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The ultimate escape in Burma

This new year we can’t think of anywhere we would rather escape to than the mysterious and magical land of Myanmar, with its serene atmosphere and wealth of experiences on offer: from floating high above the temple plains of Bagan in a hot air balloon for the most striking of views over this iconic landscape, […] The post The ultimate escape in Burma appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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The Ultimate Bucket List: The 8 Best Travel Tours in the World

Do you want to take a trip to a foreign country? If you never have, you should! Traveling abroad helps enhance your views and knowledge of the world. You’ll see amazing sights, meet amazing people, and overall have an unforgettable experience. But here’s the issue when traveling abroad – you’re a long way from home. Things are done differently in foreign countries. From social customs to attire to paying for goods and services, you’ll experience some bumps along the traveling road. That’s why a ...
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Action Mason, A E W: The Sapphire (1933); v1

Set in Burma and Britain, a sort of "green eye of the little yellow god" plot, with appearances by Inspector Hanaud no less. An unlucky Burmese sapphire leaves a trail of trouble. Attached Files The Sapphire - A E W Mason.epub (357.6 KB)
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Why not all uncivilized people are barbarians

We often imagine that civilization was formed when people agreed to from societies together and then attracted others out of the wildreness to join them. Some historians and anthropologists argue that a huge part of Asia is filled with people who did the opposite. If true, the idea could flip our understanding of how states and civilizations form on its head. If you can remember back to high school civics or history, you'll probably recall the standard story explaining why people decided to form...
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Trekking Around the World: 13 Best Offbeat Treks That You’re Not Considering…But Should

After over a decade of traveling around the world and going trekking on six continents, what are some of our favorite treks and hikes? This Offbeat Trekking Guide includes 13 of our recommended unknown or lesser-known treks — some multi-day, others daylong — that you might not be considering, but should. These treks and hikes are worth a look if you are interested in unusual and immersive experiences, both in nature and local culture. I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay ...
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Offbeat Trekking Around the World: 13 Treks You’re Not Considering…But Should

After over a decade of traveling around the world and going trekking on six continents, what are some of our favorite treks and hikes? This Offbeat Trekking Guide includes 13 of our recommended unknown or lesser-known treks — some multi-day, others daylong — that you might not be considering, but should. These treks and hikes are worth a look if you are interested in unusual and immersive experiences, both in nature and local culture. I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay ...
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Alan Clements Uncensored ‘Spiritually Incorrect Relationship Incorrect The Great Reckoning’

In a night of spiritual-political satire and activist entertainment, Alan Clements ignites conscience by celebrating freedom of expression and the power of the human heart. A former director of Amnesty International called Clements “one of the most compelling voices of our times.” Critics have described Alan’s spoken word performances as “existentially cathartic,” “enthralling and hallucinogenic”, “a brilliant deconstruction of spiritual and cultural propaganda that addresses head-on the insanit...
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Action Vance, Louis Joseph: The Pool of Flame, v1: (1909)

Traditional adventure novel, featuring Terence O'Rourke, two-fisted, two-gunned gentleman adventurer. O'Rourke, who came into possession of a wonderful Asian ruby called The Pool of Flame, and has stashed it away, is offered a large sum of money to return it to the forehead of the statue of Buddha from which it was stolen long long ago. O'Rourke is in Monte Carlo; the Pool of Flame is in Algeria; and the statue is in the northeast of Burma, in the Shan states near the Chinese border. O'Rourke,...
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When Your Best Ideas Happen in the Most Unexpected Places

She describes herself as more Malibu Barbie than G.I. Jane, but that doesn’t stop Lenya Heitzig from following God into the world’s jungles and deserts to minister to the broken. I love that Lenya confidently strapped a Barbie to her pack as she entered the jungles of Burma as a reminder when she felt out-of-place or like she didn’t belong that she was exactly where God wanted her. In her book Reload Love, Lenya shares how when her heart was breaking for refugees and children impacted by war, G...
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Got Imagination

Luke 21:25-36 Advent 1, Year C   This morning’s gospel reading is hard. Jesus said that there would be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars. There would be distress among the nations, the roaring of the sea and the waves would confuse them, and people would faint from the fear and foreboding of what might happen. Even the powers of the heavens would be shaken.   The Bible Nerd in me wants to figure all that out. I want to know what he means when he talks about fear and foreboding. T...
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10 Indians in the 1920s-30s went on cycling expeditions; 7 succeeded

