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Recipe: How to make Creamy Shrimp Linguine with pancetta and red wine

In Chef Jamie Oliver’s newest cookbook, “Jamie Oliver 7 Ways” (Flatiron Books, $35), he showcases recipes using 18 “hero ingredients,” everything from broccoli to chicken breast, pasta to steak. To determine which topics were heroes, week after week he looked around at shoppers’ grocery carts, searching out the most widely used staples. The hero recipes he created use a maximum of eight ingredients (common items such as oil, salt and pepper aren’t figured into the count), and nutritional breakdo...
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Recipes: Sheet pan meals are easy to make without the soupiness of slow cooker fare

When Molly Gilbert’s cookbook “Sheet Pan Suppers” (Workman, $15.95) was published in 2015, I fell in love with her one-dish meals, concoctions created on a single rimmed baking sheet. Of course, slow cookers can be one-pot culinary heroes, but I appreciate that sheet pan cookery creates dishes that aren’t slow-cooker soupy. Roasting, broiling or baking on a rimmed baking sheet produces irresistible textures that work hand-in-hand with an upturn in flavor. Meats are juicy and tender; vegetables a...
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Mel’s Drive-In reopens on Sunset Boulevard with 40-cent burgers on Feb. 26

Mel’s Drive-In will be celebrating the grand reopening of its West Hollywood restaurant on Friday, Feb. 26, with 40-cent burgers, according to social media posts. The discount is the price that people paid when the chain was founded in 1947, the posts say, and will be offered noon to 4 p.m. The celebration will also include roller-skating carhops on Saturday. The chain is known as the setting of the 1973 film “American Graffiti” and for its recreation at Universal Studios Hollywood. The West Hol...
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How to get a free McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich in Southern California

McDonald’s is adding three chicken sandwiches to its core menu as of Wednesday, Feb. 24. The Crispy Chicken Sandwich, $4.39, features a lightly coated chicken fillet and crinkle cut pickles on a toasted potato roll. A Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich at $4.49 comes with pepper sauce. And a Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich, $4.99, includes lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. The sandwiches have been more than two years in development, according to Chris Ishida, a franchisee with six restaurants in the c...
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20 brilliant cooking hacks from the pros

During these pandemic times, when kitchen time has ratcheted up to three squares a day, day after day, there’s no such thing as too many tips and tricks to make life easier. We want all the clever hacks, from short cuts and time savers to kitchen tools put to unintended use. (Handheld mixer, may you shred our chicken for a lifetime!) So we’ve compiled 20 of our favorite ways to make cooking simpler, faster or more successful. Some of these hacks hail from chef and cookbook author interviews over...
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Taco Bell announces a crispy chicken sandwich that is also a taco

There’s a new, unexpected player in the hot chicken sandwich war: Taco Bell. The Irvine-based fast food giant will soon be testing an item called the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco, which a news release calls both a sandwich and a taco. The sandwiches will go on sale for $2.49 each in Nashville, Tenn., and Charlotte, N.C., on March 11. Southern Californians will have to wait for a while. Taco Bell plans a nationwide debut later this year. The sandwiches feature chicken meat marinated in jalapeño b...
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Recipe: For the best Caesar Salad, make this dressing

One of my favorite Caesar salad dressings is from Julia Turshen’s cookbook “Small Victories” (Chronicle, $35). Turshen used to work for several families as a private chef before becoming a recipe developer and writer for several magazines. This dressing was cherished by her clientele. “I was often asked to leave containers in refrigerators all over New York City,” she wrote in the book, revealing that her master plan was to one day put it in a bottle and sell it in the marketplace. In her recipe...
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Classic Salade Nicoise

Authenticity is a broad subject that probably many people agree that we’ll never agree on, since food changes and evolves, as time goes by, and as people cross borders, using what they can get where they live. But I sometimes have an amusing image in my head that the people who are scouring the internet, pointing out inauthentic recipes, are sitting in cafes, eating chicken Caesar Salads. (The true Caesar Salad doesn’t have chicken on it. Or tomatoes, shrimp, corn, or tortilla chips, which I’ve...
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Comment on chicken caesar salad by Stefanie

I made this salad the other night for my family and everyone LOVED it and can’t wait until I make it again!! My Husband is super picky about Caesar Salad dressing and even he gave it a 5 star review. I didn’t see the addition of Parmesan cheese in the salad recipe, but noticed the large shavings in your picture… so I did the same before I served it. My daughter and I are gluten free, so I made the croutons with a gluten free baguette. No one knew the difference. Yum!! And SO easy!!
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Comment on chicken caesar salad by Valli Feldman

