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Conservative NY Times Columnist Remembers His Freewheeling, Sexually Confident, Multiply Married Modernist Painter Grandmother (Who Had Diego Rivera For A Lover)

Bret Stephens pays tribute to Annette Nancarrow (the composer Conlon was the third of her four husbands), a genteel, well-to-do Manhattan Jewish girl who ran off to Mexico City, became besties with Anaïs Nin, painted a mural alongside José Clemente Orozco, watched Diego and Frida fight, and judged Leon Trotsky’s clothes. – The New York Times
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Time for Experts

In this novel crisis, we in media and online need to shift much of our attention away from trying to eradicate disinformation (and how’s that going?) to spend more of our time and resources once again finding and amplifying good information — authoritative information from experts. That is why I am maintaining and immersing myself in my COVID Twitter list of 500 epidemiologists, virologists, physicians, researchers, NGOs, and selected specialist journalists. I have been taking in their c...
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Two 3-Letter Words for Problem Solving—and Creativity

I’ve always been fascinated by how words work--and what they can do to us. I’ve been especially intrigued over the past thirty years by questions—yeah, I’m a question nut! I actually have an entire shelf in my library on the discipline of questioning. My hobby is easily explained. Effective questions are a key to learning and growing. Which means that questions are how we make change. And inevitably, clients hire to me to help them make change.  So, I was glued to a recent column by the NYT’s Br...
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"Trump won because he was willing to say loudly what his supporters believed deeply; because, in his disdain for what politicians are supposed to be and do, he exuded authenticity; because he was hated..."

"... by the people his base found hateful; because he had an opponent who, in the minds of his supporters, epitomized corruption and self-dealing; and because he offered radical cures for a country he diagnosed as desperately ill. Despite being the oldest man ever elected president, he seemed (to his voters) fresh, true, bold, and sorely needed. So it is, and would be, with Sanders. Depth of conviction? Check. Contempt for conventional norms? Check. Opposed by all the right people? Check. Runnin...
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Not laughable at all.

I'm reading "Cancel Culture Claims Another Scalp" by John Hinderaker (at Power Line), which is about the Bret Stephens column on the "genius" of Jews. I blogged about the column, here, before the Twitter outrage cranked up.  I said:So, according to Stephens, there are the people who can build things and do things in the real world. They can perform feats of engineering or devise military strategy. But those things are "prosaic," and — in Stephens blunt view — not what Jews do with their "prodigi...
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Announcing: The 2019 Golden Duke Winners!

Hear ye, hear ye! After much deliberation by our esteemed judges, it’s time to recognize our 2019 Golden Duke winners. Ex-Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA), the namesake of our annual awards, got himself locked up in prison for eight years after taking some $2.4 million in bribes. Six years after his release in 2013, we here at TPM continue to honor his legacy by highlighting the year’s most ridiculous figures and fiascos in the political world — a deeply competitive field that only seems to g...
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Jews, Israel, Bret Stephens, And The Latest Outbreaks Of Anti-Semitism

After the poisonous response I got to my book, Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the Origin of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, I vowed to stay out of discussions about Jews and Israel, but I keep breaking my resolution. Most recently it is over the coincidence of the anti-Semitic attacks in New Jersey and New York and New York Times’ columnist Bret Stephen’s column on Jews and anti-Semitism, in which he manages simultaneously to reinforce one of the historic tropes of anti-Semitism — that Jews are ...
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NYT Adds Lengthy Editors’ Note To Bret Stephens’ Latest Terrible Column

On Sunday, the New York Times revised conservative columnist Bret Stephens’ op-ed “The Secrets of Jewish Genius,” which claimed that Ashkenazi Jews are intellectually superior, due to overwhelming backlash over the column citing a racist study. Shortly after the op-ed was published on Friday, critics assailed Stephens and the Times for pushing the kind of race science favored by white supremacists. This reasoning relies on the discredited pseudoscience of eugenics — and ideology which caused...
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Jews, Israel, Bret Stephens, And Tthe Latest Outbreaks Of Anti-Semitism

After the poisonous response I got to my book, Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the Origin of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, I vowed to stay out of discussions about Jews and Israel, but I keep breaking my resolution. Most recently it is over the coincidence of the anti-Semitic attacks in New Jersey and New York and New York Times’ columnist Bret Stephen’s column on Jews and anti-Semitism, in which he manages simultaneously to reinforce one of the historic tropes of anti-Semitism — that Jews are ...
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Words of the year 2019: Fritinancy edition

