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Portuguese hacker to be quizzed over Belgian Football Leaks

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The Portuguese hacker awaiting extradition to his homeland from Hungary is expected to be questioned as a witness over Football Leaks revelations being investigated in Belgium. Rui Pinto’s lawyer, David Deak, said his client would be questioned Monday by Hungarian authorities, with Belgian prosecutors also present. Deak says Pinto “will be […]
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Holocaust: How Spanish 'Angel of Budapest' Sanz Briz saved Jews

Angel Sanz Briz is honoured by Israel for rescuing Jews in WW2, but not well known in his native Spain.
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How Spain's 'Angel of Budapest' saved Jews

Angel Sanz Briz is honoured by Israel for rescuing Jews in WW2, but not well known in his native Spain.
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Hungary leader grapples with EU as corruption concerns rise

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — As the Hungarian prime minister’s conflicts with the European Union appear headed to a breaking point, calls are increasing for greater scrutiny of his government’s spending of the bloc’s funds. An opposition lawmaker in Hungary has gathered more than 470,000 signatures to pressure Prime Minister Viktor Orban into joining the budding […]
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Best places to travel in May

We’ve finally reached the light at the end of the winter tunnel. Daylight savings is over and the sun is shining, and all is right with the world. No? Still not in full-on summer mode yet? Well, that’s ok — May is a mere two months away, bringing with it the unofficial start of summer at Memorial Day. It also brings music festivals, barbecue festivals, and even a camel-riding festival. Plus Cinco de Mayo and the general relief that we don’t have to think about winter again until football is b...
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Experts object to power concentration in new Hungary courts

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The Council of Europe’s constitutional experts say Hungary’s budding system of administrative courts gives too much power to leading officials, with “no effective checks and balances.” The Venice Commission, after a meeting Friday attended by Hungary’s justice minister, called on the Hungarian government to amend the laws regulating the courts taking […]
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European weightlifting champion Croitoru fails doping test

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — European weightlifting champion Florin Ionut Croitoru has tested positive for three different steroids in a retest of his sample from the 2012 Olympics. The International Weightlifting Federation has suspended the Romanian, who was ninth in the 56-kilogram class at the 2012 Olympics. More than 30 other lifters from around the world, […]
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Hungary: Key Things To Know About Global Mobility In Hungary - TMF Group

Hungary and its capital of Budapest is being touted as the next London or Berlin for entrepreneurs, with competitive corporate tax rates and a booming economy.
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Hungary court confirms Football Leaks hacker extradition

Budapest (AFP) – A hacker linked to the Football Leaks website that has exposed alleged corruption in the sport will be extradited to Portugal from Hungary, his lawyer said Thursday. A higher court upheld a... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Visiting Budapest: Suggested Itinerary, What to See & Do, and Where to Stay

Posted: 3/13/2019 | March 13th, 2019 Before I first visited, I imagined Budapest to be this rundown former Communist capital with little to do. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. Budapest turned out to be a vibrant city with a rich history, beautiful parks and buildings, bustling food halls, cool underground bars, and centuries-old thermal baths. There was indeed a lot to do. Since then, I’ve been back many times and have even led tours there. I love how Budapest’s drab exterior hides an inner warmt...
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"Average Deviation": Dorottya Vékony's Hauntingly Corporeal Exhibition in Budapest

For Budapest-based, interdisciplinary artist Dorottya Vékony, the concept of the human body, both the physical body we inhabit and our collective body consciousness, is a central theme that she keeps revisiting.
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Tesco Group to Open Business, Technology Services Centre in Budapest - Hungary Today

Tesco Group to Open Business, Technology Services Centre in Budapest   Hungary Today The Tesco Group will set up a business services and technology centre in Budapest creating 800 jobs, the minister of foreign affairs and trade announced on ...
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Best thermal spas in Budapest

Thermal spas are a big deal in Budapest. There are over 100 natural hot springs below the Hungarian capital, and the thermal waters and their supposed healing powers have been enjoyed since Roman times over 2,000 years ago. Bathing culture was truly established there during the Turkish occupation in the 16th and 17th centuries, so there are several traditional Turkish baths (usually modest) in the city, but visitors will also find opulent spas built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The th...
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Hungary’s Orban to host EU group leader over possible ouster

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary’s prime minister will host the leader of the main center-right faction in the European Parliament to discuss the Hungarian ruling party’s possible ouster from the group. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s office said Monday that the meeting with Manfred Weber will take place Tuesday in Budapest. Several smaller members of the […]
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Top tickets for Women’s Champions League final cost $3.50

NYON, Switzerland (AP) — The most expensive tickets for the Women’s Champions League final in Budapest cost only 3.10 euros ($3.50). UEFA opened ticket sales on Friday with adult prices starting at 2.20 euros ($2.50) for the match on May 18 at the 22,000-capacity Ferencvaros Stadium. The women’s match will be played on a Saturday […]
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Hungary’s Orban ponders Polish link if EU group ousts him