Never mayonnaise in Caesar Salad dressing! And anchovies are a must!
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Front and Center

Pizza parlors are a dime a dozen in any city worth its rent. Sold by the slice or full pie, the combination of crisp, slightly charred blistered crust with gooey cheese, still bubbling from the oven’s scalding hot breath, no one can resist such simple pleasures. Cybelle’s Front Room in San Francisco was founded upon that basic premise, like countless others, but rapidly evolved into an outpost for far more complex, diverse comfort food delights. Not just catering to the sporadic herbivorous visi...
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Easy Easter Recipe Ideas for A Low-Stress, If Coronavirus Altered, Sunday Dinner

If you’re looking for easy Easter Sunday recipe ideas, you’re in the right place. From refreshing spring drinks and light side dishes to a non-traditional Easter centerpiece and fresh fruit desserts, there are plenty of delicious options to mix and match for a menu that perfectly suits you. If your family is not one to break with tradition, though, all of the accompanying sides, desserts, and drinks will work just as well with ham or lamb—or roast chicken, for that matter. We pr...
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Comment on soft eggs with buttery herb-gruyere toasts by Bina

Hi Deb, I’ve been making your recipe for years but mainly to go with Caesar Salad since I’m not a soft egg fan. I just looked at the recipe again and while I agree the egg cups are super cute, what caught my eye was the lovely purple bowl you used to toss the bread. Is it too late to ask where I could find one like it? Also thanks so much for your new Flaky Pastry recipe. It’s a real game changer.
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Comment on roberta’s roasted garlic caesar salad by Judith Haxton

Sort of wondering why you have published a Caesar Salad recipe and kept it up on your website since the nationwide U.S. and Canada recall of romaine lettuce (only lifted a couple of days ago for some growers) !!!
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Comment on roberta’s roasted garlic caesar salad by abby

I am sorry, this sauce didn’t quite match up with a recipe I have adapted over the years from Bon Appetit! This sauce is good …but mine (in my humble opinion) is better! It literally came down to personal preference. I also had problems with the walnuts. There was way too much liquid on the nuts and they ended up swimming in the sauce …unfortunately, I had to chuck them! I wish I had read the comments first about scooping the walnuts out of the mixture before cooking. They might have tur...
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Make a Vegetarian-Friendly Caesar Dressing With Blue Cheese

A true Caesar salad dressing gets its rich, salty funk from anchovies, but not everyone eats fish. Shouty purists may insist that those people simply don’t deserve a Caesar salad, but I think that’s a little harsh, especially when you can make a very good vegetarian approximation with blue cheese.Read more...
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star gives soul food top billing at his North Hollywood restaurant

Many years ago, the space at the busy (and somewhat confusing) intersection of Vineland, Camarillo and Lankershim was, if memory serves me right, a shop that rented and sold movie projection equipment. Which makes it that much more notable that one of the owners of Black Bottom Southern Cafeis a longtime star of “Grey’s Anatomy” — James Pickens Jr., who plays the part of Dr. Richard Webber, the wisdom surgeon who helps his young charges negotiate the rough waters of high-stress medical care. In ...
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Comment on chicken caesar salad by Sarah Justice

No, no, no! WHERE are the anchovies?! A proper Caesar Salad has anchovies in the dressing. You can do it properly without the chicken but you cannot do it properly without anchovies!
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What to Grill When You're Sick of Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

No food is quite as summery as grilled food, but by the time late August rolls around, I’ll be damned if I’m going to eat another hot dog. Here we show you how to make a fancy, hot dog-free, three-course dinner on your grill, keeping your house cool and your kitchen clean.Read more...
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Recipe: Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad

In his new book, chef Sam Kass tries to help people make better decisions about flavor, healthfulness and sustainability without being obsessive. Sam Kass wants us to relax a little, to get a grip on the stress of making the “right” food choices. His new book “Eat A Little Better” (Clarkson Potter, $32.50) focuses on making better choices without being obsessive. He says that converting to veganism is fine, but realistically big change is possible if we all discover how good a bowl of beans w...
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Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad is the perfect summer side to your grilled meat and veggies. Pasta Salad is the epitome of summer and I always eat loads of it. I even have a Pasta Salad Pinterest board. I know, I’m obsessed. I love Caesar Salad and a Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad may even be better. […] The post Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad appeared first on Simply Stacie.
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East Side Mario’s Canada Promotions: Family Pizza Deal for only $22.99 & Family Pasta Deal for only $32.99 

