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An AK-47 on tracks: Why Russia built an astounding 83,500 T-54 tanks

US soldiers playing the role of Soviet forces in a T-54 at Ft. Carson in Colorado, July 8, 1977.Duane Howell/The Denver Post via Getty Images After World War II, the Soviets were looking for a main battle tank to replace the heroic T-34 tank. By 1946, they had devised the T-54, which entered production a year later and soon became legendary. Over the next 15 years, the Soviets built 83,500 T-54s, and some are still in service in other countries. Russia's T-54 Tank Was a Cold War Beast: Af...
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Prince Norodom Ranariddh, former Cambodian PM, dies aged 77

Leader of royalist Funcinpec party was overthrown as prime minister by Hun Sen, who has ruled country as a despot ever sinceCambodia’s former prime minister Prince Norodom Ranariddh, the king’s half-brother who spent his later years in the political shadow of his one-time rival prime minister Hun Sen, has died in France. He was 77.The information minister, Khieu Kanharith, said he had received the information from the royal palace. The prince, whose royalist political party won elections in 1993...
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Cambodian Prince and Politician Norodom Ranariddh Dies at 77

Cambodia’s Prince Norodom Ranariddh, former prime minister and the son of the late King Norodom Sihanouk, has died at age 77.
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Beautiful Iranian Women – A Mans Perspective

In the event you prefer to meet a sincere, intelligent, and clever woman who will perceive and recognize you, then the Iranian mail-order brides are women we’re referring to. Three days earlier than the actual wedding ceremony the bride would definitely arrive at feminine beauticians or was visited by them at residence for the ritual of eradicating hair. This time period, especially between 1905-1911, was the start of ladies’s ‘awakening’ 15 in Persia. It can be recommended that this awakening c...
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Cambodia Jails Critics Deported by Thailand

By Prak Chan ThulPHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Three Cambodian refugees deported by Thailand have been jailed on charges of conspiracy and incitement,...
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Farmers tempt endangered cranes back – by growing their favourite food

In Cambodia’s fertile Mekong delta, rice farmers are switching to the varieties loved by the world’s tallest flying bird to help stop its decline“Several years ago, I counted more than 300 cranes in the wetlands near my rice field,” says farmer Khean Khoay, as he reminisces about the regal-looking eastern sarus crane. Khoay’s village, Koh Chamkar in Kampot province, lies on the outskirts of the Anlung Pring protected landscape in south-west Cambodia, in the fertile and biodiverse Mekong delta.Th...
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Fifty Percent of Facebook Messenger's Total Voice Traffic Comes from Cambodia. Here's Why

In 2018, the team at Facebook had a puzzle on their hands. Cambodian users accounted for nearly 50% of all global traffic for Messenger's voice function, but no one at the company knew why, according to documents released by whistleblower Frances Haugen. From a report: One employee suggested running a survey, according to internal documents viewed by Rest of World. Did it have to do with low literacy levels? they wondered. In 2020, a Facebook study attempted to ask users in countries with high a...
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Cambodia Frees 26 Opposition Activists and Political Prisoners

By Prak Chan ThulPHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodia has released 26 political, environmental and youth activists facing charges of incitement against...
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Cambodia Ends Quarantine for Vaccinated Arrivals to Revive Tourism

By Chanta LachPHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodia became the latest country in Asia on Monday to end strict quarantine and travel measures for...
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Why increasing deglobalization is putting vulnerable populations at risk

The record of globalization is decidedly mixed. Whereas proponents tend to associate globalization with beneficial developments such as the expansion of democracy and improved access to goods and services, critics highlight the human costs: rising inequality and political and economic exploitation. Some of these critics might welcome the argument put forward by some observers that globalization has peaked and we are now witnessing the obverse side of the coin—decreasing interconnectedness termed...
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Cambodia Reopens 2 Weeks Early, Buoyed by High Vaccine Rates

Cambodia has reopened its borders to fully vaccinated travelers two weeks earlier than originally planned, as it emerges from a lengthy lockdown bolstered by one of the world’s highest rates of immunization against COVID-19.
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Detection of a coronavirus similar to SARS-CoV-2 in Cambodian bats

Now, a new study published in the journal Nature Communications reports the identification of SARS-CoV-2 related coronaviruses in two horseshoe bats sampled in Cambodia in 2010.
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Cambodia ends quarantine for vaccinated travelers

Cambodia will stop requiring quarantine for travelers who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 starting on Monday, Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Sunday.
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Seven people in Cambodia die after drinking disinfectant alcohol

Health ministry says labourers at Covid quarantine camp in north-west province mixed substance with water and soft drinksSeven Cambodian labourers have died after drinking alcohol they were given as a disinfectant while in quarantine, having mixed it with water and soft drinks, the country’s health ministry has said.The labourers had returned from Thailand and were placed in a coronavirus quarantine camp in the north-western Banteay Meanchey province. Continue reading...
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Opinion: Why the Cambodian regime is trying to silence me

Mu Sochua, a Cambodian dissident and opposition figure, argues that in order for democracies to function at their fullest, women's rights must be fully included in the process. She fled Cambodia in 2017 and faces 22 years in prison if she returns. Sochua is one dissident who shares stories of the first time she realized she had to fight for democracy in CNN Opinion's "Voices of Freedom." She is a Renew Democracy Initiative Freedom Fellow.
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Cambodia Dismisses US Sanctions as 'Politically Motivated'

