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Honourable Mention: Shopping Tour

This Russian film, directed by Mikhail Brashinskiy and released in 2012, was a found footage styled film that had the footage shot on a mobile (with the world’s longer battery life, apparently). It suffers for this and would have been better shot as a conventional film. It isn’t a vampire movie – indeed it is a cannibal film – but it manages to other an entire country in quite spectacular fashion and references vampires several times. It is for these references that it is getting its honourable...
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Megalodon babies ate their shark siblings in the womb, leading them to be the size of adult humans at birth

A prehistoric megalodon alongside a great white shark. Victor Habbick Visions/Science Photo Library/Getty Megalodons were more than 6.5 feet long at birth. As adults, the huge, prehistoric sharks reached lengths of 50 feet and had . That's far bigger than any other meat-eating shark, living or extinct.  A new study suggests the sharks grew to such large sizes because megalodon babies ate each other in the womb. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A megalodon's .The prehis...
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Newborn Megalodons Were Larger Than Adult Humans and Probably Ate Their Siblings

Picture this: It’s about 20 million years ago, and you’re inside the giant womb of an extremely pregnant Otodus megalodon. Everything’s hunky-dory—some baby sharks have already hatched, and others are on the way. But before any more of those egg-bound brethren can emerge, one of the baby sharks wriggles over and…Read more...
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Broil – review

Director: Edward Drake Release date: 2020 Contains spoilers So there is little out there to suggest Broil is a vampire film (in actual fact the film flirts with the V word and then suggests it is much more complicated than that but the basic lore is vampire), indeed there is more to push you towards cannibalism (there is an act of cannibalism). That is unless you live in Germany where the film goes under the title Vampire Dinner. I do not believe listing it as a vampire film is a spoiler, th...
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"In her teens and twenties, she tried embracing conventional notions of womanhood just to avoid what she calls 'social harassment' before abandoning it in disgust."

"'I pretended to act the way I thought a cute woman should act, with an excess of femininity, but it was a horrible experience. I felt like I’d lost my will,' she says. In a relationship with a convenience store manager 15 years her senior, she found she was expected to cook morning and evening and do his washing. 'It felt like being physically and mentally exploited. I mean, I hate food and cooking – I keep a vase on top of my cooker,' she says, laughing.... Murata says she starts with her char...
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Cannibal! The Musical Has No Right Being as Good as It Is

Having watched Cannibal! The Musical is one of those things that feels like a badge of honor. The movie was not something anyone saw first in theaters. It had to be discovered. You had to find it or be told about it by a friend. When you finally watched, you were rewarded with proof of pure genius—a film that by all…Read more...
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Never forget Christopher Columbus's linguistic crimes and horniness for manatees

Yes, it's quite odd that Americans continue to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day, revering a conquistador who never even set foot on the mainland North American continent as "The man who discovered America." While I can certainly understand those who want to celebrate their Italian heritage, there are other, better ways to do that, too, considering that DNA evidence suggests Columbus may not have even been Italian after all. — Read the rest
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Vamp or Not? The Dinner Party

Released in 2020 and directed by Miles Doleac, the Dinner Party makes no secret within its trailer that cannibalism sits at the heart of the film. However, it is not that which has led to this Vamp or Not. Rather, it is a secret of one of the characters and, for that, there is a spoiler over a key aspect of the film. The film itself opens with a table spread with food, until the panning camera takes us to a character, Sebastian (Sawandi Wilson) who is wounded and spraying blood from a neck woun...
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Honourable Mentions: the Curse of Valburga

Directed by Tomaž Gorkič and released in 2019, this is primarily a Slovenian slasher film but it does touch into the vampire genre in a few ways – with a fleeting visitation at the end. It is particularly B, with vaguely drawn character caricatures but, as a take your brain out B it holds together as a beer and buddies’ flick. Just to make it clear, the Swedish DVD cover (illustrated) does not reflect the film in any way. It starts with a Swedish black magician, Sven – played by black metal mus...
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"If you ever find yourself stuck on an uninhabited island in the Pacific, it turns out that writing SOS in giant letters on the sand works."

