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Calvin And Hobbes Mashup With Star Wars [Images]

We may have an issue with our love for Calvin & Hobbes (see here and here), but we have yet another visit into the world of mashing up Calvin & Hobbes with another universe. (That’s a lot of ChurchMag links) This time is Star Wars and honestly, it’s super cute. The artist is Brian Kesinger who has a ton of other drawings that you really should check out here. This maybe half of them, so go to the site and see what else he has. The is a great example of how we can exercise our creativity muscles....
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Check Out This Artist's Adorable Mash-Up of Doctor Who and Star Wars (io9)

Artist Brian Kesinger isn’t just known for his decades of work on Disney films, ranging from Atlantis: The Lost Empire to Frozen 2. He’s also the creator of iconic fan art mash-ups, like the Kylo Ren Calvin & Hobbes parody series. Now, he’s working on a series of upcoming projects, and he’s also got a bunch of new…Read more... [Author: Beth Elderkin]
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6 things the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach has planned for its 20th anniversary

The Aquarium of the Pacific is celebrating 20 years in Long Beach with the help of the oldest sea otters in captivity and an octopus that likes to hang out in the daytime. A year of anniversary celebrations kicks off Friday, May 25, with the opening of the new “Tentacles and Ink” exhibit – featuring the eight-armed wonder — and continues through April with scavenger hunts, art exhibitions and plenty of educational panels. But there’s also a focus on the animals that have been at the aquarium sin...
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Lil Kylo Ren [Images]

An article and Twitter user, Brian Kesinger, is starting to seriously blow up with his great Lil Kylo drawings that seem to mimic Calvin and Hobbs, but with a post, Empire Strikes Back setting. We’ve included several of them below, but you can find them all on his Twitter account and you probably should shoot him a “May the Force be with you” tweet @briankesinger. Which illustration is your favorite? We more from Brian Kesinger. Lil Kylo Ren [Images] first appeared on ChurchMag and i...
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Last day for BabyTattoo's OctoMatch, part of Kickstarter's Match/100

As part of Kickstarter's Make/100 initiative, our good friends at BabyTattoo have put together this beautiful card game, OctoMatch. Straight from Baby Tattoo's agent provocateur Bob Self, himself: To kick off 2017, Kickstarter launched the “Make 100” initiative, encouraging creators to turn grandiose goals on their ear by dreaming small and launching projects that focus on 100 limited edition items. In the days since the program launched, there has been a fun-to-follw flow of charming and q...
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Dressing Your Octopus: help kickstart a paper doll book

Our friends at Baby Tattoo are running their first ever kickstarter, around the launch of Brian Kesinger's fantastical Dressing Your Octopus. Kesinger's Otto and Victoria return, they've been in illustrated adventures, coloring books, and have travelled around the world. This installment lets you imagine their destiny on your own, as the octopus and his companion become paper dolls. Here is some more info from Baby Tattoo: If you long for the simplicity of toys made from paper, and ...
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Beyond Brookledge is less than one week away

I'm excitedly preparing to head down to Beyond Brookledge! This from event organizer Bob Self: Gaze upon this year’s Beyond Brookledge giclée poster (which will be gifted to event attendees along with a few other treasures May 20-21st at the Mission Inn in Riverside). The art is by Ragnar who also created the imagery for the Beyond Brookledge 2013 and 2014 posters. As always, visual treats will be abound throughout the weekend-long whirlwind of magic, music and comedy. Connoisseurs of Walk...
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These Star Wars-Calvin and Hobbes Illustrations Are Simply Adorable

If you appreciate a good Star Wars mashup, these latest comics by artist Brian Kesinger are bound to make you smile. Brian has managed to perfectly merge the movie with the popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. If you remember, the cartoon is about a young boy going on adventures with his stuffed toy who comes to life. "Bill Watterson has been one of my biggest artistic influences so it was a fun opportunity to combine two of my favorite things," said the artist. In one scene, Rey and BB-8 go...
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Brian Kesinger mashup of Calvin and Hobbes and Star Wars the Force Awakens

Brian Kesinger is a story artist at Walt Disney animation studios and Artist for Marvel Comics. He has a series of cartoons that mashup Calvin and Hobbes and Star Wars the Force Awakens.He has other mashups of Pixar Big Hero 6 and Star Wars as well. Star Wars the Force Awakens has a global box office of over $2.01 billion and about $908 million domestic. It may come up short of the Titanic box office of $2.186 billion (with re-releases).Read more » [Author: [email protected] (b...
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“Star Wars” Characters Brilliantly Reimagined As “Calvin And Hobbes”

Story artist Brian Kesinger is back with even more adorable images of characters from The Force Awakens depicted as characters from ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. h/t: designtaxi “Thank you all so much for the amazing response to this series, I hope you had as much fun looking at them as I did drawing them.” – says Brian.
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Smugglers’ Stash and News

Hello everybody, Happy New Year! I came back from holidays with my family in Brazil recently and still getting back on track. Does anyone else find it really hard to read while on holidays? I do. If you missed it: – We posted our Most Excellent Books of 2015 as well as Ana’s Best of the Rest and Thea’s Best of the Rest. – The Airing of Grievances this year was HARDCORE. – We celebrated 8 (!!) years of Book Smuggling with a retrospective of aaaaall the things we did in 2015 (wow, we were SO b...
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It’s a magical universe, BB-8, ol’ buddy. Let’s go exploring!

Created by Brian Kesinger via buzzfeed [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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