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Ray Troll x Eva's Wild "Save What You Love"

I love Ray Troll's art.You occasionally see it on fly fishing websites and may not even realize it.  I first put two and two together when I visited Ketchikan, Alaska a few years ago as a stop on a summer vacation. There's an eclectic little street (Creek Street) with several touristy traps, one of which is an art gallery/gift shop featuring the works of Ray Troll. I spent more than my fair share of time in "Soho Coho" looking at vibrant images of salmon, bears, and other forms of life... from ...
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The fight to save two national treasures with the Everglades and Bristol Bay took a surprising and positive turn this week with the denial of the federal permit for the Pebble Mine to move forward.  It'll be interesting to see if that is the final nail in the coffin on that project or if it will spring back somehow.     Everyone in Between is a film collaboration by Captains For Clean Water, Trout Unlimited, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, and the outdoor community and tells the...
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While everyone was high-fiving a few weeks ago with the latest Army Corps decision on the Pebble Mine permitting process thinking the whole thing was all but dead, Ronald Thiessen, the CEO of Northern Dynasty Minerals, and Tom Collier, CEO of Pebble Limited Partnership, were both boasting that this was nothing more than a hiccup to who they both thought was a potential investor.  Instead, it was EIA investigators.These tapes are damning, and Collier has already resigned (he's a bad penny that I ...
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UAA Skiers, Past and Present, On What the Team Means to Them

Erik Bjornsen on his way to second at 2011 NCAAs in Stowe, Vt., while a freshman at UAA. ANCHORAGE — It’s déjà vu all over again for alumni and supporters of the University of Alaska Anchorage ski team, following the recent announcement that, for the second time in four years, university administration wishes to cut the team for budgetary reasons . A common theme in their current responses is their concern that this time, the cut may stick. To start with, consider what Adam Verrier wrote ...
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Bid to save Alaskan wild salmon receives surprise boost from Trump Jr

President’s eldest son opposes controversial Pebble mine at headwaters of Bristol Bay, home to world’s largest wild salmon runA surprise intervention from Donald Trump Jr has breathed life into efforts to protect the biggest remaining wild salmon run on the planet.Earlier this week, Trump Jr expressed his opposition to the controversial Pebble mine at the headwaters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay. The move breaks with the Trump administration’s efforts to advance the mine’s development. Continue readin...
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Trump reverses Obama policy with huge Alaska goldmine despite outrage among environmental and indigenous groups

The Trump administration is going to proceed with the development of the largest gold and copper mine in the country, a mine the Obama administration did not develop after learning it could permanently harm the region's sockeye salmon population.Pebble Mine, which would provide access to gold, copper and other minerals worth up to $500bn, would be built in Alaska over the Bristol Bay watershed, which is also the world's largest sockeye salmon fishery.
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How Covid-19 Is Threatening Alaska’s Wild Salmon Fishing Season

A Brooklyn winemaker travels north to Bristol Bay each summer to net the red salmon that support his family. This year he’s faced with a tough ethical and economic choice.
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All sorts of things are suddenly being made available to consume online to keep us busy during the coronavirus pandemic and last week Simms released Red Gold, the 2008 documentary on Bristol Bay by the filmmakers at Felt Soul Media, to be watched in it's entirety. You know what's sad in all of this?  That we're still fighting "No Pebble Mine" twelve years after this film was released.  The fight had been going on years before the film as well.  Take action.  Visit the Save Bristol Bay website an...
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TROUT UNLIMITED - 2020 Save Bristol Bay Guide Ambassadors

It's easy with a an issue like Bristol Bay and the proposed mine that just never seems to die to get frustrated.  It's neat to see Trout Unlimited stepping up and using the voices of guides in the area to spread the word and advocating for the places that they work, live and play.It's also pretty cool to see long time friend John Smolko (see T.F.M. posts HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) of Nikchik Narrows Lodge listed with guides from throughout the Bristol Bay area. Visit the Trout Unlimited website...
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Environmentalists Seek Endangered Species Listing for Alaska’s Freshwater Seals

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) — The only known freshwater harbor seals in the U.S. should be listed as threatened or endangered, an environmental group said Thursday in its second petition for the animals. The Center for Biological Diversity petitioned for additional protections for the 400 harbor seals that live at Iliamna Lake in southwest Alaska. “Without Endangered Species Act protection, we risk allowing these seals to fall victim to the world’s wildlife extinction crisis,” said Kristin Carden, ...
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Fly high over this untouched goldmine in Alaska

Take flight over the peaks and rivers of Bristol Bay, the watershed in southwestern Alaska hiding $500 billion worth of gold and copper.
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A big red reason not to dig a mine in Alaska's fat bear country

Like the sun promises to rise each morning, hordes of crimson salmon -- numbering in the tens of millions -- faithfully return to Alaska's Bristol Bay each summer.This land of untrammeled rivers, streams, and lakes is home to the richest run of sockeye salmon on Earth. And largely for that reason, it's also the realm of Alaska's gloriously fat bears, who gobble the hefty 4,500 calorie fish -- sometimes a dozen each hour -- throughout the fleeting summer.  Yet, the Trump administratio...
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Hot spots in rivers that nurture salmon 'flicker on and off' in Bristol Bay region

Chemical signatures imprinted on tiny stones that form inside the ears of fish show that two of Alaska's most productive salmon populations, and the fisheries they support, depend on the entire watershed.
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Corps extends comment period on draft Pebble Mine review

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it will extend from 90 to 120 days the comment period for a draft environmental review of a proposed copper and gold mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region. The corps had received comments arguing against an extension and comments urging more time. Notably, U.S. […]
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Murkowski seeks comment extension on mine draft analysis

