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Honoring Your Future Self

This is my 61st day in a row of blogging, so I’m flowing along nicely with the daily blogging challenge for this year. My biggest concern with this challenge isn’t that I’ll intentionally skip a day or give up. I’m more concerned with accidentally missing a day, especially since I like to blog with the flow of inspiration, which often means writing at different times each day. It feels good to honor this challenge. Most days it’s no problem, but I will say that it isn’t easy to do this every ...
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Conscious Conversations

I’m leaning into an inspired idea that I’ve been wanting to explore for a while now, which is to have deep and interesting conversations with various friends, record them, and share them – especially friends who are very into personal growth or who are doing empowering transformational work in the world. There are two parts to my intention. The first part is to give people more insight into real conversations that growth-oriented people are having about life, the universe, and everything. Ins...
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EQ vs. IQ Podcast Conversation with Pluralsight

Jeremy Morgan invited me to the Pluralsight podcast to talk about career stuff as well as one of my newest course topics: emotional intelligence. I tweeted a few weeks ago that this course, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, might be the most important course I have created. I believe that if we, the whole world, worked to improve our emotional intelligence, everything would change. Work would be better, cultures would be better, people would be more kind (to themselves and others), etc. Check...
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How HR Managers Can Improve Remote Hiring Interviews

When thinking of interviews, most people envision a conversation that takes place in the work environment. However, some interviews are conducted on a remote basis, and they do not occur at the job location. Bolstering techniques for these types of interviews is pivotal to the hiring process. Establish Protocols Interviews are formal conversations, and these discussions should not be interrupted because the interviewer needs to go ask a boss or manager a question. However, at the office, the ...
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You Can Change Today

Let’s consider four different variations on the title of this post, each emphasizing a different word. YOU Can Change Today You are the driving force of change in your life. You don’t have to wait for something external to happen first. You don’t need anyone else’s permission. If some part of your life is going to change, it’s up to you and you alone. This is a reminder to take responsibility for your situation. It’s your life. You’ll need to initiate and propel any changes you wish t...
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Breaking Down Generational Perspectives on Phone Calls, Face-to-face Conversations and Promotions

I’ve seen it many times. After wrapping up one of my presentations, I’m approached by a Baby Boomer or Gen X manager who says, “My young employees just don’t have any common sense! How can I understand them?” The post Breaking Down Generational Perspectives on Phone Calls, Face-to-face Conversations and Promotions appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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How Managers Should Handle Sexual Harassment Claims

Managers need to learn what the correct response is Image Credit: iVoryTowerz There has been a great deal of coverage in the papers and on television about sexual harassment in the workplace. Male managers have been struggling to find ways to use our manager skills to deal with these claims and, of course, how to prevent them from happening in the first place. Managers just don’t seem to know what the appropriate response is – we’ve never had any manager training on what to do. What manager...
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Money and Social Flows

Money is a social construct, but we so often treat it like it’s a form of individual accomplishment. This mindset gets a lot of people stuck. I think it’s a lot easier for many people to generate abundant income when they think about the social flows. I know it’s challenging to do that though, especially when we get caught up in focusing on our own needs and desires. In the past I used to think about how to align doing what I enjoyed with income generation. It was often tricky to connect t...
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Exploring Beyond the Cage

I just read an interesting BBC article about why there are significantly more vegan women than men, which is mostly summarized by this statement at the top: When women hold two incompatible beliefs, they’re more likely to change their behaviour to reconcile them. Men, by comparison, tend to dig themselves in. The article cites a variety of studies that delve into gender differences and how these connect with dietary decisions. Reading it had an odd effect on me, making my vegan side feel g...
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Do You Want to Be Famous?

If you want to be famous, you need to build a personal brand. To help you develop that brand, we share five simple questions to ask. We discuss how to achieve fame through personal branding on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion. The famous artist, Andy Warhol, famously said, “In the […] The post Do You Want to Be Famous? appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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How Working Parents Can Hack Their Professional Development

Considering the average working parent's schedule, most don't have time to pursue an additional degree or attend lengthy onsite trainings while parenting and working full time.  However, keeping skills current is essential to gainful employment through the automation age. Let's have a look at six alternate ways working parents can upskill without drowning in additional commitments. 1. Read a book on your phone. In my home office, I have a stack of business books I've been meani...
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“How do you write like the Economist?”

