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Children’s chances of surviving cancer less than 30% in poor nations – study

Stark differences revealed in five-year survival rates between rich and low- and middle-income countriesFigures reveal a striking disparity in five-year cancer survival rates for children in developing nations compared with those from rich countries.More than 80% of children diagnosed with the disease in high-income states will live for more than five years, yet fewer than 30% of young people with cancer in low- and middle-income nations have the same chance of survival, research has shown. Cont...
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Megan Thee Stallion Says Her Mother Died From Brain Cancer

As Megan Thee Stallion mourns the loss of her biggest supporter, her mother, Holly Thomas, she has to deal with the ridiculousness of social media. PREVIOUSLY: Megan Thee Stallion Mourns Death of Her Mom Just 2 Weeks After Her Grandmother Passed Away Whenever someone famous deals with a tragic loss of a family member, conspiracy theorists immediately point to the ridiculous notion that all celebrities are a part of a secret cult called the “Illuminati” and in order to achieve fame, you must “sac...
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Turning 40 and Looking Death in the Eye

I used to think everything worked out for the best. But then my wife got cancer.
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Revealed: no need to add cancer-risk nitrites to ham

Confidential meat industry report shows additives do not prevent food poisoningA bombshell internal report written for the British meat industry reveals nitrites do not protect against botulism – the chief reason ham and bacon manufacturers say they use the chemicals.The study, conducted for the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) by the scientific consultancy Campden, and marked “confidential”, examines the growth of the toxin Clostridium botulinum in the processing of bacon and ham. Con...
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Are genetic tests useful to predict cancer?

The health secretary’s call for tests to be rolled out on NHS was met with controversyThe health secretary, Matt Hancock, this week shared his shock at discovering that he is at greater than average risk for prostate cancer, despite having no family history of the disease.The revelation came after he took a predictive genetic test that assesses risk for 16 common diseases, including coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma and breast and prostate cancers. Continue reading...
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Bolt Founder Ben Einstein Leaves Hardware Tech VC Firm

Ben Einstein, co-founder and general partner of hardware-focused investor Bolt, says he has left the venture capital firm he started as his partner, Grace, enters chemotherapy for a cancer diagnosis.“Through this gut-wrenching experience, the things I enjoy doing and that give me energy are clearer than ever: I am a builder,” Einstein wrote in a post on Medium. “My life revolves around the process of creating new things; from hardware products and companies to relationships and community, my li...
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Ties: My Temporary Hoarding Habit

When my daughter was hospitalized for cancer treatment, I began collecting leftover condiments and medical supplies in an effort to control something in our uncontrollable world.
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Roundup Lost a Lawsuit, But We Still Don't Know if It Causes Cancer

This week a jury found that a man’s use of Roundup on weeds in his yard was a “substantial factor” in causing the cancer that he developed years later. But court cases are not scientific studies, and scientists are still divided on whether glyphosate should really be considered a carcinogen. Read more...
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Monsanto Weedkiller Roundup Was ‘Substantial Factor’ in Causing Man’s Cancer, Jury Says

The finding was the first verdict from a federal jury in thousands of similar cases against the company.
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JLabs’ Luby Takes the Reins at TMC Innovation Institute in Houston

Houston—Tom Luby, the head of JLabs in Houston, has been named the new director of the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute, the center announced Monday morning.Luby takes over the innovation institute three months after former director Erik Halvorsen left the role.Luby is already a known presence around the TMC innovation building thanks to the two years he has led JLabs @ TMC, the Houston outpost of Johnson & Johnson’s (NYSE: JNJ) network of innovation incubators. The pharmaceutical gi...
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UK breast cancer death rates falling fastest in ‘big six’ of Europe

Study says women aged 50-69 most likely to benefit, while those aged 70-79 will gain leastDeath rates from breast cancer are falling faster in Britain than in any other of the six most populous countries in Europe, research shows.The rate of death from the disease has fallen by 17.7% since 2010-2014 thanks to screening, earlier diagnosis and better treatment, a Europe-wide study [pdf] has found. Continue reading...
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CesiumAstro, MAP Health, StoryFit, Hatch Pitch & More Texas Tech

[ Updated 3/14/19, 1:53 pm CT. See below. ]  Another South By Southwest festival comes to a close in Austin. Let’s catch up with the highlights from the tech portion this year and other innovation news in Texas.—CesiumAstro, an Austin-based maker of antennas and communications systems for satellites, said it has raised $12.4 million in a Series A funding round. Airbus Ventures, the venture arm of plane-maker Airbus, led the round, according to a press release. Other investors were Kleiner Pe...
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Bio Roundup: Golumbeski’s Legacy, CRISPR Moratorium, Rebate Week & More

While all eyes in the biopharmaceutical world are currently trained on Bristol-Myers Squibb’s proposal to buy Celgene for $74 billion, it wasn’t that long ago that another company’s gaze was fixed on the Summit, NJ, drug maker.In the early 2000s, before the FDA approved Celgene’s flagship multiple myeloma drug lenalidomide (Revlimid), Novartis (NYSE: NVS considered buying the company. It passed, unwilling to risk billions on an unapproved drug. Those details came from biopharma dealmaker George...
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Doctors: Early Detection Is Possible for Pancreatic Cancer

We can help people at risk, but it is much more challenging if most people think that early detection and prevention are impossible.
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Johnson & Johnson Hit With $29.4 Million Verdict Over Its Talc Products

A woman who alleged that Johnson & Johnson products containing talcum powder were linked to her mesothelioma was awarded millions by a jury in California, Reuters reported Wednesday. The verdict follows a nine-week trial that began shortly after the start of the year.Read more...
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YourChoice Therapeutics is developing unisex, non-hormonal birth control

