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Ski atop the worlds cleanest waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen

Six years after breaking ground, CopenHill — a waste-to-energy plant topped with a year-round ski slope — is officially open, marking a major milestone in Copenhagen’s journey to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025. Bjarke Ingels Group, SLA, AKT, Lüchinger+Meyer, MOE and Rambøll designed the new architectural landmark that they describe as the cleanest waste-to-energy plant in the world. The building includes an environmental education hub as well as a landscaped roof for urba...
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Old Paris railway site will transform into a carbon-neutral ecosystem neighborhood

An abundance of green will soon take over the heart of Paris with the transformation of the city’s old railway site, Ordener-Poissonniers, into a lush 3.7-hectare “ecosystem neighborhood.” The mixed-use masterplan will be spearheaded by Danish landscape architecture practice SLA and French architecture firm BIECHER ARCHITECTES, who won an international competition with the “Jardin Mécano” (“Mechanical Garden”) proposal for a sustainable urban development emphasizing bioclimatic design. In additi...
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Sono Motors self-charging solar electric car will feature an air-purifying moss interior

German mobility startup Sono Motors recently unveiled the first interior renderings for the Sion, a fully electric vehicle with full-surface solar integration that will feature a strip of air-purifying moss inside. Designed for autonomous charging using solar power, the Sion will be integrated with a smart system to monitor the vehicle’s solar range and energy consumption. Series production is set to begin in the second half of next year with a total of 260,000 vehicles produced for the European...
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Scalable, low cost technologies needed to repair climate, Cambridge professor suggests

Cambridge University has proposed setting up a research center tasked with coming up with scalable technological fixes for climate change. The proposed Center for Climate Repair is being co-ordinated by David King, an emeritus professor in physical chemistry at the university and also the UK government’s former chief scientific adviser. Speaking to the BBC this morning King suggested the scale of the challenge now facing humanity to end  greenhouse gas emissions is so pressing that radical optio...
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Porsche Introduces Biomass Electric Plants To Heat and Power Zuffenhausen Operations

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Los Angeles Has a Green New Deal of Its Own – No ICE Vehicles by 2050

The last decade is littered with announcements from cities, provinces, and states from across the globe, promising to ban internal combustion vehicles by a predetermined date. While the rules and timelines vary quite a bit, the locations are relatively consistent. China and Europe are the most eager to adopt a zero-emission strategy, with California doing […] The post Los Angeles Has a Green New Deal of Its Own – No ICE Vehicles by 2050 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Amazon Prime members can choose a weekly delivery date with launch of ‘Amazon Day’

Amazon this morning launched a new delivery option for Prime members that will allow them to control when their orders arrive, Amazon Day. The option lets shoppers pick a day of the week to take delivery of their recent orders. The boxes arrive together on the selected Amazon Day in fewer boxes, the company says, which makes deliveries more predictable. The move clearly benefits Amazon by reducing the number of deliveries drivers have to make to the same address, while positioning the opti...
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Articulate Marketing is now carbon neutral

Here at Articulate, we’re all about taking responsibility for our actions. This is why we’re over the moon to announce that we are now officially carbon neutral. [Author: [email protected] (Paul Morton)]
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Amazon aims to make half of its shipments carbon neutral by 2030

Perhaps hoping to distract from Greenpeace’s latest report on its “dirty cloud, Amazon this morning announced a new environmental commitment, focused on reducing its carbon footprint. The company says it aims to reach 50 percent of all Amazon shipments with net zero carbon by 2030. The company is calling this program “Shipment Zero.” Details on this long-term project weren’t yet available, but Amazon says it plans to share its company-wide carbon footprint “along with related goals and programs,...
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Carbon-neutral Costa Rica by 2021

Costa Rica is showing the world what a committed climate policy actually looks like. The country wants to be the first to go completely single-use plastic– and carbon-free, hoping to reach that goal as early as 2021. And so far, it’s doing pretty well. It’s already started by banning all single-use plastics in 2017 and has launched a national campaign to replace these plastics for biodegradable or water-soluble alternatives, or products made of renewable materials. Strides toward carbon neut...
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Carbon-neutral home in Australia conceals its energy efficiency with minimalist design

Perth-based firm Whispering Smith has unveiled a beautiful, concrete home that combines the best of brutalist architecture with sustainable materials. Built on a very compact infill lot outside of Perth, House A is an affordable and carbon-neutral home that was built with concrete, reclaimed brick, solar power and an underground water collection system. The 753-square-foot home was strategically designed to make the maximum use out of limited building space. Where many architects would have ta...
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Historic Luxembourg building is metamorphosed into an eco-friendly powerhouse

