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Share or Retweet if you care about paid parental leave

Earlier this week, Republican Senators Joni Ernst and Mike Lee introduced the Child Rearing and Development Leave Empowerment Act (the CRADLE Act). It is a first step towards providing some measure of paid parental leave to American workers. Yet, it has some serious flaws. The Cradle Act would provide up to three months of consecutive paid parental leave benefits to news moms and dads following the birth or legal adoption of a child. It not only applies biological parents and those that legally ...
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Using our parents as our excuse

Nehemiah 9:16 But they and our fathers dealt proudly, and hardened their necks, and hearkened not to thy commandments In this verse, God’s people recognize that their parents did wrong. Often we want to excuse the sins of our parents. We want to accept what they did, and that becomes our excuse for doing the same. Their parents had been proud and resisted the will of God. Their parents had chosen not to listen to or obey the Word of God. Now they were living much like their paren...
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