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calibre hang ups

I'm using Calibre already for at least 5 years and I never had problems using it. Since about 3 weeks however I have serious problems: when making changes to a book (for example in the label or title) almost EVERY time I get a hang-up. No further action/change is possible and I only can solve this by using ctrl-alt-del and then close calibre. Making a new start is oke again. Adding new books is also working oke. I checked already several times the database but no errors were found I'm using...
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Selection problem in the tag browser

Hello Before explaining my problem, I will say that I am French and I do the translation by Google, so I hope it will be done well. That's it, I've been a fan of caliber for years and I have a bibliotech of over 20,000 books. In recent days the label browser is a big problem, when I click on one of the lines, for example: Author / A / Guy Adrian. I get the requested books colored in green but with all of my books. Formerly, I got that selection of books asked. This is done on all browser links, ...
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Metadata ID - url links don't open in browser

Hi, I'm using Calibre 3.38 and in previous versions of Calibre if I clicked on the metadata ID link in the main window of Calibre, the link would open in my browser. Now nothing happens. I've attached screenshots of the metadata ID url I used and the link I clicked on. I don't think I've changed anything on my anti-virus software or in Calibre. I'd appreciate any advice on this topic. My current work-around is to copy the link, but I'm not sure why clicking on it no longer works. Best Rega...
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Any way to delete all books of a certain file type?

I used to have a Paperwhite as well as my Kobo readers so when I uploaded my books to the Paperwhite I had it automatically convert to mobi. I have since sold my Paperwhite and no longer need the mobi file types of all of my books. Is there any easy way to delete all mobi files all at once (without deleting the other file types, of course)
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Polish Books as from Version 3.38 not working

When I try to polish I get the following message from versions 3.38 and 3.38.1 Attribute Error:'Polish' object has no attribute 'pd' I have just converted my Apple Mac to Mojave and thought this may have been the problem, but version 3.37 works on Mojave.
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[Kobo] "update reading progress" suddenly not working?

up until yesterday, whenever I connected my device to Calibre, it would automatically start updating the reading progress, and would show me the books whose progress had changed, then offer to synch them on Goodreads. This morning, nothing. I have made no changes to Calibre, nor any other software that I'm aware of, no changes at all. Yet when I connect my H2O2, I see the "jobs" spinner icon show "1" then briefly "2", then nothing, and when it's back to "0", no book statuses have been update. I ...
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Group news items from the same source

In Calibre News view, how can you customize the view to visually group multiple news items from the same source? For example, say you download daily from the the New York Times. You end up with multiple dated New York Times items in your News view; it gets cluttered over time. It would be handy to be able to create a custom view that groups all news items from the same source. ETA: Here's a screenshot showing the problem of multiple dated entries from different sources.
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cover size - epub what's a good size?

I want to reduce the size of book cover because it is too large, the Aura it's on displays a zoomed in portion of the cover. Using Calibre I discovered the cover size is 1251x2200, while the Aura's resolution is 1024x768 - no wonder I couldn't view the full cover. As a comparison a kobo touch has an 800x600 screen resolution. What's a good size? I read somewhere here someone prefers 316 x 450. I think the best way to reduce the cover size is to use the readily available paint program wi...
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Page preview on Kindle Oasis 2

Hello, I'm using Calibre to convert epubs to azw3 and upload them on Kindle Oasis 2. One issue that I have, which is not critical and the books are still readable, is that the 9-page (grid) preview is not available for converted books. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and knew a recipe towards configuring calibre to enable the 9-page preview? (9-page preview is working for purchased books from amazon) Attached Thumbnails  
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kobo to Calibre?

I can not seem to figure out how to load KOBO ebooks to Calibre. I do not see a download option on the website and I downloaded KOBO for PC then downloaded my books and still can not find the books on my PC. When I plug my KOBO into the PC only books I see in its directory is the side loaded books, not my KOBO books. I am at my whits end even after reading some other threads on this topic here i still can't figure it out:smack::blink:
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Searching for accented characters in Tag Browser

I like to use the original author names with accented characters but searching for authors with accented characters in the Tag Browser is difficult. Adding the option "Unaccented characters match accented characters" in the settings for the Tag Browser (as it is for the general Search settings) would be beneficial.
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Calibre Reverse Proxy Mac High Seira

Greetings! Apologizes if this question is on the novice level when it comes to reverse proxy/apache configuration. I have a Calibre server that runs on my Mac Server running OS High Seira. In the past I was able to access Calibre through an apache reverse proxy I had configured. My apache .conf for calibre is: # from RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} =off RewriteRule . - [E=protocol:http,E=port:80] RewriteCond %{HTTPS} =on Rewr...
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ebook to audiobook

I use caliber to convert ebook formats to text formats and then I use Text Aloud and convert to an audiobook. my problem is that the text format results in too much wasted space and unnecessary headers and footnotes (ie. "page number") OIs there anyone that knows how to condense the text format? Thank You!
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Cover shrinks when converting ePUB to MOBI in Cailbre only when sent to iPAD

It's my first time on the forum - I've read many helpful posts over the last few weeks so thanks to everyone who has contributed. I've now struck a problem creating an eBook that I can't seem to solve and am hoping someone might be able to help. I'm creating an eBook in Calibre for publication and need to produce a MOBI I can upload to KDP. I can't upload the ePUB directly and let KDP convert it as it has a lot of special characters (lots of Spanish words with accents) and the formatting do...
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Calibre 3.37 not opening

I have downloaded calibre 3.37 I followed the installing instructions, now when I try to open it it it asks me to "choose a location for your new calibre library" I do this, then.... nothing it does not open. Can anyone help me please? :help:
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fields for metadata: synopsis, author's words, post scriptum, etc.

