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Symposium: Chief Justice Roberts reins in the cavalry of abortion providers charging toward the elimination of abortion regulation

Cynthia Yee-Wallace is deputy attorney general of the state of Idaho. She filed an amicus brief on behalf of the state in support of the respondent in June Medical Services v. Russo, along with Brian Kane, who is the assistant chief deputy attorney general for the state of Idaho. Abortion providers won the most recent skirmish invalidating Louisiana’s admitting privileges law in June Medical Services v. Russo. But a close read of Chief Justice John Roberts’ concurring opinion will likely opera...
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Upcoming L’appart Events and Paris Trip Giveaway

    January I’ll be riding the rails (or the glamorous bus) to Philadelphia for an event on January 12 at 7pm, at Barnes & Noble in Rittenhouse Square with my friends from Context Travel, who are offering a special Paris trip giveaway. Continue Reading Upcoming L’appart Events and Paris Trip Giveaway... [Author: David]
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Upcoming L’appart Events and Paris Trip Giveaway

  December I’ll be heading by train to Boston (yay – no airports!), for an appearance at Milk Street cooking school with Chris Kimball. That event is sold-out but there’s an open-to-all event at Flour Bakery + Café in Cambridge on December 13th with owner/baker Joanne Chang. If you plan to come, please RSVP so they know how many people to expect. On December 19th at 7pm, I’ll in Brooklyn at Bedford Cheese Shop, in conversation with Ella Riley-Adams of…along with Romain! There will ...
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Are America's Non-Compete Laws Too Strict?

Slashdot reader cdreimer shared an article from the New York Times: Idaho achieved a notable distinction last year: It became one of the hardest places in America for someone to quit a job for a better one. The state did this by making it easier for companies to enforce noncompete agreements, which prevent employees from leaving their company for a competitor... The result was a bill that shifted the burden from companies to employees, who must now prove they have "no ability to adversely affect...
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Here Are Your Open Design Honorees for the 2017 Core77 Design Awards

Open Design: Projects whose final form is 'open', liable to change (physically or digitally), and whose underlying purpose is creation or recreation by the end-user, either through production (ex. 3D Printing), assembly (ex. DIY), or personal customization. This year's Open Design Jury Team was captained by Dan Chen, a technology investigator, improvisational engineer, and interaction designer. Joining him on the panel were Brian Kane, Professor at RISD, James Coleman, Research and Development E...
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Animate a Billy Bass Mouth With Any Audio Source

About a month ago, an artist named Brian Kane published a viral video showing a Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty singing fish, seemingly voiced by Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. The internet went nuts for it, and so did I -- but mostly I just wanted to know how it worked so that I could make my own.A...By: dbell31Continue Reading » [Author: dbell31]
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Big Mouth Billy Bass melded with Amazon AI Alexa

Cambridge DIYer Brian Kane has a novel use for that old singing fish gag gift languishing in storage: hack it to mouth Amazon AI Alexa's utterances. (more…)
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Singularity Watch: Developer Adds Amazon's Alexa to Horrible Singing Fish

Technology listening at all times to anticipate your behavior and needs is already creepy—giving it an animatronic face isn't helping. Or maybe it is? However you feel about Amazon Echo persistently eavesdropping on you around the house, asking Alexa a question gets a lot more intense when she answers through the mouth of a wiggling fish. The unholy union was created by developer, Brian Kane, who posted this unsettling version of his Amazon Echo hacked into a Big Mouth Billy Bass. While she...
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Good Lord, Someone Hacked Their Alexa to Speak Via Big Mouth Billy Bass  

I know we’re all under a great deal of stress right now, so I really do not want to cause unnecessary alarm. But pals, this is important: someone hacked their Alexa so that it speaks through a Big Mouth Billy Bass.Read more...
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This Man Hacked Alexa Into a Wall-Mounted Singing Fish - the End is Near

Well, it looks like the world won't be taken over by robots, but by an Alexa-voiced singing fish. Confused? Yeah, us too. The Facebook video that is causing us to fear for our future - and has nearly 1 million views so far - was posted by Brian Kane, a man who managed to hack Amazon Echo's Alexa into a singing wall-mounted fish. Watching Alexa answer the question, "What's the weather?" through Big Mouth Billy Bass is both hilarious and frightening. We, too, have a lot of questions. For instan...
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Alexa Combined With Big Mouth Billy Bass Is The Most Unnerving Hack

Christmas shopping will begin sooner than anyone wants it to and there is no better gift to get your DIY dad than a Big Mouth Billy Bass hooked up to Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa—especially if you hate your father.Read more...
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The guy that added Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ to a singing fish is the hero we all need

Amazon’s ‘Echo’ is pretty damn cool. You know what’s cooler? Hacking it to work with one of those singing fish your grandparents have been annoying you with since the late 90s. Artist Brian Kane recently demonstrated what happens when you do just that. He hacked together the soul of Amazon’s smart assistant ‘Alexa’ into the body of a ‘Big Mouth Billy Bass.’ If that’s not worthy of an award, I really must not understand science. If you haven’t seen a Big Mouth Billy Bass, consider yourself lucky,...
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Finally, at long last, someone hacked Amazon’s Alexa into one of those singing fish

 Do you, like many others, wake up each morning, gaze upon your Amazon Echo, and think “Damn it, Echo. Instead of a shiny cylinder, why can’t you be a singing fish?” Good news, friend. Your dreams have come true. On his Facebook profile, artist Brian Kane briefly demonstrates what happens when you take one of those oh-so-classy singing fish — “Big Mouth Billy… Read More
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Getting to know Lauralee, Eden, and Andrew in music editorial

Publishing music books would be much harder without our stellar editorial team. We sat down with three editorial assistants from the New York office – Lauralee, Eden, and Andrew – to talk about Oxford University Press, their music lives inside and out of the office, and current literary addictions. *   *   *   *   * Lauralee Yeary What is the strangest thing currently on or in your desk? 1) Matisse’s Odalisque in Red Pants printed on a postcard. I didn’t know until recently that it stems fro...
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Fairhope Brewing shows off expansion, prepares for 'Mardi Gras in July'

As it prepares to break out the beads for its second annual "Mardi Gras in July" celebration on Saturday, Fairhope Brewing Company has provided a look at a recent expansion that has vastly increased its capacity. In a warehouse space adjacent to the familiar cozy taproom where patrons will enjoy pet adoptions, live music and a whopping 17 different brews on Saturday, Managing Partner Brian Kane and Brewer Tim Heath explained the workings of the new equipment.
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