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Jessica Chastain Uses TikTok Trend To Remind Fans She’s Not Bryce Dallas Howard

The two-time Oscar nominee aimed to clarify any lingering confusion between her and the "Jurassic World" star.
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Jessica Chastain is not Bryce Dallas Howard from 'Jurassic World.' Watch her hilarious TikTok.

Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard have long endured being confused for each other. But Chastain is "Sick of It," she teases on TikTok.        [Author: USA TODAY]
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Jurassic World: Dominion's Main Characters Will Have Parallel Storylines

Jurassic World: Dominion, the third Jurassic World film and sixth Jurassic Park film, is still a year away, but with news of its first scene screening in IMAX later this month, we’re starting to get a few more hints to what we can expect. We already knew it would pick up after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen…Read more...
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Jeff Goldblum to Star in Jurassic World Evolution 2, Confirmed for 2021 Launch

Frontier Developments have confirmed that they’ll release a sequel to their popular park management simulation Jurassic World Evolution to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles later this year. RELATED: Elden Ring Finally Fully Revealed, Coming Next Year Jurassic World Evolution 2 will see Jeff Goldblum reprise his role of Dr. Ian Malcolm, with Bryce Dallas Howard set to voice Claire Dearing. An original single-player campaign is on the cards, which is set after the world-changing events of Jurass...
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How ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Builds on the Themes of the Previous Films, According to Director Colin Trevorrow

Jurassic World: Dominion will bring the new Jurassic trilogy to a close, which means we’re in store for some sort of actual ending here, not just a set-up for future movies. And what better way to wrap up the series than with a film that’s timely? We all love timely stuff, don’t we kids? According to director Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World: Dominion leans into being a reflection of our current world and the human experience in general, without being too preachy, and while building on the theme...
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Universal’s VelociCoaster May Be One of the Best Roller Coasters Ever Built

The VelociCoaster, the new Jurassic World-themed roller coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park, opens to the public today in Orlando, Florida. We experienced a sneak preview of the high-tech new ride and came back everything you need to know. And yes, that includes footage of us experiencing this very intense experience and looking appropriately terrified. You can watch it all below. The VelociCoaster Review ? The video above showcases our entire experience riding the V...
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Jurassic World: Dominion's First Footage Will Play With F9 in IMAX Theaters

Life has found a way and fans are going to get their first look at next year’s Jurassic World: Dominion very soon. Universal Studios will debut a “special extended preview of the film” exclusive to IMAX theaters attached to the upcoming film F9, and it’ll bring us to a time we’ve never seen in the Jurassic franchise:…Read more...
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‘Babylon’: Samara Weaving Joins Her Doppelganger Margot Robbie in Damien Chazelle’s 1920s Hollywood Drama

There are plenty of celebrity doppelgangers in Hollywood you’re probably positive you’ve never seen in the same room before. Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain. Dermot Mulroney and Dylan McDermott. And of course, the cadre of blonde-haired, big-eyed women who all kind of look like Margot Robbie. But now we’ll get to see one of Robbie’s doppelgangers show up in the same room as her, with the casting of Samara Weaving in the Damien Chazelle-directed 1920s Hollywood drama Babylon, which alre...
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Universal’s Jurassic World VelociCoaster Opening Date Announced

Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando opening date announced It’s official: The VelociCoaster opens Thursday June 10. Run with the Raptors on the VelociCoaster, a new thrill ride inspired by Jurassic World at Universal Studios Orlando. The highly anticipated new coaster has dropped a trailer that gives us a POV first look at Florida’s fastest and tallest launch coaster at Islands of Adventure. Check it out in the player below! RELATED: Universal Studios Hollywood Planning Grand Re...
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The Best Movies Leaving Hulu in April 2021

Spring is in the air. The weather is getting nicer, and soon we should be able to enjoy it with the coronavirus pandemic beginning to wind down as the COVID-19 vaccines are pushed to more and more people. Even though you’ll want to leave your house much more when things are safe, for now, it’s best to enjoy some movies from the comfort of your home. However, you’ve only got a limited amount of time before you’ll see some movies leaving Hulu in April 2021, and we’ve got a list of some of the bes...
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Bryce Dallas Howard is unrecognisable in epic birthday throwback – fans react

Bryce Dallas Howard's birthday is incredibly close to her famous father's, director...
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Watch: Stylish Suburbia Sci-Fi Short Film 'The Shift' Set Back in 1964

"You will do as told from now on." Take a trip back to the vibrant 1960s and white picket fence suburbia, when everything was alright, and no one was complaining? The Shift is a smart little sci-fi short film made by Italian filmmaker Francesco Calabrese that feels a lot like "Black Mirror" meets The Stepford Wives. This short originally premiered back in 2015, but Short of the Week has dug it up and re-posted it and since we're only catching up with it now - it's worth featuring and worth a...
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Bryce Dallas Howard’s Pick For A Character She’d ‘Want To Be Friends With’ Is Thankfully Not The Velociraptors From Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Dominion's up next, but Bryce Dallas Howard's thoughts are still with another franchise.
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Bryce Dallas Howard Talks Covid Procedures On Jurassic World: Dominion: 'Life Finds A Way'

