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itsvegetasamahoe: Not to alarm yall or anything but Brock FINALLY found himself a fucking...

itsvegetasamahoe: Not to alarm yall or anything but Brock FINALLY found himself a fucking queen Black love all 2k19
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Wild Women, Forty Pricks, and Western Noir

None Film critic Manny Farber, in typical inimitable style, summarized much of Samuel Fuller's film oeuvre through simultaneous praise and critique in the following observation: "What's good about his films is lovable; the daring, uninhibited use of semidocumentary techniques that save the movie from Fuller's mind, an unthinking morass at best" (Negative Space: Manny Farber on the Movies (New York: De Capo Press, 1998, 132). Put slightly more generously, Fuller's film style often trumps the plo...
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Venom Sequel Swings Into Development With Writer Kelly Marcel

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Venom sequel swings into development with writer Kelly Marcel Sony is moving forward with a sequel to its hit film Venom, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The trade reports that writer Kelly Marcel, who was among the original film’s writers, is currently hard at work penning the screenplay. Venom amassed an enormous $855 million worldwide during its box office run despite negative reviews and a so-so response from fans. The Tom Hardy led vehicle teased a sequel by int...
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Brexit: Manston Airport hosts lorry park trial

Operation Brock's ability to reduce HGV traffic and keep motorways open post-Brexit are tested.
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Brexit: Manston Airport hosts lorry park trial

Operation Brock's ability to reduce HGV traffic and keep motorways open post-Brexit are tested.
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Can't be allowed?!

"Bernie Sanders' fans can't be allowed to poison another Democratic primary with personal attacks" — writes David Brock (at NBC News) with ludicrous disregard for the freedom of speech. And is Bernie's participation in the 2016 primaries to be characterized as personal attacks?I'm hardly the only political observer who blames Hillary Clinton's general election defeat to Donald Trump in part on personal attacks on Clinton first made by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and his backers. Those attacks fr...
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2018 Year in Review Part Two - The Courses

An overview of most of the places I was lucky enough to visit in 2018, scorecard style!(Photo by Now on the Tee) 2018 Year in Review Part One - My Game - READ PART ONE HERE After my dream of playing golf in the UK was finally realized in 2017, I had no plans or expectations regarding travel this year. However, I was able to get away a couple of times in 2018, spending a week in Minnesota playing that state's finest in early August and then took advantage of a spur of the moment invite to my ...
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Venom Blu-ray Trailer Embraces the Goofy Final Product

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Venom blu-ray trailer embraces the goofy final product Sony has released a bizarre new trailer promoting the digital and Blu-ray release of Venom on December 11 and December 18, respectively. The trailer goes full on bananas by packaging the superhero flick as a romantic comedy, complete with holiday graphics and cheesy music. Since the film has grossed over $800 million worldwide, it’s safe to say that Sony has now fully embraced the goofy final product released in theate...
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Another Suspended Twitter User Loses in Court–Kimbrell v. Twitter

Just last month, I blogged about a suspended Twitter user who lost in court. This pro se lawsuit also fails. It makes me wonder: how many other suspended Twitter users have pending cases in court? This lawsuit is also one of the multitudinous lawsuits that relates directly or indirectly to President Trump. Whatever else he’s done for/to the country, he is making American Litigation great again. #MAGLA, or something like that. In an irony I still can’t fully comprehend, Trump supporters dispropor...
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Podcast: How much does Ryan Tannehill's return matter (if at all)?

Bye, bye Brock. Welcome back Ryan. Tannehill gets his job back Sunday after missing more than a month with a shoulder injury, and it couldn't come at a better time. ... Click to Continue »
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When does head coach Adam Gase give up Brock Osweiler

When does head coach Adam Gase give up on his teacher's pet, Brock Osweiler, and give David Fales a shot to lead the offense? I understand there is a comfort level with Brock, I understand he probable knows more about the offensive playbook than the
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DT Daily 11/13: Brock vs Fales; and Dolphins Injury News

On today's show we go over all of the Dolphins injuries and give you the latest news regarding the list of players who are banged up and when they might return. We also tell you why head coach Adam Gase isn't looking to handing over the offense to Da
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The first full Pokémon game on the Nintendo Switch is less than a week away — here's everything you need to know about 'Pokémon Let's Go'

"Pokémon: Let's Go" is the newest Pokémon role-playing game, and the first entry of the main series to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. Launching this November, "Pokémon: Let's Go" presents a more interactive version of the Pokémon world, showing wild pokémon running around for the first time in a main-series game, and adding new ways for players to bond with their Pokémon partners. "Let's Go" takes clear cues from the mobile game "Pokémon Go" and appears to be more accessible for fans interested...
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5 Holiday Palettes to Add to Your Wish List NOW

press sample, bought by me, affiliate links I can’t believe that it is November, let alone three weeks until black Friday.You heard it hear first. Just three weeks from now, Thanksgiving will be over and will be shopping the deals like crazy. Whether you get out there with the masses or do it from the couch, the holiday shopping frenzy will be ON. If you ...
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Theater review: At the Kirk Douglas, ‘Quack’ doesn’t duck issues, but it raises too many

When Neel Keller directs a play, the audience is sure to see two elements. One is memorable scenic design, with settings and scene changes we could only have imagined. The other element is atypical characters with something of import to say. In the case of “Quack,” they have a bit too much to say, and that puts a damper on an otherwise intelligent script. In this handsome world premiere at Culver City’s Kirk Douglas Theatre through Nov. 18, playwright Eliza Clark tackles misogyny, the medical pr...
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Islanders’ Nelson Needs to Show up After October

Saturday afternoon, Brock Nelson scored his fourth and fifth goals of the season in the New York Islanders’ dominant 6-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers. Through nine games this season, the 27-year-old has five goals and six points. Brock-tober In the National Hockey Leauge, we’ve seen players dominate against certain teams, in certain venues, or in certain situations. But have you ever seen a player thrive in a specific month? That’s the case for Nelson who, historically speaking, play...
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Side-by-side comparison of Osweiler and Tannehill after another good game from Brock

Adam Gase insists Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins' starter when he's healthy. But if Brock Osweiler keeps playing like he has, Tannehill might have to up his game to keep ... Click to Continue »
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Has the ‘Resistance’ devolved into a mob?