Goodnight decade! Goodnight year! Goodnight words that made us cheer—or jeer—and which summed up the stories of 2019. So far, Oxford Dictionaries has selected climate emergency as its #WOTY19, Collins Dictionary—clearly tapping into the same zeitgeist—picked climate strike, and Cambridge Dictionary chose upcycling. In Australia, Macquarie Dictionary singled out cancel culture from a longlist of 75 words (see my own take on canceled below). Here in the US, chose existential (as...
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The New York Times defends its decision to publish a controversial op-ed exploring why 'Jews are smart'

The paper issued a correction to Bret Stephens' controversial piece, saying that the endorsement of Jews being genetically superior was "not his intent."
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"New York Times columnist accused of eugenics over piece on Jewish intelligence/Bret Stephens faces backlash after suggesting that Ashkenazi Jews are smarter than other people."

Yikes, the heat on Bret Stephens has zoomed up since I blogged about his genius-of-Jews column at 5 a.m. yesterday morning.The Guardian says:The rightwing New York Times columnist Bret Stephens...Eh. I don't think the right wing deserves responsibility for whatever it is Bret Stephens is.... has sparked furious controversy online for a column praising Ashkenazi Jews for their scientific accomplishments, which critics say amounts to embracing eugenics.In a column titled The Secrets of Jewish Geni...
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NYT’s Bret Stephens Faces Criticism For Citing Eugenicist In Op-Ed On Ashkenazi Jews

Even his colleagues at the Times criticized the conservative writer for citing a paper by a eugenicist.
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A New York Times column exploring why 'Jews are smart' is prompting heavy criticism and canceled subscriptions

Columnist Bret Stephens relied on a study about IQ tests written in part by a professor who is associated with white supremacist groups.
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New York Times Columnist Bret Stephens Cites White Nationalist in ‘Jewish Genius’ Column

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens is once again stirring outrage—this time with a piece entitled “The Secrets of Jewish Genius” that cites a paper co-authored by an academic labeled an “extremist” eugenicist and celebrated by white supremacists.Stephens’ op-ed on Ashkenazi Jews was denounced all over social media as an example of race science bunk.“How is it that a people who never amounted even to one-third of 1 percent of the world’s population contributed so seminally to so many of its m...
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"One can apply a prodigious intellect in the service of prosaic things — formulating a war plan, for instance, or constructing a ship.... Jewish genius operates differently."

"It is prone to question the premise and rethink the concept; to ask why (or why not?) as often as how; to see the absurd in the mundane and the sublime in the absurd. Ashkenazi Jews might have a marginal advantage over their gentile peers when it comes to thinking better. Where their advantage more often lies is in thinking different. Where do these habits of mind come from? There is a religious tradition that, unlike some others, asks the believer not only to observe and obey but also to discu...
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"[T]he winning Democrat will need to make Trump’s presidency seem insignificant rather than monumental — an unsightly pimple on our long republican experiment..."

"... not a fatal cancer within it. Mike Bloomberg has the financial wherewithal to make Trump’s wealth seem nearly trivial. Joe Biden has the life experience to make Trump’s attacks seem petty. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have the rhetorical skills to turn Trump’s taunts against him. As with most bullies, the key to beating Trump is to treat him as the nonentity he fundamentally is. Wouldn’t it be something if his political opponents and obsessed media critics resolved, for 2020, to talk ab...
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The 2019 Golden Dukes Awards Nominees Are Here

It’s that time again: The 2019 Golden Duke Awards are upon is. Named for the breathtakingly corrupt former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA), these awards honor the people behind the biggest political disasters of the year. Whether they’ve reached new heights of corruption, stupidity, or just plan weirdness, they deserve our commendation. Our esteemed panel of judges will consider the nominees below and render their verdict next Friday. In the meantime, as a new decade barrels our way, let’s t...
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"Goodbye, America. Goodbye, Freedom Man."