A new member of the Economist staff asked as he began to compose his first leading article for the magazine some years ago. “Pretend you are God,” a senior colleague replied. But since the deity regularly fails to comment directly on current affairs, as Stefan Collini amusingly wrote in the London Review of Books, that anxious recruit may have had difficulty putting this recommendation into practice. Though I’ve occasionally found errors and unreasonable bias in the Economist, it seems to happen...
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Using Sync States to Be More Consistent

A big step forward in reason is when we gain the logical recognition that the brain needs to synchronize and coordinate its operations effectively in order to function well as an integrated being instead of a collection of parts that don’t mesh well. Then the question becomes: What’s a reasonable way to synchronize our mental operations? The heart provides that function since its own tiny, primitive brain sends signals up through the nervous system (spinal column and vagus nerve) and into ...
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7 Tips to Attract Gen Z to the Workplace

  As a business owner, you’re often wondering how to inject fresh ideas and perspectives into your venture. Depending on the line of business you’re in, it might even be essential to keep up with the current rising and falling trends. Perhaps you’re afraid of getting swept away in the appropriately named “Silver Tsunami” and getting stuck in a “we’ve always done it this way” work attitude.   Whether it’s a fundamental need for your business or whether you’re apprehensive of the statistics of t...
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What Can You Do With An Online Master’s Degree In Finance?

A Master’s degree in Finance is a great option for those who are looking to make a career change or increase their earning potential. It can have a considerable influence… Read more » The post What Can You Do With An Online Master’s Degree In Finance? appeared first on
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Something “New” About Today’s Job Search

Remember back in the 1900’s that having too many jobs, or gaps on your resume, could have been catastrophic? In the hallway: “Oh, that person is a job hopper.“ In a interview: “I see you have had six jobs in the last five years. Why?“ In a pre-interview screening call: “What were you doing all of 2017? I don’t see anything on your resume for that year.“ These were enough of a red flag to keep you off the short list of desired candidates. But things have changed. Those attitudes were common when...
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Numbers vs Alignment

If the numbers in your work (like sales and profits) matter more than the alignment of your work (like fulfillment, purpose, and appreciation), then even if you succeed on those terms, you may end up with bigger numbers but with lower alignment, which can strangle your motivation. Good luck pursuing bigger numbers when you’ve lost your mojo because you feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated. Better numbers aren’t much compensation for the daily punishment of feeling emotionally out of sync wi...
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7 Ways of Returning to Work After a Holiday for Not Stressing Your Employees

It always feels sad coming back to work after the holidays. It is to the point that you feel sluggish and demotivated, unable to get back to your routine and do some work. One of the reasons it is this way is the irregularity of one’s schedule when they aren’t working. When you are at the office, you keep a steady track of time and that helps you be productive. You usually aren’t like that when on vacation since it’s time to relax. What can you do then to help your employees get moving after th...
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What Is A Manager’s Secret To Being Emotionally Intelligent?

It turns out that managers can become more likable if we learn how to ask questions Image Credit: Aritra Sen As managers, we are under a great deal of pressure to use our manager skills to find ways to get the most out of our teams. We can try a lot of different techniques; however, all too often we get the same results – nothing changes. The good news for us is that it turns out that if we want to create more open relationships with the members of our team all we have to do is to learn how...
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Boost Connectedness to Reverse Rise of Suicides in America

With the exception of America, suicide rates over recent decades have declined in most of the world. Suicides in the U.S. have risen more than 50% from 2005 to 2017 and now exceed deaths by motor vehicle incidents. In 2017, the most recent year data is available, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported 10.6 million people seriously considered suicide, 1.4 million attempted suicide and 47,000 committed suicide. We can look at those numbers dispassionately, understanding they represe...
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Multiple Points of Failure in the Job Search #WhyJobSearchStinks

