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5 Questions with NASCAR Chief Marketing and Content Officer Jill Gregory

NASCAR recently banned the Confederate flag at events in an effort to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for their fans, competitors and the broader sports industry. The auto-racing series has made significant progress in the areas of diversity and inclusion during the past few months, stepping up in social causes that will help to move their brand forward. Jill Gregory Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Content Officer at NASCAR talks about how the brand has kept their ...
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NASCAR’s Kyle Larson To AP On Slur: ‘I Was Just Ignorant’

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — What do you do when the entire world believes you are a racist? When your career has collapsed because you uttered the N-word while playing a late night video game? Kyle Larson, of Elk Grove, packed his things and left North Carolina, returning to his native California too embarrassed to show his face in public. The facts were plain and he doesn’t deny them: He was iRacing late Easter Sunday, couldn’t hear his spotter on his headset and used the N-word to get his colleage’s a...
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This Documentary About Willy T. Ribbs is What We Need to See Right Now

release date January 7th 2020 Directors Adam CarollaNate Adams Starring Willy T. RibbsDan GurneyBobby UnserBernie Ecclestone Where to watch it Netflix Chassy Media Racer Willy T. Ribbs was many things. He was fast; he was brave, methodical in how his car was set up, and talented in his racecraft. Ribbs was blunt when he needed to be, and always aggressive on the track. He was not perfect as no racer is, but for a lot of people, he was one unforgiva...
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Bubba Wallace Is By Himself Again

Jamil Smith spoke with NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace about the noose found in his garage, Ahmaud Arbery, the Confederate flag, heavy mental, and the NASCAR fans who now feel welcome at the races.
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California, Florida, Texas would lose House seats with Trump order

By MIKE SCHNEIDER | Associated Press ORLANDO, Fla. — If President Donald Trump succeeds in getting immigrants who are illegally in the country excluded from being counted in the redrawing of U.S. House districts, California, Florida and Texas would end up with one less congressional seat each than if every resident were counted, according to an analysis by a think tank. Without that population, California would lose two seats instead of one, Florida would gain one seat instead of two and Texas w...
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Preece clips Kenseth, collects Bubba Wallace at Kansas

Watch as Ryan Preece makes contact with Matt Kenseth in the middle of the corner at Kansas Speedway. The aftermath of the incident collected Bubba Wallace and that ended Wallace's race.
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Bumper Bubba Wallace gave Michael McDowell after Bristol crash will be auctioned off for charity

McDowell crashed Wallace out of Wednesday night's All-Star qualifier and Wallace left McDowell his bumper.
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NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Booed, Crashes As Confederate Flags Fly In And Around Racetrack

NASCAR’s Cup Series All-Star Race was not a good one for Bubba Wallace. Appearing at a qualifier held on Wednesday in Bristol, Tennessee, Wallace was booed, then crashed into a wall. It was the first time a significant number of fans were present at a NASCAR race since the Confederate flag was banned. Several thousand […]
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Bid on Bubba Wallace’s bumper from All-Star Open wreck

Michael McDowell gets the last laugh from his wreck with Bubba Wallace in the All-Star Open, but it'll be for a good cause.
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Bubba Wallace publishes essay addressing racism in sports

NASCAR ​driver Bubba Wallace says he's still learning to "embrace" the idea of being an activist after finding himself at the center of the race debate in recent weeks.
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Bubba Wallace is still learning to 'embrace' activism after finding himself at the center of a race debate

NASCAR ​driver Bubba Wallace says he's still learning to "embrace" the idea of being an activist after finding himself at the center of the race debate in recent weeks.
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Jemele Hill weighs in on NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's op-ed about anti-semitism

• Jemele Hill explains muted outrage over anti-Semitic controversies • Bubba Wallace publishes essay addressing racism in sports and society
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Bubba Wallace Blames NASCAR Rival For Bristol Wreck, Calls Him 'A Joke'

The only Black driver in NASCAR's top series said a move by Michael McDowell caused the crash and was "just disrespect."
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Bubba Wallace Blames Rival Driver For Race Wreck, Calls Him ‘A Joke’

The only Black driver in NASCAR's top series said a move by Michael McDowell caused the crash and was "just disrespect."
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Wallace crashed out of chance of racing for $1 million prize

Bubba Wallace was wrecked out of the qualifying race for NASCAR’s annual All-Star event, ruining his shot of racing for the $1 million prize. One driver advanced into the All-Star race through a fan vote and Wallace had been leading when results were last updated by NASCAR a week ago. Clint Bowyer was named winner of the fan vote and NASCAR said he received the most votes even with Wallace eliminated.
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'What a joke he is:' Bubba Wallace upset after Michael McDowell crashes him out of All-Star qualifier

Wallace bumped McDowell for a pass. So McDowell appeared to retaliate by turning Wallace.
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Trump twists stats on police brutality: 'more white people' are killed

In fact, studies have found that Black Americans are up to 3.5 times as likely to be killed by law enforcement Donald Trump has once again stoked racial grievances, telling an interviewer who asked a question about the police killing of George Floyd that white people also get killed by law enforcement in the US.In an echo of his comments on white nationalist marchers and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, when he said there were “fine people on both sides”, the president ...
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Cash App to sponsor Bubba Wallace in multi-year deal

