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Leading Thoughts for June 10, 2021

IDEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. D. Michael Lindsay observed that the best leaders have shown excellent management of the transitional events in their lives: “The challenge with life is that we have to live it moving forward, but we only really understand it looking back. Every day offers the promise of preparing us to best respond to the next hinge moment of our lives. Change moves...
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Personal finance: How to save, spend, and think rationally about money

Whether you have a lot of money or a lot of debt, it matters how you handle your personal finances. A crucial step when it comes to saving is to reassess your relationship with money and to learn to adopt a broader, more logical point of view. In this video, social innovator and activist Vicki Robin, psychologist Daniel Kahneman, Harvard Business School professor Michael Norton, and author Bruce Feiler offer advice on achieving financial independence, learning to control your emotions, spendi...
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Council Of Dads Review – NBC Goes For The Throat With Another “Sad As Plot” Effort

Though there are a few stumbles, NBC‘s Council of Dads has one of the best pilot episodes of television to come along in a while. The pro and con of that fact is that it doesn’t actually give audiences a solid feel for how the future of the show plays out. It’s something of a self-enclosed structure and plot arc which certainly lets us know where we are at the end, but it is delivered in a way that can’t really continue. The upside is a year-long play at establishment of a family that can skip p...
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NBC Drama Pilot ‘Council of Dads’ Casts Four Series Regulars, Including ’13 Reasons Why’ Alum

The NBC pilot “Council of Dads” has added four more regulars to its cast, Variety has learned. Michael O’Neill, Steven Silver, Thalia Tran, and Emjay Anthony have all been cast in the drama pilot. They join previously announced cast members Sarah Wayne Callies, Clive Standen, Michele Weaver, Blue Chapman, and J. August Richards. Based on Bruce Feiler’s […]
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‘Taken’ Alum Clive Standen Joins NBC Drama Pilot ‘Council of Dads’

Clive Standen could be returning to NBC. Variety has learned that the former “Taken” star has been cast in the NBC drama pilot “Council of Dads.” Based on Bruce Feiler’s memoir of the same name, the project follows Scott Perry and his family, whose lives are thrown into upheaval when he gets a potentially terminal […]
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Sarah Wayne Callies Among Four Cast in NBC Drama Pilot ‘Council of Dads’

Sarah Wayne Callies has been cast in a lead role of the NBC drama pilot “Council of Dads,” Variety has learned. In addition, Michele Weaver, Blue Chapman, and J. August Richards have been cast in the pilot in series regular roles. Based on Bruce Feiler’s memoir of the same name, the show follows Scott Perry and his […]
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NBC Orders Drama Pilot ‘Council of Dads’ From Tony Phelan, Joan Rater

NBC has ordered the drama “Council of Dads” to pilot. Based on Bruce Feiler’s memoir of the same name, the show follows Scott Perry and his family, whose lives are thrown into upheaval when he gets a potentially terminal diagnosis. Facing his mortality, he and his wife, Robin, assemble a unique group of carefully chosen friends […]
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Conflict Photographer Lynsey Addario on Art, Love, and War

a story of survival that leaves our host speechless and a story of casual cruelty that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief None Think about all the images you see in a day. The advertisements. The photos and videos as you search the web or scroll through social media, if you do that. Now think back a century and a half or so to when photography was new. Imagine the first time a British monarch saw a picture of an Inuit family, or vice versa. What did they make of each other? What d...
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Nonfiction: The Enduring Power of Adam and Eve (Minus the Sin and Sexism)

Bruce Feiler makes a case for the contemporary relevance of Adam and Eve in “The First Love Story.”
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This Author Says The Story Of Adam And Eve Deserves Fresh Eyes

In his new book, best-selling author Bruce Feiler makes the case that Eve has been the victim of major character assassination.
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Author Finds A Counter-Narrative Of Equality In Adam And Eve Story

Bruce Feiler speaks about his new book, "The First Love Story," and how the story of Adam and Eve is still important to relationships between men and women today.
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Trump refugee ban bringing religious faiths together

The President's action -- and the backlash that followed -- are the biggest boon to interfaith relations in decades, Bruce Feiler writes
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For couples with different sleep schedules, joint bedtime can be a nightmare

“Larks” and “owls” may find hitting the sack at the same time is more trouble than it’s worth. [Author: Bruce Feiler]
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Board Question #84973: What is your personal policy when it comes to unopened ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,What is your personal policy when it comes to unopened dairy products left at room temperature? At what point do you just throw it out, or do you do a taste test? I'm particularly curious about the following products: unopened individual yogurt cups, string cheese, sour cream, a gallon of milk, and also a previously opened gallon of milk (but with the lid on).The practical side of this question is to decide how long I can keep the yogurt in my backpack during the day befor...
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