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Sponsored: For women, ‘business casual’ is complicated

Those who feel pressure to prove they deserve to be in the room might be wary of ditching their blazers and pumps.
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JibberJobber: The Case To Import Or Not

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me how to delete a batch import. That is, they imported a batch of contacts from LinkedIn or Gmail Contacts, and then found they had a bunch of garbage in JibberJobber, and wanted to delete all of the contacts from that import all and start over. This happened to me after we did the Gmail Contacts sync, which is really cool in concept, but it dumped hundreds of garbage records into my database. Sadly, I don’t do the Gmail sync anymore… I just don’t want all of ...
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5 Reasons to Pre-Order The Remix Today

The release of my new book, The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in the Multigenerational Workplace, is less than two months away. As the release date edges closer (May 7th! You can pre-order here), I took some time to think about why I believe all professionals need to read this book: There are now an unprecedented […] The post 5 Reasons to Pre-Order The Remix Today appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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Resume Tips for Recent College Grads

There’s a lot of anxiety that comes from graduating from college. Finding a job nowadays is rarely easy, but having a curated, well-planned resume is a big part of the… The post appeared first on
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Sponsored: A mini rant: Your vague emails, texts and DMs waste everyone’s time

The four most egregious types of ambiguous requests — and how to fix them.
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Sponsored: Started a new job for the first time in 20 years, and it’s not going well

After only a few weeks, I am already thinking about quitting.
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The Importance of Discipline

--> One of the most popular misconceptions in the world is that those who end up being the most successful somehow achieve this success through shortcuts, not through working hard. Each time someone is able to achieve incredible success without a lot of work and with some luck, multiple news stories are generated about it and the person becomes almost legendary for their instant success. Why? Because it is so rare and it gives people an incredible amount of hope. People want to feel they can get...
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Sponsored: Why a recent job listing for Epicurious went viral — and not in a good way

What raised a red flag in an otherwise enticing-sounding job posting? The use of the phrase “full-time freelance.”
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Laid-off: I’m Sorry or Congratulations!

For years my wife and I would say that when someone tells us that they are getting laid off we say “congratulations!” This is because this transition could be wonderful things for you. It could mean that you are leaving an environment that you’ve outgrown, that you are positioning yourself for something great to come. That was my situation in 2006 as I was laid off from a toxic environment with a boss who stressed me out all the way to an urgent clinic to see if I was having a heart attack. Alas...
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7 Steps: Strategic Approach to HR that Supports Growth

The importance of a business plan is rarely overlooked. Marketing plans are much the same, with the success of company living or dying with your marketing strategy. Yet not everyone understands the importance of strategic human resource planning, despite it being just as important as these other vital components of your business. After all, HR is necessary for developing and maintaining the best workforce poss...
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Sponsored: A real-life example of how critical allies are for women to reach executive ranks

Promoting people who are different from you may require changing how you talk about their perceived failings.
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Sponsored: What to put in an online application for ‘desired salary’

Q: I applied online for a job I would love to have. Their system required me to submit the salary I’m hoping for, with no way to put in a range or skip the question. I submitted what I thought was a fair wage based on the description of the position, but, frankly, I was […]
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Why To Do Lists work for task management – until they don’t

Having a method of managing your to do list is a vitally important job skill for the Cubicle Warrior. The problem is that word there — manage. I don’t know about you, but I don’t do it very well. The Harvard Business Review just recommending blowing up your to do list altogether. The author offers up […] The post Why To Do Lists work for task management – until they don’t appeared first on Cube Rules.
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The Two Most Important Ingredients of Success

The day after September 11th, I was watching television when an official came on air to comment about the economic crisis that was about to unfold when the stock market opened. “We know that when the market opens it is going to be very bad. We also know that some of the greatest fortunes in a generation will be made over the next few weeks by people who have faith in our economy.” Over the next few years, I started reading all sorts of stories in financial publications about various people who h...
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PB Careers: Culinary Trend Director – Cost Plus World Market

PB Careers: Culinary Trend Director – Cost Plus World Market Alameda, CA 94501 The Culinary Trend Director will play a strategic role in creating and supporting the vision for the Entertaining Merchandising Division, including Food, Beverage and Kitchen/Tabletop departments. This will include inspiring merchant teams with new ideas within a format that can be applied to each department; assisting merchant teams with the reinvention of product categories as needed in order to meet business needs;...
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It Works

How do you obtain that which you desire? Is there a logical answer to this question or are some people simply born lucky? R.H. Jarrett’s book ‘It Works’ walks the reader through a plan of operation that can help you harness the power within. An inspiring read, the book can help you accomplish what you want. –Harrison It Works By R.H. Jarrett The Plan A concise, definite, resultful plan with rules,explanations and suggestions for bettering your condition in life If you KNOW what you WANT yo...
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You Need to Sell, Sell, Sell

