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Is It Unethical to Have Pets?

Sometimes people ask me about my stance on pets, so I’ll share that in this post. My family had a pet when I was growing up – a rabbit named Cinnamon. Sometimes it roamed freely around the backyard, while other times they kept it in a large cage. I wasn’t the rabbit’s main caregiver. At another time my first wife and I got a kitten. I don’t recall the exact year, but I think it was before we were married. We didn’t have the kitten long though. I found out that I was allergic to cats, so we...
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Control in Life and Career

I need control. In recent chats with my wife I’ve been thinking about what I want is control. In my recent blog posts I talk about switching from “job security,” where you give control to your employer, to “income security,” where you do things to give you more control. Ironically, at the end of the day, we can’t control much.  Cancer can knock out all of your plans (and finances). Death can shatter your world. And too many of us know, job loss can dismantle everything. Stephen Covey talks about...
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Inviting Disappointment

If you’re active in online discussions, remember to invite discussions on topics that interest you. Don’t just post memes or trivial updates about your life. Don’t just read or respond to other people’s topics. Actually invite discussions to explore and advance what interests you. This may expose a weak social circle or a weak platform. You may feel resistance to inviting such discussions because you know a certain social circle isn’t up to the task. Maybe you’ve tested this a few times...
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Essential Tech Tools for Your HR Department

Your HR team needs to juggle with a wide range of duties, data, and paperwork that eat up a lot of their time. Fortunately, sophisticated technologies can facilitate their lives. By automating manual tasks, such as candidate screening, managing payroll, or collecting employee feedback, your HR department can finally focus on more complex and creative aspects of their jobs.   Here are a few essential HR tech tools you should invest in right now.   Image 1 –  Tech Tools for HR Department, Source...
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Socrates and Your Job Search

In your job search you must question assumptions, find new ways of doing things, and consistently find new ways to search. You will be better off the more you seek out and adopt new job search... By Harrison Barnes
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How to Prepare for Rising Stress Ahead

When a big storm is forecast to come our way, Katie, my wife, starts to plan ahead, just in case we lose power: non-perishable food in the pantry (check), flashlights with working batteries (check), gas in the car (check), some cash on hand (check). She reminds family members to charge up their phones and laptops. The havoc the storm may, or may not, cause is unknown but she has taken proactive steps to get us through. If you travel by air, you’re acquainted with the standard safety instructio...
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Sexual and Virtuous

Yesterday Rachelle and I watched an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise where the crew goes into the Dark Mirror universe. This alternative universe shows up in multiple Star Trek series and novels. All the characters have identical looking mirror versions with different personalities and values. It’s a place of violence, belligerence, war, and conquest. Imagine waking up in a reality with all the same people, but almost everyone is openly evil. One way to advance in this world is to kill a supe...
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Stop Punishing Yourself

Punishment and how you react to it are important determinants of your success. Never put yourself in a position where you cannot be forgiven and move on. Guilt leads to self-punishment, which is... By Harrison Barnes
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The Baseline of Order

I live in a gated community with fairly strict standards that all homes have to follow. Anyone who wants to live in the neighborhood must contractually agree to these standards. If anyone falls short of them, they’ll get a letter from the community management association with a request to bring their property up to standard. If they don’t comply, the community association has the authority to fine them and to seek other remedies. We’re not even allowed to park our own cars on the street, only...
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Happiness, Desire, and the Key to Life

While everyone’s respective wishes motivate them, their fulfillment seldom brings anyone happiness. Don’t perpetually chase after the next goal, but instead learn to love what you do; when you reach... By Harrison Barnes
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Appreciation Density

In the past 11 weeks, I’ve lost an average of 1.15 pounds per week, mainly just by logging what I eat. This simple practice has helped me tweak and adjust my meal choices even though I’m still eating the same foods as I was previously. I’m eating less food in terms of calories, but my current diet is actually more satisfying than before. Since there’s no sense of restriction or deprivation, it’s frictionless to maintain this approach. Let’s say that the appreciation density of a meal is your ...
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How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of Working From Home and Grow Your Career

Telecommuting, remote employment, working from home – whatever you call it, it’s gaining in popularity across all occupations. However, working from home can hold some traps, particularly for beginners. Telecommuting comes with its own special challenges, such as isolation or the lack of proper workspace. With time, these obstacles typically lead to burnout, frustration, and low productivity. How to avoid the most common pitfalls of working remotely? Is it even possible for remote employees to...
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How Entrepreneurs Can Use Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance, also known as reverse factoring, links the seller, the buyer and the financing party to improve business cash flow on all sides. How Supply Chain Financing Works In leveraging supply chain finance, suppliers sell outstanding receivables to financial institutions to accelerate payment of receivables and extend payment flexibility to customers. Once the supplier sends an invoice to the buyer, the buyer confirms to the financial institution that the invoice is approved and t...
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Confront Problems and Do Not Be a Dabbler

Do not be a dabbler, or someone who turns away in the face of stress; the secret to long-term happiness is to instead confront and push through these stress factors. Do not be discouraged by... By Harrison Barnes
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How to Extract 5-10x More Value From Your Personal Growth Investments

We’re used to thinking about “receiving value” as a passive endeavor most of the time. We expect items and services that we purchase to provide value to us. We pay the price up front, and then we feel entitled to just relax and enjoy the value we’ve purchased. It’s easy to expect that if you spend the money, your purchase should cough up its full value to you. I paid for you. Now give me what I’m owed. But only some parts of life work that way, like if you buy and enjoy a nice latte. Buyin...
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How To: Hiding Reserved Lines When using Email2Log

I’ve had a couple people ask me recently how to hide the “reserved lines” when they send an email to someone and use the amazing Email2Log feature in JibberJobber. Email2WHUT? When you use Email2Log, you send an email to someone and bcc the JibberJobber server. JibberJobber takes the email and will create a Log Entry for every recipient of the email. For example, when you email a recruiter a follow-up and use Email2Log, it will find that recruiter’s record and make a Log Entry out of your emai...
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You Ask, I Answer: Long-Term Career Planning?