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska’s senior U.S. senator has asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to extend from 90 to 120 days the comment period on a draft environmental review of a proposed copper and gold mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region. In a letter to the corps’ Alaska commander, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski […]
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Trump's EPA wants to put a toxic mine in pristine Alaska. What could go wrong? | Kim Heacox

Pebble Mine is just the latest story of greedy men exploiting nature for profit, and leaving us with the nasty side-effectsBack in my youth, while in Montana, I came across Berkeley Pit, called “the richest hill on earth.” There, churches and historic neighborhoods were bulldozed to expand the pit so greedy men could make their fortunes mining copper, silver and gold. After the riches were extracted, and problems arose, those men absolved themselves of any wrongdoing, and left. Over time, the mi...
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Take two minutes to protect the Bristol Bay salmon run

Protect the Bristol Bay salmon run, and the way of life of the people who rely on it. Comment to the Army Corps of Engineers about the Pebble Mine project. This won't go away. … #nopebblemine— flyfishmagazine (@flyfishmagazine) April 3, 2019 [Author: Murdock]
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While the Bear Cam bears hibernate, the Trump admin weighs a big plan to mine their world

When the peak of summer arrives in Alaska and the radiant midnight sun hangs in the northern sky, tens of millions of salmon make their move. They race up rivers, leap over waterfalls, and clog narrow streams with their hefty, five-pound bodies. It is then that Alaska's Bristol Bay — home to the largest run of sockeye salmon on the planet — comes to life. Wolverines, foxes, lynx, and bald eagles descend upon this untrammeled realm. And the most dominant creature of the land, the brown bear,...
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ORVIS Presents: Save Bristol Bay

The fight for Bristol Bay has been a roller coaster for too many years and yet the battle continues.  Orvis has been involved from the start and this short video explains why it's so important to do whatever it takes to stop the Pebble Mine and keep this special place in Alaska protected. Learn more on the Orvis website along with the Save Bristol Bay website.  Get involved, share this information and donate to the cause if you're able. Subscribe in a reader [Author: Cameron Mortenson]
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Investor quits deal for mine project near Alaska fishery

Critics of the project, which is located in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region, hailed news of the fizzled deal. Bristol Bay produces about half of the world’s sockeye salmon.
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Alaska expects sizable salmon harvest in Bristol Bay

SITKA, Alaska (AP) — Alaska officials project the sockeye salmon run to be 51.3 million fish in Bristol Bay, not far off last season’s return of 56.5 million. The Daily Sitka Sentinel reports the Alaska Department of Fish and Game expects 37.6 million fish to be potentially available for commercial harvest when the bay’s salmon […]
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SIGHT LINE PROVISIONS - No Pebble Mine Sockeye Bracelet

We have all been on quite a roller coaster ride with the Bristol Bay and No Pebble Mine situation.  It's on.  It's off.  Then back on again.  Then off and not ever coming back.  Then maybe on but likely off.  Then maybe on.  It's been up and down over and over for years and it's certainly not over yet.The latest fact sheet from the Save Bristol Bay website outlines the current situation HERE and support is still needed to continue to fight against this open pit mine.Sight Line Provisions is doin...
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In reversal, U.S. EPA maintains restriction on Alaska mine project

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a surprise move, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reversed itself on Friday and maintained restrictions on the proposed Pebble Mine copper and gold mine project in southwest Alaska's Bristol Bay region.
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In reversal, U.S. EPA halts approval process for Alaska mine project

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a surprise move, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reversed itself on Friday and halted the approval process for the proposed Pebble Mine copper and gold mine project in southwest Alaska's Bristol Bay region.
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Backers of Alaska mine project seek to advance effort

A permit application starts what could be a yearslong phase for the controversial project, which got a boost this year when the feds announced plans to lift restrictions proposed by the Obama administration on development in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region.
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DSC Supports EPA Action to Rescind Pebble Veto Due to New Mine Plan

Bear With Salmon DALLAS, Texas -( DSC agrees with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) settlement with the Pebble Partnership that rescinds its 2014 “Proposed Determination.”This step will not guarantee or prejudge a particular outcome, but allows the operator of the mine to present a plan to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and undergo a rigorous environmental, economic and social impact review process under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) – an action affo...
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Hunting and Conservation on America Outdoors Radio – October 28, 2017

America Outdoors Radio USA -( We've got a great show featuring buck and duck hunting as well as conservation this week on America Outdoors Radio.Mark Kenyon with Wired To Hunt will join us to talk about the timing of the rut and why it's such a good time to be in the field for deer hunters.We'll also share a rundown of some of the best public lands to hunt ducks at this year with a special emphasis on the Pacific Flyway when we talk to Devin Blankenship with Ducks Unlimited and w...
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Coast Guard opens forward operation station in Cold Bay

KODIAK, Alaska (AP) — The Coast Guard has moved equipment and a helicopter to Cold Bay on the Alaska Peninsula in anticipation of the winter commercial fishing season. The agency says it opened its seasonal forward operating location to reduce search and rescue response times for fishermen in Bristol Bay, the Aleutian Islands and the […]
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It sure seems like we've done this before (oh yeah, like ten times already) but every time is more important than the last to do what each of us can to keep Bristol Bay what it is today and what is can be tomorrow.The short turn benefits of an open pit mine could easily destroy and erase historic salmon runs, demolish 14,000 jobs that depend on commercial fishing, affect sport fishing and tourism in the area and take away a 10,000 year cultural tradition of subsistence from the people who call ...
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Video: EPA Reverses Bristol Bay Salmon Protections

That Pebble Mine thing we all got so involved with a few years ago? It's back and it's bad...  I have no idea how even a casual sportsman could support this in any way.  If you have forgotten, feel free to review our previous coverage.  If you haven't visited the Bristol Bay area of Alaska you might want to do it quickly. [Author: Murdock]
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