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From Elon Musk to Tim Cook, here's where the world's most influential tech founders and CEOs went to college — and what they studied

College is where many figure out what they're actually interested in and determine the career they want to pursue. We researched the degrees and schools attended by well-known tech CEOs, many of whom launched their companies or landed on the idea for their first startup while studying at college. Here's where 52 CEOs and founders in the tech industry went to school, and what they studied. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For new college students, choosing a major can feel l...
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Microsoft's marketing exec in charge of Teams defends the workplace chat app's rapid user growth numbers: 'passive actions do not count' (MSFT)

Microsoft's workplace chat app, Teams, has grown rapidly, reaching 20 million daily active users in November and putting pressure on Slack.  Microsoft's head of marketing for its Microsoft 365 division, a bundle of business apps which includes Teams, Jared Spataro, defended Team's daily active user numbers, addressing previous criticism from rival Slack, which said the user growth is not organic.  Spataro said at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Wednesda...
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Slack just scored its biggest customer deal ever, as IBM moves all 350,000 of its employees to the chat app (IBM, WORK)

Outgoing IBM CEO Ginny Rometty started the long, ongoing process of modernizing the 108-year-old company — both in terms of how it makes and markets its products, and in how it helps employees actually get the work done. As part of that push, IBM is deploying workplace chat app Slack to every single one of its 350,000 employees worldwide, after dabbling with it since at least 2014. This makes IBM Slack's largest single customer to date, as the company looks to ramp up its roster of large custo...
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Ncuti Gatwa: ‘I’ll say yes to anything’

The breakout star of the cult TV series Sex Education talks about his Rwandan roots, family gossip and coping with overnight successAt the beginning of 2019, Ncuti Gatwa had fewer than 1,000 followers on Instagram. He had filmed Sex Education the previous summer, and by January, it was ready for the world to see. Though it starred big names – Gillian Anderson, Asa Butterfield – on paper the show sounded more like a cult oddity than a smash hit. Butterfield played Otis, a secondary-school student...
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'Winter is coming' for Slack in 2020 as its faces more competition from Microsoft's rival Teams app, an analyst says

Slack has been under pressure this year from Microsoft and its rival Teams chat app. That's expected to continue into 2020, writes Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush.  Ives writes in a note that "winter is coming" for Slack, and that new customer growth will be the area where Slack continues to struggle. Microsoft has touted the rapid growth of its Teams app this year through daily active user numbers, which were at 20 million as of November. Slack has 12 million daily active users, but has fough...
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14 incredible tech products that didn't exist 10 years ago

The tech world has changed significantly in the last decade.  Back in 2009, the iPad hadn't come out yet, Lyft didn't exist, and the Amazon Echo hadn't been unveiled.  Here are 14 major innovations that didn't exist 10 years ago.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The world was a very different place 10 years ago.  A decade ago, you couldn't order a Lyft on your phone, you couldn't scroll through Instagram, and you couldn't watch movies or answer email on an iPad. Several in...
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Sex Education's Asa Butterfield: 'I feel more confident talking about sex'

The former child star has won rave reviews for the hit Netflix show. So why does he feel ambivalent about acting? Ah, yes, says Asa Butterfield, the young star of the explicit and brilliant comedy of sex manners, Sex Education. Butterfield is recalling one of the stranger milestones of his acting career, “my first, big, on-camera wank. That was a fun day on set.” With a second series of the hit Netflix show due to debut online soon, the 21-year-old Londoner has come to a diner in King’s Cross to...
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Thesaurus Followup.

We discussed the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae a few years ago, but the NY Times has a nice piece by Annalisa Quinn that provides a useful update and has some great illustrations: The first entry, for the letter A, was published in 1900. The T.L.L. is expected to reach its final word — “zythum,” an Egyptian beer — by 2050. A scholarly project of painstaking exactness and glacial speed, it has so far produced 18 volumes of huge pages with tiny text, the collective work of nearly 400 scholars, many of...
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Two members of Joe Maddon's Cubs staff will reportedly follow him to the Angels

As David Ross and the Cubs look to assemble the first-year manager's coaching/support staff for 2020, it appears that two members of Joe Maddon's Cubs staff will join him in Los Angeles. According to WSCR's Bruce Levine, third base coach Brian Butterfield and strength and conditioning coach Tim Buss will follow Maddon to the Angels. Butterfield joined the Cubs as third base coach in 2018 after holding the same title with the Red Sox from 2013-17.
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The cofounder of legendary VC firm Andreessen Horowitz on what almost killed Uber, what really led to WeWork's downfall, and what happened after he passed on Airbnb

An important part of entrepreneurship is building a sustainable company culture. That's according to Ben Horowitz, cofounder and general partner at venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Horowitz's new book, "What You Do Is Who You Are," outlines key elements of creating a healthy culture early on. In an interview with Business Insider, Horowitz also shared his thoughts on hiring for culture fit, Uber's cultural missteps, and why Andreessen Horowitz gives feedback to every founder they decl...
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Stewart Butterfield says Microsoft sees Slack as existential threat

