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US Continues To Wait For Items Waiting To Be Offloaded At Ports Of LA Or Long Beach

(CBS13/CNN) — Virtually every US home contains items that came through the ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach. The neighboring ports, a mere two nautical miles from each other, are the two largest in the country, measured by containers handled — with Los Angeles holding the top spot. Imports from Asia that you find in your home — including clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, and everyday household goods such as kitchenware, cleaning supplies, and food — flood in through the ports. They arrive in 20...
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26-year-old uni student builds $15m empire

When Iris Smit appeared on the TV show Shark Tank, she turned down a $300,000 investment offer for 25 per cent of her three-month-old business and the gamble paid off, with her beauty empire now raking in $15 million a year in revenue.The... [Author: [email protected]]
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‘It was quite overwhelming’: how it feels to have your business thrive in a pandemic

From virtual puppy school to home bubble-tea subscriptions, lockdowns in Australia have created unlikely winners, but victory as an outlier is sometimes bittersweetIt’s no secret that on the work front, the Covid narrative has predominantly been a negative one, with two-thirds of Australian businesses reporting a hit to revenue in 2020 and underemployment hitting a historic high of 13.8%, impacting 1.8 million people.Despite this, lockdowns have brought growth to certain sectors, with Australian...
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‘Incredibly worried’: end of Covid disaster payment looms for many still out of work

At 80% vaccination the support will be gone. Some will be hit hard, particularly if Australia’s economy doesn’t bounce back stronglyFollow our Covid live blog for the latest updatesAustralia vaccine rollout tracker; cases and data trackerGet our free news app; try our weekend edition app; get our morning email briefingIt’s the lifeline that’s kept nearly 2 million people in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT on a steady weekly income during Covid lockdowns.Since June, the government’s Covid-1...
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Reforming Lawson or austerity Osborne: how will Sunak’s budget go?

A chancellor bent on trimming the deficit will face opposition from MPs, business and more this weekFor the past 20 months Rishi Sunak has been fighting to limit the economic damage from Covid-19. This week marks the chancellor’s first real opportunity to set out proposals for the rest of the parliament, and demonstrate to backbench Tory MPs that the Treasury’s tax and spending plans support the ambitions of his neighbour in No 10.There is a danger for Sunak that many of his supporters will turn...
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20 years of the iPod: how it shuffled music and tech forever

In October 2001, the music industry was riven by piracy and had no idea how to solve it. Enter Steve Jobs, whose new device created a digital music market – and made Apple into a titanIn 2001, the record business was in freefall due to digital piracy, and the best way out of this accelerating crisis came in the shape of a white device the size of a deck of cards. The iPod, launched 20 years ago this week, was also how Apple’s Steve Jobs was able to prey on a failing business in order to avenge h...
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Will Ireland’s corporation tax rise see tech companies leave Dublin?

Analysts question if Dublin’s reputation as a leading tech hub could be undermined by new 15% tax rate Continue reading...
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‘Striketober’ is showing workers’ rising power – but will it lead to lasting change?

A post-pandemic labor shortage has given workers leverage but experts doubt it will lead to a sustained rise in union membershipUS labor unions have been on the defensive for decades but this October there has been a surprising burst of worker militancy and strikes as workers have gone on the offensive to demand more. Experts are predicting more actions to come but whether “Striketober” can lead to permanent change remains an open question.The scale of industrial action is truly remarkable. Ten ...
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How NFTs can completely reshape mobile gaming

Something @cdixon and I have been discussing: how NFTs can completely reshape mobile gaming. Most arcade-style mobile games monetize through in-game purchases or in-game ads, which primarily function to extend gameplay. This is of course disruptive for players, but on an even more ironic level, it’s actually bad for developers. The way the current ad ecosystem works: a game will use a platform like Unity or Applovin to connect it with potential advertisers (other games) who pay to display ...
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‘Victimised for leaving a rich man’: star fund manager’s bitter break-up

Millionaire stockpicker Terry Smith is battling his former partner of 13 years in the courts of MauritiusHe is one of the City of London’s most successful investors, with a fortune estimated at £300m, a luxury yacht and a collection of beautiful homes. But the star fund manager Terry Smith has hit heavy weather in the tropical paradise of Mauritius, from where he runs his business.Since February, Smith has been locked in an acrimonious public legal battle with his former partner of 13 years. He ...
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Crown gives go ahead to rival ‘net zero carbon’ North Sea schemes

