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HTC Exodus 1S smartphone with Bitcoin Full Node capacity announced

Taiwanese tech brand HTC announced Exodus 1, the native blockchain smartphone in October 2018. Now, the company has announced Exodus 1S smartphone that comes with bitcoin(BTC) full node capacity and the company aims to bring to blockchain technology and crypto technology to a larger audience in Q3 2019. The Exodus 1S from HTC is the first smartphone ever to have full node capabilities containing the full Bitcoin blockchain. HTC said that it has been working on the project for some time and ...
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Bitcoin has surged above $8,000 and theories around why abound

Bitcoin is now trading at around $8,130, up a whopping 60.84 percent over the past month, with the price surging $3,086.14 over the period. The cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise is reminiscent of its rocketing growth in the latter half of 2017, when prices reached over $18,400 on the back of buoyant capital markets, rampant speculation, and a turbulent political climate in Northern Asia spurred by saber rattling between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un. While geopolit...
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Bitcoin is having a great 2019; altcoins, not so much

Bitcoin‘s most-recent pump to $7,000 was the strongest price rally over a six-week period since just before the famous 2017 bull-run, reports boutique analytics firm Delphi Digital. It also means Bitcoin has officially recovered all of its losses from November 2018’s monstrous market dumping, when the price of BTC fell more than 50 percent in a matter of weeks. Bitcoin is dominating the cryptocurrency market In recent commentary, which has been shared with Hard Fork, Delphi Digital noted that th...
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Bitcoin miners earn $305M in April as transaction fees jump 250%

Bitcoin miners earned $291 million through ‘block rewards’ in April, marking a 30-percent monthly revenue increase, reports research unit Diar. They collected an additional $14 million with Bitcoin transaction fees, 250 percent more than in March. The Bitcoin network rewards miners for successfully adding blocks to its blockchain with 12.5 BTC ($73.6K). In less than 400 days, that amount will halve to just 6.25 BTC. With this in mind, last month’s income jump can be attributed to Bitcoin’s stead...
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Watch Out For This E-Mail Message Scam Using Your Old Password For Extortion — and What You Can Do

Sometimes legitimate e-mail messages wind up in my “spam” folder; so I check it regularly to ensure that they are not missed by me — and I found that the title of one of the messages in that folder contained an old password which I had used years ago and had since changed. Seeing that the password was indeed legitimate at one time, I opened the e-mail message and found the following text — and I manually changed the BTC address in it... The post Watch Out For This E-Mail Message Scam Using Your ...
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Moonday Mornings: Bitcoin extortionists are wiping GitHub repositories – unless you pay up

Good morning. It’s Monday, so you know what that means. It’s time for Moonday Mornings, our wrap-up of the weekend’s top cryptocurrency and blockchain headlines. 1.Bitcoin extortionists have been wiping GitHub repositories and holding the data to ransom, Bleeping Computer reports. All that remains in the repositories is a ransom note demanding 0.1BTC ($560) which hackers claim will ensure the safe return of code. 2. A US district court has ordered Craig Wright to provide a list of his public Bit...
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Bitcoin whale moved $212 million in cryptocurrency — for just $3.93

An infamous Bitcoin ‘whale’ has moved an enormous cryptocurrency fortune in a single transaction, and the network charged less than $4 in fees. Bitcointalk's famous whale Loaded is moving its 40k BTC stash again. — Antoine Le Calvez (@khannib) May 1, 2019 “Loaded” is an old-school investor famous for their posts on mainstay forum BitcoinTalk. They’ve held 40,000 BTC for years, and every so often, they move it around. This time, the Bitcoin blockchain...
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Satoshi’s Treasure to add side quests on top of $1 million Bitcoin prize

A million-dollar Bitcoin scavenger hunt began only two weeks ago, but one player has already built software to help others co-ordinate their detective efforts. Satoshi’s Treasure works like this: game organizers split keys to $1 million worth of BTC into 1,000 “shards.” A newsletter sends hints for their discovery, and the first to collect 400 shards immediately unlocks the full prize. So far, clues have led players to explore major cities like San Francisco and London, but they’ve also featured...
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A Putin-opposing politician has raised more than $3M in Bitcoin

Despite a recent survey showing that most Russians actually know very little about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it appears that one politician is a little more au fait with the technology. The man who is thought to be Vladimir Putin‘s main opponent, Alexei Navalny, has received over $3 million (591 BTC) worth of donations in Bitcoin over the last three years, CoinDesk reports. Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) publishes investigative reports that seek to shine a light on what it believes...
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Assange arrest leads Bitcoiners to donate over $30,000 to WikiLeaks in 6 days