Paris-based Vincent Callebaut Architectures has placed first in POST Luxembourg’s international design competition with its chrysalis-inspired vision for transforming the telecommunication company’s historic headquarters building into a carbon-neutral city landmark. Dubbed the Metamorphosis of the Hotel des Postes, the winning design includes nearly 120,000 square feet of mixed-use space comprising housing, co-working, retail, a brewery, restaurant and a permaculture rooftop garden. Although th...
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Germany premieres the first hydrogen-powered train in the world

At last, the world’s first hydrogen-powered trains have made their global debut in the northern countryside of Germany. As of Monday, two Coradia iLint locomotives have been transporting passengers back and forth to the towns of Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervoerde and Buxtehude, just west of Hamburg. The efficient trains were produced by French transportation engineers at Alstom, the same manufacturers who amazed the world in the early 1980s with the world-record-setting bullet train. While the...
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Natural Habitat Adventures launches world's first zero-waste vacations

In a travel-industry first, Natural Habitat Adventures is spearheading a zero-waste vacation package. The groundbreaking trip will take place in summer 2019, when 14 travelers will visit Yellowstone National Park from July 6-12. The Safari America: Yellowstone Country adventurers will explore the sustainable travel industry as well as refusing, recycling, composting, upcycling and reusing at least 99 percent of all waste produced during the trip. Natural Habitat Adventures hopes to avoid landfi...
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This eco-hotel in Costa Rica will be completely solar-powered by 2019

Good news for travelers who want all the comforts of a hotel, but without the accompanying carbon footprint: Cala Luna, a luxury hotel in Costa Rica, provides a green retreat that’s about to get even greener. While Cala Luna has already attracted attention for its sustainability efforts, the hotel has launched new initiatives that will make it completely solar-powered and carbon-neutral by 2019. Related to: Repurposed cargotecture dwellings keep naturally cool in Costa Rica Cala Luna was one o...
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United Nations recognizes first-ever carbon-neutral soccer club

The Forest Green Rovers, a Gloucestershire-based team in the English Football League that prides itself as “the world’s greenest football club,” has been recognized by the United Nations carbon-neutral – a world first. The team joined the Football League last year in its first-ever debut in the 129-year history of the club and is part of Britain’s League Two. In addition to receiving the prestigious UN designation, the professional soccer club has signed up for the United Nations Framework Conv...
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At NeoCon 2018: Visual Code By Interface

Visual Code by Interface combines “glitch graphics and technicolor circuitry with simple textures.” The line of 10 styles offers subtle and bold patterns in neutral and saturated colors. Daring options include Static Lines, Hard Drive, and Circuit Board. Circuit Board, which features kinetic lines, comes in exciting colors like Magenta, Red, Purple, Teal, and Yellow. Static Lines and Hard Drive are available in modern neutrals including Pewter and Lead. Designed by David Oakey, Visual Code car...
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Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects wins bid for carbon-neutral Solvay HQ in Brussels

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has won an international competition for the design of global chemical company Solvay’s new sustainable headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Created in collaboration with local firm Modulo Architects and VK Engineers, the winning proposal beat out designs from top firms including the likes of OMA, Valode & Pistre and Henning Larsen. The green campus is expected to be certified BREEAM Excellent and will be powered with a mix of renewable energy resources, including...
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Hawaii serious about climate change

Hawaii isn’t the easiest destination for most Americans to reach, but here’s a reason you can feel better about flying over there: the state just pledged to be completely carbon neutral by 2045. The state’s legislature approved two bills to both develop a plan to reach the goal, known as Bill 2182, and to enact emission-offsetting programs throughout the state, known as Bill 1986. In addition to serving as a reason to toast over a fruity, beachside cocktail, this announcement catapults Hawaii...
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Lyft going carbon neutral

Getting home from the bar or work, or from the airport to your hotel, just got a little bit greener. Ride-hailing company Lyft announced in April that the company will begin buying carbon offsets for all of its rides around the world — a huge step in making private transportation a more sustainable endeavor. For each Lyft ride taken, a small donation will be made to environmental groups or efforts in the vehicle manufacturing process aimed at reducing total emissions. Lyft co-founder and Presi...
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Lyft is making all their rides carbon neutral

