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Illustration Celebrating Modernist Architecture of Oscar Niemeyer

Illustration Celebrating Modernist Architecture of Oscar Niemeyer abduzeedoMar 13, 2019 Levente Szabo shared a beautiful illustration project celebrating the great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. With a set of colorful and super stylish illustrations Levent captured the modernist work of Oscar with extreme accuracy. Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect, considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture. He was best kno...
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High risk expedition to reach isolated tribe in Brazil

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — Brazil’s agency for indigenous peoples has sent off a rare and high-risk expedition hoping to contact a small, isolated group in the Amazon and reunite its members with some of their relatives, saying the move is necessary to avoid bloodshed in an area near the border with Peru. A team of […]
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Venezuela's Juan Guaido says he will return to Caracas

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — Juan Guaido, recognized by many countries as Venezuela's president, said Thursday he would return to Caracas this weekend despite "threats."
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Venezuela’s Juan Guaido in Brazil to meet with Bolsonaro

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — Juan Guaido, recognized by many countries as Venezuela’s president, is in Brazil to meet with President Jair Bolsonaro. Juan Guaido arrived early Thursday in the capital of Brasilia. Later in the day, he is scheduled to meet Bolsonaro, who recognizes Guaido and has taken a hard line against Venezuelan President Nicolas […]
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Venezuela's Guaido to visit Brazil in bid to keep pressure on Maduro

Guaido last month invoked constitutional provisions to assume an interim presidency, arguing Maduro's re-election was fraudulent. The congress chief has organized nationwide protests over the past month while the United States has imposed crippling sanctions on Venezuela's key oil industry and government officials. Guaido will travel to Brasilia for a two-day visit from Bogota, where he had attended a meeting with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and the regional Lima group about how to resolve ...
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Brazil to set up aid center on Venezuelan border: opposition envoy

The Brazilian government will set up a collection center for humanitarian aid for Venezuela in the northern border city of Boa Vista within the next few days, the Venezuelan opposition's envoy to Brasilia said on Tuesday. Maria Teresa Belandria, who has been recognized as Venezuela's ambassador by the Brazilian government, said she will meet with Brazil's defense minister on Wednesday to talk logistics for getting aid from the United States, Brazil and possibly Canada to Boa Vista.
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The One Flight in America to Avoid More Than Any Other

Starting in May American Airlines is launching what may be the worst flight in the world, Miami to Brasilia in South America with a Boeing 737 MAX. The flight is blocked at over seven and a half hours and spans 3600 miles. Now American Airlines is launching a domestic flight that's nearly as rough because it takes the same product and flies it nearly as long without leaving the country. Continue reading The One Flight in America to Avoid More Than Any Other...
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Brazil agriculture minister defends pro-business stance on indigenous lands

Brasília (AFP) - Brazil's agriculture minister on Friday defended a policy of wanting to develop agribusiness on indigenous lands, and dismissing "hysteria" about the issue of protecting the Amazon rainforest. Tereza Cristina da Costa told invited foreign journalists in Brasilia that she was "favorable" to opening up indigenous land to business interests, "but the law needs to be changed" to allow that to happen. Costa said criticism that the new government of President Jair Bolsonaro was look...
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'Bolsonaro is Hitler!' Venezuela's Maduro exclaims amid Brazil spat

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday called Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro a modern Adolf Hitler, days after Brasilia officially recognized an opposition leader as the legitimate head of the increasingly isolated country. Brazil on Saturday said it recognized Juan Guaido, head of Venezuela's opposition-run Congress, as legitimate president after Maduro was sworn in to a second term that countries around the world described as illegitimate.
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Install These Apps on Your New Mac

In the springtime of my youth, I reveled in the setup of a fresh computer, installing programs into the bare OS like I was laying out the shining city of Brasilia. Now I am deep in my years, my back aches from sitting, and setting up a new computer is a slog. I can do without some apps for weeks or months, but I rely…Read more...
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Brazil government not looking to interrupt Embraer-Boeing tie-up: official

Brasília (AFP) - The Brazilian government is not poised to interrupt plans for a tie-up between national planemaker Embraer and US giant Boeing, a senior official said Monday, days after President Jair Bolsonaro expressed wariness over the venture. The government "is not thinking of interrupting this negotiation," Augusto Heleno, secretary for institutional security, said after accompanying Bolsonaro to an event in Brasilia appointing the new heads of public banks, the O Globo news website repo...
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A square in the city of Brasilia, located a little further from the central area of the city. Just...

