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Celebrate National Rum Day (8/16) (and the weekend) with Rhum Barbancourt 4 Years -3 Star!

National Rum Day is  August 16.. and while that might seem a long way off, it’s not. It’s less than 10 days away! It’s time to get ready for a bit of a celebration because to me  “rum = summer cocktails”! There are many ways to drink rum in the Caribbean! I n honor of […]
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Biden Walks Back Diversity Claim Comparing Black And Latino Communities

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday night walked back comments he made to a group of Black and Latino journalists earlier in the day suggesting that “unlike the African American community” the Latino community is “incredibly diverse.”  “I made some comments about diversity in the African American and Latino communities that I want to clarify,” Biden tweeted Thursday night. “In no way did I mean to suggest the African American community is a monolith—not by identity,...
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Shark Week 2020: 8 fin-credible specials we want to see

Much of our summer has been a great big bummer, thanks to the pandemic. But at least we still have Shark Week. Yes, one of TV’s biggest annual events — the oceanic Super Bowl, if you will — returns to the Discovery Channel on Sunday, Aug. 9 and continues through Aug. 16. With more than 20 hours of programming on the docket, Discovery is promising “bigger sharks and breathtaking breaches,” along with plenty of celebrities, including  Mike Tyson, Shaquille O’Neal, Will Smith, Snoop Dogg and Adam D...
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These heat-resistant, drought-tolerant plants are also an excellent investment for gardens

Despite being known for their wisdom, the ancient Greeks were fooled by cycads: They thought these seed plants were actually palm trees. This misunderstanding began with Theophrastus, who followed Aristotle as head of the Lyceum, or philosphers’ academy in Athens, and who was also credited as the founder of the science of botany for his voluminous writings on plants and their classification. Theophrastus looked at a cycad more than 2000 years ago and thought it was a palm. Yet, hinting at its de...
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Where can Americans vacation internationally right now?

Mexico and the Caribbean offer the most options for U.S. vacationers. Only a few European countries are open to Americans.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Reactivating the Caribbean during the COVID-19 Pandemic | By Kristina D'Amico

The top priority for all islands in the region has been a focus on residents and the public health issues at hand. Upon knowledge of the COVID-19 pandemic, each island immediately closed its borders, which allowed for a very low number of cases in the region so that the islands could focus on containing the virus transmission without any additional entrants. Given that the Caribbean is the most tourism-dependent region in the world, it was essential to develop new protocols for entry, whi...
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Optical seismometer survives "hellish" summit of Caribbean volcano

The heights of La Soufrière de Guadeloupe volcano can be hellish, sweltering at more than 48 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit) and swathed in billows of acidic gas. Researchers would like to monitor gas and steam eruptions at its summit, to learn more about the volcano's explosive potential, but conventional seismometers are destroyed quickly in the hostile environment.
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Chirp to arms: musicians record album to help conserve endangered birds

Ten-track record samples recordings of endangered, vulnerable or near threatened birds by artists from same countryThe song of the black catbird – with its flute-like chirps and screeching single-note squalls – was once heard across Guatemala, Belize and southern Mexico until large-scale farms began to destroy its habitat.Now, thanks to a collective of musicians, producers and DJs, the tiny bird’s song – and that of nine other endangered species from the region – could be heard on dancefloors ar...
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Waiting for Rain

A Hurricane is supposedly coming up from the Caribbean. It looks like it will bounce off North Carolina and South Carolina, and then grind its way up to Newport News, Virginia. I doubt we will get much water, but the Canal keepers are vigilant, and are dumping water out of the Canal in precaution. The side gate to the creek was opened for that water to flow a few hundred yards to the river, and water was being dumped through the lock lock too.  The white Lock House at the end of the se...
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Caribbean resort sales: Get the deals and entry requirements for Jamaica, USVI, more

Caribbean resorts are trying lure back visitors with summer and fall rates that are hundreds lower than last year. Check out the deals.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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SAHIC 2020 To Be Held Virtually

SAHIC, the Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference for Latin American and the Caribbean community, has announced its Virtual Conference for next October 5-6 th. Due to global travel restrictions and health authorities' recommendations to keep safe distancing measures, the annual event will be held on an online platform.
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Disney+ Adapting ‘Once On This Island’ Stage Musical into a Live-Action Movie

After finding great success with Hamilton last month, Disney+ is looking to make another musical of their own. A live-action film adaptation of the one-act Broadway musical Once on This Island is in the works at Disney+. Described as a calypso-flavored re-telling of The Little Mermaid, the story set in the Caribbean’s French Antilles focuses on a peasant girl who falls in love with an aristocrat, but of course the romance defies all of the social norms and is threatened at every turn. Enterta...
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Tropical Storm Isaias Strengthens As It Moves Up The East Coast

VERO BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Bands of heavy rain from Isaias lashed Florida’s east coast Sunday, with the tropical storm strengthening slightly and forecast to be near hurricane strength by the time it reaches the Carolinas. Officials dealing with surging cases of the coronavirus in Florida kept a close watch on the storm that was weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm Saturday afternoon, but still brought heavy rain and flooding to Florida’s Atlantic coast. The National Hurricane Center ad...
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Gold in secret vault is traced to Hugo Chávez's former nurse

It was 2014 and Venezuela's former treasurer Claudia Díaz was looking for a safe haven to store the unexplained wealth she had accumulated over the years. Then-president Hugo Chávez, who she once served as a nurse, had recently died and with the election of Nicolás Maduro, the nation's politics and relations with the U.S. were in tumult. In quick succession a shell company established in the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines that she allegedly controlled purchased 250 g...
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Zamrock: An Introduction to Zambia’s 1970s Rich & Psychedelic Rock Scene

