the case of California v. Texas—and what an appropriate name for what is essentially a purely partisan lawsuit, the latest long-shot effort to unravel the Affordable Care Act through judicial acti...
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In Praise of Evil Thoughts

Freedom of thought means freedom from social tyranny, the capacity to think for oneself, to encounter even shocking ideas without shrinking away from them. That aspiration is a core concern of the free speech tradition. It is not specifically concerned with law, but it explains some familiar aspects of the First Amendment law we actually have – aspects that the most prevalent theories of free speech fail to capture. It explains the prohibition of compelled speech, and can clarify the perennial...
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Kurt Lash on Reconstruction (1): Defining the topic, setting the canon

For the Symposium on Kurt Lash, The Reconstruction Amendments: The Essential Documents (University of Chicago Press, 2021)(2 vols.). What follows is a two-part review of Kurt Lash’s truly important collection of materials on “the Reconstruction Amendments” just published by the University of Chicago Press.  Both Lash and the Press have performed a genuine service to anyone interested in American constitutional history by bringing out these handsomely produced two volumes.  They will be a...
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How Procter & Gamble Plans to ‘Widen the Screen’ for Black Creators and Media Companies

Advertising and media executives are facing a "perpetual state of disruption," said Procter & Gamble's Marc Pritchard in his ANA 2021 keynote today, and he wants leaders to focus on three essential challenges: transparency, privacy and racial equity. Those first two points are familiar territory to conference attendees who have listened to Pritchard in the...
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How Can Job Rejections Strengthen Your Job Search?

Job search is a beast. It is a phase in our lives that is harder than most of us want to admit. It takes immense emotional strength, resilience, persistence, and even creativity to succeed in the endeavor of pursuing a new job, especially one that you end up enjoying. Luckily, through my years of career coaching, […]
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Kurt Lash and the Canons of Constitutional Law

For the Symposium on Kurt Lash, The Reconstruction Amendments: The Essential Documents (University of Chicago Press, 2021)(2 vols.). In 1998, when Sandy Levinson and I wrote about the constitutional canon, we identified three basic kinds of canons. The pedagogical canon focuses on materials that to be taught in law schools (or universities). The academic theory canonfocuses on materials necessary (or helpful) for debates in constitutional theory. The cultural literacy canonincludes materials n...
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Non-machinable surcharge

I got a marketing letter from a colleague yesterday. Not a sales pitch, just an update on what they were up to. I was delighted to discover that this mass mailing had a hand-lettered address on it, with little bits of water color for fun. It was slightly irregularly shaped, requiring an extra stamp because it wasn’t machinable. Inside, in addition to a personal (and personalized) note, there was a gift card for an ice cream cone. But the coolest part was that the card wasn’t from a national c...
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The Use Case Podcast – Storytelling about QReserve with Brandon Aubie & Graeme Brown

Storytelling about QReserve with Brandon Aubie & Graeme Brown Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 92. This week we have storytelling about QReserve with Brandon Aubie & Graeme Brown. During this episode, Brandon, Graeme, and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing QReserve. Brandon and Graeme are experts […]
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How to Achieve Consumer-Creator Balance

Do you often find yourself completely overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s coming at you every day? This article is for you. Apologies/thanks to Hint Water for the image. We’re going to go through a step-by-step process that will turn your consumption habits from a firehose to an irrigation system. Because all of those email newsletter subscriptions, YouTube channels, blogs, and yes, even TikToks, should be adding value to your life. It’s OK if the value is pure ...
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Rapala Continues Fishing for Attention

Over the past dozen years, we’ve been admiring Rapala’s annual creative billboard campaign that continues to maintain the same eye-catching look and feel. Love the white canvas, the red stylized Rapala brand name, the Original Floating lure, and a creative and often humorous attention-getting term or phrase in black ink, sandwiched in between (and hooked by) the lure and the brand name: In case you’re wondering, I’ve listed my 2021 favorites in order above, with “Smooth whopperator” receiving...
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Balkinization Symposium on Kurt Lash, The Reconstruction Amendments: The Essential Documents

This week at Balkinization we are hosting a symposium on Kurt Lash's new two volume collection, The Reconstruction Amendments: The Essential Documents (University of Chicago Press, 2021)(2 vols.).We have assembled a terrific group of commentators, including Christopher Green (Mississippi), Sandy Levinson (Texas), Gerard Magliocca (Indiana), Jennifer Mascot (George Mason), Darrell Miller (Duke), Richard Primus (Michigan), Bradley Rebeiro (BYU), Lee Strang (Toledo), Lea Vandervelde (Iowa), an...
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What is Reconstruction?

