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'Aquinas and the Market' and the Possibility of a "Truly Humane Economic System"

Rational value dominates our moral as well as our economic decisions today. What began as a theory examining financial data by mathematical applications turns into the contemporary default system by which goods are measured and value ascribed. While theologians along with many humanists have challenged this paradigm, very few have the acumen to analyze markets and to interpret financial data. Economist and theologian Mary L. Hirschfeld pioneers an informed investigation into the relationship bet...
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Student debt: An American horror story

College went from being a beneficial step in a young person's life to a huge financial burden for decades into their life. Since the 1970s, the cost of education has gone up between 400–1200%, depending on the kind of school you go to. Can we turn it around? Only societal change — and a good hard look in the mirror — can really make college a better move for young Americans.
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The suburbs are the spiritual home of overconsumption. But they also hold the key to a better future

Suburban affluence is the defining image of the good life under capitalism, commonly held up as a model to which all humanity should aspire.More than half of the world's population now lives in cities. Yet with the global economy already in gross ecological overshoot, and a world population heading for more than 11 billion, this way of living is neither fair nor sustainable. To live within our environmental means, the richest nations will need to embrace a planned process of economic “degrowth"....
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Why We Fixate on the Time Artists Spend on Their Work

Collectors, viewers and members of the press have long been fascinated with how long artists spend on each piece they create. Whether related to our obsession with the myth of the artist’s struggle, how we put a monetary value on a piece, or beyond, “it’s easier to value intensive physical labor over conceptual rigor when an artist’s thought process can feel so intangible and impossible to …
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We could cut the opioid death rate by 50% – but we’re not

Drug companies make huge profits by flooding the market with overly powerful — and highly addictive — drugs.Some high profile deaths over the last several years have brought this problem to the headlines. It's everyone, not just middle America, who is getting hooked. Why do we let Big Pharma rule over? Journalist and author Maia Szalavitz investigates. Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction by now ...
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Too far right and left? DC think tank releases manifesto for radical centrism

Niskanen Center, a Washington think tank, argues for avoiding the extremes of political positions.The analysts propose that both a regulated free market and bolstered social insurance programs are important.If we don't correct course soon, the American political system may never recover, warn the authors. None If you've had enough of all the political bickering coming from all sides, a Washington think tank released a manifesto that it hopes will inspire those in the middle. The Niskanen Cen...
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Amazon Is Reportedly Sick of Hawking You Cheap 'Crap' That Doesn't Make It Any Money

Amazon, a company valued at $1 trillion earlier this year, is reportedly sick of selling you cheap shit that isn’t making it more money.Read more...
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Dear elites: Did you learn your lesson?

A globalized, interconnected world doesn't necessarily work for everyone... especially on the rural (and hyper-local) levels. While many got massively rich from technology and globalized trade it left many feeling locked out. Anand focuses on the rise of Trump and the huge popularity of Bernie Sanders to highlight the fact that the majority aren't satisfied with the current state of capitalism. Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changi...
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Ralph Breaks the Internet Is an Adorable, Capitalist Fever Dream

Ralph Breaks the Internet is one of Disney’s first films to take a serious look at how digital culture has come to be shaped by our relationships to things as well as people. For the heroes of the movie, that presents a number of interesting challenges as they navigate the world wide web. and for the audience, it’s a…Read more...
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Mercantilism: The theory that explains Trump’s trade war

The use of tariffs by the Trump administration has confused more than a few leading economists.The policy and the motivations behind them do reflect an economic theory with a long tradition: mercantilism.Understanding mercantilism can help us understand why there is a call for more tariffs, and what might happen to the economy as a result of them. Nobody can say that President Trump's implementation of tariffs (with the promise of more on the way) hasn't had an effect. What confuses many people...
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How super rich companies harm us all — and try to cover it up

Huge corporations are often built upon the backs of very cheap labor. So while the stock prices go up, the lives of the workers goes down. Corporate taxes could offset the harm that these behemoth companies do. But there's a lot of opposition to raising taxes. Another option would be to classify companies entirely differently than we do now. Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World by now at amazone --> ...
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7 prophetic writings by American presidents

Presidential candidates run on platforms of change and are elected by those who desire their vision of the future.We look at seven times presidents' writings that have been oddly, if accidentally, prophetic.Of course, there may be some hindsight bias in our selections.U.S. Presidents aren't just chosen to lead us through current events, but because they have a vision of the future their constituents want to be led toward. President Trump's campaign message in 2016 was to regain America's economi...
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Does capitalism destroy jobs?

If by capitalism one means “free market exchanges and production through the use of privately owned capital”, then indeed capitalism destroys jobs — those jobs that are made redundant by increasing the productivity of labor. Imagine an economy which only produces food, and the only input to food is labor. Further imagine that the productivity … Continue reading Does capitalism destroy jobs?
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What would happen if America defaulted on its debt?

At the press time, the value was $21.7 trillion dollars.Lots of people know that a default would be bad, but not everybody seems to get how horrible it would be.While the risk is low, knowing what would happen if a default did occur is important information for all voters.The United States government has a lot of debt. I mean a ton of it. At the time of writing, the value was 21.7 trillion dollars and climbing. This comes out to roughly 66,000 dollars per citizen. While the debt to GDP ratio tod...
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Setting a maximum wage for CEOs would be good for everyone

Under capitalism, the argument goes, it's every man for himself. Through the relentless pursuit of self-interest, everyone benefits, as if an invisible hand were guiding each of us toward the common good. Everyone should accordingly try to get as much as they can, not only for their goods but also for their labour. Whatever the market price is is, in turn, what the buyer should pay. Just like the idea that there should be a minimum wage, the idea that there should be a maximum wage seems to unde...
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Capitalism is killing the world’s wildlife populations, not ‘humanity’

