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Warum sind Männer in Weihnachtsfilmen so toxisch?

Romantische Weihnachtskomödien fallen meist in die Kategorie „So schlecht, dass es schon wieder gut ist“. Simple Plots und kitschige Szenen sorgen für lockere Unterhaltung, vor allem rund um Weihnachten, wenn du vielleicht ohnehin schon etwas sentimentaler gestimmt bist. Als ich mir aber letztens einige meiner alten Favoriten wie Tatsächlich… Liebe und Liebe braucht keine Ferien und auch ein paar neue Versionen des Genres angeschaut habe – zum Beispiel Netflix’ neues Original Love Hard –, wurde ...
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Ideas For Naming Your Great Dane

The Great Dane is the tallest breed of dog in the world, with males standing up to 29 inches at their shoulders. This massive size makes it difficult for owners to choose a name that fits properly on its collar without obscuring any markings. Here are some ideas for naming your new pup! The “names for great danes female” is a question that has been asked many times. Here are some ideas to help you out with naming your Great Dane. It’s possible that some of the links in this article are affiliat...
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Die 10 besten Weihnachtsfilme, die dich auf die Feiertage einstimmen

Es ist wieder die Zeit des Jahres, in der wir uns nach ein bisschen Feelgood-Unterhaltung sehnen – und das gilt vor allem während eines weiteren Pandemie-Winters. Was gäbe es jetzt also Schöneres, als dich für ein paar Stunden in einem kitschigen Weihnachtsfilm zu verlieren?Ob dir eher nach einem albernen Familienabenteuer, einer vorhersehbaren Schnulze oder einem nostalgischen Filmklassiker zumute ist: Wir haben dir im Folgenden ein paar Ideen für deine Weihnachts-Watchlist zusammengestellt. Al...
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Wieso es grandios ist, an Weihnachten Single zu sein

Weihnachten kann eine hochemotionale Zeit sein. Viele von uns nutzen sie, um einen kritischen Blick auf das eigene Leben zu werfen – auf die Karriere, die Beziehungen, die Familie. Die Feiertage können ein echtes Fest der Freude, manchmal aber auch eine ganz schöne Herausforderung sein. Und das gilt angeblich insbesondere für alle Singles unter uns. Während wir dem Geburtstag von Gottes Sohn immer näher kommen, bist du dir deinem Beziehungsstatus gerade vielleicht bewusster als während d...
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Will There Ever Be A Sequel To The Holiday? Here's What We Know

(Welcome to Will There Be a Sequel?, a series where we answer that question and explore what comes next.)This year marks the 15th anniversary of "The Holiday," writer/director Nancy Meyers' (mostly) delightful romantic comedy about two women who travel across the world to swap houses around Christmastime and end up falling in love with local men during their trip. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz play the two central women, while Jack Black and Jude Law both leave quite an impression as their respe...
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Every Martin Scorsese Feature Ranked From Worst To Best

How do you even begin to break down Martin Scorsese's staggeringly consistent filmography, let alone try to rank his movies in order of quality? One of the most talented directors in American cinematic history, there's not a whole lot of daylight between his best and worst films. Even the box office bombs that couldn't connect with an audience have enough redeeming qualities to make them worthwhile. Scorsese's films are never bad, in part because he has such a reverence for cinema; each of his m...
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Every Danny Boyle Film Ranked From Worst To Best

Since beginning his directorial career in the early '90s, Danny Boyle has become one of the most famous and reliable filmmakers of his generation. Although some of his most successful films have a clear sentimental streak, plucking the heartstrings of the audience like a well-tuned guitar, his work has been surprisingly varied. And what's incredibly striking when looking at Boyle's filmography is that there's not a huge amount of daylight between his worst films and his best films. To be honest,...
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14 Sequels That Truly Didn't Need To Happen