"At least, it did this past weekend for three men whose small boat had run out of fuel and drifted off course among the hundreds of islands and atolls of Micronesia.... Writing huge letters in the sand has proved helpful to travelers stranded in the Pacific in the past. In 2016, three men whose boat was overturned in Micronesian waters swam two miles to reach a tiny island, from which they were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard after writing 'HELP' in the sand.... Later that year, two other people...
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This Was Not His Design: Bryan Fuller's Hannibal Could Have Been Hugh Grant

It’s not an overstatement to say that Hannibal, Bryan Fuller’s nouveau gothic drama take on the Hannibal Lecter mythos, made ’s career in Hollywood. But casting a nearly unknown Danish actor for a lead role in a prime-time network drama is not easy, as Fuller will tell you. And it took NBC some time to…Read more...
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Use of Tropes: Sawney: Flesh of Man

Also known as Lord of Darkness, this was a 2012 feature directed by Ricky Wood and concentrates on surviving members of Sawney Bean’s clan. You are probably aware that Sawney Bean was, allegedly, the head of a 16th century Scottish clan said to have cannibalised over 1000 victims in a 25-year period. Though whether this is legend, fact or partly factual is contested. This film takes the premise that it was fact and that one member of the Bean clan escaped punishment and that his descendants co...
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The gory details of the whaling expedition that inspired Moby Dick

I've always been a big fan of Caitlin Doughty and her Ask a Mortician YouTube channel, but I especially liked this almost 40-minute mini-doc she did on the disastrous voyage of the Essex, the Nantucket whaling ship which served as part of the inspiration for Herman Melville's classic, Moby Dick. I knew some of this story, but Caitlin provides all of the bone-chilling, marrow-sucking details. Image: YouTube
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College Girls Arrested for Feeding Foot Skin to Friend

A trio of American community college students have been arrested for disguising flakes of skin from their feet as cheese and feeding them to their roommate. 20-year-olds Lindsey Ann Cundiff and Ellie Thompson joined forces with 19-year-old Kyiah Elaine Kastner to hide flakes of skin from the soles of their feet in a bag of […]
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Man Fries & Eats Girlfriend’s Legs “I Was Hungry!”

A Ukrainian man is reported to have confessed to the crime of killing and partially eating his girlfriend after a drinking session. The 41-year-old man from Kryvyi Rih, who has been named only as “Oleksandr”, confessed that he sliced open his 50-year-old girlfriend’s throat with a kitchen knife while the couple were drinking at home. […]
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New York Man Arrested for Murder After Admitting to Killing Dad & Eating Some of His Body Parts

A Brooklyn man is making headlines for allegedly killing his father and eating parts of his body. 26-year-old Khaled Ahmad was arrested on Wednesday (Apr. 15) after he walked into a bagel shop drenched in blood and admitted to the heinous crime. “One of the store’s owners alerted the officer who was outside that it appears his partner was having an interaction with a person that they know is a regular and is crazy. The perp was ranting about how he killed and ate his father and had visible signs...
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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Cannibalistic Rape Ero-Manga

Another antagonist has met their brutal end in the merciless manga that is Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi as a woman is beset upon by three uncontrollable men courtesy of the revenge-seeking protagonist and rather graphically raped in every orifice, possibly making some ponder if the content is meant to stimulate or disturb. The chapter may […]
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Cult Horror Classic Cannibal Holocaust Becoming a Video Game

The classic 1980 gory B-horror movie exploring the nature of cannibalism, Cannibal Holocaust, is getting a video game sequel, leaving some hopeful that the title will be rife with shocking visuals and gore. The game, slated to be the fourth entry into the franchise, will be released right around the 40th anniversary of the premiere […]
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Savage Creatures – review

Director: Richard LowryRelease date: 2020 Contains spoilers Vampires, zombies and aliens… oh my… oh, and cannibals. Richard Lowry throws the lot at us in a very low budget film that surpasses the budget, limitations and low grade effects to become a fun run through a grindhouse landscape.This isn’t perfect by any stretch but with a fast pace and short (75 minute) run time it was great fun. But let’s see just what was packed into that runtime. victim The film starts with some meteors ...
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2019 Was the Worst Year for the Mazda 3 Since 1990 – Won’t the CX-30 Make 2020 Even Worse?