I have a huge calibre library of manually entered free content. Most of my library items have multi line text for a variety of purposes. But the TOP-THREE are listed below: 1) synopsis 2) author's words 3) post scriptum I have always used the brutally-simple approach of copy+paste into the "Comments" field. and this works. Except as my library has grown closet to 10k titles, I'm finding the comments field used to make MY-OWN-COMMENTS as the reader. But this just creates sprawl in the comme...
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Why are some of my ebooks be miscategorized

I have my ebooks listed alphabetically, but some ebooks aren't in the order that they should. I checked those ebooks metadata and the only have the Title, Series, Title Sort, and Tag.
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Specify "Use cover from source file" during bulk conversion

Hi, Is there any way to specify the option "Use cover from source file" during bulk conversion? It only appears to show up when converting individual books, and since I have over 1,200 books in my library this is a bit prohibitive.
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Connecting wirelessly

I regularly transfer books from my desktop Calibre library to my laptop Calibre library. It is usually only a few books at a time so I prefer not to export/import the entire library. I have used the Content Server method and have not been able to find a way to move more than one book at at time. This can be kind of cumbersome when I get behind in moving books. I have found another way that I have not found mentioned any where and am not even sure that it is supposed to work. I start the wirel...
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KFX is not in my "send to device" list?

I recently installed the KFX output plug in and the Kindle Preview 3. I converted one of my epubs to KFX and then tried to send to my Kindle Oasis 9th Gen. KFX is not in the list? I see AZW3, Mobi, PDF and TXT. Why does KFX not show? What am I missing? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Send to Device button

Many thanks for the great program Calibre I have just started to use it ,wife bought a Kindle for her Christmas I have one issue with it on my Operating system i am using it on Mint 19.1 and it does not show send to device on toolbar , but shows up fine on my old Imac which i dual boot with elcapitan and Mint 19.1 is there a way to show Send to device on Mint :help: Many thanks
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Automatically Keep Calibre Updated?

I am running Calibre (the server) on a server machine that is offsite, and I'm wondering if there's a way to have Calibre automatically keep itself (and all it's plugins) auto-updated, so that I don't have to keep manually updating it myself?
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update Book Details

Hi is there any way when i update the comments in book details i can send the updated comments to calibre companion please thanks carolyn
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MUSE file format

All: I've got a DVD of roughly 4,000 files in MUSE format. This is a text file format. (It looks like a cross between MarkDown, MarkUp, and HTML.) My expectation was that ">Add Books >Add Books From Directories" then pointing at the DVD would import them. It didn't. Any pointers on how to persuade Calibre to import, and convert these files to ePub format? The only DDG hits are for the Adobe file format, which appears to be something other than the format that these files are in. Ambe
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insert audio files into epub book?

Is it possible to use command line to insert audio files into an epub ebook? For example, search for the title of an article in the ebook and then insert its audio file in a specified position of the article. I've tried to embed audio files using Sigil and it works. But I have to do this using Sigil GUI. I want to achieve this automatically using command line. Is it possible to do this using calibre? Maybe this is too demanding, but it would be great if you can insert audio files into an e...
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Calibre 3.37 can't download metadata

Until I upgraded, downloading metadata worked great. Now, i get a message, instantly, failed to download metadata. Please help! Thanks. (First post - hope I did this correctly) Details: calibre, version 3.37.0 ERROR: Download failed: Failed to download metadata. Click Show Details to see details Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\metadata\" , line 424, in run File "site-packages\calibre\utils\ipc\", line 224, in fork_job F...
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Error when transferring to Kobo Aura One

Hello Everybody, I am using Calibre together with my Kobo Aura One since more than two years. All of a sudden I am getting an error when transfering books to the reader. Here is the error message: --------------------------- calibre, version 3.37.0 FEHLER: Fehler: Fehler beim Kommunizieren mit dem Gerät float argument required, not NoneType Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 87, in run File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 540...
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[MacOS] update to 3.37.0 problems

I have tried several times to update Calibre to the newest version. I end up with Calibre aliases under Applications on my Macbook Air, and Calibre still shows the option to update with the old version in place. How do I get the update to stick, and what are these aliases?
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update to 3.37.0 problems

I have tried several times to update Calibre to the newest version. I end up with Calibre aliases under Applications on my Macbook Air, and Calibre still shows the option to update with the old version in place. How do I get the update to stick, and what are these aliases?
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Foreign language dictionary lookup

I read 9 languages with some degree of fluency so my Calibre library has books in multiple languages. At the moment I am trying to improve my fluency in German by reading Kinder und Haus-maerchen by the Grimm Brothers. But in German I need to lookup about every 10th word. The builtin dictionary support (Ctrl-L) is not helpful because it links me to the Wiktionary entry which is itself in German. So I have to copy and paste from Calibre into Google translate. Calibre knows that English is my...
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