October 15, 1923 was yet another mellow Monday morning in Bombay, but the city’s central district of Grant Road was ablaze with blaring music. The erstwhile Bombay Weightlifting Club had organised a send-off for six of its young members — Adi B Hakim, Gustad G Hathiram, Jal P Bapasola, Keki D Pochkhanawala, Nariman B Kapadia and Rustom B Bhumgara — all of them Parsis in their 20s and readying for their cycling expedition around the world, a first such feat by Indians. What had inspired them to ...
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John Chau, latest in long line of American Christian missionaries

John Chau, killed by members of the Sentinelese tribe on an island in the Andaman Sea, is the latest in a long line of American missionaries who voyaged to the world's most isolated regions to spread Christianity. The first Christian missionaries set sail from the United States for Asia more than 200 years ago, according to Dr Todd Johnson, director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. Adoniram Judson and his wife, Ann,...
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25 Christian Books I Love to Recommend

I love encouraging people to read weighty, worthy, readable Christian books. I have said many times, Read! Read! Read! But beware of wasting your time on theological foam and suds. Read rich doctrinal books about the one who called you to his glory and excellence (2 Peter 1:3) Now, I know what you are thinking: I don’t have the time or the ability to get anywhere in books like that. So, I want to show you something really encouraging. When this was shown to me, it changed my life. Most of u...
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Sean McGrail from OpenFrame

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Sean McGrail from OpenFrame. Without further ado… What do you do? I am the chief revenue office at OpenFrame, a unique 360 camera that attaches to an iPhone and it allows a Real Estate Agent to quickly, simply and affordably capture, edit and share a video tour of a property. What problem does your product/service solve? I spoke to 4,000+ real estate agents and they told me the current solutions to create video of a prop...
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A Lesson Learned, and an Advent Primer

“Everybody is doing the best they can,” said my friend. It was Shirley Rabb Winston the well-known opera singer and teacher. She was a powerful woman, but never forced her ideas on me, and I wasn’t buying this one. “Oh, I can think of a few people who might not be doing their very best” I replied. At the time, I had a fairly long list of people whom I thought could be doing better. Maybe you do too. It might be President Trump, or maybe your boss, or your wife, or even me… It could be anybody. ...
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Rohingya refugees say they would 'rather die' than be sent back to Burma, as repatriation plans are 'stalled until 2019'

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh said on Sunday that they would “rather die” than go back to Burma under current conditions, as it was revealed plans to repatriate them have been stalled until next year. “We will not return without being given our rights as citizens,” said Mohamad Saddiq Hossain, a local community leader in Kutupalong extension camp, “we would rather die here than be taken back there.”  Mr Hossain’s feelings were shared by many of the camp's Rohingya residents, who have spen...
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Place of the Year 2018 nominee spotlight: Myanmar

Extreme violence and discrimination has led to a humanitarian crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Throughout 2017 and 2018, Rohingya refugees have been crossing the border into Bangladesh in fear of their lives. United Nations officials have described the crisis as “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” In 2018, mid-October reports revealed that the number of Rohingya refugees has reached nearly one million. In addition to being forced from their homes, many refugees face further danger; young...
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Mystery and Crime Boothby, Guy: My Strangest Case (1901), v1

A group of adventurers discover a cache of jewels hidden in long-lost temple ruins in Burma. On their way out, one of their number succumbs to the strain and privation and is abandoned, dying, in the jungle. But he survives, and years later starts hunting the men who abandoned him. Attached Files My Strangest Case - Guy Boothby.epub (945.1 KB)
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The Burmese BA-93, A Modified Lee Enfield Rifle Grenade Launcher

The Burmese state-owned arms manufacturing wing Ka pa sa Industries (Defence Industries) has a long history of working within limited resources to meet the operational requirements of the Tatmadaw (Burmese Military). Operationally this has been seen in the cycle of retiring Tatmadaw small arms to national police forces where they often continue to see service, […] Read More … The post The Burmese BA-93, A Modified Lee Enfield Rifle Grenade Launcher appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Place of the Year 2018 Shortlist: vote for your pick

