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How to Set Up Back Button Focusing on Your Canon

Most of us are not aware of the back button focusing feature on our cameras and how it can be a game changer in any photographer’s life. Since most photographers including beginners are used to focusing by pressing the shutter release button halfway through, back button focusing can take some time to get used to and once you get the hang of it, there will be no turning back. Back button focusing is an incredible feature, that will help a photographer get sharp images without losing focus on the ...
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Spilt milk

Photo by Newtown Graffiti on Flickr  Accidents will happen. And occasionally, maybe they should. Accidents are not welcome in most schools. Children are usually told to be more careful and 'not to do it again' when mishaps occur. Yet accidents can often be just as important in our education as learning knowledge and skills. What's more, they probably prepare students for a world of work where mistakes may not necessarily be a bad thing. Reflect for a moment on some of the serendipitous ...
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How to Safely Buy Photography Gear Online

Buying online is always a risk. Anyone anywhere can list something for sale, and there’s often no recourse should a problem arise. Even big marketplaces like Amazon—with tens of thousands of sellers—aren’t immune to counterfeits and scams. Photographers spend billions every year so they’re an obvious target; let’s look at how to safely buy camera gear online—or at least, buy it as safely as possible. How Common Is Counterfeit Camera Gear? Counterfeit camera gear is, if not common, definitely ...
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Sigma updates Canon EOS R compatibility list with a lot more lenses

Third party lens compatibility on the Nikon Z and Canon EOS R cameras has been a hot topic for many of those looking to switch. Neither Nikon nor Canon exactly have a wide range of lenses for their respective systems yet. And while Tamron has been scurrying to release firmware updates, Sigma has been ploughing […] The post Sigma updates Canon EOS R compatibility list with a lot more lenses appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Best Gadgets for Bloggers on The Go

Who would have thought 10 years ago that keeping an online diary was a golden ticket to fame and fortune? In the age of the Internet, we’ve seen the art of blogging transform from a mere hobby to a full-blown multimillion-dollar business. According to Forbes, A-list blogging personalities can earn as much as 150,000 dollars for a single Instagram post or 300 grand for a video partnership on Youtube. It’s a crazy lucrative business and no wonder more and more people are trying their hand on blogg...
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Polaroid Flashback? Meet the Kodak SMILE Printer

It’s been a long while since the days of Polaroid and instafilm’s dominance over an industry since turned to the much-quicker method of smartphones with cameras. But that doesn’t mean that makers aren’t still giving the instant film market a shot, Kodak being among them. Image via Kodak. Revealed at CES 2019, the SMILE printer from Kodak uses some pretty cool tech underpinning it. A printer that uses “zero ink” technology, the Kodak SMILE joins products from others such as Canon and the aforem...
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5 Years On…The Death of the DSLR Revisited

A little over 5 years ago, we posted an article questioning whether the death of the DSLR had been greatly exaggerated. It was one of a raft of articles by various writers on various websites. Some were very much of the opinion the DSLR was dead, others thought it was absurd that mirrorless would be the future. All the articles were well reasoned, based in fact and created heated discussion within the community.   In our article, we looked at how smartphones had killed the compact camera market...
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5K RAW 24p is coming for the $150 Canon EOS M

If you are a fan of Magic Lantern, you know that this piece of software can greatly enhance video on Canon cameras. Why shouldn’t you be a fan, it can give your 5dmkIII 4K raw?). But now, Magic Lantern is reported to enabling 5K RAW on the (older, $150 on Amazon)  Canon EOS M. (see the ML post here) […] The post 5K RAW 24p is coming for the $150 Canon EOS M appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Love Sweat Fitness Focuses on Instagram and YouTube to Build a Brand

  Every YouTube vlogger says consistency, flexibility, and dedication to what works are keys to success — much like physical fitness, right? With a focus on Instagram and weekly YouTube videos, the Love Sweat Fitness brand has experienced significant growth in just a few years. You might remember Facebook’s 2014 campaign dubbed “Facebook Fit” which aimed to educate small businesses on the marketing advantages of Facebook products. In the same era, a young woman shared a simple Instagram pic of ...
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Monster Hunter – 100MP Canon EOS R with IBIS Reportedly in Development

