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Evan Spiegel's old Stanford professor flamed the Snapchat CEO for failing to stop kids getting addicted to tech

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel should be doing more to stop kids getting addicted to tech, according to his old Stanford University professor Jim Steyer. Steyer, who now runs Common Sense Media, said Spiegel has been "missing in action" and needs to take more responsibility for protecting young people on Snapchat. It follows Spiegel revealing that he and supermodel wife Miranda Kerr limit their child's screen time to an hour and a half a week. Evan Spiegel may be limiting his stepson's screen time, bu...
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British Airways European Business Class in Four Photos

When you fly domestically in “first class” you get a bigger seat usually it’s two seats next to each other versus three in coach. You get something that passes for a meal, free drinks, and a checked baggage allowance. You get early boarding so you aren’t forced to get check your carry on bag when overhead bins fill up. But as a general matter there’s not a whole lot that’s special about the experience. Many Americans are surprised – shocked even – at what passes for business class in Europe, tho...
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Leaked screenshots reveal Verizon is already testing a video-game streaming service to compete with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon

Verizon is the latest company known to be planning a cloud gaming service. Verizon Gaming will let users stream video games directly to their smartphones and other devices. The Verge reported that the Verizon Gaming app is being tested on the Nvidia Shield, a home-theater streaming device, and will be headed to Android devices next. Other companies pursuing cloud gaming services include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, and Electronic Arts. Verizon is planning a new streaming service for video...
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Why British Airways First Class is the World’s Second Best Business Class

Six or seven years ago Lucky from One Mile at a Time and I debated whether British Airways first class was 'the world's best business class.' At the time I still felt like BA's first offered something approximating a first class product, even if it wasn't one of the better or flashier ones. Now that same product, which BA is still flying, doesn't even qualify as the best business class out there. Continue reading Why British Airways First Class is the World’s Second Best Business Class...
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Air India Eliminating First Class and Should the CEO of British Airways Be Fired?

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading Air India Eliminating First Class and Should the CEO of British Airways Be Fired?...
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777X: the gigantic plane that could change flying forever is nearly here

Some of the world’s most prestigious airlines are on tenterhooks as the first flight of an aircraft that could change long-haul travel for decades looms ever closer. Executives at Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways, among others, will have their eyes cast to the skies this spring when Boeing is expected to fly one of its new 777X planes for the first time. The 777-9, the first of the X family to be developed, will have the biggest jet engines ever seen, attached to the longest wings ...
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The FTC is reportedly considering hitting Facebook with a 'record-setting' fine over privacy issues (FB)

Facebook's privacy nightmare may be about to get worse. According to a new report from The Washington Post published Friday, regulators at the US Federal Trade Commission are considering hitting Facebook with a "record-setting" fine over user privacy concerns.  There's no word yet on exactly how big this record-breaking fine might be, but the Washington Post's report said it is "expected to be much larger" than the previous record fine, a $22.5 million penalty against Google. The FTC allows (in...
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The Real Reason Why Air France Stopped Flying the Concorde

                   Photo by Michel Gilliand The Real Reason Why Air France Stopped Flying the Concorde By Rob Mark The creation and nearly 30-year operational life of the French/Anglo Concorde, the world’s first operational supersonic airliner, is a rich history of cross-border cooperation and innovation at a time long before the personal computer revolution or the first cell phone. In fact, the origins of the first supersonic transport (SST) date back to before the election of President Joh...
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MELINDA GATES: We're getting closer to wiping several deadly diseases off the face of the earth, but we could easily blow it

In 2000 Melinda and Bill Gates launched the Gates Foundation. Since then, they've spent a chunk of their fortune tackling some of the world's biggest problems. More than $45 billion has been poured into their organization. One of those problems is that millions of children under age 5 are dying from preventable health issues and diseases. This is particularly true in impoverished areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks in part to big global health initiatives, the number of deaths has gone down sig...
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How much money is 'Fortnite' making? Nearly $2.5 billion in 2018 alone, according to the latest report

"Fortnite" continues to be the biggest game in the world, with tens of millions of monthly players across seven different platforms. Even though the game is free, it managed to pull in nearly $2.5 billion in 2018, according to Nielsen's SuperData tracking arm. "Fortnite" offers a seasonal Battle Pass, which costs $10 and is wildly popular. More than one-third of US players are buying the Battle Pass, according to SuperData. "Fortnite" continues to dominate the attention of tens of millions o...
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The most heroic airline pilots of all time

