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Ectopic Pregnancy - Higher Incidence With IVF and Frozen Embryos Wow, I was astounded to read this article about how frozen embryos increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy. I had two ectopics, which both were the result of IVF. Statistically, there is a higher risk of ectopic with IVF, but frozen embryos have a 17 times greater risk! If ectopic pregnancies rupture, it can be life threatening. Read more:Using frozen embryos in fertility treatment raises the risk of a potentially fatal ...
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Tate removes reference to 'amusing' restaurant after racist images in mural draw anger

Exclusive: Gallery removes reference to venue as ‘most amusing room in Europe’ as call grow for artwork’s removalTate Britain has removed a reference to its restaurant as “the most amusing room in Europe” after complaints about racist depictions in a 1920s mural.The Rex Whistler restaurant is covered floor to ceiling in a specially commissioned mural by the British artist titled the Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats, which depicts the enslavement of a black child and the distress of his mother...
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How this debut YA novel about the ’92 LA riots suddenly feels so timely

When Christina Hammonds Reed delivered the final draft of “The Black Kids,” it was December 2019 and her novel about a Black teenager coming of age during the 1992 Los Angeles riots felt rooted in that time and place. Half a year later, as “The Black Kids” arrives on Tuesday, Aug. 4, it feels prescient in its portrayal not only of the crisis of police violence against Black Americans but also how we understand it against the backdrop of history. “It’s very, very surreal,” Hammonds Reed says of t...
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Kate Garraway films inside stunning family kitchen at London home

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway lives in north London with her husband Derek Draper...
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Man feared murdered found living in woodland five years after disappearing

A Lithuanian man who disappeared in Britain almost five years ago and became the subject of a murder inquiry has been found living in dense undergrowth.
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Police feared a man was murdered. Five years later, was found living in the woods

A Lithuanian man who disappeared in Britain almost five years ago and became the subject of a murder inquiry has been found living in dense undergrowth.
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Police feared a man was murdered. Five years later, he's been found living in dense woodland

A Lithuanian man who disappeared in Britain almost five years ago and became the subject of a murder inquiry has been found living in dense undergrowth.
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Piers Morgan's French holiday home is even more luxurious than we thought

Piers Morgan has left his Good Morning Britain presenting duties behind for the summer...
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James Baldwin Talks About Racism in America & Civil Rights Activism on The Dick Cavett Show (1969)

There are many reasons, some quite literal, that it can be painful to talk about racism in the U.S. For one thing, it often seems that writers like W.E.B. Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, or James Baldwin, have already confronted questions of racial violence without hedging or equivocation. Yet each time racist violence happens, there seems to be a decorous need in politics and media to pretend to be surprised by what's right in front of us, to pretend to have discovered...
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Good Morning Britain has fans in uproar over shocking segment - watch

Good Morning Britain viewers have taken to Twitter with divided opinion after the show...
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Number of UK citizens emigrating to EU has risen by 30% since Brexit vote

Exclusive: crisis has led to 500% increase in Britons taking up citizenship in an EU stateThe number of British nationals emigrating to other EU countries has risen by 30% since the Brexit referendum, with half making their decision to leave in the first three months after the vote, research has found.Analysis of data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Eurostat shows that migration from Britain to EU states averaged 56,832 people a year in 2008-15, growing...
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ByteDance is looking outside of the US for its new TikTok headquarters

The viral video-sharing app TikTok is currently facing a potential ban in the US over national-security risks due to its ties to China through its parent company, ByteDance. To prevent the ban from taking place, TikTok has been weighing a number of options, including "divesting" its operations in the US. Microsoft has emerged as a potential buyer. In a statement Monday to Reuters, ByteDance said it's "evaluating the possibility of establishing TikTok's headquarters outside of the US" to demons...
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Official Trailer for 'A Call to Spy' About UK Women Spies During WWII

"We need you as our first female field agent." IFC Films has released an official trailer for A Call to Spy, an indie spy drama from producer-turned-filmmaker Lydia Dean Pilcher. This is her second feature after directing Radium Girls, which is also about badass women from the past. In the beginning of WWII, with Britain becoming desperate, Churchill orders his new spy agency – the Special Operations Executive (aka SOE) – to recruit and train women as spies. Their mission: conduct sabotage a...
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Nobody Accurately Tracks Health Care Workers Lost to COVID-19. So She Stays Up At Night Cataloging the Dead.

This story first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. When police discovered the woman, she’d been dead at home for at least 12 hours, alone except for her 4-year-old daughter. The early reports said only that she was 42, a mammogram technician at a hospital southwest of Atlanta and almost certainly a victim of COVID-19. Had her identity been withheld to protec...
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Zamrock: An Introduction to Zambia’s 1970s Rich & Psychedelic Rock Scene

The story of popular music in the late 20th century is never complete without an account of the explosive psychedelic rock, funk, Afrobeat, and other hybrid styles that proliferated on the African continent and across Latin American and the Caribbean in the 1960s and 70s. It’s only lately, however, that large audiences are discovering how much pioneering music came out of Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and other postcolonial countries, thanks to UK labels like Strut and Soundway (named by The Gu...
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Kate Garraway's heartfelt message from Caitlyn Jenner amid husband worries

Kate Garraway was happy to see a friendly face on Monday's Good Morning Britain as she...
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Britain Tried to Bring Fans Back to Indoor Sports. That Lasted a Day.