Exclusive: crown estates accused of greed in selling rights to ‘incompatible’ carbon capture and windfarm projectsA clash between two multibillion pound “net zero carbon” schemes is brewing in the North Sea after the Queen’s property manager granted development rights for one patch of seabed to two different projects at the same time.The crown estate will earn millions of pounds after agreeing to lease an area off the Yorkshire coast to the latest phase of the giant Hornsea offshore windfarm, as...
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New whistleblower accuses Facebook of wrongdoing

A former Facebook worker reportedly told US authorities Friday the platform has put profits before stopping problematic content, weeks after another whistleblower helped stoke the firm’s latest crisis with similar claims. The unnamed new whistleblower filed a complaint with US financial regulator Securities and Exchange Commission that could add to the company’s woes, said a Washington Post report. The second whistleblower signed the complaint on October 13, a week after Haugen’s scathing testi...
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Apple updates its App Store Guidelines to permit developers to contact customers about other payment methods

The agreement included a few items, but the biggest was that developers would be able to share information with their users about how to pay for purchases outside their iOS app and the App Store. Specifically, Apple deleted a clause from guideline 3.1.3 that had previously said developers were not permitted to use information obtained within their app to target individual users outside of the app to use purchasing methods other than Apple’s own in-app purchases. Though the case is now under app...
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Wallet startup TMW Fintech faces bankruptcy risk

TMW Fintech purchased goods from MCT Cards and Technology Pvt. Ltd, a Manipal-based provider of SIM cards and smart cards for biometric identification and payment facilitation. TMW Fintech has no publicly declared external funding and offered a wallet-linked prepaid card powered by global payments firm Mastercard. A year later, TMW Fintech collaborated with Reliance Infrastructure Ltd’s Mumbai Metro One, launching a 2-in-1 travel Metro smart card. [Via]
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Navigating Lack Of Authority In Product Management with Saurabh of Paypal #FWDRadio

Product Managers usually do not have the authority they are presumed to have – and yet they must carry leadership qualities to succeed in the role. How to balance these two realities? Saurabh shares his opinion. Saurabh Pareek is a Lead Product Manager at Paypal. He was earlier with Paytm and Career360. FWD Radio brings you actionable bite-sized insights from the best professionals in the industry. The podcast is available on your fav podcasting app. FWD is the fastest way to learn and develo...
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Lyft admits it recorded 4,000 sexual assault claims in long-awaited report

Company reveals figures, promised in 2019, as ride-hailing companies face growing safety scrutinyThe ride-hailing app Lyft received more than 4,000 reports of sexual assaults during rides from 2017 to 2019, the company revealed in a new report, including 1,800 reports in 2019 alone.Lyft revealed the numbers on Thursday, after having pledged in 2019 to do so. In its report, the company said the number of sexual assault reports collected through its app had risen from 1,096 in 2017 to 1,255 in 201...
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How Will California’s Proposed Limits On Community Drilling Work

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — An ambitious plan by California regulators to block new oil and gas wells within 3,200 feet (975 meters) of schools and homes is drawing protests from the oil industry and plaudits from environmentalists, who still want the state to go further. But the plan released Thursday is just a first step, and things are far from settled. Here’s a look at what’s in the proposal, how it came about and what’s next: WHAT WOULD HAPPEN UNDER THE PLAN? It adopted as written, the state ...
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English cities to receive transport boost of almost £7bn in budget

Funding will be used to help ‘level up’ regions including Greater Manchester and West MidlandsAlmost £7bn will be allocated in next week’s budget to “level up” urban transport in cities around England, the government has said.City regions will receive a total of about £5.7bn in sustainable transport cash, while another £1.2bn will go towards improving bus services. Continue reading...
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Retailers turn to bizarre tactics to cover up empty shelves as US supply chain crisis worsens

Retailers in the US are resorting to bizarre methods to conceal increasingly bare shelves brought on by the supply chain crisis.Shoppers have flooded social media with images of bare shelves at supermarkets and department stores... [Author: [email protected]]
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Global revenues soar for Indian gaming firms

