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MOTV Original Series “14 Outdoorsmen” Family To Receive Visit From the Stork in Oct.

Outdoor Sportsman Group’s MOTV Original Series “14 Outdoorsmen” Family To Receive Visit From the Stork in October. Show Featuring 14 Michigan Brothers Receives News: Baby No. 15 Set to Arrive in October. MOTV will be premiering a new show starring 14 brothers from Michigan. IMG MOTV DENVER ( – The Schwandt Family (Lakeview, MI) comprised of 14 brothers, ages 28-2 years old, and the subject of Outdoor Sportsman Group’s new outdoor lifestyle streaming show on MyOutdoorTV (MOTV)– ...
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Lululemon to Buy Mirror, a Fitness Start-Up, for $500 Million

The athleisure company’s first acquisition is a bet on the future of fitness and a way to further tie into the lives of its customers.
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Outdoor Sportsman Group’s MOTV Debuts Series “14 Outdoorsmen”

MOTV will be premiering a new show starring 14 brothers from Michigan. IMG MOTV U.S.A. -( Fourteen brothers, ages 28-2 years old, are the subjects of Outdoor Sportsman Group’s new outdoor lifestyle streaming show on MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) – 14 Outdoorsmen – set to debut in October 2020. When Jay (45) and Kateri Schwandt (45) started dating as freshmen in high school – Jay at Gaylord High School and Kateri at Gaylord St. Mary’s – little did they ever expect 28 years later they would b...
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Twins remove ex-owner Griffith statue over racist remarks

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota Twins on Friday announced they removed a statue of former owner Calvin Griffith at Target Field, citing racist remarks he made in 1978.Griffith's statue was one of several installed when the team opened the ballpark in 2010. Its removal came on Juneteenth, the traditional commemoration of emancipation of enslaved African Americans, and on the same day as a statue of a former Washington Redskins owner was removed from outside the team's old RFK Stadium.“While...
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Today Only: Save On Men’s Dress Shirts From Amazon; Calvin Klein Non-Iron White Dress Shirts For $21.99 And More!

Today Only: Save On Men’s Dress Shirts From Amazon; Calvin Klein Non-Iron White Dress Shirts For $21.99 And More! Sale valid until 11:59pm PST or while supplies last. Sample Non-Iron Dress Shirt deals: Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt Slim Fit Non-Iron Herringbone: $21.99 Calvin Klein Men’s Dress Shirt Regular Fit Non Iron Herringbone: $21.99 Calvin […]
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Lowkey Happy – Insecure Season 4, Episode 8 Recap

This post on Insecure is in partnership with HBO. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Face Plant – Lawrence is at a bar waiting, when Issa walks in playing her part as the stunning Lady in Red. Sis got her shoulders out and is looking FAHN AF. She sees him and walks towards him but face plants right in the middle of the place! LMAO because she is always awkward. It’s the type of fall that hurts your dignity more than your knees. Changes – When she finally gets up, Lawrence has her fave...
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Cedric The Entertainer And Max Greenfield Discuss The Season Finale Of ‘The Neighborhood’: ‘This Is Something We’re All Really Proud Of’

Cedric The Entertainer and Max Greenfield are back for the season finale of The Neighborhood tonight starting at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. In ‘Welcome To The Speed Bump” and “Welcome To The Campaign” Dave runs for city council with Calvin’s help against a guest starring Wayne Brady. CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Cedric and Greenfield to discuss tonight’s episode, quarantine and potential side gigs. MW: Hey Cedric, Max, awesome to speak with both of you today! ...
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Freeform May 2020 TV Lineup Released

Freeform May 2020 TV Lineup Released Freeform has released its new lineup of TV offerings for May 2020, including the season finales of Motherland: Fort Salem and Siren. The network will also be offering special movie marathon weekends encouraging people to #StayTheFFHome. You can check out the complete lineup below! RELATED: Freeform Cancels Part of Five Reboot After One Season Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 May 6 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT) – Episode #1008 – “Citydrop” The witches’ training cu...
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8 tech stocks trading at an all-time high during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left a serious dent in the stock market, but not all industries have been hit hard. In fact, three of the eleven different industries represented in the S&P 500 index have already recovered: information technology, consumer staples, and health care. MIT alum Calvin French-Owen illustrated this perfectly by comparing stock data from the beginning of the plunge in February and now, and grouping it by industry: Grouping the stocks by industry, we start seeing some of th...
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9 tech stocks trading at an all-time high during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left a serious dent in the stock market, but not all industries have been hit hard. In fact, three of the eleven different industries represented in the S&P 500 index have already recovered: information technology, consumer staples, and health care. MIT alum Calvin French-Owen illustrated this perfectly by comparing stock data from the beginning of the plunge in February and now, and grouping it by industry: Grouping the stocks by industry, we start seeing some of th...
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Calvin peeing on COVID-19: familiar decal updated for 2020