Oxford’s Place of the Year campaign pulls together the most significant places and events of the year. The 2018 shortlist of nominees brings to light impactful moments in global history, influencing the environment, international relations, humanitarian crises, and space exploration. Explore each of our locations and vote for who think should be recognized as Oxford’s Place of the Year 2018! “torre-latino-mexico-city-mexico” by Tilde Studio. CC0 via Pixabay. MEXICOMexico endured multiple natur...
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Guns of the Tatmadaw: Burmese/Myanmar Small Arms Development

The Myanmar Military (“Tatmadaw” in Burmese) is one of the only Southeast Asian nations that manufactures the majority of its small arms and light weapons (up to 120mm mortars) and has been doing so since the early 1950s in collaboration with a number of foreign allies. The majority of Burmese small arms production has typically been […] Read More … The post Guns of the Tatmadaw: Burmese/Myanmar Small Arms Development appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Ultimate Traveler Gift Guide: Best Travel Gifts for 2019

After over ten years of traveling around the world we've learned a few things about travel gear – what works well and what really doesn't and gets left behind. To help you choose the best travel gifts (you know, the ones that will actually get used), we've put together some of our favorite and most practical travel gear in this Ultimate Traveler Gift Guide. If you're looking to buy travel gifts for an outdoor, adventurous, green or curious traveler in your life (or perhaps you are gearing up ...
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5 Best Countries To Visit For Food Lovers

Over the years, the meaning of travel has changed. People no longer explore exotic locations just for the sake of sightseeing; they want to learn the language, relish the flavors, and live the places they visit. No doubt, the growth of the international food industry has seen a booming trend, which is comparable with the growth of global tourism. If you are a food buff, there are some destinations that deserve to be on the top of your bucket list. Here are some international that you must check ...
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Fake news ‘threat to democracy’ report gets back-burner response from UK gov’t

The UK government has rejected a parliamentary committee’s call for a levy on social media firms to fund digital literacy lessons to combat the impact of disinformation online. The recommendation of a levy on social media platforms was made by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee three months ago, in a preliminary report following a multi-month investigation into the impact of so-called ‘fake news’ on democratic processes. Though it has suggested the terms ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinf...
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Burmese Awakening

Burma, renamed Myanmar, was finally reopening to the world and I wanted to be there as a witness. I had visited the country in 2000 and had experienced a land still uncertain about its place in the world and reluctant to open its doors to tourists. Suspicion and secrecy hung in the air and I had to rent a guidebook from a local bookstore, a transaction that was carried out in a van in back of the store, like a buyer conducting an illicit transaction for contraband goods. I paid the bookseller a...
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Rise of the M-16 Rifle…& Political Skullduggery

Opinion by John McNair Colt M16 Semi-Automatic Rifle: Photo from Rock Island Auction Company Washington DC – -( The stout little guy occupying the couch out in the foyer of Vice President Johnson’s office had just arrived as he had many times over the last year or so. He had spent much time between Johnson and McNamara’s offices trying to help them figure out how the U.S could buy his product and in an amount that would pull his teetering company from the red. This CEO had an ...
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Travel To Asia – A Short Nepal Travel Guide for Beginners

Simply visiting the Himalayas is likely a bucket list item for most people in of itself. But among that group, there are likely more people than not who want to partake in one of the famous treks in the region. This might seem impossible to accomplish if you’re not a skilled alpinist. And while hiking is not easy, especially due to the elevation of the Himalayas, the fitness level required is not as high as you might think. There are plenty of hikes which, though high in elevation and more chall...
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The (Fake) Magpul of Myanmar

Although rebel groups and insurgents are usually focused more on small arms themselves instead of the accessories that can be attached to them, we are continuing to see the diversification of these after-market accessories throughout the world as the firearms themselves become more modular than ever before. The fighting in Syria for example as brought […] Read More … The post The (Fake) Magpul of Myanmar appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Secrecy News for 10/01/18

SECRECY NEWS from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy Volume 2018, Issue No. 59 October 1, 2018 Secrecy News Blog: REMEMBERING STEVE GARFINKEL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR ACCOUNTABILITY, & MORE FROM CRS REMEMBERING STEVE GARFINKEL We were very sad to learn that Steve Garfinkel, the former director of the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO), passed away on September 24. Appointed by President Carter in 1980, Mr. Garfinkel served as t...
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