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Victoria Beckham reveals surprising reason she won't give son Brooklyn marriage advice

Victoria and David Beckham have been married for 22 years. During these two decades, the...
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Hulu November 2021 Schedule: New TV & Movie Additions

The schedule for the new movie and TV titles coming to Hulu in November 2021 has been revealed, which you can view below, along with the titles that are set to leave from the streaming service next month. This includes the series debut of Hulu‘s newest adult-animated series Marvel’s Hit-Monkey featuring the voice of Jason Sudeikis as well as the second seasons of Animaniacs and The Great. 2021 films such as Breaking News in Yuba County, The Boss Baby: Family Business, and Pig will also be availa...
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Brooklyn lawyers plead guilty to a charge in Molotov cocktail case tied to George Floyd protest

Two lawyers who federal prosecutors say took part during an anti-police brutality protest last year in making a Molotov cocktail and throwing it at an empty New York Police Department vehicle have each pleaded guilty to one charge related to the incident.
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Revealed: the Crypto Fans Who Secretly Paid $4 Million for Pharma Bro’s Wu-Tang Album

At the end of July, attorney Peter Scoolidge made his way to the Eastern District Courthouse at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn. The courthouse...
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Ovlov, The Indie Band Fans Treasure Like An Inside Joke

Steve Hartlett is very disappointed to hear that I broke my foot at his gig. I am speaking with the Ovlov frontman after a cancelled visit to his New Haven home and half a week of phone tag, discussing the band’s first show back — and also mine — at The Broadway in Brooklyn in early August. He laughs upon being reminded that at one point that night he played guitar with a dustbin: “I’m so anxious leading up to and while we’re playing that it’s a bit of a blur.” But he takes on a more concerned ...
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Nation Of Language – “The Grey Commute”

Nation Of Language are a few weeks out from releasing their sophomore effort, A Way Forward. So far, we’ve heard “Across That Fine Line,” “Wounds Of Love,” “This Fractured Mind,” and “A Word And A Wave.” Now, the Brooklyn synthpop outfit has shared the upbeat yet poignant “The Grey Commute,” which also gets a music video.
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Spotlight: oasisVXR Puts an Interesting New Spin on Gaming Arcades

Gaming arcades have been around for decades. But new technology has changed the type of activities that are available at these local businesses. In New Jersey, oasisVXR offers a unique spin on arcades — using virtual reality. Read about this interesting business concept in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. ?? What the Business Does Offers fun virtual reality experiences. Co-founder Todd Schobel told Small Business Trends, “Want to drive a 800 hp mazerati on the daytona raceway? Want to ju...
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The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming To Hulu In November 2021

Ah, November. The weather is getting cooler (here in the northeast United States, at least), Daylights Savings is about to come to an abrupt end (as it should!), and the calendar is steadily winding down as it tends to do at this point of the year (time is just a construct, folks). In other words, this is my favorite time of the year and I fully intend on tailoring my movie-watching habits to match the season. Of course, that first requires a working knowledge of the tidal wave of movies that ar...
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Supply Chain Issues: ‘There Really Are Problems Everywhere,’ Even For Small Companies

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Watch Charly Bliss Debut A New Song In Brooklyn

Last night in Brooklyn, the magnificently poppy NYC indie rock band Charly Bliss played their first show in two years, opening for Japanese Breakfast at Brooklyn Steel. The band used the occasion to debut a new song, which is listed as “UDK” at and on YouTube. Speaking of which, the song is on YouTube! It finds the group leaning perhaps even further into the pop realm than they did on their 2019 sophomore effort Young Enough, with Eva Hendricks ditching her guitar and switching into f...
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‘Ascension’ and ‘Summer of Soul’ Lead Critics Choice Documentary Nominations

The Critics Choice Association has announced nominees for the sixth annual Critics Choice Documentary Awards. The awards cover documentaries released in theaters, on TV and on major digital platforms. The awards gala takes place Nov. 14 in Brooklyn, N.Y. “Ascension” and “Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised), both from first-time documentarians, […]
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Y: The Last Man Has Been Canceled By FX On Hulu

Unfortunately, these guys — unlike their show's title — won't be the last men standing on FX. On October 17, showrunner Eliza Clark took to Instagram to reveal that FX's "Y: The Last Man" had been canceled by the network."We have learned that we will not be moving forward with FX on Hulu for Season 2 of 'Y: The Last Man.' I have never in my life been more committed to a story, and there is so much more left to tell. 'Y: The Last Man' is about gender, about how oppressive systems inform identity....
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This Choreographer Who Won A ‘Genius’ Grant At 70, And Has Some Big Plans

Jawole Willa Jo Zollar’s groundbreaking contributions have become both mainstream and topical. “An experimental dance company in Brooklyn? Nothing unusual about that now — yet Zollar was forging a new path when she founded Urban Bush Women in 1984.” – Washington Post
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Suspect in New Rochelle Shooting Death Arrested in Brooklyn

Police say a man suspected of killing a taxi driver in New Rochelle last week has been arrested in New York City following a shootout with officers.
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Brooklyn woman arrested in connection with suspected arson at a Jewish school

Police say the woman poured gasoline in front of the Yeshiva and lit it on fire.
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Kyrie Irving's Vaccination Stance Looms Large Over NBA Season

By Rory CarrollLOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The 75th season of the NBA tips off on Tuesday with fans focused on Brooklyn's Kyrie Irving, whose refusal...
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Getting a COVID-19 test in NYC was easy and took no time at all - proof that when they're properly funded, government services run more efficiently than their privately-run counterparts.