Indian gaming companies, who have been turning their attention to global markets in the last year or so, are now seeing a major share of their revenue come from these profitable markets. Popular mobile gaming platform Hitwicket too has seen its revenue soar in global markets. Agarwal said, we’ve always thought about keeping popular gaming genres and global favorites such as pool games, chess, sudoku and fruit chops in our catalog. [Via]
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PhonePe files and withdraws copyright plea against BharatPe’s postpe

PhonePe is yet again unhappy with another ‘Pe’ suffixed fintech product from one of its rivals, this time in the shape of BharatPe’s recently announced buy now pay later platform postpe. This would be PhonePe’s second copyright-related challenge against BharatPe. According to the details present on the high court website, PhonePe is invoking the Copyright Act and the Trade and Trade Merchandise Marks Act against Resilient Innovations, the parent company of BharatPe. [Via]
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Hackers broke into Donald Trump’s upcoming social-media site

Hackers claiming affiliation with the group Anonymous created fake accounts for Trump and his former aide Steve Bannon on Truth Social, the network that Trump announced Wednesday, The New York Times reported. The publication said it viewed screenshots verifying the hackers’ claims, and reported that hackers had gained access within two hours of Trump announcing the site. He told the publication that hackers then posted memes from fake accounts for public figures including Trump and former Vice ...
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Centre opposes WhatsApp’s plea in Delhi HC challenging new IT rules

The central government has opposed WhatsApp’s plea challenging new IT rules and has urged the Delhi High Court to dismiss it. WhatsApp is foreign commercial entity and its plea challenging the Constitutionality of any Indian law is hence not maintainable at the instance of a foreign commercial entity, the Centre has said as per ANI. In February this year, the government introduced new Information Technology Rules, 2021, making it mandatory for social media intermediaries like Twitter, Facebook,...
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Creative and Engaging Trade Show Exhibit Design Ideas

Since you’ve established a successful career, you probably haven’t thought much about lackluster job fairs…but you should! Believe it or not, those memories can help your career today. Take a… Read more » The post Creative and Engaging Trade Show Exhibit Design Ideas appeared first on
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Paytm gets SEBI’s nod for Rs 16,600 Cr IPO

While Rs 8,300 crore will be primary share sale, Rs 8,300 crore will be an offer for sale, where existing investors can sell their shares. The company had clocked revenue of Rs 3,186 crore for FY 20-21 vs Rs 3,540 crore in the previous year. It narrowed losses to Rs 1,701 crore during the same period from Rs 2,942 crore in the previous year. [Via]
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‘The cusp of a reuse revolution’: startups take the waste out of takeout

More than 70% of Americans report ordering takeout or delivery one to three times a week – resulting in hundreds of billions of single-use productsThe first question Lauren Sweeney set out to answer when she co-founded DeliverZero, a platform for ordering meals in reusable containers, was: do other people care about takeout packaging waste? “Is it just me standing in front of recycling bins with sushi containers knowing they’re not going to be recycled?” she asked herself at the time.It wasn’t j...
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Taxi-hailing firm reveals 4,158 reports of sexual assault

Safety data from US company Lyft says the incidents were reported between 2017 and 2019.
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Google now wants to teach you a new word daily with this new feature

Google Search has a new feature that will help you learn new words easily. The new feature is quite similar to the app that shares a new word daily for users to learn about. This feature is available through the Google app on Android and iOS. In addition to the usual search for word meanings on Google, users can now opt to receive daily notifications about new words. [Via]
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Singapore arbitrator favours Amazon’s claim, Future-Reliance’s ₹25,000 crore deal put on hold longer

A Singapore arbitration panel has rejected Future Retail’s plea, taking its ₹24,713 crore deal with Reliance Retail off the table for a little longer. Amazon – which holds about 3% stake in Future Retail through its 49% shareholding in Future Coupons – objected to the deal ever since it was announced in August 2020. Singapore International Arbitration Centre in an interim decision had also put off the Reliance-Future deal in October 2020, after which the Future Group filed another plea to revok...
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Google quashed 1.6 mn cookie-theft phishing attacks targeting YouTubers

Google’s Threat Intelligence Group said that it has blocked about 1.6 million phishing emails since early 2019. The major malware in question are Cookie theft Malware, which Google said it has been mitigating since late 2019. After initially winning the confidence of the victim, a malware landing page disguised as a download URL or PDF on Google was sent to the victim. [Via]
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