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The 22 Best Things to See and Do in Bangkok

Posted: 8/17/20 | August 17th, 2020 Bangkok. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s a vibrant, chaotic, international, funhouse. A city 600 square miles and with a population of over 8 million, you could spend months here and you’d still only scratch the surface. I’ve visited the city more times than I can count. I even lived there for a couple of years . I’ve watched the city change and grow in so many ways since I first landed here in 2004. While there’s not a lot of traditional t...
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World's most instagrammed forests

About a third of the world’s landmass is covered in forest. And in addition to providing important stuff like the oxygen we breathe and habitats for wild animals, they also make for some downright jaw-dropping photographs. From the towering redwoods of California to the cloud forests of Costa Rica, the trees covering our planet can be our most beautiful sites when captured correctly. We took a look at’s study of the 15 most-Instagrammed forests in the world and found some of ...
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3 reasons why you need to visit Malaysia

Malaysia is one of South-East Asia’s most underrated travel destinations. Often overshadowed by Singapore, Thailand and Bali, this unassuming country has slowly gained prominence as one of Asia’s must-visit travel destinations. Whether it’s the friendly people, delicious cuisine or even breathtaking vistas, Malaysia offers something for everyone. Blessed with a lovely tropical climate and highly developed infrastructure, tourists have slowly taken notice of this beautiful country Here are some ...
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Ceramic Pro Nano Coating for my S240

I confess, I’m a guy with way too many hobbies, and perhaps uninterestingly, driving happens to be one of them. So just over a year ago, I sold my beloved Toyota MR2 after owning it for over a decade, bit the bullet and bought the car I’ve always wanted – a Lotus, then still owned by Proton. the Exige, finally shines like it should I’ve driven the car to Bentong, Genting, and Cameron Highlands. It’s a little car that loves hugging the corner. Light, nimble, and extremely unfriendly to older lad...
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Celebrating Tea Appreciation Day with Dilmah Tea at Sheraton PJ

Celebrating Tea Appreciation Day with Dilmah Tea at Sheraton PJ ( = || []).push({}); A few weeks ago, we were invited to a Tea Appreciation Day hosted by Dilmah Tea at Sheraton Petaling Jaya. We heard of Coffee Day but didn’t know that there is a Tea Appreciation Day. The International Tea Day has been around since 2005 in most tea producing countries. Edwin Soon – Sensory Evaluation consultant and Oenologist To understand more on the Tea Appreciation S...
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10 Natural Wonders Of Malaysia

For travellers who are seeking an original tourism experience, I have come up with a list of 10 natural wonders of Malaysia that is undeniably beautiful.  This list was created personally by me, and now being recommended to anyone who wants to experience the best natural tourism destinations in Malaysia.  These natural wonders are not man made, but purely nature made, so places like Cameron Highlands Tea Plantations or even Putrajaya and others do not qualify in this list. 10 Natura...
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Un da en Cameron Highlands

Hoy por la maana una visita a la farmacia. Me dicen que tengo hongos y me han dado la crema local para combatirlos. Puede que sea eso pero tambin hay algo de abrasin mecnica en juego. Lo estoy tratando con crema y polvos de talco y mejora rpido.
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Our Highlands' fling

The Cameron Highlands sounds scottish doesn't it. Conjures up visions of glens and heather gorse and tartan.Since we started planning this trip the Cameron Highlands were firmly in our sights. It was highly rated by Simon from his gap year a decade
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Our shoewide the ' fling

The Cameron Highlands sounds scottish doesn't it. Conjures up visions of glens and heather gorse and tartan.Since we started planning this trip the Cameron Highlands were firmly in our sights. It was highly rated by Simon from his gap year a decade
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10 Best Flower Delivery Services in KL and Malaysia

10 Best Flower Delivery Services in KL and Malaysia Malaysia is home to Cameron Highlands, where you’ll find premium roses, daisies, lavender and the world’s largest flower—the Rafflesia Flower. Located about 200 km from Kuala Lumpur, it’s not surprising that KL has thriving florists and flower shops catering local flower aficionados as well as floral-loving tourists. So if you ever want to indulge in a lush bouquet of fresh, cut blooms, here are our top 10 picks for flower delivery services i...
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Abwarten und Tee trinken Cameron Highlands

Es ist 9.00 Uhr morgens und Anna und ich sitzen im Bus nach Ipoh. Eine zweistndige Fahrt liegt vor uns bevor wir das kleine Stdtchen erreichen sollen welches fr sein gutes Essen bekannt ist. Wir hatten super tolle Tage in den Cameron Highlands ve
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Ultimate Nature Retreat Getaway Guide From Kuala Lumpur

Are you looking for a nature retreat for a weekend getaway in Malaysia? You came to the right place as I have compiled a master list of the best retreats out of Kuala Lumpur. This list caters to everyone, especially locals who have little time but need an escape from the city life to somewhere near.  If you are a traveler or tourist that has a couple of free days in Malaysia and want to have an experience for a rainforest retreat, this list will provide you with some valuable information. Ov...
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The mixture that is Melaka

Geo 2.21594 102.253From Kuala Lumpur we took the bus to the Cameron Highlands over 5000 feet high a strange area which provides a break from the high temperature and humidity of the coastal plain and which combines British style buildings with Mal
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10 of the best places to visit in Malaysia: readers’ travel tips

Lunch with monks and a poignant war memorial park share equal billing with Penang’s street food and sundowner views over Kuala LumpurThe Mossy Forest of the Cameron Highlands offers the chance to get among gnarled, moss-covered trees, exotic plants, orchids and extraordinary wildlife. Near a low mountain called Gunung Brinchang, there is 150 metres of wooden boardwalk with platforms beginning by a clearing next to the road. At the end of the boardwalk is the two-hour hiking trail up to the top o...
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"Get off the plane your flight is tomorrow"

