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8 ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly

An outdated bathroom isn’t just an eyesore; it can also be quite harmful to the environment, because old toilets and faucets waste a ton of water, most of the building materials aren’t sustainable and many water heaters use way more energy than needed. In recent years, there have been significant changes in the world of bathrooms, with many eco-friendly fixtures, decor and accessories hitting the market. If it is time for a bathroom remodel in your home, take the opportunity to go green with so...
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Green school in Bali shows students how to live sustainably

The goals of the Green School are anything but small, yet they are simple: take care of the local community and teach children to be stewards of our planet and leaders of sustainability in the future. The baby of John and Cynthia Hardy, the Green School was inspired after the retired couple viewed the Al Gore film The Inconvenient Truth. With four children of their own, the couple decided to make a difference and, in 2006, broke ground on a new type of school — an educational campus focused on ...
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5 ways to throw a zero-waste Super Bowl party

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest party days of the year. For many people, that means a house full of friends and family as well as pizza boxes, chip bags, beer cans and football decorations. However, it is possible to have an epic Super Bowl party without a ton of waste. It just takes a little bit of planning to go green, and the planet will thank you for your zero-waste celebration.
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Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle debuts at CES

It may have taken five years, but Harley-Davidson’s vision for the electric motorcycle market is here and ready for pre-order. First conceptualized with a prototype in 2014, the production-ready model made its European debut at the Milan press conference of the EICMA show last November and appeared again at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January. The company reports that deliveries on the sleek, speedy ride will ship in the fall, 2019 and the price tag will be $29,79...
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11 ways to be more self-sufficient in the new year

Self-sufficient living is all about providing for your own needs— and the needs of your household— without resources or help from the outside. To become more self-sufficient, you need knowledge and skills, plus motivation and a spirit of independence. The reasons for living a self-sufficient lifestyle can be political, social or personal, but whatever the motivation may be, learning how to become self-sufficient can offer a feeling of security, even in the event of a disaster. There isn’t a han...
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9 sustainable living tips to take from our grandparents

Our grandparents and great-grandparents lived in a simpler time, and we aren’t just talking about technology. During the Great Depression, many rural areas didn’t have running water or electricity, and things like proper refrigeration, freezers and air conditioning were a luxury. What’s more, big-box chains and massive supermarkets didn’t exist, and you didn’t have the option of throwing a pre-packaged meal into a microwave or hitting a drive-thru for lunch. Many modern conveniences are great, ...
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The Leverage Against Amazon Is Here

Amazon, the sprawling $800 billion monster eating the retail industry, is the most important union target in America. Now, Amazon is moving into New York City in force. The leverage has arrived. Stars are aligning. Here is how you change the world: Read more...
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How to Stop the Amazon Extortion From Happening Again

So, after leading America’s desperate cities around by the nose for a year, an $800 billion company has at last selected the winners of the contest to have the right to shower it with taxpayer subsidies. If only there was a way to prevent this sort of thing from every happening again...Read more...
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The Only Amazon Prime Day Guide You Need

Today is Amazon #PrimeDay, home to all of Amazon’s greatest deals. You only have one chance to do this right! Read more...
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How to Pay For Real News

Our nation’s present uproar over the deleterious effects of social media on society and fretting about the decline of trusted news outlets is nothing new. What’s new is the fact that the straightforward ways to prop up the Real Journalism industry have never been more obvious.Read more...
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How to Exit an Airplane Like You're Not an Idiot

THE SITUATION: You’re on a plane and the plane has landed. NOW: Let me explain to you what NOT to do—and what to do instead. Read more...
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Buzzfeed, Unionize Before You Go Public!

Yesterday, Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti added more fuel to the widespread speculation that the company could go public next year. If Buzzfeed employees are smart—and many of them are!—they will not let that happen without having a union drive first. Read more...
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Unionize Breitbart

A disturbing Business Insider report yesterday said that writers at Breitbart have been asked by managers to “refrain from writing stories critical of Jared Kushner,” presumably for political reasons. If only there were an institution of some sort that could protect the site’s editorial integrity...Read more...
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Donald Trump: Get Behind Single Payer Healthcare, Idiot

Donald Trump. Listen. I don’t want to get political. We can all agree that you are fundamentally a ideology-free narcissist piece of shit. Well have I got a deal for you. Read more...
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What will be the internet marketing trends of 2017?

The internet offers the modern marketer an increasingly powerful method to target core audiences and communicate their message in a more sophisticated and valuable way. But keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends can be a real challenge. So here’s a look at some of the most exciting marketing trends that could make it big in 2017. Conducting online marketing used to be something of a lottery, but social media has taken great leaps in helping all of us achieve a greater market penetr...
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Fire Half The Managers

As you glance up from your real job and gaze at the rows of offices occupied by “managers,” do you ever get the feeling that nothing of value is really going on over there? My friend, you are exactly right.
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Pictures of Food Are Not Helping Your Restaurant

Some takeout restaurants choose to decorate their menus with large, unappetizing photographs of their food. Not a good idea. Read more...
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They Should Only Swim the Fast Way

Close watchers of the Olympic games will notice that there are swimming medals awarded for four different “strokes.” That’s three strokes too many and we’ll tell you why.Read more...
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Public Dogs

Maybe you like dogs but you can’t have a dog. That’s where public dogs come in. Read more...
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Thomas Friedman Has Read a Children's Coloring Book Called "Capitalism"

Thomas Friedman is a true American success story: a man who without any writing talent or deep understanding of any issue, managed to marry an heiress and now lives in a huge mansion. It’s called “capitalism,” folks.Read more...
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Thomas Friedman Has Read a Children's Coloring Book Entitled "Capitalism"

Thomas Friedman is a true American success story: a man who without any writing talent or deep understanding of any issue, managed to marry an heiress and now lives in a huge mansion. It’s called “capitalism,” folks.Read more...
Tags: Journalismism, Politics, News, Hillary Clinton, New York Times, Bright Ideas, Columnists, Thomas Friedman, Tom Friedman

There Should Be Movie Theaters In Airports

I have a good idea that you can NOT steal, but which you may hear. Are you ready? Here it goes:
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Tax Weed, Save the Homeless

Life is not all about sitting around “getting high” and daydreaming about saving the world and having hot sex at the same time. Life is about tax policy—that’s where the action is. Read more...
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What Are We Gonna Do With All The People Who Are Automated Out of Work?

The biggest near term threat to the stability of nations might not be climate change, terrorism, or nuclear war. It just might be robots—putting millions of people out of jobs. Where will they all go? There are only a few possibilities.Read more...
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Next Month, Switzerland Will Vote on Giving Everyone a Basic Income

The idea of granting every citizen a no-strings-attached universal basic income is still treated as a utopian idea in America. In Switzerland, they’re a month away from voting on it.Read more...
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A Universal Basic Income Is the Utopia We Deserve

The idea of a universal basic income for all citizens has been catching on all over the world. Is it too crazy to believe in? We spoke to the author of a new book on the ins, outs, and utopian dreams of making basic income a reality. Read more...
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The Best Sin Tax Is a Carbon Tax

Sin taxes, which states levy on things like cigarettes and booze and gambling, are popular with just about everyone. So why the fuck haven’t we established the single smartest sin tax of all?Read more...
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Inequality and "Trickle Up" Economics

As inequality has grown around the world, an extremely simple idea—to give everyone some money —has become more and more compelling. Crazy? On the contrary!Read more...
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Give Everyone Money

The economy, both at home and abroad, needs stimulating. Governments have been trying to do this since the 2008 recession, without full success. Is it time to just... give everyone some money?Read more...
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