The story of popular music in the late 20th century is never complete without an account of the explosive psychedelic rock, funk, Afrobeat, and other hybrid styles that proliferated on the African continent and across Latin American and the Caribbean in the 1960s and 70s. It’s only lately, however, that large audiences are discovering how much pioneering music came out of Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and other postcolonial countries, thanks to UK labels like Strut and Soundway (named by The Gu...
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Isaias near hurricane strength as it crawls toward Carolinas

By SARAH BLAKE MORGAN | Associated Press NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Isaias was forecast to strike land as a minimal hurricane on Monday in the Carolinas, where coastal residents braced for possible storm surge and flooding rains. The U.S. National Hurricane Center issued a hurricane warning from South Santee River, South Carolina, to Surf City, North Carolina. A tropical storm warning was extended northward up the U.S. East Coast all the way to mouth of the Merrimack River in New Hampshire. ...
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Manchester-born 'wellness entrepreneur' revealed as Jeffrey Epstein's alleged ex-girlfriend

A Manchester-born publisher has been identified as the alleged former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein named in legal papers relating to Ghislaine Maxwell that were unsealed by a Manhattan court last week. A woman named as “Shelley” was allegedly named by Ms Maxwell as Epstein’s girlfriend between 1999 and 2002, according to an email contained in papers released by US District Judge Loretta Preska. It has now been claimed that the woman is Shelley Ann Lewis, 43, a “wellness entrepreneur”, who runs ...
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A weakened Tropical Storm Isaias lashes virus-hit Florida

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Bands of heavy rain from Isaias lashed Florida’s east coast Sunday while officials dealing with surging cases of the coronavirus kept a close watch on the weakened tropical storm. Isaias was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm Saturday afternoon, but was still expected to bring heavy rain and flooding as it crawled just off Florida’s Atlantic coast. “Don’t be fooled by the downgrade,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned at a news conference after the storm spent h...
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Grapefruit: Forbidden fruit from Barbados

  Grapefruit was born far from the historical homeland of citrus fruits – Northern China. Its "mom" is pomelo (lat. Citrus maxima.) Presumably, pomelo seeds were brought to the Caribbean by an English captain Philip Shaddock, a participant of the British campaign to the West Indies, which happened sometime in the mid 17th century. Pomelo bears large round fruits that are slightly pointed ... Read full article: Grapefruit: Forbidden fruit from Barbados from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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How 50+ Disneyland attractions could change when the parks reopen

Virtually every Disneyland ride and attraction will change in some way to accommodate the new normal of COVID-19 health and safety protocols when the Anaheim theme parks reopen following an extended coronavirus closure. Visitors returning to Disneyland will find social distancing measures stretching from attraction queues to the rides themselves with extensive sanitization measures throughout the park. Sign up for our Park Life newsletter and find out what’s new and interesting every week at So...
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Hurricane Isaias heads toward mainland U.S.

Hurricane Isaias could hit Florida this weekend. The storm was moving through the Bahamas, where recovery efforts are still underway nearly one year after Hurricane Dorian devastated parts of the Caribbean. CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli joined CBSN to discuss the latest.
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Is my starter ok?

Is my starter ok? Submitted by bubbybubby on July 30, 2020 - 9:04pm. I live in a tiny country in the Caribbean. We can't get unbleached flour here so I used regular bleached AP flour. Its been a day and I don't know if I should keep feeding it or if I should give it up. It says it is enriched but I don't know if it will work.
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Hurricane Isaias slams Puerto Rico, could hit Florida on weekend

The storm will bring “potentially life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides” to Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the Caribbean, forecasters said.
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Caribbean finds there's no good answer to reopening

For many islands in the Caribbean, the coronavirus presents an impossible dilemma.
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The dilemma of reopening the Caribbean

For the tourism-dependent Caribbean, closed borders kill their economies. Reopening to travel, however, risks exposing islanders to the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out how the region is trying to cope with the dilemma.
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100,000 without power as storm barrels through Caribbean

A powerful storm is barreling through the Caribbean tonight prompting warnings in the U.S. Virgins Islands and Puerto Rico where about 100,000 are already without power.
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NASA follows potential tropical cyclone 9 into eastern Caribbean

NASA's Terra satellite obtained visible imagery of Potential Tropical Cyclone 9 after it moved into the Eastern Caribbean Sea and continued bringing heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the Leeward Islands, the US and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
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La Fortuna: Stanley Tucci Joins Alejandro Amenábar’s Limited Series

La Fortuna: Stanley Tucci Joins Alejandro Amenábar’s Limited Series AMC Studios and Movistar+, the pay TV division of Spain’s Telefonica, in collaboration with MOD Pictures, have announced that Academy Award-nominee Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones, Big Night, The Devil Wears Prada) has been cast in Alejandro Amenábar’s newly titled original limited series La Fortuna. The six-part adventure thriller also stars Spanish actors Álvaro Mel and Ana Polvorosa. PB = PB |...
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Soon-to-be Tropical Storm Isaias could impact Florida after lashing Caribbean with wind, rain

Florida could see heavy rain and strong winds from a system that is expected to become Tropical Storm Isaias by the end of the week.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Coronavirus: Surviving lockdown like a real-life Robinson Crusoe

Round-the-world sailors Lynda and Steve Dalgleish found themselves trying to escape hurricanes amid deserted Caribbean islands.
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