--> A strange misconception among many people, especially professionals, is that there is something wrong with selling. When I talk about selling, I am referring to any number of sales activities: Selling yourself in an interview Selling yourself in a cover letter to an employer Selling yourself to a client Selling yourself to any other person Packaging yourself in a ”sellable” way In every single interaction we have with others, we are selling. The more you sell, the better you will do in you...
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JibberJobber Contacts Detail Page: Copy Email Address

For a while the little icon next to an email address wasn’t working right. We swapped it out with a new process… instead of right clicking the old icon, now you just click on the copy icon and it will copy the email address (and name) to your clipboard. Super simple, but just a bug fix for something that hasn’t been working for too long. Step 1: Click the icon next to the email address here: Step 2: In the To box of your email client, right click, paste, and you should see this: Easy peasy. So...
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4 Ways to Attract High Performing Talent

If you had to put a price tag on your top sales executive, how much would they be worth? What about the web developer you struck gold with? Or, your all-star digital marketer? As the Harvard Business Review notes, a high performer is estimated to have a 400% higher productivity level than the average performer. Given the world of difference between quality talent and the rest of the workforce, employers that house an army of top performers will outdo competitors, enjoy elevated levels of human...
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Advanced Education to Enhance an HR Career (Besides HR Degrees)

Human resources is an excellent career, offering plenty of challenge to keep your interest as well as steady pay (always a plus) and a wealth of job opportunities. As is the case with many positions within business, to advance up the ranks in HR, you typically need to accrue experience as well as additional education credentials. However, those who find themselves in HR positions don’t always expect to stay th...
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Sponsored: What to say to the worker who does unspeakable things with his facial hair

The modern workplace is barbaric and grotesque, but at least it’s not normal to suck on your mustache.
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Sponsored: Jen Mueller: Fan or not, talking about sports opens doors

Give a sports fan the opportunity to talk about their love of the game and you’ll gain a foot in the door to building business relationships.
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Here’s the high-priced advice college applicants buy that doesn’t trigger the FBI

Porcelain Pencils by Katharine Morling The FBI just announced a sting operation that caught 50 rich and famous parents paying millions of dollars to bribe and cheat to get their under-qualified kids into top colleges (and, mysteriously, some not-top colleges). Last year a magnet school in Louisiana, which had been celebrated for getting poor minority students into top schools year after year admitted to lying and cheating to get the kids in. I’ve been convinced that the college system is br...
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How to Make Smart Financial Decisions

3 things to keep in mind when making financial decisions, so you can enjoy life more, now and later. We discussed financial decisions on The BIGG Success Show today. Here’s a summary of that discussion. George Krueger (aka “The Professor”) was quoted in an excellent article on U.S. News and World Report about opportunity costs, […] The post How to Make Smart Financial Decisions appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Sponsored: Love to travel but need to work? How to be a digital nomad

There are ways to work from anywhere — seriously, anywhere.
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3 Ways That Managers Can Improve Their Leadership Skills

In order to become a better manager, we first need to become better leaders Image Credit: Jessica Lucia So congratulations, as a manager you are already a leader. However, if you are like most of us you could probably become a better leader. If you took the time to take a look at all of your manager skills, where do you think that your biggest leadership challenge lies? The way that you can identify this is by spending some time thinking about where you’ve had the biggest challenges – com...
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You Are Just Fine the Way You Are

--> I was sitting in a sales seminar several months ago and a well known sales trainer got up and started speaking to the audience. He is considered by many to be one of the best salespeople in America, and I was hanging on his every word. The man was describing how he went into meetings in corporations to sell things, and how he always was able to close. His entire strategy was based on what he called “finding the pain.” “You need to find the pain! You need to find the pain!” he kept shouting a...
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Physicists Demonstrate That We Don’t Have a Shared Objective Reality

A real experiment based on a previous thought experiment from Nobel Prize winning physicist Eugene Wigner was recently performed. The result demonstrated that we don’t live in a single common objective reality that we all observe the same way. The experimenters observed two different but conflicting realities from a 6-photon experiment.Read about the experiment from MIT Technology Review here:A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective realityAnd you can read the abstract an...
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Sponsored: Student loan relief or paid vacation? These workers get a choice

The new perk at Unum Group is a creative twist on an increasingly popular benefit.
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You Always Need a Backup Plan

--> Being in the asphalt business in Detroit taught me very early on that things frequently go wrong. In fact, things go wrong so frequently, it is difficult to believe: Pumps break. Tanks break. Trucks break. People get injured. Employees do not show up to work. It rains. The police give you a hard time for the condition of your equipment. People do not pay you for the work you have done for them. Suppliers go out of business. Customers get incredibly angry with you. Accidents occur, and mater...
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