In a wide ranging interview with Wall Street Journal global technology editor Jason Dean yesterday, Slack CEO and co-founder Stewart Butterfield had some strong words regarding Microsoft, saying  the software giant saw his company as an existential threat. The interview took place at the WSJ Tech Live event. When Butterfield was asked about a chart Microsoft released in July during the Slack quiet period, which showed Microsoft Teams had 13 million daily active users compared to 12 million for S...
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Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says that Microsoft has been 'surprisingly unsportsmanlike' as a competitor (WORK, MSFT)

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield addressed the competition from Microsoft Teams, saying the numbers Microsoft released claiming to have more users than Slack are slightly misleading.  In July, Microsoft said it had 13 million daily active users, claiming it was ahead of Slack. In early October, Slack responded and said it had 12 million daily active users, but that it had very favorable user engagement metrics. "I think they feel like we're an existential threat," Butterfield said of Microsoft. B...
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Slack’s hidden origins, cybersecurity, fintech, plus Africa’s startup growth

The Slack Origin Story Slack is one of the most iconic enterprise companies to come out of Silicon Valley. Part of the reason is the mythos surrounding the startup’s founding as a games company and later pivot into workplace communication. But what’s the story behind the story of the high-flying company? Who supported the company every step of the way? Our venture capital reporter Kate Clark has the history and background on Slack, soon to be trading as WORK on the NYSE. “We realized, wow, t...
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The Slack origin story

Let’s rewind a decade. It’s 2009. Vancouver, Canada. Stewart Butterfield, known already for his part in building Flickr, a photo-sharing service acquired by Yahoo in 2005, decided to try his hand — again — at building a game. Flickr had been a failed attempt at a game called Game Neverending followed by a big pivot. This time, Butterfield would make it work. To make his dreams a reality, he joined forces with Flickr’s original chief software architect Cal Henderson, as well as former Flick...
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Slack just changed its stock ticker weeks before it's expected to go public. Instead of 'SK' Slack wants to be 'WORK'

Slack updated its direct listing paperwork on Monday with a new ticker symbol. The company will go public on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker "WORK." It previously filed to list shares under the ticker "SK." Slack is expected to go pubic in a direct listing in the upcoming weeks. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Slack is not a public company yet, but it's already gotten tired of its stock ticker.  In an updated version of its direct listing paperwork filed on Mon...
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Business Messaging Service Slack Says It's Going To Replace Email and is as Necessary as Electricity in Its Pitch To Investors (slashdot)

Business messaging service Slack briefed investors on Monday, as the company expects to go public with a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange later this year. From a report: The service, which primarily caters to businesses, said it has more than 10 million users as of January. Stewart Butterfield, co-founder and CEO of Slack, made the case to investors that replacing email with Slack changes the way employees of a company communicate. "This shift is inevitable. We believe every organiz...
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Business Messaging Service Slack Says It's Going To Replace Email and is as Necessary as Electricity in Its Pitch To Investors

Business messaging service Slack briefed investors on Monday, as the company expects to go public with a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange later this year. From a report: The service, which primarily caters to businesses, said it has more than 10 million users as of January. Stewart Butterfield, co-founder and CEO of Slack, made the case to investors that replacing email with Slack changes the way employees of a company communicate. "This shift is inevitable. We believe every organiz...
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Slack's cofounder is about to become super-rich from its IPO. Here's how he survived 2 startup failures and a disastrous sale to Yahoo.

Popular workplace messaging service Slack will go public this year in a multibillion-dollar IPO. It was last valued at $7.1 billion. Its chief technology officer and cofounder Cal Henderson has a stake  in the company that could be worth up to $470 million, making him an extremely wealthy man. The path to success and wealth wasn't always clear for Slack or Henderson, who was involved in two gaming startup failures and the disastrous sale of photo-site Flickr to Yahoo. Henderson said after the ...
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The amazing life of Stewart Butterfield, the CEO who led Slack to become a $7 billion company and a debut on the public markets (SK)

Slack, the fast-growing workplace-chat platform with a $7 billion private valuation, filed the paperwork on Friday to publicly list its shares in a direct listing. Stewart Butterfield founded Slack in 2013 after selling his first startup, Flickr, to Yahoo for more than $20 million.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.   Stewart Butterfield is on a roll. Before building his $7 billion startup Slack — which many consider the fastest-growing business app ever, and which officiall...
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Here's who's getting rich on Slack's multi-billion dollar IPO