If you use ride-sharing services but still worry about their impact on the environment, Lyft has got you covered. The company has just announced that it will invest millions of dollars to offset its carbon emissions. Co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green said in a blog post that the ridesharing company will become “one of the world’s largest voluntary purchasers of carbon offsets” as they make all their trips carbon neutral from now on. According to Zimmer and Green, while all cars will be cl...
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Helsinki unveils plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2035

Finland’s capital city has unveiled a new plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2035, accelerating the goal by 15 years. The plan, called Carbon Neutral Helsinki 2035, outlines 143 specific actions that will result in reduced energy consumption and a greater share of renewable energy sources. In a press release, city officials said, “Helsinki’s definition of carbon neutrality is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated within the city borders by 80% and to offset the rest.” The Nordic city ...
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Finland looks to “Finnish” first in biofuels

As temperatures across much of the Eastern United States have been unbearably and dangerously low thanks to a bomb cyclone and scary sounding meteorological talk, we look to Finland – where temperatures are surprisingly warmer than much of the Eastern U.S. and biofuels are being adopted by cities left and right. So grab a blanket and some hot cocoa as we delve into some of Finland’s most notable recent biofuel developments – just try not to get too jealous of their warmer weather and biofuel lo...
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Carbon-neutral Caring Wood wins RIBA award for best new house in the UK

A modern, carbon-neutral take on the traditional English country house in Kent has won the Royal Institution of British Architects’ House of the Year award. Designed by James MacDonald Wright and Niall Maxwell, the rural dwelling called Caring Wood was praised for its eco-friendly design and multigenerational design—properties that RIBA president Ben Derbyshire believes are among the many ideas displayed at Caring Wood that will “influence UK housing for many years to come.” Designed for three...
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Evian’s Carbon-Neutral New HQ Signals Danone Eco-Transformation

Evian, the world’s leader in natural mineral water, has unveiled a state-of-the-art bottling plant that’s 100% powered by renewable energy. Part of a €280 million ($336 million) investment with a 2020 goal to go carbon-neutral and modernize Evian’s production facilities in France, it’s also the country’s largest food production site, as parent company Danone points out. The new @evianwater site is the largest food production site in France to achieve carbon neutral status. #OnePlanetOneHealth p...
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Why Volcanic Water Is Better for You! Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Is Named # 2 of Premium Water Brands

Do you know that there are differences in bottled waters? Of course you do! That’s why you (and I) have been buying alkaline waters. However finding the best alkaline water is more than just finding a bottle of it. You want to find the most natural alkaline water so that your body uses it efficiently […]
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Sweden passes law to become carbon neutral by 2045

Sweden just took a huge step towards becoming even greener than it already is. A new law passed by the country’s parliament will slash carbon emissions all the way down to zero by 2045. The move makes Sweden the first country to upgrade its carbon goals since the 2015 Paris Agreement. A cross-party committee prepared the law, which then passed with an overwhelming majority, bringing the goal to become carbon neutral from 2050 down to 2045, and puting in place an independent Climate Policy Coun...
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Solar-powered English country house offsets all its CO2 emissions

Three generations live under one roof in this sustainably minded home that breaks from the norm of the picturesque English countryside. Macdonald Wright Architects and Rural Office for Architecture designed the multigenerational home, called the Caring Wood House, that’s powered by solar and uses as little energy as possible. Topped with angular rooflines that reference the region’s hop-drying oast towers, this modern and energy-efficient estate was created as “a carbon neutral response to clim...
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Former industrial district in Finland to be transformed into an eco-friendly innovation hub

The Finnish city of Tampere just declared Schauman & Norgren Architects and Mandaworks the winners of an international competition for the redesign of Hiedanranta, a former industrial district. The 250-hectare masterplan, named Hiedanranta Innovation Bay, prescribes carbon neutral development to deal with the rapidly growing population. The design will be sensitive to the site’s industrial heritage and the natural lakeshore environment. Located northwest of the city of Tampere, Hiedanranta In...
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Finland may be the first country to completely ban coal

Canada and France both recently announced they plan to stop using coal, but Finland may beat them both to become the first country in the world to ban coal. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy released a statement announcing the country aims to stop using coal during the 2020s. The ultimate goal is to go carbon neutral, maybe even as soon as 2050. Right now, Finland receives 10 percent of its energy from coal and 40 percent from fossil fuels. But the country's hoping to turn those stat...
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