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Save the Sale – CAR Infographic

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A Roundup Of The Most Intriguing Travel Tech From CES 2019

 The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is over 3.2 million square feet (297,200 sq. meters) of the most current, upcoming, and concept technology, brands and startups alike want to share with the world. There were a lot of travel products at CES 2019 and starting in the first part of this video series, you can see the emphasis on wearables and enhancing experiences on the road. Check out the video above for the second part of my visit to CES or read on for the most useful inventi...
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EVs and online marketplaces thrive despite slump in Chinese car sales

China’s massive auto market hit the brakes last year as trade tensions and a softening economy dampened consumer confidence, but one segment soared on account of increasing internet penetration — used car sales. New passenger car sales fell to 23.7 million last year, representing a 4.1 year-over-year drop according to a new report by China’s Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the country’s top auto association. That marks the very first annual decline in the world’s biggest car market sinc...
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Amazon Adds 1 Million Reasons Not To Use Your Car Radio

Amazon is bringing Alexa voice control to the car. Announced in September, the Echo Auto is finally shipping to the more than one million drivers that pre-ordered it. To boost sales farther, the Echo Auto is on sale for $24.99, a 50% savings. Add free Spotify and TuneIn accounts and any advantage held by broadcast radio and SiriusXM virtually disappears.   ''“We had over a million [pre-order] requests,”. Amazon Alexa VP Steve Rabuchin said at CES. “Now, we’re just starting to ship....
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Mobileye is using its sensors to create detailed maps of the UK

Mobileye, the Israeli-based automotive sensor company acquired by Intel in 2017, is leveraging the huge amounts of data it can collect to help build precise maps of the UK’s roads and infrastructure. The company announced at CES 2019 that it has reached an agreement with Ordnance Survey to help the UK mapping agency bring high-precision location data to businesses in the country. Under the agreement, Mobileye’s sensors will be retrofitted onto Ordnance’s utility fleets to collect volumes o...
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Choosing a Home – The Essentials (CAR Infographic)

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The Stress of Surprise Repairs – CAR Infographic

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Auto marketplace CarDekho grabs $110M to double down on insurance and financial services

CarDekho, an online marketplace for car sales in India, has pulled in a new $110 million Series C funding round from a clutch of existing investors to push deeper into financial services and insurance. Sequoia India, Hillhouse and Alphabet’s CapitalG led the round which also saw participation from Axis Bank, one of CarDekho’s financing partners. [Update] The company confirmed that the deals gives it a valuation of $400-$500 million, that’s in line with a report from Economic Times one mon...
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How To Ensure You’ll Always Find A Parking Spot In America’s Busiest Cities

  The only thing worse than bad traffic is having to look for parking in a busy city but some destinations are just close enough that it’s faster to drive than deal with airports or you’ve got an occasion bringing you to downtown. Whatever the reason, searching for parking can be a frustrating, stressful, and time-consuming quest but there is an app that solves all those problems. One Day Before The free app SpotHero (available for Android and iOS) let’s you search and reserve a parking s...
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Research Used Cars Online: 5 Great Sites

People research (and buy) everything online, from simple household items like laundry detergent to more complex items like electronics. But what about cars? Buying a used car online may seem like a stretch, but researching used cars is a no-brainer. You’ll be empowered by all of the information you’ve collected and by the time you arrive at the dealership, you’ll be ready to make a deal. If you’re in the market, research used cars online. There are many sites available to you, and we’ve included...
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Keep Your Feet Off The Car Dashboard To Avoid Gruesome Airbag Injuries

It’s a fairly common sight, particularly on highways to see someone in the passenger seat of a car have their feet up on the dashboard. Few worry about the consequences of being involved in one of the 3,400 car accidents that happen daily, but it’s actually the device designed to keep you safe that can (literally) destroy your legs. Here’s why you should never put your feet up on the car’s dashboard, if you’re not entirely convinced already. Airbags Faster Than You Car airbags are designed to d...
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Tesla Will Soon Be Able to Self-Drive from Home to Work and Obey Traffic Lights

Tesla’s self-driving autopilot is already testing driving with traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts. Your Tesla will soon be able to go from your garage at home to parking at work with no... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Clear Snow Off Your Car With a Leaf Blower

Winter is no longer coming, it’s here, but for some reason we still have to leave the house. If you’re dreading the work it will take to make your car drivable, here’s a relatively easy snow-clearing method.Read more...
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How to Give Back by Tipping Your Auto Mechanic