There are three main criteria for measuring the degree to which 2019 was a disastrous year for the Mazda 3 in the United States small car marketplace. First, judge the Mazda 3 based on key competitors. Mazda 3 sales tumbled 21 percent to 50,741 units during a year in which the Honda Civic and Toyota […] The post 2019 Was the Worst Year for the Mazda 3 Since 1990 – Won’t the CX-30 Make 2020 Even Worse? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Filipino Man Allegedly Ate Woman’s Brain For Speaking English

A grisly murder and alleged case of cannibalism has occurred in the primitive country of the Philippines as a man has been arrested for murdering a woman and supposedly devouring the brain. Authorities found the half-clothed corpse of an unknown woman two and a half miles from the Mindanao home of unemployed 21-year-old Lloyd Bagtong, […]
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USDA Says It Will Stop Killing Cats

Following the outcry over a disturbing government research practice that resulted in what critics have described as kitten slaughter, a research agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced it will no longer conduct the deadly testing as part of its research.Read more...
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Climate Change Drove Neanderthals to Cannibalism, New Research Suggests

Neanderthals are famous for having lived through the last major ice age, yet for a period of around 14,000 years they had to endure the effects of a naturally occurring global warming cycle. Struggling to adapt to the changing conditions, the Neanderthals turned to cannibalism in desperation, according to a…Read more...
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Diary of a Necromancer – review

Director: Alex DiSanto Release date: 2017 Contains spoilers In some respects, you have to admire a teen filmmaker crafting films (just straddling the line between short film and feature, as this does) but, whilst I admire the concept, the film itself contains things that demote this from B all the way down to Z. I do try to be constructive in my reviews but this does many things very wrong and I also have to point those out too. Vampires, it seems, love to keep diaries. Ah, you might counter, t...
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Playing with Tropes: Flesh-Eating Mothers

This is an absolute paragon of 80s B-Movieness. Released in 1988 and directed by James Aviles Martin, it is a schlock, low-rent comedy with cannibals. One might suggest that these cannibals are not vampiric, despite their anthropophagus ways but, whilst this might be true, this film certainly plays with tropes from the vampire genre – though I think some are accidental. So, it starts with a man in the winter woods, we later discover he is Dixon (Ken Eaton). He sees blood in the snow and looks...
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The Wicked – review

Director: Peter Winther Release date: 2013 Contains spoilers Ah the witch (Cassie Keller) and her forays over to the vampire genre – she normally does it through a bit of energy vampirism but it is full on flesh eating that sees her grace these pages today. Not just cannibalism as a dietary choice, however. In this the consumption of flesh makes the witch both young and immortal (actually there is a set of feeding rules in this, which might only be in-film folklore/myth but may also be accurate...
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Was an Ohio Woman Charged After Slowly Eating Her Husband Alive?

You won't be hearing about this grisly incident on the nightly news, for very good reason.
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Playing with Tropes: Cannibal

This is a 2010 film directed by Benjamin Viré and whilst not a vampire film per se it has a level of ambiguity woven within it and definitely touches on one of the major tropes of the genre. It also plays with the concept of mental health impairment – in this case agoraphobia. However this is not a fear of open spaces so much as the actuality of agoraphobia, a form of anxiety that leads the sufferer to avoid situations, including social ones, where it might make escape impossible. This can tran...
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Vamp or Not? We are the Flesh

Controversial art/horror film Tenemos la carne (which is actually 'we have the meat') was a 2016 Mexican film directed by Emiliano Rocha Minter and I feel slightly disingenuous running this as a ‘Vamp or Not?’ as it kind of isn’t – despite part of El Topo’s negative deconstruction of the film having a section entitled “Fin – we’re all rape vampires in the real world” and asking “so they’re vampires now, question mark.” Yet it certainly is a film that plays with vampire tropes. It reminded me,...
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Playing with Tropes: the Texas Chain Saw Massacre

“What in Sam Hill do you think you’re doing at this here vampire genre blog?” I can almost hear you say it, but just bear with me here. This film clearly needs no introduction. Dating back to 1974 and directed by Tobe Hooper, it introduced one of the modern horror icons in the character of Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen, Apocalypse & the Beauty Queen) but this does play with a vampiric trope and mentions vampires as well. That shouldn’t surprise us too much as Tobe Hooper would go on to direct Sale...
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