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Kindle Touch 4th Generation does not render published font correctly

I am using Calibre to create an ebook in the Urdu language. The language is written from right to left. The whole book is in Unicode and uses UTF-8 encoding. If I open the book in TextEdit on Mac. Mac shows the book like this: When using default Kindle fonts like Caecilia this is how it looks like However, when I use the published font i.e. the TTF font I have embedded in the ebook. It doesn't join the characters the way it's supposed to for languages like Arabic/Urdu. It shows each lette...
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Sudden problem sending books to my phone via email

I have been using Calibre for quite some time. I have always sent the books to my phone via email and saved them in an ereader app just in case I didn't have my actual ereader with me should I want to do some reading. I have never had a problem doing so. However, we just dumped our home internet service in favor of the, now retired, Verizon Prepaid Unlimited plan. Everything in the house is connected to the jetpack and working flawlessly (in fact, working better than the land line we had bef...
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Calibre always starts maximized

And I always have to minimize manually. Looks like there might be a command line instruction (start in tray) but not sure of syntax/how to make this happen. Appreciate assistance. Mr. Goyal, it would seem this should be an option available in the startup wizard. Most people would like the program to be a background service always available but not necessarily hogging the screen every time Windows boots. Suggest minimize to tray should be default behavior.
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Ebook Highlighting

Are there any plans on implementing a highlighting option in the ebook viewer that is already in calibre? For epub and mobi formats? This is the one feature that seems lacking in an already awesome software that I've been using for years. The viewer is a really good ebook reader in it's own right and I would hate to have to find other software for just reading and highlighting on my laptop. Thanks for the consideration
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Calibre does not show all previous e-books

Hi all, My calibre suddenly does not show all previous e-books. The previous e-book is still in the library folder, but they are not shown in calibre. I have only one library. In the library folder, I have 129 sub-folders (or previous e-books), but calibre does not show any. Please can you advice. Thank you. Kind regadrs, Linh
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Where have my collection and shelves gone?

Right so I had a major problem and my library was gone. I used Library Management to rebuild the database and voila they re-appeared. With an exception and two, and fine. But help, help, help. My Collection and my Shelves are gone! I have over 21,000 books, a lot of them fanfic :o and just the thought of having to re-label them all makes me faint. I also had to create my own columns for Shelves and Collections and formats. None of which appeared when I upgraded Calibre. Instead there are idiot...
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Can't read Kobo database

My Forma updated to the 4.14.12777 firmware over the weekend. Now when I try to connect my Forma I get the following error: calibre, version 3.42.0 WARNING: Failed: Kobo database version unsupported - See details Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not know about this updated firmware, database editing is disabled, to prevent corruption. You can still send books to your Kobo with calibre, but deleting books and managing collections is disabled. If you a...
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removing author name from title?

Hello, i have a lot of ebooks in various formats, where the title is "Authors_firstname Authors_lastname - Title_of_ebook" and the author field holds the correct authors Ln, Fn. like this : Rosamunde Pilcher-Wechselspiel der Liebe / Pilcher, Rosamunde I tried a lot of different plguns to remove the autors name from the title, but no luck so far. I cannot be the only one with this problem. How do you guys solve this? is there a plugin that removes all occurences of the contents of the ...
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SOLVED export to pdf - custom font settings not sticking

I was having an issue where no matter what I did, I couldn't get the font settings to stick when exporting to pdf. After spending far too much time on this, I finally found that the solution was to tick the "Fonts" box in: Look & Feel > Styling Posting here in case it might help to prevent someone from the aggravation I experienced while trying to do this. :)
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What changes does Calibre make when adding books

Hi, I'm new to Calibre (but starting to get the hang of it) and I noticed that when I add books to Calibre, it makes changes to the original file. In this case I downloaded a book from Amazon, added it to Calibre (but did not convert), and when doing a file compare between that and the version stored in the Calibre directory, the two are different.
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Calibre filling up Windows Temp folder

I notice there is A LOT of left over temp directories w/ images of books I've imported to my library (cbz, png, epub, jpg, pdf, docx, mobi, etc) This is stored on %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\ Some of these temp files were books I added 1+ years ago WRT Calibre... is it safe to purge this directory? I'm surprised Calibre doesn't clean up files it writes to the temp folder. Can I change the setting to tell Calibre to write to a folder that is NOT on the same partition as Windows?
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Calibre In-Line Table of Contents

This is a great feature. But I was wondering if there is a way to move it's location in an ePub. Right now Calibre generates a Title page {I call it} that is technically the cover as the first page. I like that. But when I run the In-Line Table of Contents, it includes that the Cover page AFTER IT. I have always liked my books to have the cover page, then Table of Contents. I prefer NOT having the Table of Contents first {where it even lists the Cover page} and then the cover page. Can the...
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Transferring mobi notes to new Kindle Paperwhite

I have used Calibre for several years to load .mobi format books on my Kindle Paperwhites. While reading some I have made notes and bookmarks, both, I believe, stored on the Kindle in .mbp1 and .mbs files in the .sdr folder. Is there a way to preserve these notes an import to a new Paperwhite? This is done automatically for books purchased from Amazon, but not from .mobi books from other sources. Searching this site has yielded no answers.
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Is is possible to get bigger size when fetching news?