Pompeo, Brazil's new government target Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed supporting a return to democracy in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua with Brazil's new right-wing government on Wednesday, in a joint effort against what he called authoritarian regimes in Latin America. Pompeo and Brazil's Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo considered deepening cooperation in the region at a meeting in Brasilia following Tuesday's inauguration of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.
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Pull-out from Syria changes nothing in US support for Israel: Pompeo

Brasília (AFP) - President Donald Trump's decision to pull American troops out of Syria "in no way changes anything" in terms of US support and protection of Israel, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday. Pompeo gave the assurance as he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for talks in Brasilia on the sidelines of the inauguration of Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro. "The decision the president made on Syria in no way changes anything that this administration is working...
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Brazil’s leftist parties to boycott Bolsonaro’s inauguration

SAO PAULO (AP) — Brazil’s largest left-leaning opposition parties said Friday they will boycott the inauguration of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro on Jan. 1. The Workers’ Party, which governed between 2003 and 2016, and the Socialism and Liberty Party said their lawmakers and executives will not attend the ceremony in the capital city of Brasilia. Several […]
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Pompeo to meet Netanyahu in Brazil after Syria decision

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet next week in Brazil with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Washington prepares to withdraw troops from Syria, the State Department said Thursday. Pompeo and Netanyahu will meet in Brasilia where both will be attending the New Year's Day inauguration of president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing firebrand who has vowed to move Brazil closer to Israel and US President Donald Trump.
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São Paulo Ain’t No Gotham City

You must have heard a thing or two about São Paulo. No, it’s not the capital of Brazil—that would be Brasilia—but it’s the country’s financial centre. It’s also South America’s largest city, with a metropolitan population of 21.5 million. Major protests usually start in São Paulo—you probably saw a few CNN “breaking news” about them, although chances are you had no idea why protesters were facing military police forces in riot gear because Brazilian political issues are rarely in the internation...
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Affordable low-maintenance home embraces the Brazilian landscape in style

Simple and low-cost materials combine in the Itaipu House, a contemporary family home that doesn’t compromise on looks despite its relatively modest construction budget. Architect Samuel Lamas, of the Brasilia-based architecture firm Equipe Lamas, designed the four-bedroom home within a condominium complex near Lago Sul, Brazil. Completed this year for a construction cost of approximately $189,000, the modern dwelling minimizes its energy bills through solar water heaters and passive solar desi...
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Palacio de Justica, Brasilia, Brasil

Up ahead we can see the Palace of Justice. It was designed in 1957. Brasilia, DF, Brasil
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Operating a business jet to the Brazilian presidential inauguration

On Jan. 1, 2019, Brazil will inaugurate its president-elect Jair Bolsonaro. We anticipate heavy business aviation traffic to Brazil for this event, including many chiefs of state. Below is everything operators planning to travel to the inauguration or who will be in the region need to know. 1. SBBR will be the primary airport Brasília International Airport (SBBR) will be the primary airport of entry for operators attending the inauguration. This is a 24-hour AOE with full services, an FBO and ...
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Brasilia Cathedral

The bells of the Cathedral of Brasilia. Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brasil

Palacio de Justica, Brasilia, Brasil

Up ahead we can see the Palace of Justice. It was designed in 1957. Brasilia, DF, Brasil
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Brazil president: Not worried about looming corruption cases

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — Brazil’s President Michel Temer says he’s “not the least bit worried” about corruption charges that could lead to jail time after he leaves office Jan. 1. Temer invited correspondents to the presidential residence in Brasilia on Thursday and was asked about two corruption cases that nearly forced him from office earlier. […]
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Currently with 2.5 million inhabitants, Brasilia was designed to support a large population without...

Palacio de Justica, Brasilia, Brasil

Up ahead we can see the Palace of Justice. It was designed in 1957. Brasilia, DF, Brasil
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Best new building in the world unveiled

What and where is the world's best new building? Today, the judges of the 2018 RIBA International Prize have announced that it's a pair of school boarding houses (named "Children Village") set in a remote rural location on the fringes of enormous rice fields in Brazil's tropical Tocantins province some 370 miles north east of Brasília and 930 miles from the sea.
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American Airlines Introduces A Flight Worse Than All its Others

American is introducing a flight to compete with all of the painful experiences they've offered to customers in the past -- and that's certainly worse than anything else they're offering today. Starting in May their Miami to Brazil's capital of Brasilia flight will no longer be flown by a Boeing 757 with lie flat business class seats. Instead they'll run the flight with a Boeing 737 MAX. Since the plane has no ovens in back, economy customers will eat hummus. Continue reading American Airlin...
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Vale ordered to pay tribes $26.8 mn over river contamination

Brasília (AFP) - A Brazil appeals court on Friday ordered mining giant Vale to pay two indigenous tribes $26.8 million over river contamination that harmed public health, the prosecutors' office said Friday. The Onca Puma nickel mine in Brazil's northern Para state, in operation for a decade, is blamed for contaminating the Catete river, which prosecutors said had a "severe" impact on the Xikrin and Kayapo tribes. In a statement, the prosecutors' office said the contamination affected food ava...
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Brazil environment ministry condemns Bolsonaro plan

Brasília (AFP) - Brazil's environment ministry said Wednesday that far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro's plan to merge it with the agriculture ministry is "reckless" and will undermine not only environmental protection but economic growth. Bolsonaro's team confirmed Tuesday he would combine the two ministries, drawing condemnation from activists who warned the move would subordinate environmental regulation to agrobusiness in a country that is home to some of Earth's most vital natural res...
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Economy depends on environment, WWF warns Brazil's Bolsonaro

Brasília (AFP) - If Brazil's far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro wants to make good on his promise to reboot the economy, he should stop his attacks on the environment, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The former army captain, who won the giant Latin American country's election Sunday, will merge the agriculture and environment ministries, an adviser confirmed Tuesday -- infuriating environmentalists, who warn the latter will be neutered by business interests. Bolsonaro, who is backe...
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