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BMW Announces Plans to Launch Ultra Wideband Version of Apple's Car Key Feature by Early Next Year

BMW today announced future plans to roll out Digital Key Plus, an enhanced version of Apple's Car Keys feature that incorporates Ultra Wideband technology, enabling drivers to unlock and start their vehicle without needing to take their iPhone out of their pocket or bag. BMW says the feature will first launch in its new iX electric vehicle, slated to launch in Europe in late 2021 and in North America in early 2022. Apple introduced support for digital car keys in iOS 13.6 and later last year...
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BMW Updates Connected App With Car Keys Support

Apple at WWDC announced Car Keys, a new feature designed to allow digital car keys to be added to the Wallet app on the iPhone, allowing iPhones and Apple Watch models to be used in lieu of a physical car key. Apple at the time said the feature would come to both iOS 13 and iOS 14, and the first Car Keys partner, BMW, today added support for the feature to its BMW Connected app. With Car Keys support, a BMW Digital Key for the ‌iPhone‌ can be added to the Wallet app on the ‌iPhone‌. The feat...
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Apple's Digital Car Key Coming to Broad Array of BMW Models Manufactured After July 1, Requires iOS 13.6

During its WWDC keynote today, Apple officially announced its digital car key technology, which will let users lock, unlock, and start cars using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. BMW was announced as Apple's lead partner on the initiative, and the German automaker shared additional information on the partnership in a press release today. BMW says that its Digital Key for ‌iPhone‌ will have "broad availability" across over a dozen models and dozens of countries, although it appears it will on...
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CarKey: A New Feature That Will Let You Unlock a Car With Your iPhone

Apple's iPhones and Apple Watches have supported NFC for some time now, and in the future, those NFC capabilities will be used to allow Apple users to lock, unlock, and start compatible NFC-enabled vehicles using the iPhone or Apple Watch in lieu of a physical key. Apple calls this upcoming feature "CarKey" and this guide covers everything we know about how CarKey will work once it's released. What is CarKey? CarKey is a digital protocol that lets an ‌iPhone‌ or ‌Apple Watch‌ with NFC cap...
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CarKey Privacy Policy Detailed in iOS 13.5.1, Suggesting Launch Could Come Soon

Buried in the iOS 13.5.1 update, there's a privacy policy for the "CarKey" feature that Apple has in the works, suggesting that a launch could perhaps be coming soon. CarKey is designed to allow an iPhone or Apple Watch to be used in lieu of a physical key in certain vehicles with NFC connectivity. First noticed by German site, the CarKey privacy info can be found in the current iOS 13.5.1 release and the iOS 13.6 beta. There's no word yet on when CarKey will be released, but...
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NFC-Based Digital Key Specification Released Ahead of Apple's Rumored CarKey Feature on iPhone

Amid rumors that Apple is working on a "CarKey" feature for iPhone, the Car Connectivity Consortium today announced that its NFC-based Digital Key Release 2.0 specification has been finalized and made available to its members, which includes Apple. The specification enables mobile devices to store, authenticate, and share digital keys for vehicles with end-to-end security and privacy. The specification includes support for a low-power mode, meaning that a vehicle can still be unlocked with a ...
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Apple reportedly working with BMW on CarKey feature, spotted in iOS 14 code

The German automaker was also the first to adopt Apple's Wireless CarPlay
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Apple reportedly working with BMW for CarKey feature, spotted in iOS 14 code

The German automaker was also the first to adopt Apple's Wireless CarPlay
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CarKey Screenshots Reveal Digital Keys in Wallet App, BMW Likely to Support Feature at Launch

MacRumors recently discovered that Apple is developing a new "CarKey" feature that will allow an iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock, lock, and start an NFC-compatible vehicle. Just like credit cards and boarding passes, users will be able to add a digital car key to the Wallet app, eliminating the need to use a physical car key or key fob. CarKey will allow users to approach their vehicle, hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near an NFC reader in the vehicle, authenticate with Face ID, and have the v...
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Apple March 2020 event: Rumored iPhones, MacBooks, and much more

The latest rumor includes an iPad with a real trackpad
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iPhone, Apple Watch may function as car keys after iOS 13.4 update

An API found in the first iOS 13.4 beta suggests the new feature is coming
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iOS 13.4 Beta hints at ‘Carkey’ feature that turns an iPhone into a NFC-enabled car key

Apple has released iOS 13.4 beta for developers that has quite a few new features. A rather interesting one referenced among them is something called 'Carkey' which is API that can turn your iPhone into a key for a NFC enabled car. With the beta, Apple iPhone users will be able to turn their iPhone into a key for their cars, utilising the NFC chips present on both the iPhone and the car. The pairing process will be done using the Wallet app and the car manufacturer’s app to proceed with t...
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Apple may soon launch a new iPhone feature called 'CarKey' that lets you unlock your vehicle with your phone (AAPL)

Apple may be preparing to launch a new iPhone feature called "CarKey" that would allow you to unlock your car using your phone, according to 9to5Mac. It would work similarly to Express Transit, the feature Apple launched last year that lets you use your iPhone as a pass for public transit. Apple isn't the first company hoping to eliminate the car key, but it's another sign that the tech giant is expanding the iPhone's usability in daily tasks. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories...
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