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The Highs and Lows of Hilo

Let's start with the finish: Until you've seen Hilo, you really haven't seen the Big Island of Hawaii. This is where most people of Hawaiian descent live and where the lush tropical greenery is astounding.  The downside—and the reason it's so beautiful—is that it rains like a big dog, about 200 inches per year. A former downside—volcanic smog, called vog—is no longer present, since the volcano goddess Pele put a cork in her blowhole earlier this year, revealing blue skies for the first ti...
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9 Stellar Places to Stargaze

You don't have to own a fancy computerized telescope or hold a degree in the planetary sciences to enjoy a simple night of stargazing. Here, peep the best sites for interstellar observation. By Chelsea Stuart Death Valley National Park, California It's hard to believe that an area just two hours south of the ever-illuminated Las Vegas strip could shelter some of the darkest skies in the US, but lo and behold, it's there you'll find one of the world's largest international dark sky parks with...
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Why do few tourists go to the best beach parks in Hawaii for swimming?

Four beach parks are strung like pearls along the outer shores of Hilo Bay on the Big Island, each with clear water, abundant sea life, breakwaters that make for safe swimming, and exquistely landscaped parks and picnic tables along the backshore.  In the distance, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea rise toward heaven. Okay, so why are tourists absent for the most part? Answer One: Because it's Hilo. Indeed, it rains like crazy here, so catching the right day to enjoy fun in the sun is not a gimme. An...
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