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson, we recount the tales of heroic pilots who really earned their hefty salaries. 1. The Miracle on the Hudson January 15, 2009 Perhaps the best known incident of recent times, involving the most brilliantly monikered pilot. Chesley Sullenberger III, at the helm of US Airways Flight 1549, managed to land safely on the Hudson River after a flock of Canada geese disabled both the aircraft’s engines just 2,818 feet above the ground. All 155 pas...
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Chaos for passengers to and from Germany as airport security staff strike

British Airways will be flying planes back empty from Frankfurt to London [Author: Simon Calder]
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The world's least delayed airlines revealed

British Airways is Europe's most punctual 'mega' airline [Author: Helen Coffey]
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Facebook's entire business model is being dissected in Germany, where regulators are getting tough on tech

Germany's antitrust regulator is reportedly about to order Facebook to stop collecting certain user data. The Bundeskartellamt has been investigating Facebook since 2016 and has already expressed concern about the way Facebook collects information on its users via WhatsApp and Instagram. It's another warning shot for Facebook, since it marks Germany becoming even more aggressive towards the social network on user privacy. Germany is the most powerful country in the EU, and its attitudes toward...
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An armed guard reportedly transporting a 'very special load' for Apple was killed in a fatal truck crash

California police said a man was killed Wednesday in a highway crash after a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel. The box truck involved in the crash was carrying "a very special load" for Apple, according to NBC's Bay Area affiliate. Sources told NBC the two men in the truck were armed security guards transporting products for Apple. Apple is known for being very tight-lipped and keeping its products and company documents under tight wraps. A truck reportedly transporting " highly sens...
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10% Off British Airways and More Pilot Drinking in Japan

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading 10% Off British Airways and More Pilot Drinking in Japan...
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MacKenzie Bezos deserves half of Jeff Bezos' fortune because there would be no Amazon without her (AMZN)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos created the world's most valuable company during the 25 years he was married to MacKenzie Bezos. The couple, who announced plans for divorce on Wednesday, apparently have no prenuptial agreement and live in a state where assets are split 50-50. MacKenzie was part of Amazon's early team, helping to come up with the name and serving as its first accountant. But there's another reason she deserves half of the $137 billion Amazon fortune. Jeff Bezos, the world's wealthiest p...
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Laptops with the 'holy grail' of screens are finally coming this year

Several laptop makers announced new models at CES 2019 that will come with OLED displays — the "holy grail" of display technology.  OLED displays are better than traditional laptop LCD displays in several ways. Despite being available on TVs for several years so far, OLED display adoption for laptops has been slow, most likely due to the high cost of OLED displays. LAS VEGAS — OLED displays on laptops made a big comeback at CES 2019, where several new models sporting the superior displa...
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6 things you need to know about Lauren Sanchez, the former TV anchor and pilot reportedly dating Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced on Wednesday that he and his wife MacKenzie are divorcing. Hours later, reports surfaced in the tabloid press that Bezos has been dating former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. Sanchez has a pretty cool life. As well as a TV career, she is a licensed helicopter pilot, founded her own aerial filming company, and has starred in movies including "Fight Club." Hours after Jeff Bezos announced he and his wife MacKenzie are divorcing, the tabloid press was buzzing with stor...
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Elon Musk got some time with China's Premier in a sign that the heat is going out of Trump's trade war

Tesla CEO Elon Musk met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday. Li said he hopes Telsa can be "a promoter of the stability of Chinese-US relations," in a sign that the two countries' trade war may be thawing. Tesla kicked off the construction of its new $2 billion Gigafactory in China this week. Elon Musk is on a charm offensive in China — and his latest meeting may be a sign that trade hostilities between the US and China are thawing.  After beginning construction on Tesla's new $2 billion ...
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Tim Cook calls 'bologna' on speculation that Apple's new iPhone XR is tanking