When I was studying for my degree in informational systems last century there was this concept of points of failure. Imagine you have a system (like a computer system, or a vehicle) and something breaks. Where did it break? The bigger question is, where are all of the places that could fail? In a car you might have an empty gas tank… that blame can fall on the driver, but if you are one of those roads in Nevada that go for hundreds of miles with nothing around, it can be fatal. Other points of f...
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Launch Principles

In case you might find this interesting, these are the principles I use for designing course launches. I tweak this list for each new course, but overall it’s been pretty stable. When I have a tricky design decision to make while developing the project design document (or during the launch itself), I consult this list. It’s a way of refreshing my alignment with the principles I want to follow. Careful thought went into coming up with this list, and they’ve already proven themselves to me, so ...
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5 Things to Love About Your Business

Occasionally, it’s good for your mental health to take a pause from the busyness and take time to consider the things you love about your business. On The BIGG Success Show, we talk about reminding yourself about the things to love about your business. Here’s a summary of that discussion… Do you take your business […] The post 5 Things to Love About Your Business appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Employer Branding vs. Recruitment Marketing

In today’s world, most everyone is stepping into their careers with a college degree and the best experiences in internships, special projects, and volunteer work. So, it can be difficult for companies to attract and eventually hire the hardest working and most talented candidates. These days, rather than everyone else scrambling for one job at a top company, top companies are scrambling to bring in top talent. Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing are no longer just a term being thrown a...
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How I Use Scrivener to Design Course Launches

Scrivener is an outlining and word processing app for writers. It’s especially suitable for large creative projects like a book or screenplay. It helps me organize and structure my thoughts, research, notes, and more as I gradually piece together a larger work. I’ve been using the Mac version for many years, and I’ve been very pleased with it. It has way more features than I need, but the features that I do use work solidly. I like the flexibility of it, and the interface does a reasonable jo...
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We’re in New Hampshire campaigning for Bernie!

Last night at midnight, our theoretical family bedtime, we were listening to the most recent episode of our favorite podcast, Chapo Traphouse. And they started screaming at listeners to go to  New Hampshire to get people to vote for Bernie. “Go to Durham, New Hampshire! Bernie needs your help in Durham!” I said to the kids, “We’re going. We’re going to Durham.” The kids ignored me. I said, “No really. Pack up your stuff. Boston is about an hour away from Durham.” I had to look really firm in or...
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In-House Counsel Interviews – What Are They Looking For?

In-house counsel interviews are a key hurdle in landing a coveted in-house counsel job. But what are interviewers looking for? Knowing the answer and being prepared is key, as you’ll face questions in numerous areas – including compensation. “Dale Carnegie told us almost a century ago that, “you can make more friends in two months by being interested in them, than in two years making them interested in you.”  Those words are as true today as when his book How to Win Friends and Influence Peop...
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Psychological Safety

This evening Rachelle and I attended an orientation meeting for a local kink-related meetup group. It’s a very active group that does frequent educational workshops as well as social meetups. I’ve known about them for years and was curious, but I never went to one of their meetup, mainly because there was a (relatively minor) prerequisite that seemed just annoying enough to dissuade me from going and keep the idea perpetually on the back burner. In order to attend any meetings from this group...
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Interesting Ways Of Training Your HR Employees

Employee development is one of the most important factors in any company. There are multiple reasons what that is always true. If you want to look at it from purely from the bottom-line perspective, it is always better to hang on to people that have experience in various business processes and offer them a chance to do more, than to acquire new personnel. Also, it is a great opportunity to offer to employees which will result in greater retention and conversion rate relative to job interviews. ...
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Your Monthly Remix: Job Advice, Millennials, and Asking for Feedback

Welcome to my first Advice Column, where I answer workplace questions submitted by professionals just like you. Every week, I will adapt three episodes of my brand new podcast, The Work Remix.  Click the links below to stream the individual episodes and hear my answers in greater detail. Episode 1 – “Why Employers Should Care […] The post Your Monthly Remix: Job Advice, Millennials, and Asking for Feedback appeared first on Lindsey Pollak.
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