For the Symposium on Kurt Lash,  The Reconstruction Amendments: The Essential Documents  (University of Chicago Press, 2021)(2 vols.). The Reconstruction Amendments: The Essential Documents  fulfills a need that was long felt but never met. Kurt Lash now stands alongside Max Farrand in doing extraordinary work to further constitutional knowledge by making a critical portion of our past more accessible. I want to focus my essay on Lash’s choices in arranging that knowledge.   ...
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Lucky breaks

Almost every project comes in a little bit late and a little bit over budget. When things break, the breaks are rarely lucky ones. Part of the reason is that in proposing the project we made our best guess and predicted the predictable. If we didn’t, the project would probably never get approved. Optimists bring an expectation of possibility and goodwill. But they’re also aware of the math of coordination. Hiccups multiply. Betting on lucky isn’t nearly as productive as simply establ...
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Safeguard Global – Redesign Workforce Strategies by Being Globally Fluent with Brian Dames

Safeguard Global – How Can Companies Redesign Workforce Strategies By Being Globally Fluent With Brian Dames On today’s show, we have Brian Dames from Safeguard Global here to talk about how companies can redesign their workforce strategies by being globally fluent. We’re actually gonna be talking a lot about global fluency, or multinational employment proficiency, […]
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How Billie’s Reimagined Pride Fairy Tales Support LGBTQ+ Youth

Everyone knows the story of Rapunzel. But this time, her super long hair is armpit hair, and she's not waiting for anyone "because she's hella gay." And that tower? It's her sweet penthouse with an elevator. It's a body-positive Pride fairy tale, presented by DTC razor brand Billie on its Instagram account. The Rapunzel reimagining,...
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Thinx Is Offering Plus Sizes. The Models Decided How to Promote Them.

When Thinx was founded in 2013, advertisers were representing blood with blue liquid, avoiding direct language and not making it any easier for people to talk about periods. The challenger brand, which carved out the period underwear category, was focused on starting real conversations about menstruation and offering a sustainable alternative to disposable products. Eight...
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Should a Degree Be a Deciding Factor in Hiring?

A college degree is valuable in a competitive job market. But, it should not be the deciding factor when you make a hiring decision. To understand why, let’s answer some of the biggest questions surrounding evaluating job candidates based on their education. Is it Common for Job Candidates to Have a College Degree? Research indicates about […]
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We’re changing our name – why isn’t everyone cheering?

There are many reasons why an organization would change itself over the course of its history. There might be a merger (think FedEx Office, formerly known as Kinkos), or the name may be outdated or even offensive (think Aunt Jemima). In most cases, the organization has evolved enough that their original name just doesn’t quite fit anymore. This is a huge deal for the organization. It can take a year or two to identify the right name and execute the legal due diligence to protect the name. From ...
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Abstain from abstaining

Even when you’re not completely certain. Because we can never be certain about the future. So we show up for the work, do the reading, engage with the problem. The challenge is to find a point of view if we don’t have one yet. The exception is simple: if, after being well informed, you are willing to accept every outcome, you do us all a favor when you stand down. Hiding doesn’t help us.
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The Use Case Podcast: Storytelling about Adway with Sara Dalsfelt

Storytelling about Adway with Sara Dalsfelt Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 91. This week we have storytelling about Adway with Sara Dalsfelt. During this episode, Sara and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing Adway. Sara is an expert in all things recruitment marketing. Her passion […]
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Omsom Is on a Mission to Reclaim Asian Flavors in Grocery Stores

After studying sociology and economics at Harvard University and working as a management consultant at Bain & Company, Vanessa Pham felt frustrated that she wasn't able to put her energy and skills towards building the world that she wanted to see. This is when Vanessa and her sister Kim decided to start Omsom, a proud...
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Jungle Scout Review 2021 (The 7-Figure Secret?)

Want to get started selling on Amazon but aren’t sure about investing in Jungle Scout? In this Jungle Scout review for 2021, I cover everything you need to know with UP-TO-DATE info. Most reviews... The post Jungle Scout Review 2021 (The... [This is a content summary, continue reading on our website!]
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How to Develop an Honest Brand That People Trust

The marketplace is full of brands that promise much and deliver little. If you want to stand out and cultivate a loyal following in your niche, it’s as simple as being honest and trustworthy. The challenge lies in communicating these ideals with effort and ease. The Challenge of Brand Trust Data from the Edelman Trust Barometer shows that just 48 percent of customers in the United States trust businesses. That number is down from 58 percent just a year prior. And over the past decade, t...
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Helium 10 Review (UPDATED 2021) – Read Before Buying

Hey, Amazon FBA’er! We recently used Helium 10 to research, scale, and sell our Amazon FBA brand for $150,000+.  So in this Helium 10 Review and tutorial, we’re going to take a deep dive... The post Helium 10 Review (UPDATED 2021)... [This is a content summary, continue reading on our website!]
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Artsy’s Record-Breaking Sale Paves the Way for its Post-Pandemic Growth Plans

Visitors have been flocking to the Whitney Museum's major retrospective of Julie Mehretu since March. The Ethiopian-born American artist's large scale works that mix abstraction with social commentary have also captured an even greater online interest. Case in point: last Friday, art purchasing platform Artsy sold Mehretu's massive Dissident Score painting for $6.5 million, the...
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Macmillan cites Igor’s CEO as coining a buzzword.

“VANILLACIDE: when an original idea or plan is repeatedly changed until it becomes less interesting and unique than it was first intended to be. Vanillacide is most often used in business contexts, where it refers to the scenario of new and creative proposals undergoing a series of changes in order to make them generally acceptable to people, but in the process becoming so ‘watered down’ that they lose their original individuality and appeal.The term vanillacide was coined  by Steve Manning, Chi...
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