We’re barely finished with CES and, already, the gossip line is buzzing with possible future products. And the rumor mill is churning up some good stuff lately, and today we’ve got a whopper for you. Image via Marc Mueller from According to reports carried by FStoppers and others, Canon has a 100MP EOS R in development. Those who follow gear will note, this kind of resolution in a standard body size would represent an industry first if it is true. The rumor started when Canon Rumor...
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Baptism: Mystery and Mission

  by Bill Carroll   Beloved, we are entering the season of Epiphany.  From the beginning of the season, there is an emphasis on the universal mission of the Church.  The three kings come from distant lands to worship the newborn King.  Epiphany means manifestation.  In the Gospel readings for the season, we see the glory of God revealed in Jesus.  He is God’s gift for the whole world.   We begin with his baptism.  Little has happened since Jesus was born.  Then, one day, he shows up at the Jord...
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Third World Country ?

HOW'S DA ECONOMY ? Do You Notice ? watch inflation grow THE GIANT EXPORT MACHINE -------    .. While the economic model in the United States concentrates on hoarding patents and developing products in a 2 - 3 year cycle, the eastern model is open source and, copy and, improve products in a weekly or monthly cycle... As we whine and litigate rather than compete, both India and China are poised to boast economies larger than the United States in the next 10 year...
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Canon Wireless All-in-One Printer $39.99 (Reg $80)

Canon Wireless All-in-One Printer $39.99 (Reg $80) Amazon has Canon Wireless All-in-One Printer for $39.99 (Reg $80) with free shipping. The compact, affordable printer for all your home printing needs. With AirPrint(2) and Google Cloud Print(3), the PIXMA TS3120 makes it easy to print wirelessly from your favorite devices.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Looking for PDF suggestions

Most manuals come as PDFs. PDFs are not first class citizens in Apple's "Books". On the Mac, when you open the PDF, it opens in Preview. You can not save a bookmark. On iOS, there are features like adding notes and high lights that you can do with other formats (I guess epub?) but not with PDFs. Last... if I read part of a PDF on the Mac, the page is not synced up with iOS. From this point, there are so many different choices that it becomes bewildering but lets try to keep using "Books". ...
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Bishop Love responds to the restrictions placed on him

Bishop Love of Albany has sent a letter to his diocese in response to the restrictions placed on his ministry by the Presiding Bishop. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry restricted Love’s ministry concerning marriage equality while the Title IV disciplinary process unfolds in response to Bishop Love’s avowal to not abide by General Convention Resolution B012. Here is the letter.  You can also find it at the Diocese of Albany’s website. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Earlier today, I received o...
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Presiding Bishop restricts the ministry of Bishop William Love

Presiding Bishop’s response to Bishop William Love’s November 10 2018 Pastoral Letter and Directive January 11, 2019 After broad consultation with leadership in The Episcopal Church and continued discussions with both the Rt. Rev. William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany and the Episcopal Diocese of Albany Standing Committee, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has issued the following Restriction on Ministry to Bishop Love: Office of the Presiding Bishop Partial Restriction on the Mini...
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Canon is still working on focal length reducing “speedbooster” adapters

Canon has been working on their own focal length reducers. Lens adapters commonly sold under “speedbooster” or similar names, these adapters translate a larger projection circle, like that from a full frame lens, to the smaller sizes needed by APS-C and smaller sensors. Now, a new Japanese patent discovered by Canon Rumors shows that Canon […] The post Canon is still working on focal length reducing “speedbooster” adapters appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Alex Kurtzman on the Fine Line Between Adding to, and Staying True to, Star Trek's Canon

It feels like Alex Kurtzman has been talking about Star Trek: Discovery’s approach to canon pretty much since the dawn of time (or at least, since everyone found out the show was set before the original Trek). Discovery’s already had to toe a pretty weird line when it comes to its approach to Star Trek’s past, but in…Read more...
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Photographer reveals what it’s like to photograph a humanoid robot

I believe you’ve heard of Sophia, a humanoid robot built by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. Although she’s not a human, she resembles one in more than just facial features. She interacts with people, she can reportedly recognize faces and mimic 62 human facial expressions. So how do you photograph something (or someone) that resembles […] The post Photographer reveals what it’s like to photograph a humanoid robot appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Canon confirms EOS R camera that shoots 8K video is on the roadmap

In an interview with Imaging Resource and Canon Exec, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi revealed some interesting details about the future of the Canon EOS R and where the series may be heading. And according to Mizoguchi, that direction will be heavily influenced by video. The interview, once again, confirmed Canon’s commitment to continuing development of their DSLRs […] The post Canon confirms EOS R camera that shoots 8K video is on the roadmap appeared first on DIY Photography.
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An even Rebel-er Rebel...