I'm just reading NYT headlines. I read it out loud, not knowing what it meant, and laughed. Meade said, "And who is 'Freedom Man'?" I said, "I don't know, I'm just reading NYT headlines right now."All right, I'll read the subheadline. It's: "Under Trump, the U.S. becomes the world’s fair-weather friend." Okay, I can see where that's going.It's a Bret Stephens column. It begins:The time is the early 1980s. The place is the South China Sea. A sailor aboard the U.S.S. Midway, an aircraft carrier, s...
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It Took Decades, But The Anti-New Deal Crusaders Have Triumphed

Made possible by The American judiciary has been transformed over the past generation. Until recently, liberals were accustomed to thinking of the Supreme Court as an ally. Under Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 1950s and 1960s, the Court struck down school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education (1954), cemented the doctrine of one person, one vote in Baker v. Carr (1962), established a constitutional right to privacy in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), along with dozens of other legal a...
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The Times Cartoon Reveals the Link between Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism

On April 29, readers of the New York Times were treated to a rarity in the world of journalism. While newspapers publish letters and occasionally opinion pieces critical of their editorial decisions, it is rare for an in-house writer to pen an article excoriating his employer. But that day, Times columnist Bret Stephens accused the paper of anti-Semitism from its own pages.The headline on Stephens’s column was straight to the point: “A Despicable Cartoon in The Times.” It concerned a syndicated ...
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Why the New York Times’ Anti-Semitic Cartoon Didn’t Bother Most Jews

Last week, the New York Times published a cartoon so anti-Semitic that Bret Stephens wrote in his Times column that it was "an image that, in another age, might have been published in the pages of Der Stürmer." Der Stürmer was the Nazis' major anti-Semitic newspaper.A Times columnist charging the Times with publishing a Nazi-like cartoon is quite a moment in American publishing history.For those who haven't seen the cartoon, here is Stephens's description:> The Jew in the form of a d...
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New York Times Drops Syndication Service That Supplied Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Gary Hershorn/GettyThe New York Times decided on Monday to cease the Times’ relationship with the syndication service that supplied an anti-Semitic political cartoon that ran in last Thursday’s international print edition of the newspaper.The cartoon, drawn by Portuguese artist António Moreira Antunes and originally published by the Lisbon newspaper Expresso, depicted a blind, yarmulke-wearing Donald Trump being led by a dachshund sporting the face of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an...
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"Maybe, in fact, Trump is the genius he claims to be, possessed — as he likes to boast — of a 'very good brain.'"

"O.K., I don’t quite believe that. But going forward, it would be wise for all of his inveterate critics in the news media, including me, to treat it as our operating assumption. The alternative is to let him hand us our butts all over again, just as he did by winning the G.O.P. nomination and then the election, and then by presiding over years of robust economic growth. That should be the central lesson from the epic media fiasco of Russiagate."Writes Bret Stephens in "Is Trump Keyser Söze — Or...
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Splinter Bret Stephens Tried to Teach Me How the World Works Because I Called Him Remarkably Dumb |

Splinter Bret Stephens Tried to Teach Me How the World Works Because I Called Him Remarkably Dumb | Deadspin  | Jezebel Tristan Thompson Is a Real Piece of Shit | The A.V. Club Ian McKellen on what led to Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey’s…Read more...
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A new template for Trump-haters: "Trump Is Epic."

That's the headline for a conversation at the NYT between Gail Collins and Bret Stephens. The pull quote under the photo of Trump is: "'Which horrible things the president has done lately seem most appalling to you?' Gail Collins asks."I'm thinking this is a real turning point in Trump-hating, a recognition that the portrayal of Trump as small isn't working anymore. The man with the tiny hands and tiny penis, the child of man, who bumbled into the White House and is throwing tantrums, watching T...
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letters: If Trump Were a Fictional Character ...

Readers, inspired by a Bret Stephens column, offer their own ideas, turning to Sinclair Lewis, Cervantes, Voltaire and others.
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Wall Street is in a box right now

I did my friend Stephanie Ruhle’s show this morning to let MSNBC viewers in on what’s happening with the recent stock market volatility. I’m joined on the panel by Bill Cohan (Vanity Fair) and Bret Stephens (New York Times). Hope this was helpful, you watch it here: Is there reason to hope tariff progress is being made with China? (MSNBC) ...
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"Nothing would have been worse than a midterm result vindicating President Trump’s first two years in office."

"It’s particularly nice to see Vladimir Putin’s favorite Republican member of the House, Dana Rohrabacher of California, voted out of office."Says Bret Stephens, one of the the NYT's conservative columnists, quoted in "For a Second There, We Stopped Talking About Trump/What else does the Democrats’ new House majority portend?," which is a conversation between him and the liberal NYT columnist Gail Collins, who responds, "This is the world Trump has made: Bret Stephens sitting in front of the TV ...
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