Twenty years ago The Onion wrote that the "terse but expressive decals" depicting "peeing Calvin" are a "vital part of our national dialogue, used by millions of Americans to exchange viewpoints and ideas about the important issues of the day." Funny and true. Well, it occurred to me recently that our impish friend Calvin should be urinating all over COVID-19, and I don't think I'm wrong! Calvin (previously) peeing on Boing Boing
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Edward Gorey's new book reviewed by Mark Dery

"The Angel, The Automobilist, and Eighteen Others" is a new collection of early drawings by eccentric illustrator and storyteller Edward Gorey (1925-2000). Over at The Comics Journal, Mark Dery, author of the Gorey biography Born to Be Posthumous, reviews the slim new volume while considering where Gorey's odd oeuvre sits (or doesn't) in the comic book tradition. Dery writes: [Gorey's] library, at the time of his death, included anthologies of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, Gary Lars...
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Not Their First Pandemic – Remembering the Spanish Flu

The Pardee Family and the Flu Pandemic of 1918 With no effective drugs or vaccines to treat the killer flue epidemic of 1918, citizens were ordered to wear masks, and schools, theaters, and business closed. The symptoms and the actions taken to stem the spread of the pandemic were remarkably similar to the ones we face now, more than a hundred years later. Letters to and from the Pardee family in 1918 refer to the “Spanish Flu” pandemic, beginning with the first reference in the October ...
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A Vintage Advertising Film Intelligently Satirizes the Selling of the American Dream: Watch The Your Name Here Story (1960)

When did the United States of America attain peak earnestness? It had to have happened sometime in the long 1950s, beginning with victory in the Second World War and ending with the cultural shifts of the early 60s. Though individual Americans back then might express discontent and even cynicism about the nation, U.S. mass culture kept the dial set to triumphant optimism. And in midcentury America there was no cultural force quite as mass as advertising, which broadcast its messages in n...
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Board Question #92994: I'm living in the coronavirus epicenter of the US and ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,I'm living in the coronavirus epicenter of the US and things are starting to get scary. I am having a lot of anxiety especially since I work in healthcare and can potentially be exposed. Do you have any ideas for uplifting books to read? Calming poetry to memorize? Anything else to calm myself down? I have never dealt with anxiety before and it's challenging because as far as I can tell, my worries are 100% legitimate.-Freaked out A: Hi, I was texting a friend this week,...
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Conway the Machine & The Alchemist – “LULU” (EP Review)

Conway the Machine is an emcee that blew up as 1/3 of the trio Griselda with Westside Gunn & Benny the Butcher. Last year we saw him dropping a total of 3 short projects last year & now with the 1st quarter of 2020 coming to a close, he’s enlisting West Coast veteran The Alchemist to produce his 6th EP in it’s entirety. After the intro, we get into the first song “14 KI’s”. Where Conway of course talks about pushing coke over an ominous beat. “The Contract” speaks on how nobody’s on his leve...
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Tremper Longman on the Use & Abuse of Commentaries

Whether you want to know how to read Genesis , understand Old Testament essentials , or preach Proverbs , Old Testament scholar Tremper Longman III will lead the way. He’ll also spark debate. Longman’s been met with disagreement for handling Genesis 1–11 as theological history “describing these historical events in a largely figurative manner.” 1   (Longman explains how evolutionary creationism and the inerrancy of Scripture relate in the Mobile Education course Persp...
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How Africans in Scripture and the Early Church Helped Christianity Grow

In this lecture from the Mobile Ed course History and Theology of the African American Church , Dr. Carl Ellis Jr. discusses Africans mentioned in Scripture and the development and early history of Christianity in Africa. Note: Because this is one lecture in a series , Dr. Ellis at times refers to previous or forthcoming lectures. [Transcript] I want to start off by talking about the role o...
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“Blessed Are the Gentle” (Chapel Tribute for James Leo Garrett Jr.) – Dr. Malcolm Yarnell

(This chapel message was preached by Dr. Yarnell after the passing of distinguished SWBTS professor Dr. Garrett.)  Our key texts today are found in Matthew 5 and 11. Among the first beatitudes of his inaugural sermon, Jesus said, “Blessed are the gentle [hoi praeis], for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5). Later, after praying to the Father who gave him all things, Jesus invited the disciples, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon...
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Calvin And Hobbes Mashup With Star Wars [Images]

