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This BMW R nineT is a homage to Rickman Métisse

In the world of vintage desert sleds, the Rickman Triumph Métisse reigns supreme. It was a pretty legit scrambler in its day, and also one of best-looking motorcycles from that era. For VTR Customs boss Dani Weidmann, though, there’s an even deeper connection. Back in the 80s, 17-year-old Dani took an apprenticeship at a company called Meier & Lutziger—the Swiss importer of Rickman frames and parts. Dani fell in love with the classy design of these throwback sleds. When the VTR Customs cr...
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Why Marcus Brauchli Is Investing Money in Media Markets Abroad

Marcus Brauchli has edited some of the leading American publications, but as co-founder and managing partner of investment firm North Base Media, he and his fellow partners are focused on putting money into emerging media markets abroad instead."This is a very competitive market," he said of the U.S. media industry. "There's a lot of capital. There's a lot of people chasing the same few ideas. And in so much of the world, the opportunity to be the first provider of serious content, or the first ...
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