I'm using Kobo Forma, the resolution of screen is 1440 × 1920, but when fetching news in Calibre, the fetched size of the cover is only 640x842, is possible to get the bigger cover when fetching the news? The news is The Economist if it matters.
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Populating a custom Yes/No field based on results from bash command executed on file

I would like to mark PDF files in Calibre as searchable/not-searchable (I guess the former would be text+images and the latter would be un-OCR'ed images). I would like to try populating this custom Yes/No field based on results from a command executed in bash on the file, e.g. whether strings `file` | grep -c FontName gives an integer greater than 0. Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it?
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Replace titlepage.xhtml

Hello, In order to have the cover image scaled on the full screen of the device without scaling the actual image, I would like Calibre to use by default my own version of the titlepage.xhtml file in all conversions done. How can I do this? Or how can I otherwise achieve the same thing? Thank you!
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calibre 3.42 problem

Today I updated calibre to 3.42 and something got messed up in my preferences somehow(please bear with me I don't really know what I'm doing here). Anyway I upload via usb with my eink device from my Amazon content and devices page and previously my books automatically opened in calibre and the plug-in did its magic. Today I did this and the kindle for mac opened instead(version 1.17.1)- I really don't want to mess with kindle for mac and if someone could point me in the right direction I would ...
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Calibre running slowly on Win10

Hi. I recently bought a new laptop and went from Windows 7 to 10. Everything in the computer is exactly the same as the one that ran Windows 7, but Calibre runs much slower on the new laptop. The computer has less ram and runs windows 7 and run Calibre much quicker. It takes the computer less than 7 hours to add 17.000 books, it takes the laptop more than 24 hours to add the same books. I have no idea what's wrong but it's very frustrating. :blink:
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Error on Windows 10 when adding plugin

Since the latest windows10 update (not sure if there's a connection though) I can no longer add the DeDRM calibre plug-in to calibre. At Github they advised me to set the Windows calibre environment variable, but the various tutorials are beyond me. Then they told me to post this here. Can anybody please help me out? I've uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted the old DeDRM plug-in, deactivated live virus protection, no use. Here's my log Spoiler: calibre Debug log calibre 3.42 [64bit] emb...
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Can't Add Books to Calibre

I can't seem to be able to add any books. I've tried adding a few at a time & then just one by itself. I got this Error Message: calibre, version 3.42.0 ERROR: Errors while adding: Failed to add any books, click "Show details" for more information ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Failed to add the book: 30-Second Architecture: The 50 Most Significant Principles and Styles in Architecture, Each Explained in Half a Minute H:\Kindle Non Fiction\30secart...
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How to recover large corrupted calibre library

Hello guys. I am trying to recover over 1 TB of a corrupted library, had 3 attemps with no success, after a own column added the library crushed.... Is there a way to keep the library and create new metada without creating new list of books...the issue is I have no more room from a new one.... Thanks in advance.
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Browser Line Density

I've recently gone to a smaller font in the Browser. In the TAG Browser, the new font has meant a denser view. The grid itself though, the font's smaller, but the density is the same. I see 38 books with a healthy spacing between each line. I'd like to reduce the inter-line spacing and maybe get 44-46 lines per screen in the browser. BUT I can't find a setting that will help me in that regard, I DID reduce the spacing setting to negative 20, but that's as far as it will let me go. I SUSPECT the...
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How to view a fixed layout EPUB in 100 % viewport width fullscreen

Hello, the case: I export a fixed layout EPUB using InDesign. It has 3840 x 2160 pixels. Now I want to open it on my Laptop (screen size: 1920 x 1080 px). When I use Calibre it does not zoom out. I can only see a small part of the document. Is there a possibility to open it and viewing the whole page? Maybe with another EPUB-viewer? Software: Windows 10 Home (64 bit) InDesign 14.0.2 x64 Calibre 3.42 (64bit) Thanks a lot! pferd
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Missing Search Bar in Calibre

My Calibre SEARCH BAR is missing! I looked everywhere I could think of to see if there is a setting for the search bar. The only one I found is in Tweaks: # Show the Saved searches box in the Search bar show_saved_search_box = True It was marked as False and I changed it to True. I don't know why it said False, my searches seemed to be saved. No help. Still not working. I've restarted Calibre several times, restarted my computer, and totally shut down my computer. But nothing res...
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Bulk converting from multiple formats

Hi, Can someone please enlighten me as to what will happen in the following use cases: 1. I select two books in Calibre. One is azw, one epub. I convert, selecting mobi as the output. 2. I select two books in Calibre. One exists in azw and mobi, the other epub only. I convert, selecting docx as the output. In other words, how does the input source to the convert books function existing in multiple formats influence the converters behaviour? The formats mentioned above aren't particularly impo...
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Fetch news from The Finencial Express(india) Fails

Hello @Kovid Goyal , News fetching of The Financial Express(India) is failing and The Telegraph India(find attachments) is failing after downloading and conversation. I can't find any Issue submission page on GitHub so posting it here. Thank you for making this awesome software. Below code is output for Financial Express. Code: calibre, version 3.42.0 (linux2, embedded-python: True) Conversion error: Failed: Fetch news from The Financial Express Fetch news from The Financial Expres...
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Kobo Forma Database Error

Hi, I am really hoping someone can help me. I have a Kobo Forma. When I first got it I had no problem updating the metadata on it from calibre. Now when I try to I get an error every time. The error says: calibre, version 3.42.0 WARNING: Failed: Kobo database version unsupported - See details Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not know about this updated firmware, database editing is disabled, to prevent corruption. You can still send books to your ...
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How to specify which format to open?

Hello, I have a few books that are both EPUB and MOBI. They are listed on the same line so when I click on them they come up as EPUB which, 90% of the time, is fine but what do I do if I want to open the MOBI format of a book? Attached Thumbnails  
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Wrong font for foreign letters

Hello. As you can see in this screenshot the letters ā, ī etc. aren't in the same font as the rest of the text. How can I fix it? Any help would be very appreciated :)
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Calibre move ADE epub ebook to iPad

Will Calibre successfully take a DRM ebook from ADE in to Calibre then send it out to an iPad? Any suggestions otherwise? Thanks.
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