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Sailor’s Choice: A Monkey that flits between sea and shore

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. After all, it’s the foundation of business for brands such as Harley-Davidson and Indian, and model lines such as Triumph’s ‘modern classics’ and the BMW R nineT and R18. It’s also the driving force behind ‘Gorilla,’ the latest build from Bunker, the prolific custom powerhouse based in Istanbul. Mert and Can Uzer, the brothers behind Bunker, were inspired by their customer’s reminiscing—which dates back to an early fascination with minibikes in the 1970s....
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Use the Golf Tips in this Drill to Beat Greenside Bunkers

How’s your bunker game? Do you have a hard time escaping greenside bunkers in one? You’re not alone. Many weekend golfers have the same problem. The reason: They either hit too far behind the ball. Or, they hit it cleanly and it sails over the green. Sound familiar?   Here’s a golf tip on bunkers […] The post Use the Golf Tips in this Drill to Beat Greenside Bunkers appeared first on How To Break 80 - Ultimate Free Golf Guide.
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'The shock from the coronavirus is becoming more and more enduring': Here's how long-term unemployment is becoming the most overlooked disaster in the US economy

Hundreds of unemployed Kentucky residents wait in long lines outside the Kentucky Career Center for help with their unemployment claims on June 19, 2020 in Frankfort, Kentucky. John Sommers II/Getty Images Even though the unemployment rate declined to 7.9% and 661,000 jobs were added last month, the uptick in the number of Americans who are long-term unemployed shows there is still a long way to go before the jobs market fully recovers. The net change in the number of people unemployed for...
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Trump Wants Whoever Leaked News About His Bunker Visit To Face Prosecution

President Trump is reportedly seething over reports that he took cover in the White House’s underground bunker amid protests earlier this month that turned violent at nearby Lafayette Park. According to the New York Times on Wednesday, Trump has griped to advisers about being unable get “good” stories from the press since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Citing advisers who have recently spoken to the President, the Times reported that Trump has become consumed with leaks from the White...
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Coronavirus drives interest in survivalist real estate

A growing sense of doomsday-ism has already emptied store shelves around the country. Now, some real estate professionals are seeing growing interest in remote property.
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Inside Colombia’s ‘Air Chapo’ Cocaine Shipping Scandal

CALI, Colombia—In Pablo Escobar’s day, in the 1980s and early 1990s, the erstwhile Cocaine King moved mass quantities of the drug out of Colombia. But his planes loaded with dope had to take off from small airstrips hacked out of the jungle. That limited the size of the aircraft and the amount of contraband they could carry.Why the Drug War Can’t Be Won—Cartel Corruption Goes All the Way to the TopAfter Escobar was killed in 1993, things started to change and by the mid-2000s his successor as ki...
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Mexican Narcos, More Brazen by the Day, Land Coke Plane on a Highway and Shoot a General

CALI, Colombia—Talk about a tough commute. Traffic was backed up for miles early Monday morning in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo after drug traffickers landed a twin engine prop plane on Highway 307, near the resort town of Bacalar.Mexican Police Chief Arrested in Mormon Massacre CaseThe flight—which originated in South America and had been tracked by radar since entering Mexican airspace—touched down at about 4:30 a.m. A task force led by the senior commander of military operations in that ...
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Mexican Police Chief Arrested in Mormon Massacre Case

CALI, Colombia—A municipal police chief in northern Mexico has been arrested for an alleged role in the deaths of three women and six children—all dual U.S.-Mexican citizens—on November 4.Fidel Alejandro Villegas, aka El Chiquilín (The Kid), is the police chief of Janos, Chihuahua. The municipality borders the U.S. and sits about 105 miles across the state line from the site of the massacre in neighboring Sonora. It’s also on the same route the families had planned to travel on the day they were...
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The Cybunker is the off-the-grid garage+bunker the Tesla Cybertruck deserves

I’ll admit, even though I’m not a Cybertruck evangelist, it’s really fun to see the movement it’s created, spawning funny memes, and pretty interesting products. The Cybunker by Lars Büro is certainly one of the latter.Designed for the Cybertruck patron, Tesla enthusiast, and lover of all-things-electric, the Cybunker is literally styled on the polarizing polygonal design of the pickup truck which launched a month ago. Made to work off the grid, the bunker comes with a roof of solar panels that ...
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Street Sleeper: Bunker customizes the new Street Twin