In the afternoon after arriving in the Cameron Highlands we went to a nice little place to have tea and strawberry scones the region being famous for tea and strawberries. On the next day we had planned to go for a walk in the tea plantations before go
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Cameron Highlands 2 Flowers Farms and Forests

I had a booked a full day's tours so that I could see and do as much as possible in my full day in the Highlands. We left around 9 am in a battered old jeep. There was me the guide and a Korean family. We drove for about an hour maybe an hour and a half
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Cameron Highlands 1 Tanah Rata

It was an early start for me I was getting picked up from the hostel and taken to the bus station by minivan. I managed to get some breakfast and headed down to get my key deposit and wait for my ride. When I got downstairs there was no one about and whe
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5 Reasons why Malaysia is truly Asia

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Unique Sleeps: Cameron Highlands Resort, Malaysia

­­­­ Unique Sleeps: Amazing hotels hand picked by Expedia Experts. Camera Highlands Resort, Malaysia The Cameron Highlands Resort greets us as we take the final bend up the mountain, its grandeur rising up like a castle through the mist. We’ve driven three hours on winding roads to escape the hustle and humidity of Kuala Lumpur, and to see a different side of Malaysia. What greets us is almost the stuff of Malaysian folklore. It’s cooler up here than the city. The landscape has changed and is fi...
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BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Cameron Highlands

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Cameron Highlands Cameron Highlands is one of our favourite destinations in Malaysia. You can visit farms, tea plantations, enjoy the all year round cooling weather and staying in English colonial hotels or resorts. BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas Cameron Highlands For chilling and relaxing, a pitstop in one of the few tea plantations is a must. BOH Tea Plantation Sungai Palas is highly on our list as it offers one of the most spectacular views on the highlands.  BOH Te...
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A Week Traveling The World On No Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennial women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar. (Thanks,New York mag , for the inspiration.)Today, a former New York woman traveling the world for 11 months, currently eating her way through Malaysia. Photo: Getty Images. Industry: Food writing/wan...
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8 Most Underrated Getaways In Malaysia For A Weekend Escape

Are you one who prefer travelling off the beaten track, or you simply want to avoid the touristy areas altogether? We feel you. Sometimes, we just don’t want to be in a(nother) city when we take a holiday. Think pristine waters, untouched beaches, lush greenery, and the list goes on. In Malaysia, there are actually many islands and underrated attractions that are like that – all waiting to be discovered, as long as you are willing to take the trip. From Cameron Highlands, Pangkor Laut Island Re...
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Prolonged Worker Shortage May Force Cameron Highlands Farmers To Cease Operations

By Sarimah Othman KUALA LUMPUR, April 13 -- Some 2,000 farmers and smallholders in Cameron Highlands are in a bind over the government's decision to halt the recruitment of foreign workers, with some of them even contemplating winding up their operations as they are facing a dire shortage of workers. Since last December, the work permits of 40 per cent of the foreigners hired to work at the various vegetable farms, fruit orchards, flower farms, nurseries and tea plantations there had expired and...
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10 Things You Must See in Malaysia

To fully experience this country, here are 10 Things You Must See in Malaysia and these are based on the uniqueness of what Malaysia has to offer to the visitors and travelers. I am also sure that even the locals have not seen all ten of the things listed here and for your next vacation, you should consider some of them. The must see things are located throughout Malaysia while the list below is in no order and they are; Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia's landmark 1. Petronas Twin ...
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White Water Rafting at Gopeng, Perak, with Nomad Adventure

After spending a good day at Skytrex, I started to research a little on the fun adventure stuff we can do for reasonable amount of money right here in Malaysia. As I was pondering what to do with Haze on her birthday weekends, I recalled seeing a picture of whitewater rafting on one of my whatsapp groups. A few clicks on the web browser later, I booked ourselves a half-day trip of whitewater rafting at Nomad Adventure in Gopeng, Perak. Nomad Adventure Earth Camp at Gopeng, Perak Nomad Adventure...
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Brinchang Cameron Highlands

Friday 22 January Our journey from KL to the Cameron Highlands started out without a hitch travelled by Taxi against the manic flow of traffic and reached the Bus Station early to find that our Coach was a grand Old Lady with rusched scooped satin c
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Taking a Bus to Cameron Highlands

I think it would be safe to say that most Malaysians have gone to Cameron Highlands at least once, right? Well, in this article, I would like to share my experience on taking a bus to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur and how easy it was for a traveling couple.  On that day when I was to depart at 10.30 a.m, 15th September 2015, I think I got a little over excited and arrived considerably early which was around 10.00 a.m, therefore, we headed to departure gate 14 and waited for the bus ...
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Le Tour de Langkawi 2016 route announced

The organisers of the Tour de Langkawi have announced the route for the 2016 edition of the 2.HC race which will start with a 165.5km stage from Kangar to Baling. Continued works at the Genting Highlands summit ensures Cameron Highlands will host the queen stage of the race on stage 4. There will also the first finish of the race in Melaka on March 2. "We are expecting exciting competition from all the riders.
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Malaysia and her Empathy Deficit Disorder

Recent negative sentiments expressed by Malaysians and certain top leaders after the Cameron Highlands tragedy reflect the widespread convenient demonisation of migrant workers, writes Sheila Santharamohana . The queue snaked around the corner, reflected in the pristine marble coolness of KLIA, past the gleaming duty-free stores and appeared incongruently still amidst the purposeful hustle of Malaysians returning home. [Link to media]
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