Wikileaks has raised more than 30,000 worth of Bitcoin since Julian Assange‘s confronting arrest last week. In the six days following Hard Fork’s original report, a touch over 6 BTC ($31,800) has been sent to Wikileaks‘ public address, spread across 299 donations. Contributions in prominent altcoin Zcash (the only other cryptocurrency Wikileaks accepts) also increased, with 16.25 ZEC ($1,100) sent since last Thursday. Until his arrest, its Zcash address had been mostly unused. In fact, the flood...
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Behind the scenes: Electrum hackers steal $4M with Bitcoin phishing attacks

Electrum Bitcoin wallet users have lost 771 BTC (approximately $4 million) since late December 2018, in an ongoing series of targeted phishing attacks. According to research released by Malwarebytes Labs, fraudsters were able to trick unsuspecting users into downloading a malicious version of the wallet by exploiting a weakness in the software. In February, the developers behind Electrum decided to exploit the same flaw in their own software to redirect users to download the latest patched versi...
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Adult site CamSoda will now let you pay for porn with Bitcoin

Adult entertainment company CamSoda has integrated cryptocurrency payments, enabling users to purchase tokens on the platform using seven different coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition to BTC and ETH, CamSoda users can also spend their Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Tron alongside privacy-oriented coins Monero and Zcash. “Now that we are seeing more adoption of the technology, we decided to give our users what they’ve been asking us for some time,” Daryn Parker, vice president of CamS...
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Bitmain Announces Launch Date for Antminer S17 Series

Chinese crypto mining giant and ASIC hardware producer Bitmain has announced a launch date of April 9th for its new energy-efficient Antminer S17 series miners. As previously reported, the new miners will be fitted with Bitmain’s 7nm (nanometer) ASIC mining chip — dubbed “BM1397” — designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the SHA256 algorithm for their proof-of-work (PoW) — most notably Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
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Moonday Mornings: Twitch drops Bitcoin, most BTC trading could be fake, and more

It’s Monday, which means there’s a weekend’s worth of cryptocurrency and blockchain news to catch up on. Here are the headlines. 1. Despite giving up on its proprietary cryptocurrency, Citibank isn’t ready to leave the world of blockchain for good. A recent job posting from the bank suggests it’s doubling down on blockchain and distributed ledger technology, The Block reports. 2. Video streaming platform Twitch quietly removed its support for Bitcoin payments recently, some Redditors are claimin...
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Bitcoin scammer boasts $760,000 payday through dark web domain squatting

A scammer is claiming to have made 200 BTC ($760,000) through ‘typosquatting’ criminal dark web sites on the Tor network, over the past four years. Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting – basically sitting on websites under someone else’s brand – that specifically targets users who incorrectly type a website address into their web browser to lead them to a spoof site. For example, typing as opposed to Digital Shadows, the company which unearthed the scammer’s clai...
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Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week Hodler’s Digest, March 4– 10

Top stories of this week Free Electricity for Major Crypto Miners As per Bitcoin revolution from tech combination Cisco, school grounds are the second-biggest crypto mineworkers crosswise over industry verticals. As indicated by the exploration, the expanding digging trouble for some, digital money implies that higher sum power is required, making it beneficial for understudies to mine since the college pays their power costs. Source claim and start bucks will do crypto currencies biased  An u...
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Renewable Energy Group to sell REG Life Sciences

In Iowa, Renewable Energy Group announced that “the Company’s Board of Directors has decided to pursue a sale of the Company’s life sciences business unit,” known as RE Life Sciences. “As a result, the fourth quarter and year-end financial statements have been adjusted to reflect the life sciences unit as discontinued operations for all historical periods,” the company added, “The Company also recognized a $11.2 million impairment charge related to this business unit in the fourth quarter of 201...
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BTC Racing team to run latest generation Civics in 2019 BTCC season

BTC Racing's will field two new Honda Civic Type Rs in the British Touring Car Championship this season for drivers Josh Cook and Chris Smiley
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Cryptocurrency exchange WEX/BTC-e tied to Bitcoin ransomware hackers, report

Big four accountancy group PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has issued a special bulletin connecting the Iranian nationals behind notorious SamSam ransomware and the incredibly infamous cryptocurrency exchange WEX (formerly BTC-e). The report alleges SamSam creators Faramarz Shahi Savandi and Mohammad Mehdi Shah Mansouri used the WEX exchange service to launder sizable chunks of the $6 million in Bitcoin generated throughout their 34-month-long international hacking and extortion spree. “We identifi...
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XRP is the latest cryptocurrency to hit Coinbase Pro

