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Brazil Official Says He Warned Bolsonaro Over Pressure to Buy Bharat Vaccine

By Ricardo BritoBRASILIA (Reuters) - A Brazilian Health Ministry official has revealed that he alerted President Jair Bolsonaro to internal...
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Brazil police use teargas and rubber bullets against indigenous protesters

• Three protesters injured and three police hit by arrows• Congress mulls diluting protection for indigenous territoriesRiot police have fired teargas and rubber bullets at indigenous activists protesting outside Brazil’s congress against new legislation that would undermine legal protections for indigenous territories, and open them up to commercial agriculture and mining.Thick clouds of teargas enveloped the demonstrators, including children and the elderly, as police attempted to clear the ca...
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Riot police use teargas on indigenous protesters for land rights in Brazil – video

Riot police used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse a group of indigenous people protesting on Tuesday outside Brazil's Congress against a bill that lawmakers were about to debate that would undermine the recognition of protected reservation lands. The bill, known as PL 490 and backed by Brazil's powerful farm caucus in Congress, seeks to open up protected indigenous lands to commercial agriculture and mining Continue reading...
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Threats and Violence Mark Pandemic Debate in Bolsonaro's Brazil

By Gabriel StargardterOLIMPIA, Brazil (Reuters) - Jose Antonio Arantes, a Brazilian newspaper editor and radio host, awoke around 4 a.m. on a...
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Carli Lloyd makes 4th Olympic team as USWNT roster is revealed

Carli Lloyd is headed to her fourth Olympics after all. The 38-year-old Lloyd had vowed after the 2019 World Cup that she would push to make the team for Tokyo before stepping away from the sport. But then the games were pushed back a year because of the coronavirus, and Lloyd needed surgery on her knee. So making the 18-player roster was by no means a slam dunk for Lloyd, who scored three goals in the opening 16 minutes of the 2015 World Cup final in Canada. Vlatko Andonovski announced his Olym...
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Brazil: Newsletter – Maio/21 | Mercado De Capitais - Koury Lopes Advogados

A CVM informou que as Resoluções CVM nº 29 e nº 30 entraram em vigor em 01 de junho de 2021.
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Brazil: #6 – Marco Legal Das Startups - Koury Lopes Advogados

Participam deste episódio o nosso sócio de Direito Societário e M&A, Luiz Filipe Aranha, e a advogada da área, Laura Cossi.
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Brazil: The Supreme Court Has Finally Decided The So-Called "Case Of The Century" - Gaia Silva Gaede Advogados

The Supreme Court has finally decided the case that deals with the exclusion of ICMS tax from the PIS and COFINS tax calculation bases.
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Where to find Colombia vs. Brazil on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Colombia vs. Brazil on US TV in Copa América, you’ve come to the right place. For viewers in the US, Colombia vs. Brazil will be... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Brazil Medical Firm Fleury Hit by Cyberattack

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazilian medical lab company Fleury SA said in a securities filing that a cyberattack had resulted in a partial outage of its...
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US and Brazil both seen scaling back ethanol production over next few months

In New York, Reuters reports that both the US and Brazil are expected to cut ethanol production over the next few months as rising feedstock prices for corn and sugar, respectively, make production uneconomical. Supplies for both feedstocks are tight, squeezing margins while high ethanol prices are making gasoline more expensive at the pump rather than cheaper. Brazilian sugar mills will focus more on sugar production but US ethanol producers will likely pull back production runs. China’s demand...
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Police Tear Gas Indigenous Protest for Land Rights in Brazil

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Riot police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse a group of indigenous people protesting on Tuesday outside Brazil's...
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How Brazil's fear of losing the Amazon guides Bolsonaro's policies towards the forest

In 2000, when the internet in Brazil was still in its infancy, an email with an alarming message about the Amazon went viral. It claimed that the United States and the United Nations had taken the forest from Brazilians and transformed it into a protected area -- a falsehood, but one that reflected a long-running conspiracy theory still promoted today by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.
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Parts of the Amazon have rarely been drier. Scientists fear it could spark devastating fires

Scientists are on high alert that the Amazon is careening toward a destructive fire season. Parts of Brazil and its typically lush rainforest are parched by drought and loaded with fire-kindling fuel after a surge of deforestation in 2020.
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Brazil Cenbank Minutes Raise Possibility of 100 Bps Hike at Next Meeting

