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Kindle not remembering reading position

Is anybody else experiencing this problem? I'm on PW3 v5.13.2, I'm reading a book then go to homescreen, when I return to the same book it will have jumped to the next chapter. All the books I read are sideloaded AZW3 imported through calibre.
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Calibre shuts down after opening

Having been a prolific user of Calibre for many years, I am somewhat perturbed to find that I cannot open it. The program shuts down as soon as the flash screen shows up. I am using the latest version I am using it on Windows10 64 bit I have uninstalled it completely using Revo uninstaller and re-installed it twice I have gone back to a restore point on Windows 10 two weeks prior when it was working OK The upshot is that I now do not have access to my library of ePub and Kindle books. Can ...
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What are the books already on my ereaders?

Hi all. When I plug my ereaders on my computer Calibre shows which are the books on, normal behaviour. My question is, can we keep this information when I plug out my device? I have 2 kobos, I would like to create 2 columns on Calibre for each devices, and keep this information inside. Is it something possible? Thank you Envoyé de mon SM-A405FN en utilisant Tapatalk
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Sharing to Kindle no longer works

Calibre no longer shares books to my Kindle, I can no longer send books from Calibre to my Kindle. I have tried reinstalling etc but the error message is always the same. The problem started a few months ago. Please advise. Error message below. Starting job: Email The Kingdom : A Novel (2020) to [email protected] Sending failed... Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 45, in run File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 135, in...
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Calibre not opening in the same spot as it was closed?

Hi, Using Calibre 4.23 on MacOS 10.14.6. I keep Calibre maximized but not full screen. I also try to keep scrollbars visible, but have trouble seeing them regardless. When I open Calibre, it opens about 1/3rd cm away from the dock on the left and 1/3rd com off the edge to the right. About the width of the scrollbar. I have tried removing Calibre from the dock, manually resizing the window, and then restoring it to the dock. Not sure what else I can do about this.
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Remove a value from a date column

I have added a custom date column. The default value is blank, how do I reset the value to blank once I have populated it?
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Trouble Matching books

It seems that I am having trouble matching the books on my Kindle to the books in my library. The device list won't show the book that I know is in the library no matter how I rename it. This has happened with most of the books that have multiple authors, but the device only shows one name. ie. anthologies Also, it seems that it happens for any Amazon book purchased. No amount of tweaking names will do it. I had to (for emailed books) re-add them to my libary, then merge them with the curre...
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Trouble Matching books on Kindie

It seems that I am having trouble matching the books on my Kindle to the books in my library. The device list won't show the book that I know is in the library no matter how I rename it. This has happened with most of the books that have multiple authors, but the device only shows one name. ie. anthologies Also, it seems that it happens for any Amazon book purchased. No amount of tweaking names will do it. I had to (for emailed books) re-add them to my libary, then merge them with the curre...
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"Could not read cover from epub"

The other day, I added a new EPUB into my library, originally downloaded from Archive Of Our Own, with some edits made in Sigil because I'm finicky about formatting. This is a standard workflow for me, and usually it leads to Calibre generating a cover based on the book's first page of text. This time, though, instead of that, Calibre gave the book the Default Unmarked Blue Cover. When I went into the book's metadata and directly told Calibre to set the book cover from the EPUB format (the only...
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Fighting with file associations - Help Please

Hi Guys - New Calibre user here. Amazon dropped off my new Kindle Paperwhite yesterday and the firs thing I did was read about this program and installed and started using it. Great app, absolutely brilliant! I noticed later that all my document related file associations had been taken over by Calibre. I couldn't find any options in Calibre's settings that controlled that so I reset all the ones I needed to through Windows 10's Default Apps and went to bed. Today while working I've noticed a...
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Sharing via email

Hi, I've been using Calibre for a long time and normally when I use calibre to email my books its shows on my kindle/on the amazon content section with the title and the author. Since yesterday it's now showing the title and then my email address as the author. I haven't changed any settings so I'm not sure why it's changed. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm sending in .mobi format. Thanks Emma
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Calibre not properly quitting when I reboot Windows?

If I reboot my computer (Windows 10 Home, just updated to v. 2004) while Calibre is running in the system tray, when it starts back up I get a message from Job Spy telling me that it deactivated my tag browser icons because Calibre shut down improperly. Does anybody else have this issue? I reported it in Launchpad but I don't think Kovid was able to replicate it. :( :thanks:
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Calibre forgot that I moved my library

I recently moved my Library to my DropBox folder using "Move library to a new location". It worked fine until I restarted the program. Now, Calibre loads blank, with an empty library database in the old location. I have to go to "Switch/create Library...", choose the location I moved it to, and check "Use the previously existing library at the new location". This loads my books, but next time I start Calibre, it forgot this location, and I have to select the folder again. How to fix?
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Search by device?