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary’s prime minister says that if his Fidesz party is ousted from the main center-right group in the European Parliament, he may seek an alliance with Poland’s ruling party. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Friday on state radio that conflicts with the European People’s Party, which is expected to make a […]
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Thailand pulls out of 2020 Olympic weightlifting over doping

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Thailand has volunteered to ban itself from Tokyo Olympic Games weightlifting next year because of doping, another blow to a sport whose place on the Olympic program is precarious. The self-imposed ban also means Thailand will still stage the world championships in Pattaya in September but with no home competitors, the […]
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Hungarian party rejects European conservatives’ conditions

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The party of Hungary’s prime minister says it “cannot yield” to conditions set for it to remain in the main center-right group in the European Parliament. Balazs Hidveghi, communications director of Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party, said Wednesday that “the defense of European Christian values and stopping migration is more important than […]
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Schizophrenia and ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky

Schizophrenia is the most iconic of all mental illnesses but both its conceptualization and causes remain elusive. The popular image portrays patients convinced of being persecuted and hearing voices that nobody else can hear. In reality this complex brain disorder presents an endless variety of psychotic (delusions and hallucinations) and non-psychotic symptoms. This complexity is at the heart of a century-long debate about whether schizophrenia is a single illness or should be conceptualized a...
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Hungarian judge OKs extradition of Portuguese hacker

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — A court in Budapest has ordered the extradition to Portugal of a man linked to the Football Leaks whistleblower website. The decision by the Budapest Metropolitan Court has been appealed by the lawyers of Rui Pinto, who is wanted in his native Portugal for attempted extortion, illegal access to data and […]
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Hungarian court approves extradition for Football Leaks hacker

Budapest (AFP) – A Hungarian court approved the extradition Tuesday of a hacker linked to the Football Leaks website that has exposed alleged corruption, sparking investigations in several European countries. Rui Pinto, 30, was detained on a European arrest... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Hungary to decide on Football Leaks hacker deportation

Budapest (AFP) – A Budapest court is set to decide on Tuesday on the extradition of a hacker linked to the Football Leaks whistleblower website that has exposed alleged corruption, sparking investigations in several European countries. Rui Pinto,... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Budapest replaces L.A. as Urban Games host

Budapest will replace Los Angeles as host of the first World Urban Games in September after disagreements with organizers about the sports program.
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Budapest replaces Los Angeles as host of World Urban Games

Los Angeles will no longer host the first World Urban Games in September after disagreements with organizers about the sports program            [Author: AP]
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What’s streaming on Netflix in March: ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Queer Eye,’ ‘Triple Frontier’ and more

Netflix is offering a mix of old favorites and brand new shows and movies this month. The craziness continues for the Bluth family in the second part of season 5 of “Arrested Development.” As the search for what happened to Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli) goes on, Buster (Tony Hale) may be facing a murder charge, George-Michael (Michael Cera) may be facing the music for lying about his app and newly registered sex offender Maeby (Alia Shawkat) is trying to get her life back on track. If that’s n...
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Judicial credibility in Hungary worries corruption expert

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The head of an international corruption watchdog says conflicts in Hungary’s judicial system endanger its credibility and impartiality. Marin Mrcela, chairman of the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption, said Friday that lack of cooperation between the National Judiciary Office and the National Judicial Council was “troublesome.” The Judiciary […]
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Hungary stepping up campaign against EU leaders on migration

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The Hungarian government is stepping up its campaign against the leadership of the European Union, repeating its accusations that it seeks to promote mass immigration into the continent. Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said Tuesday that citizens will receive a letter from Prime Minister Viktor Orban explaining what Hungary says are the […]
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A Hungarian cover of the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women"

"I met a gin soaked bar-room queen" in... Budapest? Australian personality Greg Grainger is backed up by the Graingerettes, a group of women all decked out in traditional Hungarian dress, in this rousing cover of the Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women." It was recorded sometime in 1990 and was downloaded from on old VHS tape. (Everlasting Blort, Miss Cellania)
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Cars and cheap loans a shaky foundation for Hungary's baby boom plan

Tucked away in a leafy hillside suburb west of Budapest, Julia Scharle lives the family-centred life Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has long promoted with the slogan "three kids, three rooms, four wheels."
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New Netflix March 2019 Movie and TV Titles Announced

New Netflix March 2019 movie and TV titles announced The Netflix March 2019 movies and TV titles have been announced and can be viewed below! All Netflix March 2019 titles and dates are subject to change. You can also view the titles disappearing from Netflix in February underneath. Which Netflix titles are you looking forward to and which are you sad to see leaving the service? Sound off in the comments below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAl...
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