By Jamie McGeeverBRASILIA (Reuters) -Brazil's central bank discussed raising interest rates last week by more than 75 basis points, minutes from...
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Hungary’s classrooms have become the new battleground for the war on ‘LGBT ideology’ | Mark Gevisser

Viktor Orban has used a new law to equate gay people with paedophiles. He’s not the first to use this tacticLast week, the Hungarian parliament banned any portrayal of homosexuality or transgenderism to minors, in educational material or on television. Appending this to a law protecting children from child abuse, the country’s president, Viktor Orbán, drew an explicit connection between homosexuality and paedophilia. In so doing, he resorted to a canard that much of the world has long dispensed ...
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Brazil: Biodiversity – Brazil: Does The Nagoya Protocol Set Limits To The Scope Of Domestic Legislation? - Tauil & Chequer

Following a long-waited ratification (on March 4, 2021), Brazil became a party to the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising...
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140 Covid-19 cases confirmed among Copa América teams and service providers

At least 140 positive Covid-19 cases have been detected among players, members of delegations and service providers since the beginning of the Copa América tournament in Brazil on June 13, according to the country's health ministry.
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Brazil: Newsletter – Maio/21 | Direito Penal Empresarial - Koury Lopes Advogados

Na ocasião, foram apreendidos prontuários médicos de inúmeros pacientes.
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Brazil: Marco Legal Das Startups – Texto Definitivo Da Lei - Koury Lopes Advogados

Permissão para que sociedades por ações tenham apenas um diretor.
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Brazil: STJ Decide Que O Sequestro De Bens Na Seara Criminal Prevalece Sobre A Penhora Cível E Trabalhista - Koury Lopes Advogados

No caso concreto, um automóvel foi objeto de sequestro, nos termos do artigo 125 do Código de Processo Penal, em decorrência de um processo criminal.
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Marine sediments explain how part of Brazil's Northeast region became semi-arid

The phenomenon is linked to gradual contraction of the tropical rain belt over the last 5,000 years, according to a study conducted at the University of São Paulo. Its findings can help predict the region's future climate.
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140 Covid-19 cases confirmed among Copa America teams and service providers

At least 140 positive Covid-19 cases have been detected among players, members of delegations and service providers since the beginning of the Copa America tournament in Brazil on June 13, according to the country's health ministry.
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Delta COVID variant poses more danger to the unvaccinated

By Madeline Holcombe | CNN Some states are making great strides in vaccinating their residents against Covid-19, but the ones that are not may soon be contending with a more transmissible variant, experts say. About 45.2% of the US population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, CDC data showed, and in 16 states and Washington, DC, that proportion is up to more than half, and 16 have reached President Joe Biden’s goal to vaccinate 70% of adults with at least one dose. But some states — such as ...
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Chile through to Copa quarter-final after Uruguay draw

Cuiabá (Brazil) (AFP) – Chile booked their place in the quarter-finals of the Copa America on Monday after securing a 1-1 draw with Uruguay in Group A. Veteran striker Eduardo Vargas fired La Roja ahead... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Brazil Congress Approves Eletrobras Privatization

By Maria Carolina MarcelloBRASILIA (Reuters) -Brazil's lower house of Congress on Monday approved a bill allowing the privatization of...
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Brazil Congress Approves Main Text of Eletrobras Privatization Bill

By Maria Carolina MarcelloBRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's lower house of Congress on Monday approved the main text of a bill allowing the...
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The 31 best Prime Day deals under $25 to add to your shopping cart

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Sure, you can save big on that robot vacuum or that laptop this Prime Day, but if you're looking to spend less and save more, there are plenty of deals to be found on a budget. Everything on this list is under $25 while on sale during Prime Day, which is running June 21-22. We've found some hidden gems this year, and we...
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Brazil's Beefed up 'Bolsa Familia' Welfare Program to Be Less Than 300 Reais a Month - Sources

By Rodrigo Viga GaierRIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Brazil's new "Bolsa Familia" welfare payments to the poor will average below 300 reais ($59.50) a...
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See family's emotional reunion as daughter leaves hospital after Covid-19 battle

Children in Brazil have been dying from Covid-19 at higher rates than nearly anywhere else in the world. Doctors and researchers say the country's higher child death rate stems from several issues but the main culprit is social inequality. CNN's Isa Soares reports.
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