On Tuesday, Coinbase announced that XRP will be the latest cryptocurrency to hit its pro-level trading platform. Coinbase Pro will allow users to transfer XRP to the platform right away (“After 10am on February 25”) but there will be at least a 12-hour delay before trading is enabled. Support for XRP will be available for users in the U.S. (though not those in New York state), the U.K., Canada, Singapore, Australia and the EU. As one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies around, the addi...
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Elon Musk thinks Bitcoin is ‘brilliant’ — but only owns 0.25 BTC

Despite Elon Musk being somewhat of an unofficial poster boy for cryptocurrency, it turns out he actually doesn’t hold any – well, aside from 0.25 Bitcoin. The Tesla CEO recently went on record proclaiming Bitcoin is “quite brilliant,” and that “paper money is going away.” It might come as a surprise then to learn that Musk infact doesn’t have any “crypto holdings,” according to a Tweet from earlier today. Just a relatively small amount of Bitcoin. That said, I still only own 0.25 BTC, which a f...
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Voyager Crypto Trading App: $25 Free Bitcoin Each For New Users (Now Live in 9 States)

Update: Voyager has launched trading in Arizona, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. You can now download their Invest Voyager iOS app and create a new account (with the same email address you used to sign up for this bonus!), which I believe should then trigger this $25 bonus if you live in an eligible state. They will continue rollout in additional states throughout 2019. Original post: Update: Referral program has ended, but it ...
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Bitcoin tops $4,000 for the first time in over a month (BTC)

Bitcoin has surged more than 10% since JPMorgan announced on Thursday that it would launch its own cryptocurrency, called "JPM Coin." Bitcoin touched an intraday high of  $4,002.71 a coin on Tuesday, topping $4,000 for the first time in over month. Watch Bitcoin trade live. Bitcoin hit a high of $4,002.71 a coin on Tuesday, just days after JPMorgan said it would launch its own cryptocurrency that was tied to the US dollar. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap has surged by 10% to its hig...
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Josh Cook switches to BTC Honda for 2019 British Touring Car season

Josh Cook will switch to BTC Racing to complete its 2019 British Touring Car Championship line-up
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Jack Dorsey is tweeting about his love of bitcoin: 'Bitcoin is resilient. Bitcoin is principled. Bitcoin is native to internet ideals.' (BTC)

Jack Dorsey has tweet stormed about his love of bitcoin. "I don’t see it as an investment," he wrote. It's a "currency." It's a strong endorsement for the cryptocurrency that's had a rough 12 months. He added: Bitcoin will "probably be the native currency." Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has restated his love of bitcoin. In a strong endorsement of a cryptocurrency that's had a rough 12 months, Dorsey said he holds bitcoin and he thinks it's the future of money. "I don’t see it as an investment," he ...
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Crypto CEO dies with the password to unlock $200+ million of customers' Bitcoin

The chief executive of cryptocurrency company Quadriga CX has died, and he's apparently the only one with the ability to unlock all his customers' coins. Without their digital keys, his clients lose access to their funds. The company's board of directors said last week it is seeking creditor protection. More from Bloomberg News on digital-asset exchange Quadriga CX's $200 million problem with no solution in sight: The online startup can’t retrieve about C$190 million ($145 million) in Bitcoi...
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Online Casino Suite brings you new casino reviews every month. We also provide a guide to Slot Machines that all slot players should read when playing slots online for real money. In our quest for the best online slots we’ve come across some pretty interesting websites. All of the online casino reviews on are of trustworthy casinos that offer fair gaming software. Review We recently came across and decided to write about pos...
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Binance Users Can Now Pay for Cryptocurrency With Credit Cards

Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume, now lets users spend money they don't have thanks to the additional support for credit cards from Visa and Mastercard. From a report: The exchange announced Thursday that it has partnered with Israel-based payments processing firm Simplex to enable purchases with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. At launch, the exchange is supporting credit card purchase for bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and XRP. These can...
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Bitcoin sinks to its lowest level of the year (BTC)

Bitcoin   and other   cryptocurrencies   were under pressure Monday morning. The selling pushed bitcoin to below $3,400 a coin, booking its lowest level since December 17, 2018. Watch bitcoin trade live. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, was down as much as 4.8% to below $3,388 a coin early Monday, printing at its lowest level since December 17, 2018. That was not far above $3,136, bitcoin's lowest level since September 2017. Its rivals ether (-7.21%), litecoin (-4.7%),...
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World Energy and Valero Lead Rebound in Biofuels M&A: 2018 Review

by Bruce Comer, Founder and Managing Director, Ocean Park Special to The Digest Convergence reigns as the North American biofuels industry witnesses a resurgence in mergers and acquisitions, including exceptionally large deals Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in biofuels picked up considerably in 2018 after a slowdown in 2017, and by historic standards, the deals grew considerably in size. A total of 12 M&A transactions in the North American biofuels industry closed during 2018. In ethanol...
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