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How to Add a Travel Career Break to Your Resume

The idea of taking a career gap to travel – especially mid-career rather than at the beginning – has conjured up negative assumptions among employers. Sometimes taking a career gap can create the illusion that the individual in question is trying to ‘escape’ or is ‘taking a step back’. While employers’ attitudes towards career break travel are changing, some of these misconceptions still linger. As career-break travelers, we need to be the ones to start showing how this unique personal developme...
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How Taking a Travel Break Ruined My Career

One of my lifelong goals has always been to travel the world. Ideally, this would be on company dime because for many years, I simply couldn’t afford to do it on my own. Spending most of my career as a consultant (and loving my work), I hoped to one day find a contract that would require travel abroad. 2016 was a brutal year for me, personally and professionally. So, when my contract ended abruptly in late November (a couple of days before Thanksgiving – go figure), I decided this was my opportu...
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Why a Travel Break Can Be the Best Career Move You’ll Ever Make

Career breaks and sabbaticals have finally been gaining steam in countries like the United States, where even as recently as a decade ago they were thought of as career suicide. Organizations like Meet, Plan, Go! are at the forefront of these changes, inspiring people who think a career break couldn’t possibly work for them. No matter what your personal situation is at this time, there is always a reason not to embark on a drastic life change like this. It’s scary, frightening, and it’s easy to ...
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Check Out What 3 Out of 4 Millennials Are Planning to Do with Their Careers

While much has been made of millennials’ tendency to job hop, there’s another career trajectory they’re embracing: The Break. In fact, one survey found that an astonishing three-quarters of American millennials see themselves taking a career break at some point … [Read more...] The post Check Out What 3 Out of 4 Millennials Are Planning to Do with Their Careers appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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How to make the most of your career break…with Daniel Walker [PODCAST EP 24]

If you’re a mum – or dad – returning to work after some time off looking after a new baby, or you’ve taken a study break, a gap year or any other kind of break in your career, you’ll love this episode. My guest for today’s show is the co-author of an e-book called Mind the Career Gap which is filled with simple solutions for making your career gap work for you. Prior to writing the book, Daniel Walker spent seven years as a Careers Adviser, helping jobseekers successfully make the transition bac...
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