East Side Mario’s Canada has new promotions available now! The East Side Mario’s Canada has new pizza & pasta deals that include: Family Pizza Deal for only $22.99: Feed the Famiglia with a Large 2-Topping Pizza, Family-Sized Garden or Caesar Salad and 2 Garlic Homeloaves. That way everyone will get a piece of the pie for only $22.99! Family Pasta Deal for only $32.99: Your whole family can mangia two of our Signature Family-SizedPastas, a Large Caesar or Garden Salad and 2 Garlic Homeloaves w...
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East Side Mario’s Halloween Deals: Large 2-Topping Pizza, Garden or Caesar Salad and 2 Garlic Homeloaves for only $19.99

East Side Mario’s have an unbelievable deal for you that includes Get a Large 2-Topping Pizza, Family-Sized Garden or Caesar Salad and 2 Garlic Homeloaves for only $19.99. Click here to find an East Side Mario’s Canada Restaurant near you.
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Food Network July 2017 Highlights

FOOD NETWORK SWEETENS UP SUMMER WITH DESSERT GAMES AND TEXAS CAKE HOUSE Plus: The Competition Heats Up on Food Network Star Launches All-New Digital Series How to Win Summer with the Perfect Recipes, Tips and Tricks for Any Party NEW YORK – June 6, 2017 – Food Network is beating the heat this July with all new series and returning favorites. Monday nights get a little sweeter as Guy Fieri hands over the keys to his grocery store to Duff Goldman as he hosts the all-new series Des...
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Weekly Selected: More and More Uploads!

T-Shirt Uploads are increasing! We love seeing our t-shirt submits go up day by day! Artist are catching on. They realize that anyone can upload their t-shirt designs to TeeHunter and get in front of a huge and unique audience. We love all the variety and clever ideas that come in each and every day. Check out this week’s favorites! The Selected Tees! COUPON -10% View tee 2 Exclusive s...
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19 War for the Planet of the Apes T-Shirts You’ll Want to Get Your Stinking Paws On

This summer, The Planet of the Apes is back. And this time, it’s war! The third installment of the prequels of this post-apocalyptic monkey tale, War for the Planet of the Apes, should bring us to a planet where apes evolved from men (kind of). I’m not sure we needed three movies about humans being wiped out by intelligent apes, but I highly enjoyed the other two movies in this series and have faith that the third will be just as good. COUPON -...
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We Ranked 3 Major Salad Chains & Here's The Leafy Winner

Whether packing from home, ordering in, or going out to grab, salads are a workday lunch staple. While a few years back you might have been more inclined to nosh on one as a side option with your soup or sandwich, they've now become the main lunchtime attraction. Chain restaurants dedicated solely to shelling out the leafy greens have sprouted up in major cities across the country. And each of us seems to have one company we swear by as better than the rest.But what makes a particular salad mor...
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[email protected] – Coffee Shop By Day And Bistro By Night

A wallet-friendly dining establishment you should be taking note of is [email protected]—one of the many options along Greenwood Avenue. [email protected] is a coffee shop by day where diners can delight in their multi-cuisine menu and a bistro by night for a chill dinner and drinking session with your mates. Most of the items on their menu are kept below S$13 and there is no GST and service charge. We popped by on a Sunday afternoon to check out their weekend brunch. // Visitors can choose to si...
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East Side Mario’s Canada Promotions: Family Pizza Deal for only $19.99 & Family Pasta Deal for only $29.99

East Side Mario’s Canada has new promotions available now! The East Side Mario’s Canada has new pizza & pasta deals that include: Family Pizza Deal for only $19.99: Try the new Everyday Deal To Go! Get a Large Two-Topping Pizza, choice of Family-Sized Garden or Caesar Salad, two Garlic Homeloaves and choice of two dipping sauces for only $19.99! Family Pasta Deal for only $29.99: Choose any two of the Family-Sized Signature Pastas, Family-Sized Famous Garden or Caesar Salad and two Garlic Home...
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Menu Plan Monday ~ March 13/17 Weekly Dinner Inspiration

Hi friends! I sat down to do up my menu plan as I usually do on Sunday night and went to search Pinterest for recipes only to find out that the Pinterest search wasn’t working. Ack! I didn’t really know quite what to do with myself, I’m such a creature of habit, but I eventually figured it out :) Last week I was going to try making some cauliflower bacon biscuits but I just couldn’t do it. I don’t love cauliflower although I really wish I did because it’s so good for you. I’ll eat it occa...
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