Cambodia is dismissing as “politically motivated” sanctions imposed by the United States on two senior defense officials over allegations of graft, accompanied by a broader warning of systemic corruption in the Southeast Asian nation.
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Cambodian officials blacklisted by US over alleged corruption at naval base

The United States stepped up its campaign against corruption in Cambodia on Wednesday, issuing an advisory to US businesses and blacklisting two government officials accused of scheming to profit from construction work at the Southeast Asian country's biggest naval base.
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2012: Year in Review

Every time I try to think of a word or phrase that embodies what 2012 was for me, I keep coming back to the same one: heartache.  But it was this heartache that enabled me to remember the grace in small things. Moving into 2013, I'm grateful for the friends who supported me when I needed them most, and for strangers that are no longer strangers. Most of all, I'm grateful that I've been fortunate enough to have been loved--and to know what it means to love. Here's to the good times in 201...
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Ladyboys & Ladygirls

More travel blog updates are now up: In Thailand, I vomited blood and was accused of being a hooker. And yet, I was possibly the most sober tourist in the country.  In Cambodia, I witnessed a ladyboy beat another ladyboy with a giant fan.  [Author: Jess]
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Cambodian officials blacklisted by US over alleged corruption at naval base

The United States stepped up its campaign against corruption in Cambodia on Wednesday, issuing an advisory to US businesses and blacklisting two government officials accused of scheming to profit from construction work at the Southeast Asian country's biggest naval base.
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Luang Prabang fest set for December 2-7 with Philippines in the Spotlight

Big crowd for films in the Handicraft Market. LPFF photo. The dates have been set for the seventh edition of the Luang Prabang Film Festival, which will run from December 2 to 7 in Luang Prabang, the World Heritage Site former royal capital of the Lao PDR. It's a chance to catch up on Southeast Asian films and nothing but Southeast Asian films in a unique and memorable setting. Francis X Pasion at last year's LPFF.Photo by Wise Kwai. This year, the festival plans a Spotlight on ...
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Australia Pledges Three Million COVID-19 Vaccines to Cambodia

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Australia has pledged more than three million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Cambodia, Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Monday,...
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Army Maj. Gen. Charles Calvin Rogers ~ Medal of Honor Monday

By Katie Lange Medal of Honor Monday USA – -( From the 1950’s to the 1980’s, a lot changed in America and abroad, and Army Maj. Gen. Charles Calvin Rogers served through all of it. As a Black man, he worked for gender and race equality while in the service. But he’s perhaps most well-known for his leadership during an intense battle in Vietnam, which earned him the Medal of Honor. Rogers was born on Sept. 6, 1929, and grew up with his brother and three sisters outside of the c...
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The 15 Best Movies About The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War had an unprecedented impact on the development of modern filmmaking. The war itself occurred during a downward spiral for major studios, as the luster of the "Golden Age of Hollywood" had depleted throughout the 1960s.The '70s saw the rise of a new generation of filmmakers. As the old system crumbled, studios began to take risks on younger filmmakers who revitalized the industry with their original voices. Directors like Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Brian...
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U.S., Rights Groups Condemn Jailing of Teenager in Cambodia Over Social Media Posts

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - The United States and human rights groups on Monday condemned the conviction of a Cambodian teenager who was sentenced to...
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Cambodia Reopens to 'New Way of Life' After Beating COVID-19 Vaccine Target

PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen declared his country reopen and ready for a new way of life on Monday, having surpassed...
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Cambodia Asserts That The Met Has Dozens Of Looted Antiquities

This isn’t idle speculation. “Cambodian officials said they have developed a spreadsheet of 45 ‘highly significant’ items at the Met that the evidence suggests were stolen before being donated or sold to the museum.” – The New York Times
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Apocalypse Now Ending Explained: The Horror, The Horror

The 1970s was an exceptional decade for American cinema, with directors of New Hollywood taking advantage of unprecedented artistic freedom as the old studio system declined. Attitudes towards sex, violence, and adult themes loosened up, and the likes of Scorsese, Altman, Bogdanovich, Polanski and their contemporaries flourished creatively, making some of the greatest films of the era.Eventually that freedom would become too much of a good thing. By the end of the decade, some notorious film pro...
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For the US's Vietnam-era covert special operators, the quietest missions were also the most dangerous

US Air Force Bell UH-1P helicopters from the 20th Special Operations Squadron fly into Cambodia in 1970. US Air Force/Capt. Billie D Tedford During the Vietnam War, a select group of US commandos carried out secret missions behind enemy lines. MACV-SOG, as it was known, sent small teams on across Vietnam's borders to conduct raids and gather intelligence. The enemy was the best source for that intelligence, but capturing prisoners was SOG's most dangerous mission. During the Vietna...
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Social media users pass the 4.5 billion mark

Social media users pass the 4.5 billion mark 21 Oct 2021 Active users have increased by more than 400 million over the past year. Our new Digital 2021 October Global Statshot Report – published in partnership with We Are Social and Hootsuite – is pac...
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