Tim Cook has dismissed as "bologna" speculation that Apple's iPhone XR is a flop. In an interview with Jim Cramer, Cook said that since Apple started shipping the XR, it's been the most popular iPhone every day. Apple has had a rocky start to 2019 after last week's shock earnings warning. Tim Cook has called "bologna" on speculation that the iPhone XR is tanking. In an interview on CNBC show "Mad Money," Jim Cramer asked for Cook's response to analysts and commentators, who viewed the iPhone ...
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It took a day for WeWork's CEO to recover from the shock of a $16 billion SoftBank investment falling apart

WeWork — the coworking space startup that just changed its name to The We Company — was recently informed it wouldn't receive the full $16 billion investment it was expecting from SoftBank. Plans for the major investment reportedly upset some of SoftBank's government-supported financial backers in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, who questioned putting so much capital into a startup that was losing money. It reportedly only took a day for Adam Neumann, CEO of what was then still called WeWork, to s...
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A look back at the Israeli cyber security industry in

Yoav Leitersdorf Contributor Yoav Leitersdorf is a partner at YL Ventures. More posts by this contributor A look back at the Israeli cyber security industry in Trends in Israel’s cybersecurity investments Ofer Schreiber Contributor Ofer Schreiber is a partner at YL Ventures. More posts by this contributor The state of Israel’s cybersecurity market Trends in Isra...
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A look back at the Israeli cyber security industry in 2018

Yoav Leitersdorf Contributor Yoav Leitersdorf is a partner at YL Ventures. More posts by this contributor Trends in Israel’s cybersecurity investments The drone race is off and running, with Israel in the lead Ofer Schreiber Contributor Ofer Schreiber is a partner at YL Ventures. More posts by this contributor The state of Israel’s cybersecurity market Trends in...
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The 21 scariest data breaches of 2018

Data breaches in 2018 compromised the personal information of millions of people around the world. Some of the biggest victims in 2018 include T-Mobile, Quora, Google, and Orbitz. Facebook dealt with a slew of major breaches and incidents that affected more than 100 million users of the popular social network. Here are 21 of the biggest data breaches that companies faced this year. It seems like every week, a new company has to notify its customers that their data may have been compromised, a...
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Mitsubishi Motors UK Imagines a Sanctuary for Overworked Humans

Mitsubishi Motors in the UK teams up with Golley Slater Cardiff, Fresh Films and Stone Dogs to launch a tongue-in-cheek new TVC to promote its ASX model.The film is shot in a mockumentary-style and directed by an experienced mockumentary director Sami Abusamra.The 60 and 90-second ads takes place in what looks like an animal sanctuary but is quickly revealed to be an overworked human sanctuary filled with accountants, chefs and supermarket cashiers.The tongue-in-cheek spot focuses on the rehabil...
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The craziest travel stories of 2018

This year may go down as the year service animals finally got a little too extra. Though we’d tolerated dogs, cats, and even the occasional mini-horse onboard planes to help keep people sane, this year’s abundance of ridiculous emotional support animals culminated with Delta banning them on long-haul flights and Popeyes offering emotional support fried chicken. But ridiculous animals weren’t the only crazy travel stories to emerge from 2018. There was also a human heart erroneously left on a ...
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Top advice for securing your systems in 2019

It's been an interesting year for security and users. It all kicked off at the beginning of the year with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica causing people suddenly to think more seriously about their data and what they share on social media. In fact, the threat against personal data has been an important theme for the year. We've seen breaches at companies such as Marriott (in December) and British Airways (September) and Under Armour (March).read more
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Airlines We Lost 2018

As we wind toward the end of the year, it is time to take a look back on what we’ve lost in 2018. Dozens of airlines failed this year, and that’s not a surprise. Not all of them were beloved, but they should still be honored for giving it their best shot. Fortunately, we had no Etihad-related failures this year after last year’s banner effort. That’s right, Alitalia lives to see another year, and we can all be thankful for that. Airlines in Venezuela weren’t nearly as lucky, nor were some of...
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Norwegian Air cheap flights to Europ

Your days of flying to Europe for less than a car payment might be numbered. European discount carriers are dropping like old people at a church picnic, with Danish discounter Primera Air calling it quits last month, and WOW Air being an eleventh-hour cash infusion from Frontier away from total disaster this October. Now, it seems Norwegian Air, who blew up the transatlantic flight game a couple years ago with $99 fares from the US to London, Oslo, Milan, and other destinations is teetering o...
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