Slack, the workplace messaging app, is about to go public in a multi-billion IPO. Some of the company's early investors have stakes worth billions, and many employees have shares worth millions. Here are the people and investors who stand to make the most. Slack has released its SEC paperwork to become a public company giving us our first glimpse at its financials and top investors. As is typical these days, Slack is using a two-tier structure where it will sell Class A shares to the public, ...
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Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Slack and Flickr, says 2 beliefs have brought him the greatest success in life

Slack, the workplace chat platform geared toward millennials, just filed to go public with a predicted valuation of about $17 billion. The company's co-founder, Stewart Butterfield, who also co-founded Flickr, talked to Business Insider in 2015.  Butterfield explained the values that are important in his career, as well as the advice he'd give to his 20-year-old self.  Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of  Slack and Flickr, has dual degrees in philosophy and expected to pursue a career as ...
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Slack Discloses $141 Million Loss as Messaging Start-Up Joins Tech Listing Rush

The company disclosed in its offering prospectus that it collected $400.6 million in revenue in the year through January. It had 88,000 paying customers.
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The new CEO of Intuit says the rise of artificial intelligence will be as big a challenge as the company's shift to cloud computing (INTU)

Sasan Goodarzi stepped up as CEO of Intuit — the company behind products like Intuit and TurboTax — in January, replacing 11-year chief exec Brad Smith.  Smith gets a ton of credit from parties inside and outside Intuit for helping the company successfully navigate to a largely cloud-based, subscription-based software model.  To prepare to replace such a prominent figure, Goodarzi spent much of last year shadowing leaders like NFL legend Steve Young and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, trying to g...
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HotelTonight, Slack stakeholder Accel stays on top with $2.5B fund

Invest early and stand by your bets. Don’t buy logos or chase unicorns. That’s the Accel philosophy. At 35 years old, it has served them well, bagging the firm dozens of high-profile exits, including nine IPOs and 12 acquisitions in the last four years. Now, sources confirm to TechCrunch, the respected venture capital firm has nabbed $2.525 billion — its largest pool of capital yet — for three new funds: $525 million for its fourteenth early-stage fund, $1.5 billion for its fifth growth fund ...
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Sex Education Stars On Tired Teen Tropes, Penis Props, And Having The Talk With Their Parents

On Netflix’s Sex Education, 17-year-old Otis (Asa Butterfield) is your average lanky high schooler. Too co-dependent to be an outsider, too uncomfortable in his own skin to fit in, and too obsessed with The Cure to truly be depressed. But all of that unresolved anxiety and teenage ennui has manifested itself in an interesting way: Otis can’t masturbate. This is especially awkward for Otis because his mom is a renowned sex therapist who loves to, well, therapize her son. But all of that meddling ...
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Meet the 8 chief financial officers leading 2019's tech unicorn IPO spree

In the world of tech startups, the race to go public is often kicked off with the hiring of a chief financial officer. The number-crunching, budget-setting finance exec plays one of the most important roles in the process leading up to and after the ringing of the opening bell. It's up to the CFO to forge good relationships with investors, analysts and other Wall Street constituencies. A CFO who knows how to "speak to the Street" can mean the difference between a blockbuster debut and a dud. Ju...
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Critic’s Pick: Review: ‘Sex Education,’ a Sweet Teen Comedy of Modern Lust

Think of this story about an amateur teen sex therapist as “Doogie Howser, XXX.” Asa Butterfield stars alongside a wonderfully deadpan Gillian Anderson.
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NC Lawmakers Pass Legislation Clearing Path For GOP To Dump Harris In New Election

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Legislation quickly passed by North Carolina’s lawmakers this week would prepare a path for Republicans to dump their nominee in a still-undecided U.S. House race marred with ballot fraud allegations. “I think (legislators are) worried that Mark Harris might be damaged goods and they want to have the opportunity to have a different Republican nominee,” said Carter Wrenn, a Republican operative and consultant to former U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms and others for more than 40 year...
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Sierra Canyon football edged by Liberty in CIF State final

CERRITOS >> Sierra Canyon finally met its match. The Trailblazers took down explosive Cajon in the CIF Southern Section Division 3 final in a shootout. They then grinded out an impressive, low-scoring victory against a gritty Upland team two weeks ago to lift the SoCal Regional title. However, Liberty High of Northern California proved to be the team that would stump Sierra Canyon 19-17 in the CIF State Division 1-A title game at Cerritos College on Saturday night, spoiling the Trailblazers’ hop...
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Report: Slack is prepping an IPO for next year, with Goldman Sachs as its lead underwriter

Slack, the workplace messaging company, has hired investment bank Goldman Sachs to lead its IPO next year, according to a Reuters report. Reuters’ sources say the company is hoping to nab a valuation of “well over $10 billion.” The WSJ reported back in September that Slack was “actively preparing” for an IPO in the first half of next year, with an eye toward going public as early as the first quarter. It said, too, that the company thought it could achieve a valuation well in excess of the $7.1 ...
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