The options available to women who want to avoid getting pregnant today are bad. Most, like the widely used birth control pill, feed man-made estrogen and progestin hormones to women, which are capable of causing a number of awful side effects. YourChoice Therapeutics — a startup launched by a team of Berkeley researchers, including two experts in sperm physiology and sperm-egg interactions — dreams of producing a unisex, non-hormonal alternative to existing contraceptives. The company has raise...
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‘I could be myself, not a patient’: the Norwegian hospital offering respite in a woodland cabin

Patients at Oslo University hospital can escape the gruelling reality of medical treatment at a custom-built woodland retreatIt’s a cold snowy winter’s day in Norway, but the Skogen Tangeraas family sitting around a bonfire in some woodland don’t seem to care. They’re too busy drinking hot chocolate and cooking sausages. Their dog is splashing around in the stream. The three daughters – aged 7, 10 and 12 – alternate between chopping wood, archery and popping into a nearby cabin to practise gyota...
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New Generic Blood Pressure Drug Is Approved to Relieve Shortages

The F.D.A. made the product review a priority, citing shortages that occurred in the wake of several recalls of drugs that were found to contain potentially cancer-causing chemicals.
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Charity events in the San Fernando Valley, March 11-18

    Dodger Stadium is the venue for Melanoma Angel Network’s Gala fundraiser on March 16. (File photo by Jim Alexander/The Press Enterprise/SCNG)   Here is this week’s sampling of charities in the San Fernando Valley area that need your support through donations or volunteer work.   EVENTS   Chipotle Mexican Grill fundraiser for Sustainable Economic Enterprises of LA: Restaurants in Los Angeles donate 33 percent of food sales to the group that seeks to improve access to healthier food for...
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"Past biomechanical studies show that when women run braless, their breasts joggle up and down by seven inches or more and also oscillate side to side...."

"... A 2013 questionnaire provided to women running the London Marathon found that more than a third of them, including runners with small breasts, told the researchers that their breasts often felt sore. But little past research has explored whether breast size and potential soreness affect women’s decisions to participate in exercise or if they influence the kinds of exercise that women might — or might not — pursue. So, for the new study, which was published this month in the Journal of Scien...
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A healthcare investment fund has become one of Israel’s largest with a $660 million close

One of Israel’s single largest venture capital funds is a new later stage vehicle focused on healthcare. The aMoon investment firm launched its second vehicle in April 2018 and it just announced its final close with $660 million in assets under management — making it one of the largest (if not the largest) firm in the country. “We plan to leverage Israel’s ecosystem of breakthrough science and disruptive tech innovation to accelerate cure and reshape global healthcare.” said Dr. Yair Schindel MD...
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FDA warns against robotic surgery for breast cancer, cervical cancer, & other women's cancers

The United States Food and Drug Administration issued a warning Thursday about the use of surgical robots in breast cancer surgery. FDA says that use of the robotic medical devices in mastectomy, lumpectomy, and related surgery because of "preliminary" evidence that it may be linked to lower long-term survival. . The warning was specifically directed at use of the devices for cancers that affect women, specifically breast and cervical cancer. Robotic surgery with devices like the da Vinci Surg...
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Active ingredient in Roundup found in 95% of studied beers and wines

U.S. PIRG tested 20 beers and wines, including organics, and found Roundup's active ingredient in almost all of them. A jury on August 2018 awarded a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma victim $289 million in Roundup damages. Bayer/Monsanto says Roundup is totally safe. Others disagree. None If there were a Hall of Fame for chemicals people worry about, it's likely that Monsanto's weedkiller Roundup would sit near or at the top of that dark pantheon.It's been linked to cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parki...
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Student who carried heart in backpack dies from transplant complications

Rebecca Henderson, 24, was believed to be only person in world with total artificial heart as treatment for heart cancerA woman who carried her artificial heart in a backpack after her own was removed has died due to transplant complications.Rebecca Henderson, 24, from Bicester, had her entire heart removed and replaced with a total artificial heart (TAH) last year, after being diagnosed with grade 3 heart cancer in 2017. Continue reading...
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Bristol-Myers’ $74B Celgene Buyout Faces Opposition from Wellington

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s agreement to acquire Celgene for $74 billion is opposed by the New York pharmaceutical company’s largest institutional investor.Wellington Management Group said Wednesday afternoon that while it agrees Bristol should be active in deals that add new science and expand the company’s revenue potential, Wellington “does not believe that the Celgene transaction is an attractive path towards accomplishing this goal.”Shares of Bristol (NYSE: BMY) rose 2.5 percent to $50.25 each ...
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"The influence of negative expectation — of fear — on our health is known as the nocebo effect."

"Walter Kennedy, a British doctor and drug expert, first used the term in 1961, to describe the opposite of the better-known, more benign 'placebo.' ('Placebo' means 'I will please,' in Latin; 'nocebo' means 'I will harm.') Most researchers agree that the way we react to spurious worrying information is not dissimilar to how we respond to a sugar pill. The nocebo effect is most often observed in connection with the side effects of drugs, cases in which self-fulfilling prophecies are common. Duri...
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Nearly half of all children with cancer go undiagnosed and untreated

Many cases in Asia and Africa are being missed and leading to children ‘dying at home’Almost half of children with cancer are going undiagnosed and untreated, according to a new global study.The research suggests that the situation depends on location: while only 3% of childhood cancer cases in western Europe and north America are thought to have been missed in 2015, the proportion rose to an estimated 49% in south Asia and 57% in western Africa. Continue reading...
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