The latest Living Planet report from the WWF makes for grim reading: a 60% decline in wild animal populations since 1970, collapsing ecosystems, and a distinct possibility that the human species will not be far behind. The report repeatedly stresses that humanity's consumption is to blame for this mass extinction, and journalists have been quick to amplify the message. The Guardian headline reads “Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations", while the BBC runs with “Mass wildlife loss caus...
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Slavoj Žižek: Trump's rise is a symptom of a dark and subtle force

Slavoj Žižek and British political writer Owen Jones recently spoke about American politics, the left and global capitalism.Žižek sees the success of President Donald Trump as proof that the left needs a major overhaul.Žižek said one positive aspect of Trump's presidency could be the rise of a new movement on the left.The crucial battle in American politics today is what's happening within the Democratic Party, not what's happening against President Donald Trump, according to the philosopher and...
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Left has lost contact with 'working-class people,' argues philosopher Slavoj Žižek

Slavoj Žižek and British political writer Owen Jones recently spoke about American politics, the left and global capitalism.Žižek sees the success of President Donald Trump as proof that the left needs a major overhaul.Žižek said one positive aspect of Trump's presidency could be the rise of a new movement on the left.The crucial battle in American politics today is what's happening within the Democratic Party, not what's happening against President Donald Trump, according to the philosopher and...
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The Vampire: a New History – review

Author: Nick Groom First published: 2018 Contains spoilers The blurb : An authoritative new history of the vampire, two hundred years after it first appeared on the literary scene Published to mark the bicentenary of John Polidori's publication of The Vampyre, Nick Groom's detailed new account illuminates the complex history of the iconic creature. The vampire first came to public prominence in the early eighteenth century, when Enlightenment science collided with Eastern European folklore and...
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DHH on a calm writing process, #blessings, and late-stage capitalism

DHH is back on the Rework podcast this week for the second half of our interview about his and Jason Fried’s new book, It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work. (Here’s the first part in case you missed it.) In this episode, David talks about taking a calm approach to writing and marketing the book. Also, Wailin gets him to say #blessed (kind of) and has some anxiety about late-stage capitalism. We all get through it together! We’re stil...
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Tech stocks (and the stock market) are tanking thanks to rising interest rates

Tech stocks tanked today amid a broader stock market slide as nervous investors worried that the 10-year bull run in public stocks may be coming to an end. The S&P 500 dropped 3.3 percent while Nasdaq composite index (which is the market where many of the largest U.S. tech companies are traded) lost 4 percent of its value, falling 315.97 points. The net result is that the hand of the market is crushing stocks and high-growth technology companies are bearing the brunt of the beating. A few points...
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Dystopia: an update

True aficionados of the earthly apocalypse cannot fail to have noted the deepening pessimism in discourses on what is often euphemistically referred to as “climate change”, but what should be designated “environmental catastrophe”. The Paris Agreement of 2015 conceded the need to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, albeit without binding nations to either achieve this specific target or impose specific binding targets in turn on the worst offenders, namely the fossil fuel industries. By...
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‘Service included?’: tipping in the 19th and early 20th century London restaurant

If the letters and commentary sections of national newspapers are anything to go by, the question of whether, and how much, to tip is a source of vexation for restaurant patrons in early 21st century London. There has also been more recent criticism of proprietors not passing on tips to their wait staff. These concerns were no less prevalent in the Victorian and Edwardian period, and produced an intense discussion that encompassed diners, proprietors, and waiters. Tipping in the late 19th and ea...
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Book review: Postcapitalism, by Paul Mason

Every time I go into a bookshop, I see this book blinking at me from the shelves: Postcapitalism – A Guide to our Future, by Paul Mason, a writer and former economics editor for Channel 4 News. I probably ought to read that at some point, I tell myself, before picking up something else. But […]
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Wow, This Video Is Truly a Metaphor for Our Times

Gaze if you will upon this iconic viral video. If you haven’t seen it before: great, welcome. If you have: great, welcome, it’s time to see it anew with fresh, 2018 eyes.Read more...
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Poo as Good Business

Talk about nothing wasted. Behold the founding story, which reads more like a creation myth, of Poo~Pourri. A 40-year old woman from Jonesboro, Arkansas declares her second bankruptcy. Conventional “rules” of success did not work for her life. To heal she renounces the world of commerce and takes two-year spiritual quest, experimenting with alternative healing ...
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Capitalism isn’t broken. It’s been high-jacked.

We live in tense times. In our era even seen systemic and corporate fraud at SkyTel, Enron, and others. We’ve watched our tax dollars bail out many of the largest banks and insurance companies. We’ve witnessed a huge economic shift that favors the very wealthy and minimizes the Middle Class. We’ve wondered why CEO pay ...
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After (Post)colonial Tragedy – The Aesthetics of Eco-Planetary Futurity

Below is the abstract of a paper I will be giving at the ‘Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2018’ conference in Shanghai next week. I’ve been interested in ecological and environmental issues for a long time. In the 1980s I thought … Continue reading →
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Does the Church Teach Distributism?

Distributism is usually known as an economic theory advanced primarily by Hilaire Belloc and G. K. Chesterton. They themselves, however, claimed that this theory was rooted in the social teaching of the Church, especially Rerum Novarumand Quadragesimo Anno, the Church’s first two major social encyclicals. Distributism remains controversial, as many people accuse it of advocating for an altered form of socialism. Rather, it has been put forward as a mean between the extremes of Communism, which e...
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Beholder Halfway #12 – Black Study Group: Notes on Music and Money

An ‘audio essay’ that I was involved in producing as part of the Black Study Group (London). It was originally made for Paul Rekret –  Beholder Halfway series for Resonance Extra FM. Paul Rekret investigates the intersections of politics and … Continue reading →
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