The pre-2016 Triumph Bonneville is one of the shining stars of the custom scene: a bike that only gets better as you tweak it. And you don’t need a grinder, even for a fairly heavy custom job—there’s a huge network of aftermarket parts suppliers. The bestselling model in the Modern Classics range is now the ‘new’ liquid-cooled Street Twin. But will it respond to subtle mods as well as its illustrious predecessor? This new low-key build from Bunker Custom Cycles suggests the answer is a resoun...
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Unique Fuzzy House offers locals a public shortcut through the building

When architecture studio Situation-based Operation (SO) was asked to create a home in Chiang Mai, the brief came with an unusual request: preserve the existing desire path. Since the plot had been left empty for many years, locals had created a desire path, or shortcut, through the land between two roads—and the owner wanted to keep that path functional for the community. As a result, the architects designed the Fuzzy House, a concrete home that blurs the line between public and private use. ...
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Bolt-On Beauty: A Yamaha MT custom kit from Bunker

Little bikes are big fun. There’s no shortage of pint-sized whips on the market, and most of them balance surprisingly good performance with a price tag that won’t vaporize your wallet. They’re all rather modern looking though, and usually resemble shrunken versions of their bigger stable mates. And if that puts you off, Istanbul’s Bunker Custom Cycles has the answer. They’ve just thrown the wraps off a stunning body kit that instantly makes the Yamaha MT-03 and MT-25 the best-looking bike...
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Tax Credits, IVMD, BrightStar, & More: This Week’s WI Watchlist

Whoever came up with the rhyme “April showers bring May flowers” probably wasn’t talking about snow showers. As people in Wisconsin hope for this week’s flurries to give way to a long-awaited thaw, consider taking a few minutes to catch up on recent fundings and other news from the state’s innovation community: —Integrated Vital Medical Dynamics raised $127,000 in debt financing from three investors, which the Madison-based startup plans to use to develop decision-support software that in...
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Bunker, Startup That Helps Insure Gig Workers, Nabs Cash from Chubb

Many people assume that the growing “gig economy” presents few barriers to entry for workers who want to, say, start driving for Uber, or shopping for the grocery delivery service Instacart. That’s true in some cases, but many independent contractors—everyone from field service technicians to software consultants—must meet a surprising number of requirements before they can begin a new assignment. For example, it’s common for companies that contract with freelancers to require them to car...
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A Berlin Techno Festival in an Abandoned Nuclear Bunker

photos: 5001 Festival Berliners’ undying affection for techno comes on a par with a fondness for tangible memories of the GDR past. The creators of 5001 Festival (happening on 17th, 18th and 19th August 2018) merged the two into an event that will undoubtedly become the rave highlight of your summer.  Even though the perspective of  summer as an endless techno spree along Berghain, Kitty and Sisyphos may seem hard to beat, you don’t want to miss out on 5001 Festival. As if the banging line-u...
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Did Shinzo Abe Tumble Down a Sand Trap During Golf with Trump?

A video purportedly showing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rolling down a golf bunker during a round with President Trump was widely circulated in November 2017.
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Moon Hoons funky new home captures sunlight on Jeju Island

South Korean architect Moon Hoon regularly wows us with his crazy and whimsical designs—and his latest work is no exception. Set on South Korea’s stunning Jeju Island, the Simple House is a bunker-inspired house with large glazed end walls to capture sunlight from multiple angles. The sculptural house offers panoramic views of the island and was engineered to withstand the island’s weather extremes. Beautiful Jeju Island, known as the Hawaii of South Korea, is a popular vacation destination w...
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Beating Buried Lies: Five Key Techniques

How To Handle Buried Lies Stiffing an approach shot often spells trouble. If the ball hits the green hard and takes a bad bounce, you could find yourself buried in the deep grass behind the green. That’s not where you want to be. Saving par from there is a challenge. The problem is the grass. It twists the club head as it cuts through it, closing the club face and preventing solid contact. Adjusting your swing and stance helps beat a buried lie. Six Keys To Making This Shot Play the ba...
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The Facility is an underground bunker made up of luxury apartments

If you're going to buy an underground bunker, why not make it a luxurious one? It's located in Georgia and has several luxury apartments and lots of other amenities to make you forget your woes. The post The Facility is an underground bunker made up of luxury apartments appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Startups want to change what you insure and how you insure it

 In an insurer’s ideal world, there’d be a profitable policy for every conceivable risk. Click once, and you’re covered. But in the real world, insurance hasn’t kept up with the changes of recent years. The millennial generation has entered adulthood intent on completing — online — any complex transaction in a couple of minutes. But insurance policies look… Read More
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War Paint: Bunker Custom’s Majestic Yamaha SR400