When Canon introduced an inexpensive version of their EOS (Electro-Optical System) autofocus, auto-wind, auto-everything SLR cameras in North America back in 1990, they branded it the "Rebel" line. These are the ones that are marketed to Joe and Jane Consumer as a step up from point & shoot cameras.Wonders are promised if you will just step up to the SLR, with pictures of mom snapping beautiful pics of dance recitals and dad catching dramatic shots of birthday candles being blown out. (Of course...
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Full-Frame 8K EOS R Coming Soon from Canon?

Canon shook up the world of 8K full-frame mirrorless cameras today when an interview with Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, product guru for the Japanese optics giant, was printed in Imaging Resource in which Mizoguchi said that an 8K EOS R is in the works and on the way. Image viaMaurício Mascaro from This came as shock because, as PetaPixel points out, Canon didn’t join the 4K mirrorless market until the EOS M50 in February of last year. An 8K EOS R this soon would mean that Canon isn’t fooli...
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IBM was awarded the most patents in 2018, but overall grants declined by 3.5 percent

We may have passed the peak of the “patent war” in the mobile industry, but the concept of patents as power is far from disappearing, since they continue to be a strong marker for how a company is breaking new ground in technology, and do sometimes help to safeguard an inventor’s or company’s original work — even if the legal enforcement around patents sometimes gets abused. Patent research firm IFI Claims today published its annual report on how patent grants played out in the tech industry in ...
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Canon pulls veil off its 4K prosumer and waterproof camcorders at CES 2019

Canon's prosumer G-series has its first 4K member, the Canon Vixia HF G50. The prosumer camera offers a 20x zoom with that high resolution. Canon also today launched the waterproof Vixia HF W11 and W10. The post Canon pulls veil off its 4K prosumer and waterproof camcorders at CES 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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What Camera Settings Should I Use for Portrait Photos?

To take good portraits, you need to use the right camera settings. Let’s have a look at what combination of lens, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO give you the awesome portrait look with a sharp, in-focus subject and a creamy, blurry background like the photo below. The Gear You Need for Portrait Photos While you can take portraits with any lens, to get the classic portrait, you need a lens with a wide aperture. Something with a maximum aperture between f/1.8 and f/2.8 is perfect although f/...
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Foot Controlled Remote

Can I focus and shoot without my hands on my Canon 200D?Yes I can! Sit Back and Hit Play… Making the Casing… I used an old leftover metal casing, and cut it down to preferred size. Made some scrap wood walls and drilled holes for screws and conections. Turned the thing over… Solder Time… a...By: smogdogContinue Reading » [Author: smogdog]
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Canon XF100 Professional Camcorder With 10x HD Video Lens For $1,299 Shipped From Amazon After $700 Price Drop

Canon XF100 Professional Camcorder With 10x HD Video Lens For $1,299 Shipped From Amazon After $700 Price Drop This was selling for $1,999 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon. This sells for $1,999 from B&H. AC Adapter/Charger – Power Cord – DC Cable – BP-970G Battery – Lens Hood – Lens […]
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Canon will release up to seven new RF lenses in 2019

After the rather disappointing reception received by the EOS R, Canon seems to be doubling down on mirrorless to show off how seriously they’re taking it. So far we’re expecting two new EOS R mirrorless bodies in 2019 (one entry-level and one “super-high resolution“) as well as three new APS-C DSLRs, and two EOS M […] The post Canon will release up to seven new RF lenses in 2019 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Shooting a Car with a Polarizer Changed My Life

Photography for me has always been nothing more than a hobby, so it was never a high priority for me to get the best and most professional gear. As a kid, I tooled around on an old Polaroid camera and some point-and-shoots. I got my first DSLR—a Canon T3i Rebel—for Christmas in 2011. I traded up to a 6D a few years…Read more...
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The first affordable third-party lenses for Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras are now available

Last month, Chinese company KIPON announced the first line of third-party lenses for Canon EOS R and Nikon Z cameras. ELEGANT, a line-up of five prime lenses for both Nikon and Canon, is now available for ordering in case you want to treat your full-frame mirrorless camera with a new lens. The lenses range from 24mm to 90mm. […] The post The first affordable third-party lenses for Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras are now available appeared first on DIY Photography.
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