As Benjamin Franklin might have said, if he had witnessed the rise and continued growth of modern cinema, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes. And that most movies, if they make a reasonable profit, will get sequels whether they need one or not."Anachronistic Ben Franklin has it spot on. Hefty profits can magically transform the most standalone and self-contained movies into a trilogy, tetralogy, or worse. We have proof. Some of the films on this list are completely unnecessary -- they were ...
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Cameron Diaz explains why she isn't attracted to husband Benji Madden's twin brother

Cameron Diaz is reflecting on the first time she met her husband, Benji Madden, as well as his twin brother, Joel.        [Author: USA TODAY]
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Drew Barrymore reunites with Cameron Diaz in a figure-flattering dress with a twist

Cameron Diaz announced that she was retiring from acting years ago, but she went back into...
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Underrated Gem Vanilla Sky Is Getting A New Blu-Ray For Its 20th Anniversary

The criminally underrated "Vanilla Sky" is getting a new Blu-ray to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Cameron Crowe film. A remake of Alejandro Amenábar's 1997 Spanish film "Open Your Eyes," "Vanilla Sky" stars Tom Cruise as a billionaire going through some stuff, to say the. least. "Ah, great, just what we need! Another movie about a rich white person and his problems!" you might be saying, and you're not wrong. But hear me out: "Vanilla Sky" rules, and we should all appreciate it more.  20 Year...
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Cameron Diaz’s 10 Best Performances, From ‘Charlie’ to ‘Mary’

From “There’s Something About Mary” to “The Sweetest Thing,”  the talented Cameron Diaz, who is said to be retired from acting, has delivered a wide range of impeccable performances. In celebration of her birthday, Variety is ranking her 10 best film performances to date. Diaz blazed onto the scene as the stunning Tina Carlyle, the […]
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The Best '90s Movies You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now

There's something magical about '90s movies. Looking back, the '90s seem like a simpler time. The economy was booming, and movies were greenlit faster than ever. Summer popcorn flicks from the '90s are a thing unto themselves -- huge, bombastic blockbusters that rival today's superhero movies in terms of pure fun. There's something charming about the special effects, which didn't age all that well but were cutting-edge at the time. The costumes (and hairstyles) are ridiculous. The '90s was a dec...
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25 of the highest-paid movie roles of all time, including $100 million for a single film

Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix" Warner Bros. Actors don't get paid like they used to, but some can still negotiate huge deals. Actors like Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, and Daniel Craig have struck big with Netflix movies. Robert Downey Jr. was the highest-paid actor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by far. See more stories on Insider's business page. It's rare for actors to rake in huge salaries today, at least compared to the days when audiences were drawn to a movie primarily base...
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Cameron Diaz, 48, makes rare appearance taking daughter Raddix to swim class in Beverly Hills

Cameron Diaz tied the knot with Good Charlotte musician Benji Madden, 42, back in 2015. They welcomed their daughter Raddix in 2019.
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Cameron Diaz, 48, Takes Daughter Raddix, 1, To Swim Class In Beverly Hills In Rare New Photo

Mommy-daughter time! Cameron Diaz was spotted picking up her daughter Raddix from swim class on August 3. The retired actress rocked a...
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H Venture Partners closes $10M debut fund targeting science-based brands

H Venture Partners brought together more than 75 consumer and retail industry experts to invest in its first fund, raising $10 million aimed at consumer brand startups backed by science. Founder and Managing Partner Elizabeth Edwards (pictured above) formed the Cincinnati-based venture capital firm in 2017 after 15 years as a VC at other firms, most notably investing in companies, including Peloton,, Roots and Freshly. “Venture capitalists tend to stay away from consumer and sc...
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Episode #96: How To “Nancy Meyers” Your Home