War-themed bikes usually go one of two ways. They’re either vulgar, Mad Max-themed affairs, or they’re swathed in olive drab—with bonus points if there’s a machine gun attached. But now Bunker Custom Cycles of Istanbul have stumbled upon a third way. Their client requested an ‘elegant war machine look,’ and builders Mert and Can Uzer have obliged in spectacular fashion. The brothers have an astonishing knack for building well-judged, tastefully finished motorcycles— the word ‘garish’ just isn’t...
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BIG hides an invisible museum beneath Denmarks sand dunes

Don’t be fooled by these gentle sand dunes—hidden in the landscape is an “invisible museum.” Bjarke Ingels Group designed TIRPITZ, a recently opened museum embedded into Denmark’s protected Blåvand shorelines, also a historic war site. The TIRPITZ museum offers a unique experience within a building that skillfully camouflages into the dunes, providing a sharp contrast to its neighbor, a monolithic German WWII bunker. Developed by Varde Museums, TIRPITZ is a cultural complex comprising four exh...
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Gig Economy Growing in Wisconsin, Despite Early Pushback

Independent contractors, temporary employees, and other so-called “contingent” workers make up a growing share of the American workforce. According to a 2015 report from the Government Accountability Office, contingent workers accounted for 40.4 percent of employed workers in 2010, up from 35.3 percent in 2006. In Wisconsin—and elsewhere—companies that make up the “sharing” or “gig” economy are forming and expanding. However, some parts of the sharing economy are not being embraced with o...
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Expert Opinion or Elaborate Ruse? Scrutiny for Scholars’ Role in Art Sales

For years, two experts in Southeast Asian antiquities could ensure a relic’s worth. Now, investigators say they falsified artifact histories.
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Just hope it doesn’t ring: Hitler’s personal phone is up for auction

The phone used by Hitler as his personal handset is being auctioned off after more than 70 years in a private collection. The sooty, red phone is expected to fetch as much as $300,000. The post Just hope it doesn’t ring: Hitler’s personal phone is up for auction appeared first on Digital Trends.
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World's largest survival community comprises 575 off-grid doomsday bunkers

Will the end of the world arrive with the next economic collapse, nuclear war, or a presidential inauguration? Thinking it best to be prepared, Vivos has taken readiness to new extremes with their 575-bunker Vivos xPoint community in South Dakota. It will cost preppers $25,000 to lease an off-grid bunker in a high-security area, combined with a $1,000 per year ground lease for 99 years. Vivos converted an old army munitions depot, where the Army stor...
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The remnants of a Slovenian WWI bunker make up the base of this cozy alpine shelter

Fashioned on top of an ancient WWI bunker, Slovenia's Bivak na Prehodavcih cabin is a modern retreat for any mountaineer who braves the harsh mountaintops and extreme weather of the country's Triglev National Park. The post The remnants of a Slovenian WWI bunker make up the base of this cozy alpine shelter appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Remnants of Slovenian WWI bunker make up base of this cozy alpine shelter

Fashioned on top of an ancient WWI bunker, Slovenia's Bivak na Prehodavcih cabin is a modern retreat for any mountaineer who braves the harsh mountaintops and extreme weather of the country's Triglev National Park. The post Remnants of Slovenian WWI bunker make up base of this cozy alpine shelter appeared first on Digital Trends.
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This extended techno mix will get you through any Wednesday

I hear from the Internets that there are some “top 1000 DJ lists” chosen by surveys or something. Suffice to say, I’m tired of letting people vote for things in 2016. So let’s talk about Erika. Do you need a DJ, playing some heavy, long techno set? Do you need an ambient/experimental something-or-other? Do you need it live? Do you need a combination of an Erika with BMG, for Ectomorph, also one of the best live acts out there? In this event, accept no substitutes. So, for anyone who’s been depr...
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This Former Nuclear Bunker Is Now Used to Preserve All of America's Film Reels

There’s a fascinating backstory about the building that is now the National Audiovisual Conservation Center, which is where the Library of Congress stores all 6.3 million pieces of the library’s movie, television, and sound collection. It used to be a nuclear bunker that stored $4 billion during the Cold War. Now, it’s a one-stop shop for all things regarding film preservation and restoration, with miles of shelves stacked with film reels to the ceilings, all sorts of machines that can rep...
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