The world snooker championship welcomed spectators last week, part of a pilot program that offered hope to other events eager to follow suit. A few hours later, the government pulled the plug.
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In Africa, stigma surrounding coronavirus hinders response

After 23 days in quarantine in Uganda — far longer than required — Jimmy Spire Ssentongo walked free in part because of a cartoon he drew. It showed a bound prisoner begging for liberation after multiple negative tests, while a health minister demanded to know where he was hiding the virus. “The impression was that we were a dangerous group and that what was necessary was to protect the rest of society from us,” said Ssentongo, a cartoonist for Uganda's Observer newspaper who was put in quaran...
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‘Coronavirus has stolen our future’: young people’s despair as jobs evaporate

New graduates and school leavers across the UK have paid the price of lockdown, says surveyCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageYoung people across Britain believe their future has been “stolen” as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, with more than half fearing it has damaged their prospects.Amid growing evidence that the pandemic is fuelling a generational divide, two thirds of 16- to 24-year-olds also said that their age group, loosely defined as ‘Generation Z’ will pa...
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'For someone from Syria, the authoritarianism is vivid in Britain'

Hassan Akkad fled Damascus after he was tortured by Assad’s regime. But nothing prepared him for his job as a cleaner on a Covid-19 ward in London… There have been times in the past 10 years, Hassan Akkad says, that his life has felt more like a movie. Thinking that occasionally kept him sane – and, more important, kept him going.Akkad’s walk-on part in world events began in 2011, when as a young English teacher he put himself in the frontline of Arab spring democracy protests in his native Syri...
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Britain might look to Germany to heal the north-south divide | Torsten Bell

What happened after the fall of the Berlin Wall involved money, and lots of itBefore the government was forced into locking down British regions, it wanted to level them up, closing productivity gaps between north and south. That’s a valuable objective, reinforced by new research on UK regional inequality from academics appropriately spread across Sheffield, Birmingham and London. The paper reminds us that the UK has some of the biggest productivity gaps between regions in the developed world, w...
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Ibiza: between economic distress and unprecedented calm

On the largely-empty beach at Figueretas on Ibiza, social distancing isn't hard to do. With Spanish health authorities struggling to contain rising coronavirus infections, this island fears its tourist season may have been dealt a final blow following Britain's decision to quarantine all arrivals from Spain. In mid-June, the Balearic Islands had high hopes of making the most of the summer when the archipelago welcomed the first foreign tourists allowed into Spain after the lockdown as part of ...
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Riots are good for rioters and this president

When we read someone the Riot Act, we do so metaphorically, attempting to calm them down by reminding them that somewhere there exists legal language that would punish their unruly behavior if they don’t stop it right this sec. But in his book “Riot. Strike. Riot.: The New Era of Uprisings,” UC Davis poet and provocateur Joshua Clover reminds us that there is an actual Riot Act, enacted in Britain in 1714 by King George I in the wake of “the Coronation Riots attending his ascension.” And we Yank...
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Britain unlikely to use Russia's 'untrustworthy' Covid vaccine

Britain would be likely to reject a potentially game-changing coronavirus vaccine from Russia amid strong reservations about the trial process there, the Telegraph can reveal. That approach chimes with the US, where Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease official, raised doubts about the testing regimes for potential vaccines in both Russia and China. There are strict international protocols governing the development of new drugs. Russia has claimed it is close to rolling out the world’...
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Deserted beaches, free Covid tests - and no masks: Europe's 'safest' destinations lure British tourists

Norway has more coastline than Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden and France combined and ten times as many islands as Greece, the country's tourism agency is boasting in its new advertising campaign for British holidaymakers forced to rethink travel plans in light of Europe's 'second wave'. Space to social distance rather than sunshine is at the core of the new marketing campaigns launched by a string of unusual holiday destinations competing to lure Brits taking last-minute ...
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UK lobbies US to support controversial new nuclear warheads

Letter from defence secretary seen by Guardian draws Britain into debate pitting Trump administration against many DemocratsThe UK has been lobbying the US Congress in support of a controversial new warhead for Trident missiles, claiming it is critical for “the future of Nato as a nuclear alliance”.A letter from Britain’s defence secretary, Ben Wallace, seen by the Guardian, urged Congress to support initial spending on the warhead, the W93. Continue reading...
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Chinese nuclear power plant near Battle of Britain tribute 'insensitive to war dead'

The Chinese takeover of a nuclear power station near a tribute to Battle of Britain pilots is “insensitive” to their memory, it has been claimed. China General Nuclear (CGN) and EDF want to build the Bradwell B site in Essex, covering around 500 hectares and producing enough electricity to power around four million homes. CGN is the largest constructor of nuclear power stations in the world and would hold a 66.5 per cent majority share in the project, which would take up to 12 years to complete....
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Spanish tourism minister pleads with Britons to return despite quarantine measures

Spain’s tourism minister has said the country will not impose any reciprocal quarantine measures on travellers arriving from Britain, even as fears rise about a second wave of Covid-19 infections hitting the UK. Reyes Morato pleaded for tourists to "come back to Spain” in an interview with the Telegraph. More than 10,000 British tourists have cancelled holidays to Majorca in the first two weeks of August alone after the sudden decision to quarantine travellers on their arrival back in the UK. M...
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Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki War Crimes? It’s Not so Simple.

This Thursday, August 6, will mark the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, an event that would lead to Japan’s surrender and the end of World War II, a global conflagration which, over six blood-filled years, had cost 75 million lives and inflicted untold misery and devastation on millions more. At the time, the news of the nuclear weapons that demolished Hiroshima, and three days later Nagasaki, was greeted with enthusiasm by an American public that felt vindicated in its war against ...
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Amanda Holden stuns fans in unusual bikini

Amanda Holden is enjoying a seaside escape in Britain with her family, and on Friday, the...
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