In this week’s episode we’re taking the Nancy Meyer’s deep dive of my dreams. You can stream the episode here on the blog or on  iTunes ,  Spotify ,  Google Play ,  TuneIn ,  Pocket Casts , and  Stitcher . You can find the podcast posts archive here . A big thanks to this week’s sponsors! Be sure to check out the offers from BetterHelp, Ritual, JuneShine and Modern Fertility. As always, if you’re looking for a podcast code you can find them all on this page. Show Notes: -The complete list of...
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Cameron Diaz shares glimpse inside her wooden living room

Cameron Diaz has given fans a glimpse inside her living room at her $14million LA home...
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Cameron Diaz shares new look inside jaw-dropping garden at $14million LA home

Cameron Diaz shared a rare peek inside her gorgeous garden on Tuesday, revealing more of...
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Amazon Prime Video June 2021 Movie & TV Titles Announced

Amazon Prime Video has released its full list of film and TV titles coming to the streaming service next month, including specials from Sasha Baron Cohen as part of Borat Supplemental Reportings Retrieved From Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine; the premiere of Dom, Prime Video’s first scripted Brazilian original series; Season 2 of global espionage thriller series The Family Man; the second season of Anna Paquin’s Flack; the final season of Bosch, and more. Additionally, starting June ...
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Shrek at 20: an unfunny and overrated low for blockbuster animation

The fairytale comedy was a hit with critics and audiences but its toilet humour, glibness and shoddy animation mark it out as a misfireShrek has an outhouse with a working toilet.It is not part of the film’s cynical brand of “irreverence” that an ogre’s latrine is supported by modern plumbing. And it’s certainly not consistent with the hygiene of a swamp-dwelling beast who bathes in mud, brushes his teeth in slime and boasts of a killer weed rat stew. But after our lime-green hero literally wipe...
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Actor Norman Lloyd, star of TV’s ‘St. Elsewhere,’ dies at 106

By Lynn Elber and Mark Kennedy | Associated Press LOS ANGELES — Norman Lloyd, whose role as kindly Dr. Daniel Auschlander on TV’s “St. Elsewhere” was a single chapter in a distinguished stage and screen career that put him in the company of Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin and other greats, has died. He was 106. Lloyd manager, Marion Rosenberg, said the actor died Tuesday at his home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. His credits stretch from the earliest known U.S. TV ...
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Mother's Day: Benji Madden gushes over Cameron Diaz, 'Sister, Sister' mom Jackée Harry reflects on role

Big names including Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Gigi Hadid and Jill Biden are honoring the moms (and children) in their lives for Mother's Day.        [Author: USA TODAY]
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Cameron Diaz radiates beauty during surprise appearance

Cameron Diaz has been keeping a low profile ever since she became a mother to daughter...
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Gwyneth Paltrow invests in The Expert, a video marketplace for high-end interior designers

The pandemic-induced lockdowns halted many a home decoration project, but the irony was that our homes became even more important. But where to get ideas to decorate? Home decor experts could no longer visit. Now an LA-based startup is addressing this digitization of the interior design market, but kicking off with a typically LA-oriented, high-end clientele. The LA-based The Expert – a platform for video consultations with interior designers – has raised a $3 million seed funding round led by F...
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Cameron Diaz Explains Why She Doesn't 'Have What It Takes' To Star In Movies Anymore

Cameron Diaz got real about leaving Hollywood and shifting her priorities.
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19 of the highest-paid movie roles of all time, including $100 million for a single film

Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix" Warner Bros. Actors don't get paid like they used to, but some can still negotiate huge deals. Actors like Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds have struck big with Netflix movies. Robert Downey Jr. was the highest-paid actor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by far. See more stories on Insider's business page. It's rare for actors to rake in huge salaries today, at least compared to the days when audiences were drawn to a movie primarily based on its leadin...
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Cameron Diaz's husband Benji Madden has sweetest reaction to video inside family home

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden keep their personal life under wraps, so when the musician...
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Cameron Diaz's 'crazy' dinner recipe revealed – see her cooking hacks

Ever wondered what Cameron Diaz cooks at home with her husband Benji Madden and daughter...
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