Cash App will sponsor Bubba Wallace in five races this season as part of a multi-year deal. Their first will be Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway.
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Trump: ‘More White People’ Are Killed by Cops and How Dare Anyone Suggest Blacks Have it Bad

Following weeks of nationwide protests over a spate of police killings of Black people, President Donald Trump has claimed that “more white people” actually die at the hands of law enforcement.The president made the comment after appearing to briefly lose it when asked about the hot button topic in a CBS News interview.“Why are African-Americans still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country?” host Catherine Herridge asked, prompting the president to immediately recoil.“So are white...
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Column: Wallace deserves a slot in NASCAR's All-Star race

Bubba Wallace deserves a spot in NASCAR's All-Star race, a $1 million exhibition designed for race winners and previous champions of the event. Wallace doesn't qualify under those conditions, though he has four chances to make the 20-driver field Wednesday night at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. There are 22 drivers entered in the “open” event in which the winners of each of the three stages earn an automatic berth into the show.
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Whicker: Jimmie Johnson puts coronavirus behind him, but not the concern

Physically, he is one of the survivors. The other day, he biked up to 10,500 feet in the mountains near his Colorado home, no problem at all. On Sunday, he will crawl through the window of his Chevrolet at Kentucky Speedway and rejoin the chase, stopping his absent streak at one. Mentally, Jimmie Johnson isn’t sure. “It’s a big problem, it’s a pandemic,” Johnson said Friday. “I’ve learned that my challenges are watched closely by my kids (Genevieve and Lydia). “How I deal with it is ultimately t...
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In movement against ‘systemic racism,’ USC to remove John Wayne exhibit

LOS ANGELES — A John Wayne exhibit will be removed from the USC School of Cinematic Arts amid renewed scrutiny of racist comments made by the late actor and former Trojan, the school’s assistant dean announced Friday. “Conversations about systemic racism in our cultural institutions along with the recent global, civil uprising by the Black Lives Matter movement require that we consider the role our school can play as a change-maker in promoting antiracist cultural values and experiences,” the sc...
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Trump makes it to Florida but postpones New Hampshire rally

By JONATHAN LEMIRE and BILL BARROW | Associated Press MIAMI — President Donald Trump made it to the critical battleground state of Florida on Friday to raise campaign cash and tend to issues of high interest there for his base supporters. But his efforts to relaunch travel after a hiatus caused by a surge in coronavirus cases hit a new snag as his campaign canceled a weekend rally in New Hampshire, citing a tropical storm threatening the area. Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters the ...
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Trump’s re-election campaign gets a reboot as coronavirus persists

By JONATHAN LEMIRE and BILL BARROW | Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s campaign reboot is getting a reboot. He will take baby steps back out onto the road Friday after a multiweek hiatus caused by a nationwide surge in coronavirus cases and after his planned comeback in Oklahoma turned into a debacle. Trump, trailing in the polls, is eager to signal that normal life can resume despite a rampaging virus that has killed more than 130,000 Americans. He’ll hold his first in-pers...
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Hispanic-owned food company CEO praises Trump, sparking online culture clash

By MATT OTT | AP Business Writer SILVER SPRING, Md. — The supercharged political landscape in the U.S. has grown potentially more perilous for companies ahead of the 2020 presidential election as Goya, a food company with a tremendously loyal following, discovered this week. The company that makes products used in many Hispanic cuisines but whose following extends well outside of that range, is getting some backlash after its CEO praised President Donald Trump at a White House event. Goya was fo...
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Bubba Wallace's family details racism Wallace faced on his journey to NASCAR

Bubba Wallace has dealt with racism his entire life.
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Bubba Wallace responds to Trump's 'hoax' Tweet

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said President Donald Trump's was not only late but incorrect in his tweet that said Wallace should apologize after a noose was found hanging in his team's garage -- which the president refers to as a "hoax."
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Hollywood’s Laugh Factory unveils 48-foot-long mural in tribute to Black Lives Matter

People take photos during the Laugh Factory unveiling a 148-foot-long mural as a tribute to Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles, Tuesday, July 7, 2020. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) The Laugh Factory unveiled a 148-foot-long mural as a tribute to Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles, Tuesday, July 7, 2020. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds The Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada speaks during an unvei...
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Stop trying to shame companies that took PPP loans

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the new edition of Insider Today. Please sign up here. QUOTE OF THE DAY "It was positive for me." — Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro announcing he has tested positive for coronavirus, after months of flouting public health recommendations, rejecting masks, and doubting the seriousness of the pandemic. WHAT'S HAPPENING Donald Trump paid someone to take the SAT for him. That's one of the allegations in Mary Trump's book about her uncle. She also says Fred Trump...
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Karl Rove Says Trump’s Confederate Flag Apologia Is A Bad Idea

GOP strategist Karl Rove, whom President Donald Trump has reportedly consulted for advice on his reelection campaign, asserted on Tuesday that the President tweeting in defense of the Confederate flag isn’t doing him any favors. “Did what the President tweeted on Monday advance the cause that he laid out on Saturday?” Rove said during a Fox News interview, referring to Trump’s bombastic speech at Mount Rushmore this weekend. “I think the answer is an unambiguous no, it did not.” “The Presiden...
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