My friends and colleagues in the media, particularly at CNN, have taken offense to the idea that the self-styled “Resistance” to Donald Trump can ever be characterized as “a mob.” It’s an unflattering description, but is it unfair? Are violence and physical intimidation now part of the Democrats’ playbook? To weigh that question, let’s do a thought experiment. The following actions all have taken place in the past two years. As you read about them, substitute the words “left” for “right,” “liber...
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Difficult view

Other than a few good years most of us can imagine a failure this weekend.  I hope Brock remains confident; Gore & Drake chew up lots of time which will help the FL HEAT takes it toll on the Lions.Above all! Offensive & Defensive LINES!!
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The Mind of Brock: How a national punching bag put together the game of his life

Brock Osweiler has a secret weapon. It's not otherworldly strength or X-ray vision. Rather his superpower is his ability to remain upbeat and insanely confident after a career that would ... Click to Continue »
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The couple behind Succession Wines finds increased motivation, and success, after a devastating wildfire

Brock and Erica Lindsay rebuild and replant on the north shore of Lake Chelan.
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Dolphins Coach Gase on Osweiler: ''I know what Brock brings to the table''

Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase talks after practice at their training facility in Davie on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, in preparation for their game against the Detroit Lions on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. ... Click to Continue
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I'm Anne Brock, Master Distiller at Bombay Sapphire, and This Is How I Work

You could say Dr. Anne Brock drinks for a living. But please don’t say it in earshot. Dr. Brock is the master distiller for Bombay Sapphire, overseeing gin production in the English village of Laverstoke. We talked to her about her background in chemistry, her gin club, and her favorite cocktail trick.Read more...
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Sony’s Venom Gets a Release Date in China

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Sony’s Venom gets a release date in China After surpassing box office expectations everywhere else, Venom webs up a China release date, per The Hollywood Reporter. The film, starring Tom Hardy as the titular antihero, will hit Chinese theaters starting on November 9th. Venom hails from Sony’s Marvel Universe of characters and will not be a spinoff of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, wherein Sony allows Spider-Man to be played by Tom Holland. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach...
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Phinsider Radio: It"s time to Brock and Roll after a Miami Dolphins victory over the Chicago Bears

*Just click the play button right above this and enjoy! Phinsider Radio is excited to be a part of the SB Nation network of podcasts. Only 7 podcasts were chosen for the initial unveil, and we were one of them! Wow! What an incredible g
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5 Instant Takeaways: Miami Dolphins 31, Chicago Bears 28 (OT) Oct. 14, 2018

Miami turned to much-maligned Brock Osweiler, who played a stable first half before showing glimpses of Bad Brock early in the second half and then turning in a thrilling fourth-quarter and overtime performance. The Dolphins defense, despite a slew
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'Pokémon Let's Go' is the first full Pokémon game on the Nintendo Switch — here's what you need to know to get started

"Pokémon: Let's Go" is the newest Pokémon role-playing game, and the first entry of the main series to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. Launching this November, "Pokémon: Let's Go" presents a more interactive version of the Pokémon world, showing wild pokémon running around for the first time in a main-series game, and adding new ways for players to bond with their Pokémon partners. "Let's Go" takes clear cues from the mobile game "Pokémon Go" and appears to be more accessible for fans interested...
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What you need to know about the Spider-Man villain who appears in the 'Venom' after-credits scene

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the after-credits scene of "Venom." The "Venom" after-credits scene features actor Woody Harrelson as the serial killer Cletus Kasady, who in the comic books becomes the Spider-Man/Venom foe, Carnage. In the comics, the Carnage symbiote is an offspring of Venom that bonds to Kasady in prison. In the scene, Brock visits Kasady in prison, who vows "there's gonna be carnage" when he escapes. With "Venom" a box-office hit, there's bound to be a sequel — and...
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Is Venom in Our Veins?

He was a journalist once. Eddie Brock investigated corruption, fought on behalf of the oppressed, and tried to make a difference in the world. He was trying to take down evil — until he was “taken” by it. An alien, a symbiote, a hungry beast that devours flesh, Venom possesses an insatiable hunger for blood and violence. A parasite of power with an unquenchable appetite, the thing that first scares Eddie soon becomes a guilty pleasure, a redeemer, a friend. The alien monster, bent on survi...
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‘Venom’ Credits Scenes Explained: Who is That Character and Why is He Important?

Venom is now in theaters, and since this is a Marvel Comics movie we’re talking about, you know to stay for the credits just in case there are one or two scenes teasing whatever is coming next. In this case, we get two credits scenes, and they couldn’t be more different. Of course, in order to dive into what these credits scenes are about and who is in them, we need to talk about spoilers for the ending of Venom. So if you haven’t seen Venom yet, don’t read any further. The End of Venom ...
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