Bryce Dallas Howard starred in all three Jurassic World movies, and she recently explained why filming Dominion during a pandemic wasn't as tense as it could have been.
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Jurassic World: Dominion’s Bryce Dallas Howard Explains Why Filming During COVID Wasn’t All That Stressful

Bryce Dallas Howard starred in all three Jurassic World movies, and she recently explained why filming Dominion during a pandemic wasn't as tense as it could have been.
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VOTD: Look Back on the Legacy of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ with ‘The Mandalorian’ Filmmakers & More

Lucasfilm is making one final push to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with a series of videos looking back at the making of the Star Wars sequel that changed everything. Earlier this week, a batch of outtakes and unused footage from the film arrived online, and now a new featurette has the filmmakers from The Mandalorian and other upcoming Star Wars TV shows reminiscing about the legacy of the sequel, from favorite moments to the most influential scenes. ...
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The Mandalorian: How director's daughter shaped the show

Bryce Dallas Howard tells BBC Radio 5 Live how her daughter's concern for Baby Yoda impacted the show.
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How Mandalorian director's child shaped the show

Bryce Dallas Howard tells BBC Radio 5 Live how her daughter's concern for Baby Yoda impacted the show.
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Bryce Dallas Howard Posts Jurassic World Throwback After Dominion Wraps Production

Bryce Dallas Howard recently wrapped production on Jurassic World: Dominion, and is sharing awesome behind the scenes photos of her time with Dinosaurs.
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Robert Rodriguez Beefed Up ‘The Mandalorian’ Chapter 14 With Action, But He Wasn’t the First Choice to Direct

The most recent episode of the second season of The Mandalorian was one of the shortest we’ve seen so far. Clocking in around 32 minutes (including credits), the ominously titled “The Tragedy” was a breezy episode, but there was still a lot that happened. Spoilers ahead. Temuera Morrison returned as Boba Fett, Ming-Na Wen came back as Fennec Shand, the Razor Crest was destroyed, and Grogu was taken by Dark Troopers to Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito). But even with all that happening, the scrip...
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The Mandalorian’s Sasha Banks Can Thank Chicken Wings for Her Star Wars Guest Spot

Professional wrestler Sasha Banks has followed in the footsteps of Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista, and so many others, making her (small) screen debut in season two of The Mandalorian. But it wasn’t just her time in the ring that got her the gig. It was a plate of hot wings. Read more...
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Bryce Dallas Howard Confirms Mandalorian Episode Was a Homage to Ron Howard's Apollo 13

The actress and filmmaker, who directed "Chapter 11: The Heiress," included an epic homage to her father's Oscar-winning film in the episode.
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The Mandalorian: Bryce Dallas Howard Proves She Has a Big Future with Star Wars

Bryce Dallas Howard's latest episode of The Mandalorian shows that the knows what makes Star Wars tick.
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The Mandalorian Just Opened Up a Galaxy of New Possibilities

In terms of pure revelations, Chapter 11 of The Mandalorian may be the show’s most significant episode yet. Short of introducing the Child in the first episode, the characters and ideas introduced this week have the potential to shake the world of Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) to the core. They might just change the galaxyRead more...
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‘The Mandalorian’ Delivers One of Its Best Episodes, and Brings Back Some Familiar Faces, With “The Heiress”

Naturally, there are spoilers here. The third episode of The Mandalorian season 2 brings Bryce Dallas Howard back to the director’s chair, and gives the Mandalorian new friends and foes on his quest to return the Child to the Jedi. In the previous episode, he agreed to take the unnamed frog lady to Trask in exchange for information leading to the whereabouts of a Mandalorian covert. They crash land and, after paying to have his ship repaired, the Mandalorian starts paying for information to ta...
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‘The Mandalorian’: Which ‘Clone Wars’ Character Joins the Action? And More Burning Questions From Episode 3

(SPOILER ALERT: Do not read on if you have not watched the third episode of season 2 of Disney Plus’ “The Mandalorian.”)   After the second episode delivered more creepy-crawlies than plot, episode 3 “The Heiress” (directed by Bryce Dallas Howard) kicked season 2 into hyperdrive. The episode begins with Mando, Baby Yoda and Frog Lady […]
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Jurassic World: Dominion Used a Whopping 40,000 Covid-19 Tests During Its Lengthy Production

In some places, it can still be tricky to get a test for covid-19 done in a timely manner, forcing you to wait days for results. But not so on the set of Jurassic World: Dominion, which just wrapped a mammoth 18-month production that, among other things, used up 40,000 covid-19 tests. Read more...
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CS Soapbox: Franchises That Need to End Following Fast & Furious

CS Soapbox: Franchises that need to end following Fast & Furious “Overstaying its welcome.” It’s a phrase I’ve often heard when discussing television but very rarely in the film world, despite a number of franchises running far past their expiration date, and with the recent confirmation that Universal Pictures’ Fast & Furious mainline series would be coming to an end after two more films, I think it’s high time we look at some of the many movie series out there, be they our favorites or most...
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