Here in the U.S. we tip waitstaff at restaurants, baristas when we get coffee and valets when they park our cars. Because these are common situations, we don’t think twice about tipping and even give a bit more during the holiday season. What about less common situations, like when you have your car serviced? It is nice to let your auto mechanic know that you appreciate their hard work, especially during the holidays. There are no hard and fast rules about tipping mechanics. Here are a few thi...
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Here Are 10 Great Gifts For Your Car Lover

Shopping for a car geek? We’ve got your back with a list of 10 great gifts for the car lover in your life: Amazon Alexa Echo Auto Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has taken the world by storm, and at the forefront is the Amazon Alexa product line.  If you drive a car that is past its warranty, chances are that you probably don’t have the most up-to-date infotainment system at your disposal. Echo Auto brings the power of Alexa to your car! Echo Auto can connect to any car th...
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4 Tips to Get Your Car Ready to Win Black Friday

Thanksgiving is in its final hours and now we’re on to the most wonderful time of the year! At least that’s how some people feel. The holiday season officially begins with the annual shopping brawl universally known as Black Friday.  To win Black Friday, you need a strategy. And that includes your vehicle. Before you head out, here are some tips to get your car ready to help you win the day: Be prepared for anything with a full tank of gas It’s hard to get up early, and you may end up running ...
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Don’t Go Solo – CAR Infographic

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Why you might want to tip your mechanic after work on your car

Here in the U.S., we tip at restaurants, hair salons and when we use a valet to park our car.  It is nice to let your mechanic know that appreciate their hard work, especially during the holiday season.  Some situations aren’t as common and it’s tough to know whether to provide a tip. Which leads us to wonder, do you tip your mechanic? There are no hard and fast rules about tipping mechanics, so here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision.    Do you go to the same mecha...
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The Best Things To Do In Las Vegas (That Aren’t Gambling Or Drinking)

 Las Vegas has been very successful in marketing itself as the world’s debauchery capital but for people who like being in nature, adventure, and local travel experiences, it’s one of the most interesting cities you can visit. Feel free to add the following to your gambling debt, beer, or sober savings as you wish. These are the best things to do in Las Vegas, whether you like casinos or not. 1. Hoover Dam Let’s start small with the massive Hoover Dam, a story and engineering feat not to b...
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Biomega’s car is the most minimal automobile aesthetic ever!

With a car body that literally looks and feels like a chassis, Biomega’s SIN CUV looks (and is) minimal for a reason. Efficiency.In a bid to maximize the car’s ability to transport humans from A to B, the car strips itself of everything unnecessary, probably redefining what we think of as automobiles in the process. The incredibly minimal and lightweight build of this car improves its range, minimizing battery consumption.The SIN CUV (crossover utility vehicle) seats four passengers, giving th...
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Tesla Autopilot used to remotely switch parking spots

A Tesla owner used the current autonomous driving and parking capabilities to remotely change parking spots. With Smart Summon, the Tesla car can navigate more complex environments and parking... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Pandora, Deezer, iHeart, TuneIn now playing on your drives with Waze

Your drives just got a whole lot more musical with Waze who have added 7 new music partners so that there is never a dull moment on your journeys. Waze have been helping people to get where they’re going for over 10 years and with their latest partners they’re helping people to enjoy the journey even more. Soundtrack your journey with 7 different music streaming services now built in to Waze’s app so that listening to music whilst navigating your journey is seamless and most importantly safe. ...
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Concept Cars That Never Made It: Vol. 2

Concept Cars That Never Made It is a five-part series that documents production concept automobiles from years and eras ago. Some are bewildering, while others are beautiful, and the only thing common between them is the fact that somewhere down the line, these concepts remained just figments of imagination and creative spirit, and never saw the light of day. Check out the ongoing series here.Holden Hurricane (1969) Unveiled back in 1969, the Hurricane was Australian carmaker (and a GM-owned bra...
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How To Get The Best Deal On A Used Car

For busy moms, buying a used car can be simultaneously stressful and exciting. The market is packed with plenty of cool and affordable car options, but the prospect of dealing with salesmen while avoiding a bad deal can be anxiety-inducing. However, if you are armed with a better understanding of what you should be looking for, where you should be looking, and how you should be approaching negotiation, can actually make the process—believe it or not—enjoyable.  Buying doesn’t have to be st...
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CHRO Turns 75 … and Looks to the Future

Yesterday I had the opportunity (along with my fellow Shipman & Goodwin partner Peter Murphy) to speak as part of the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities’ (CHRO) 75th Anniversary celebration. The panel — The Barriers to Employment Legal Update and Panel Discussion  — was chock full of the types of insights, data and analyses that is so often overlooked in this Twitter generation. We spent a good 90 minutes talking about the changes that have been going on at the CHRO and talked about wh...
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