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Increasing the Read Aloud speed beyond maximum

I love calibre and I love the TTS feature. However, sometimes even the fastest setting is too slow for my liking. Is there any way to make it faster?
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Obtaining key from Kindle for Android [DeDRM -]

Hello, I have been trying to obtain key for Kindle for Android, from my android device. I have found out that DeDRM has python script that was supposed to do just that, but it fails. What i have done already: adb backup (creates backup.ab in /home/user) python -b /home/user/backup.ab /home/user/key.k4a And it gives "Could not retrieve Kindle for Android key." Any ideas how can i get it working? I dont want to install old Kindle for PC (1.7 or somethin...
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Help needed restoring database

Hi I hadn't used Calibre for a while and when I started it up it updated to the latest version and to my horror the database is blank. I didnt realise this was due to a previous change of drive letter so Calibre couldnt find the DB. So I tried importing all my books from the location on the HD and after completedion reaslised whilst the metadata was imported the books themselves were not. I am now lost as to how to proceed. I've tried again and again importing the books to Calibre but each ti...
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Reduce paragraph breaks from 3 lines to 1.

I have a 2300 chapter book. Between every paragraph there are 3 lines breaks. Can I reduce these en-masse to 1 line?
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Keyboard navigation in Calibre: go to top or end of index?

It's possible I'm missing the obvious, but there's something I can't find, and it doesn't appear to be in Calibre Help. When I'm in Calibre's main screen, cursor movement keys do as I expect. Up and Down arrow keys and Page Up and Page Down keys move the cursor by row or by the page length of the part of the library displayed on screen. What I'm looking for is a keyboard combination that will take me to the first or last row of the complete index. I have many thousands of volumes indexed i...
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Calibre giving error when converting epub to pdf. Why?

I am trying to convert a 400 mb .epub file into .pdf file but it fails to convert. This is the log details Spoiler: Convert book 1 of 1 (StarTalk) Conversion options changed from defaults: pdf_sans_family: 'MS Shell Dlg 2' read_metadata_from_opf: 'C:\\Users\\abcd\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\calibre_wv ub762w\\pc8ggadp.opf' output_profile: 'generic_eink' cover: 'C:\\Users\\abcd\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\calibre_wv ub762w\\zvuxmia_.jpeg' pdf_serif_family: 'MS Shell Dlg 2' ver...
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Calibre error, cannot communicate with Kobo

This only happened to me today. Yesterday there were no issues. The Kobo is up to date. Calibre 4.23. Error message: Quote: calibre, version 4.23.0 ERROR: Error: Error communicating with device CorruptError: database disk image is malformed Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 90, in run File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 513, in _books File "site-packages\calibre\devices\kobo\
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Keeping annotations/bookmarks in file -- save upon command/close instead of at once?

If it were possible to write changes to the file at a select time, this would get around some of the locked-file problems I seem to encounter from annotating, which usually results in any recent annotations, bookmarks, and highlights being wiped out. Might it be possible to have this as an option? Something like a save hotkey to write the changes, perhaps.
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is there any option, that will change the extentions from html to xhtml of all the files- Automatically During conversion
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Kobo/Calibre Not Syncing Everything?

Hi all! I have a Kobo Libra and have been using Calibre since December. I've always been able to sync all of my books with no problem, but for whatever reason, a bunch of my books won't synch across recently - including ones that were previously loaded into my Kobo. I am missing 105 books. I'll hit "send to device", it'll say it's syncing, then on the device in Calibre, but when I safely unplug, a ton of books aren't there. Once I plug back in, they're then also not there again. When I ejec...
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Calibre takes 10 min to open

Hi folks, I have a large library on an external 2tg disk (not ssd) and every time I open that library it takes 10 min to open. What should I check or is it specific to the storage or the size of the library?
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sync Windows-->Kindle over wifi?

Is there a way to move books/articles from my Windows Calibre to my Kindle over wifi, no wires needed?? If there is some documentation appreciate a pointer. thx, .
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Epub files suddenly not opening?

Hi, I dont know why, but some of my epub files have suddenly stopped opening. They were working fine. What should I do? Thanks. Quote: calibre, version 5.21.0 ERROR: Loading book failed: Failed to open the book at C:\Users\Lenovo\Calibre Library\Yoko Ogawa\The Memory Police (112)\The Memory Police - Yoko Ogawa.epub. Click "Show details" for more info. Failed to convert book: C:\Users\Lenovo\Calibre Library\Yoko Ogawa\The Memory Police (112)\The Memory P...
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[MacOS] Failed to launch worker processes

macos 10.13.6 High Sierra I have no antivirus software. The inability to open any books was sudden. I made no operating system changes since my previous launch of calibre. I have installed a few applications. I haven't encountered problems since their installation. Any ideas? Here's my error message: calibre, version 3.48.0 ERROR: Unhandled exception: CriticalError:Failed to launch worker process: Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages/calibre/utils/ipc/", li...
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Calibre as a Private digital Library with 300 users

Hi, Can I setup Calibre as a private library with 300 users, can calibre server take up that load. I planning to use ebook reader apps that can connect to OPDS server can access the content, so the server can be in readonly mode. Any suggestions how I could go about it, if its possible as calibre is intended for home use. Any info on this would be of great help, thanks
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Tag in Jacket

Is there a way , i can add in (jacket) stylesheet? Quote: Jacket in jacket file, so that it automatically adds a h2 tag to it during conversion
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Is it possible to edit the translation file?