We may have an issue with our love for Calvin & Hobbes (see here and here), but we have yet another visit into the world of mashing up Calvin & Hobbes with another universe. (That’s a lot of ChurchMag links) This time is Star Wars and honestly, it’s super cute. The artist is Brian Kesinger who has a ton of other drawings that you really should check out here. This maybe half of them, so go to the site and see what else he has. The is a great example of how we can exercise our creativity muscles....
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‘This Is A Very Consistent Show’: Max Greenfield On CBS’s ‘The Neighborhood’ & Cedric The Entertainer

(CBS Local)– Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainer have built something special on the CBS series “The Neighborhood.” The comedy about new neighbors trying to get along in Los Angeles has allowed Greenfield to explore what it’s like to perform in front of a studio audience and learn from one of the best in Cedric. “He is so involved in the show in the writing and creative side of it. I know a lot of people think I’m funny on Twitter, but I don’t approach the work in terms of how can I do thi...
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Thanksgiving of Horror: Breaking Down the Many Movie References in the Latest Episode of ‘The Simpsons’

Even after three decades, The Simpsons is still finding ways to keep things fresh. The latest example takes the long-running “Treehouse of Horror” and repeats it just a month after this year’s proper “Treehouse” episode, but with a Thanksgiving setting. The episode begins with Marge introducing three spooky tales of horror and warning the audiences not to let their kids watch – just like in the good old days. The thing is, as gimmicky as the episode seems to be, it is also one of the best h...
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Not Just Me and My Bible: What ‘Sola Scriptura’ Doesn’t Mean

In August of 1981, a young Swedish doctor named Hans Rosling faced a puzzling dilemma. Numerous people in the village of Nampula, Mozambique, were suffering from inexplicable cases of paralysis. At first, he suspected an outbreak of polio, but after he conducted tests, the virus was surprisingly eliminated as a possibility. With the nation on the edge of civil war, Rosling worried that the cause might be much worse — chemical or biological warfare. After weeks of research with an internatio...
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A La Carte (November 1)

There is a huge and varied list of Kindle deals to begin the new month. Logos users will definitely want to grab the free book of the month—an excellent commentary. And you’ll probably want to grab the two discounted volumes as well. Westminster Books is having a week-long sale based around Reformation Day. 5 Myths about the Reformation Gavin Ortlund addresses some popular myths about the Reformation. How Social Media Makes Regional Conflicts International Wyatt Graham offe...
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A La Carte (October 28)

Today’s Kindle deals include a whole long list from Matthias Media. (Yesterday on the blog: How Calvin Responded When Luther Went Full-Out Luther) Where Can Women Teach? Eight Principles for Christian Churches Mary Kassian has written a helpful article that shares some principles to help clarify teaching roles within the church. “Where is the line when it comes to women teaching men? May women preach on Sunday mornings? Teach a Sunday school class? Lead a small group? Instruc...
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John Wycliffe: The Morning Star of the Reformation

The Trial of Wycliffe AD 1377 by Ford Madox BrownSource: You know about Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli. You may even know about Thomas Cranmer and John Knox. . . .  But what do you know about the forerunners of the Protestant Reformation? Learn how one pre-Reformer set the stage for Martin Luther in this lecture from Roger Olson, excerpted from the Logos Mobile Ed course CH111 Understanding the Protestant Reformation: Precursors and Legacy. *** In histo...
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How Calvin Responded When Luther Went Full-Out Luther

I n 1544, Heinrich Bullinger was pastoring in Zurich when he and his colleagues there fell afoul of Martin Luther—hardly the first or the last to do so. Luther had written another treatise against their view of the Lord’s Supper and had employed his too-typical fire. Bullinger wrote John Calvin in nearby Geneva to ask his counsel and Calvin responded with a letter than models respect amid disagreement. *** I hear that Luther has at length broken forth in fierce invective, not ...
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Should Anyone Say, ‘I Am of Calvin’?

As we sit under preaching in our churches, what matters most is not how eloquent the teacher is, but how much truth shines forth in his content.Listen Now
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‘Calvinists’ Before Calvin? Predestination in the History of the Church

ABSTRACT: Luther’s and Calvin’s Catholic contemporaries argued against Reformed doctrine because it disagreed with the teaching of Rome. The Reformers argued, first, that their doctrines agreed with Scripture, but they also appealed to church history. Predestination and the other doctrines of grace were, according to them, not novel teachings, but teachings held as far back as the church fathers — especially Augustine. For our ongoing series of feature articles by scholars for pastors...
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