Is there a way in calibre to search by device? For instance, something like ondevice:devincename to search for books that are on a specific device; false if that device is not currently connected, as ondevice by itself currently does isconnected:devicename that is true if a specific device is connected, so I can have a branch of a saved search specific to a device isconnected:any for a branch of a saved search for any connected device
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Custom Template Help

Hi, I'm trying to edit my book jacket template. I want to create a field that only shows if there is something in it, but I know that the book jacket does not have conditionality so I'm trying to use a custom column to create this. I have found this - {_translator} dich - while looking for answers on this site but I can't get it to work. My understanding of it is that the ccname should link to a custom column that has either block or none in it and if it shows block then the paragraph sh...
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Plugins and Updated Python

Hi BetterRed I notice you seem to be maintaining the list of Plugins converted to work the updated version of Python. Just a quick question if you have the info. Is there a list which shows which Plugins being worked on and which are not? I ask because there are some plugins not yet shown as updated that I and others use a lot. The unfortunate thing is that some plugin authors may rarely if ever log on to Mobileread any more. I can already see the complaints of some members who find a fa...
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epub 3 and subtitles

If I add a subtitle with Sigil by adding the metadata for Title, then add to that the property for subtitle, that subtitle needs to be after the main title in the content.opf; it it's before the main title then Calibre displays the subtitle as the book's title. Maybe it's in the epub 3 standard that order is significant for title and subtitle? Subtitle first: Code: Subtitle subtitle Main title Main title first: Code: Main title Subtitle subtitle ...
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Local viewer user?

Looking into some new language strings, what is the meaning/usage for this: Local viewer user Local E-book viewer use
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Plugins page [Suggestion for Calibre website]

Can we have a link for Calibre Plugins page under the main Calibre Site? I found this page (but not a link for it): In the website I just found a link to the forum Plugin category ( ) under the "Get involved" website menu but among the text and with a low visibility here I think it would be better to just have a top URL for plugins (or at least in the download menu)...
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Question about wireless connection

Recently, I had a problem with connecting my Fire 10 via USB, so I bought the Calibre Companion program (an EXCELLENT product, BTW) to connect wirelessly. I have run into a problem where the Moon Reader is choking on larger book files from Delphi Classics, so I want to try sending EPUB or AZW3 files to my reader to see if they have the same problem (I was previously using only MOBI format) The only files that I can send to my device are MOBI, however. I went into the configuration for the devi...
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Update to 4.23 or not for Win 7 PC

My Calibre program on my Windows 7 PC gave me a pop-up window that said there was an update (4.23.0). At the bottom of the program's window it also says there's an update. On the update page ( it says in the Note area "If you are using Windows 7 or Vista please, use calibre 3.48...". Since I'm using Windows 7, do I update to 4.23.0 like the program suggests or not? David
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Cover templates

I've tried the Generate Cover plug in, but it doesn't do what i want. I was wondering if there was a way to add additional templates to the standard cover generator.
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V4.23 Search function has changed...

Hi all I'm running the most updated version of Calibre, 4.23 on my Win 10 laptop and have been since the release date, but for some odd reason, the 'right click' search function has changed in the last 24 hours. I used to right-click on a line to choose similar books > books by same autor/in series etc and it would pop them up on the screen exclusive of other books in that library. Now it won't do that, instead it just highlights all the chosen titles in green so that I have to scroll between...
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Zero-pad series number?

I would like to add a leading zero to series numbers if they are less than 10. From: Series Name [1] To: Series Name [01] Possible?
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Column icon justification

Is it possible to define justification for column icons? It's currently left-justified but I would like it to be centered. Attachment 181894 Attached Thumbnails  
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Set custom column value with hotkey?

I set up a YES/NO column to keep track of books I've read. Is it possible to define a hotkey that sets this value to YES for the selected book(s)?
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Sending Data to Calibre Companion

I have my calibre library on my computer and I connect using the calibre companion from my ereader. A recent update wiped out my entire library and I discovered I hadn't done a backup in over a year. So I am re-downloading my books from my library but one thing I can't seem to get to sync up on the ereader is the Read & Date Read columns. Is there a way to sync those 2 from Calibre down to Calibre Companion? When I go into my library I see a checkmark in the Read column so I know the data is...
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Converting from epub to pdf results in dollarsigns

Hi, I've been trying to convert an ebook in epub format to PDF so I can print some parts of it. I've tried to use the Adobe ebook software but although it allows me to print it crashes or starts printing empty pages or only prints the first page. This file is not print protected. I can open it properly in Calibre. But when I convert it takes ages and the resulting PDF has on each page a whole bunch of dollar signs. These look like links and when clicked nothing happens. There's e.g. 20 line...
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Calibre ebook viewer won't open on Win 10

I've used Calibre for many years. But now the ebook viewer simply won't open. There are no errors displayed. Calibre seems to work fine otherwise (except edit book). I'm using Calibre 4.23 and Windows 10. If I try to open an epub via Windows Explorer or try to run ebook-viewer.exe directly, I can see the process appear for about one second in the task manager, then disappear, but no window ever opens. If I try to open an epub from Calibre I can see the same thing happen with the calibre-paralle...
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Annoying series behaviour

I have some books which belong to a serie. So far so good. But when i get a new book of that same serie the hassle begins: book 1 Serie [1] book 2 Serie [2] ... When i get a book which is in middle of a serie and i change the serie (sometimes the series-name differs), the number of the serie gets changed too: book 1 Serie [1] book 3 Serie [3] book 2 Serie Series [2] (name provided by the metadata) I change Serie Series to Serie and the number changes to 4, so i get book 2 Serie [4] whi...
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