Hi :) I have correctly set the translation language of Calibre in Italian but, one of the columns is called 'Dimensione (MB)' and I would prefer to have 'Size (MB)' because it takes up less space. Is it possible to make this change? Thanks
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:help:I have a sizable collection stored in several libraries. Recently, I have found it helpful to store the libraries on a portable storage device rather than on my main hard drive. Calibre (I am using version 5.21.0 64 bit) can access these libraries by selecting Calibre Library from the main toolbar and then choosing Quick switch from the context menu. The problem is clearing the Quick switch list. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks. Mark Lee Attached Thumbna...
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is there a way to extract annotations from iBooks and bring them into Calibre?

I’m currently using a plugin to do this for my Kobo devices, but I can’t see a way to do this for iBooks. I’m guessing it’s just locked-down by apple but I thought it was worth asking.
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Install problem

Trying to upgrade Calibre to calibre-64bit-5.21.0 Downloads, installs, reboot but it won't run. Runs 3.42 when I start it from desktop link Says 3.42 in lower left of window and update found 5.2.1 in lower right System W10 there are two Calibre's installed - one in Program Files (X86) and one in Program Files the one on Program Files won't run What should I do?
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Content Server, wireless inaccessible on local network, but work locally (Mac)

Hi, On macOS Big Sur, I'm having trouble with the content server and wireless client connection. They used to work, but seem to no longer work. Maybe with the 5.20/5.21 update. The settings are the defaults. I can see the calibre process listening on for ports 8080 and 9090 with netstat and GUI programs. In the Calibre interface it says it's sharing on the actual DHCP supplied IPs. On the mac where Calibre is running I can access the content server on all the local IP addresses -- 127...
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How to prevent Calibre from converting or modifying ePub?

Hey all, For KOReader progress sync to work properly between devices, the file needs to be binary identical. I'm trying to find a way where Calibre will simply take the EPUB that it has and copy it to the corresponding device without touching the EPUB to do any sort of device specific change to it. I've tried doing a Convert locally, but even the ePub it makes is still slightly binary different to what it sends to the Kobo. My setup is I have my Calibre library sync'd to the cloud, where my An...
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Wikipedia language and a question

Hi:) could you tell me which search string should I put in Look & Feel->Book Details to search on Wikipedia Italy? And, why if I search, for example Woody Allen, a page opens with a Woody Allen who is not the actor, how can I always make the page open with all the existing Woody Allen? Thank you:p
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Smarten Punctuation

It seems, that Calibre smartens the punctuation before adding metadata during conversion. Because if I check "Smarted Punctuation" in common conversion option and i specify "insert metadata as page as start", It will smarten the punctuation and then add the jacket.xhtml. Due to this, Smarten Punctuation has to be done again to correct in jacket.xhtml. Is there any work around?
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Samrted Punctuation

It seems, that Calibre smartens the punctuation before adding metadata during conversion. Because if I check "Smarted Paunctuation" in common conversion option and i specify "insert metadata as page as start", It will smarten the punctuation and then add the jacket.xhtml. Due to this, Smarten Punctuation has to be done again to correct in jacket.xhtml. Is there any work around?
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File size increases when moved to SD Card

Don't know if you can assist me or not. I have downloaded from all of my favorites, last month, not now while they are having issues, and I have an issue. When I do the save of the files over to a different directory for backup and copying purposes it saves all of the files just fine, and the size is about 1 GB. When I copy it over to my sd card for my ereader if goes to 4 GB in size. It is not only this as well. I tried copying over the file fr...
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Custom navigation has bug

Hi, I am putting my own navigation component into EPUB and it seems like there is a CSS bug on wide screens where my navigation sidebars are hidden. If I unzip the epub and view the .xhtml file then it looks good. Also, if EPUB is just XHTML files then why do I need a reader? Why can't I just use Chrome? Thanks Attached Files rich.epub (5.80 MB)
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Calibre for other kind of information/files (i.e. web bookmarks)

Hello, I'm well aware Calibre was created from the ground up for handling digital books. Given that I find the software to be awesome in term of customization and features, I've just set up my custom subgroups and I find them extremely useful. This way one can classify a single book in a hierarchical way but also assign the same book to two different group/hierarchy without duplication. Given that many researches are pointing in this direction as to be the "right" way or let's say the more...
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Row numbers in Calibre

For the life of me - I cannot find ANYTHING on this! I've done something stupid. I made the Row numbers disappear in Calibre! I think I accidently dragged that column away from the Title column that it was next to. Please - how do I show the Row numbers again? Thanks!
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import: calibre, last version.64. error message (image joined)

import: calibre, last version.64. error message (image joined) an other .epub reader Thorium: I can import and read. bug or solution?:bookworm: best regards. [email protected] lundi 7th juin, 2021 Attached Thumbnails  
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