Heidi asks, “ published a list of top 10 careers to stay employed through 2030 including Socially Distanced Office Designer and Virtual Events Planner. What do you make of their predictions?” The careers listed are too short term. They’re pandemic-centric, and while the pandemic will be with us for a couple of years, it won’t […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Long-Term Career Planning? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn - Marketing Data Science Keynote Speaker.
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More Automation is Coming! Bulletproof Your Career

Guest post from Edward D. Hess: Everyone knows that jobs have been automated over the last 20 years. But the number of those automated jobs will be a small number compared to what is coming over the next 10 years. The continuing advancement and convergence of artificial intelligence, bio-technology, nanotechnology, virtual and augmented reality, quantum computing, and Big Data will automate millions of jobs in the United States. Not just manufacturing jobs but also service jobs, knowl...
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Managers Need To Learn How To Move Slower

Is it possible that slowing down may help you to be more successful? Image Credit: katiedee47 As managers we always want to find ways to use our manager skills to get more things done. Our to-do lists just seem to keep getting longer and people are always asking us to accomplish more things in less time. Our bosses are willing to send us to manager training where we’ll learn how to look like we are working hard even if we may not be producing as much as we should be. Managers need t...
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Top 8 Things You Must Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Everyone experiences ups and downs in their lives. Every problem and struggle you go through in your life is an opportunity to improve, to become stronger and to help others (and yourself). Use the... By Harrison Barnes
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Gathering For a Visit

Come sit with me in the cool shade of afternoon; thankfully I have a covered deck where we can distance safely as we visit. It's been a long hot summer and the best we can say for it is that we are still connected, still able to exchange ideas and kindnesses. But first the garden. John has been so busy. Too busy for his age but he doesn't let that slow him down. Be careful of the stakes out here. And honeybees. Everything else is good. Help yourself to ripe figs, blackberries, anythi...
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The art of the Covid career: string together thoughts while you homeschool

I am in between one son practicing his cello and one son writing his college essays. After ten years of homeschooling while being the breadwinner, my parent intuition tells me one kid is only going through the motions. On a good day I could say, “What are you doing?” Rather than answer, “Wasting my life in a state of inattentiveness and fooling no one,” the checked-out boy would visibly check back in. Today is not a good day. The older son thinks nothing in his whole life has transformed him ...
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Executive Hiring Trends: Venture Capital Series C – July 27-29, 2020

To get reports like these, set up a Google Alert with the topic “venture capital series c funding.” Learn how my clients use this information to create interviews here by going direct using LinkedIn here. Draper Esprit sells remaining stake in TransferWise for €19.8m Dublin and London-listed venture capital firm Draper Esprit has sold […]
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Caring vs Pretending to Care

One is a squishy, emotional, heartfelt hug with bright, shining smiles. The other is a grayscale photocopy of a hug photo. Visually they’re both easily identifiable as hugs. Experientially they’re vastly different, and when given, they land very differently with the receiver. Pretending to care can still lead to a contribution, albeit one bereft of dimensionality. Some people may semi-appreciate the gesture, perhaps seeing it as a better than nothing. You may get a few pats on the back,...
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Project Hope: The Job Search Program #InformationalInterviews

In 2006 I lost my job. It was a devastating experience for me and my family. It drilled into the core of who I was, and how I valued myself. I was afraid of not being able to provide for my family. The stress had long-term impacts on how I think about money, the future, “job security,” etc. Now, 14 years later, I have created a tool for job seekers to help them organize their job search. It is a great tool that I’ve invested 14 years and gobs of money into. Last year, though, I came out with wha...
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Helpers and Non-Helpers

There are two types of people in the world; helpers and non helpers. The more of a helper you are, the more you will succeed and find happiness in life. When you find yourself jealous, angry, and... By Harrison Barnes
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Nexxt Offers Solutions to Help Organizations Enrich Their Talent Databases with Fresh Candidates

Nexxt recently launched its Resume Database Solutions to help companies and staffing firms enhance and enrich their talent databases with fresh candidates. Nexxt’s Resume Database Solutions are designed to help companies make connections with both active and passive job seekers. According to a recent survey, 3 out of 4 of job seekers said they’d like companies to have their resume on file so they are considered for opportunities that become available in the future. For that reason, it doesn’t ma...
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4 Ways to Find a Career You Love

Going through a career crisis? Don’t make the mistake so many people make. Take action to discover four ways to find a career you love now. We discuss how to find a career you love on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion: Are you bored with your career? Do you feel […] The post 4 Ways to Find a Career You Love appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Society’s Warning Signs

Las Vegas doesn’t get a lot of rain – about four inches per year – but when it does rain here, it sometimes comes down in torrents. Homeless people have been known to sleep in the city’s drainage areas and have been been washed away and drowned during heavy rains. My ex-wife was involved in coordinating local search teams to find the bodies. I’ve seen signs posted near these drainage areas, warning of the dangers. But some people either don’t read them or ignore them, and they occasionally lo...
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Getting Referrals from Powerful People (We All Know Someone)

A recommendation from a powerful person can make a huge difference in your job search; a reference from an influential person makes a tremendous difference to a prospective employer, and thus can be... By Harrison Barnes
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