Massive government funding kept America from falling apart during the pandemic. Samantha Lee/Insider The US instituted unprecedented welfare programs during the pandemic. People have suddenly realized what the government is capable of doing for them. We must fight to keep and expand these programs in the future. P.E. Moskowitz is an author, runs Mental Hellth, a newsletter about capitalism and psychology, and is a contributing opinion writer for Insider. This is an opinion column. The thou...
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New York reports a record 15 cases of a rare disease linked to rat urine in 2021, as vermin complaints flood in

A jagdterrier holds a dead rat in its mouth after hunting it in a dumpster in lower Manhattan on May 14, 2021. Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images New York has recorded 15 cases of leptospirosis, and one death, in 2021. The rare disease comes from exposure to rats. Three of the people infected were experiencing homelessness. To help drive down the city's rat problem, a volunteer group of dog-owners go rat hunting on Friday nights. Rats have been terrorizing New Yorkers even more than u...
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Building a foundation, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore watch Wolves play for first time

Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore watched Thursday's game from a suite at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Rodriguez said the new owners are in "watching mode and learning as much as we can."
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I declared bankruptcy at 28 when my $60,000 debt became overwhelming. It was the right decision - and the stigma needs to end.

Bankruptcy has a stigma that holds back people in debt from seeing it as a realistic option. Aleksandar Nakic/Getty Images Mike Amory is a LMSW social worker and comedian based in New York. Two years ago at 28, Amory declared personal bankruptcy after accumulating over $60,000 in debt. He says it was a good choice for him, and wants to break down the stigma that personal bankruptcy carries. In 2018, I was psychiatrically hospitalized at Zucker Hillside Hospital and banned from having pote...
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What we know: Brooklyn's Kyrie Irving explains vaccination status in Instagram Live post

Here's what we know about Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving and his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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The 6 best weighted blanket we tested in 2021

Brooklinen Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Research is limited, but recent findings say weighted blankets can aid in sleep and reduce anxiety. We tested 12 of them. Our favorites are the Brooklinen Weighted Comforter and the . Click here for more advice on what to consider when buying a weighted blanket. If you toss and turn at night or find your mind racing when trying to fall asleep, you might benefit from adding a weighted blanket to your bedding. Usually weighing somewhere betwee...
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NYPD Officer Accused Of Fatally Shooting Her Ex-Girlfriend’s New Lover, Wounding Ex

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33 startup companies that are currently hiring remote workers

In amidst of The Great Resignation, 33 companies are rising as the top startups to work for remotely Jessie Casson/Getty Images More people are looking for jobs with flexibility to work from home amid the 'Great Resignation.' LinkedIn recently released its 2021 Top Startups list featuring businesses that are hiring remotely. From Daily Harvet to Cameo, here are 33 companies hiring with remote work availability. Looking for a new gig? You're not alone. 55% of us are planning to ...
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The US government should start paying people to go back to work to help ease the labor shortage, billionaire investor Barry Sternlicht says

Barry Sternlicht said that the economy "can't really recover until people come back to work." Craig Barritt/Getty Images Starwood Capital CEO Barry Sternlicht said the government should pay people bonuses to return to work. It can then get the money back through taxing people who are newly employed, Sternlicht said. This would help ease the labor shortage, he told CNBC. The US government should pay people to return to work during the labor shortage, according to billionaire Barry Stern...
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Barrie – “Frankie”

Last month, Barrie returned with their first new single since 2019, “Dig,” which hinted at some new potential directions for the heretofore dreamy rock band. That song pulled from ’00s Brooklyn indies, and Barrie’s next single “Frankie” is propelled by synths and a driving hook. Despite that sound, the track was initially inspired by legendary songwriter Glen Campbell.
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Against all odds: A Suzuki DR-Z400SM by oneYedeer

Building a custom bike is usually a succession of challenges. And sometimes, the bike itself isn’t the biggest challenge: it’s the builder’s skills or circumstances, or curveballs thrown by life. The story of this Suzuki is packed with curveballs. It was built by Argentine-born Sebastian ‘Seba’ Achaval, who likens it to a country song—because its greatness comes from ‘leaving tragedy behind.’ Hence its name ‘Cash,’ after The Man In Black The story starts with the owner, a man of admirabl...
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Nearly Half of U.S. Breast Cancer Patients Use Pot or CBD; Many Don't Tell Doctors

By Denise Mann HealthDay ReporterWEDNESDAY, Oct. 13, 2021 (HealthDay News) – When Brooklyn-based mom and fashion designer Suzanne Weiner began...
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By refusing to let Kyrie Irving be a part-time player, Nets face reality with unvaccinated star

Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks has done what's best for the team. What happens next is up to Irving
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The Last O.G. Season 4: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)When star Tiffany Haddish announced that she would be leaving the cast of "The Last O.G.," many fans thought it would be curtains for the show. However, in just a few weeks, "The Last O.G." is returning for its fourth season. Originally premiering in 2018 and created by Jordan Peele and John Carcieri, the series follows ex-convic...
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