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Read this wonderfully surreal webcomic about intergalactic orgasms and the moon landing.

This is one of the things where you go "What the fuck did I just read and why am I feeling so incredibly moved by it." It's by Mads Horwath, who has also worked as a cartoonist for the New Yorker and . — Read the rest
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Cartoonist Richard Corben, RIP (1940-2020)

I discovered the work of Richard Corben as a teenager in the 1970s in copies of Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella. His distinctive airbrush style gave a sense of mass and volume to his characters, and I imagine every panel of art took many hours to complete. — Read the rest
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Underground cartoonist Rory Hayes was a "great American primitive"

I first encountered the work of Rory Hayes (1949-1983) in the pages of R. Crumb's Weirdo magazine (the same place I learned about the Church of the SubGenius and Stanislav Szukalski). Crumb called Hayes "A great American primitive." "Zippy the Pinhead" cartoonist Bill Griffith said "Rory Hayes was the real thing; a genuine 'outsider' artist. — Read the rest
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Ramona Fradon, age 94, drew a great Wonder Woman comic

A little bit of living history from Ramona Fradon, 94 years old and still killing it.— Rob Wieland Is Red 5 Standing By (He/Him) (@robowieland) October 4, 2020 Silver age comic book virtuoso Ramona Fradon, 94, shows her exemplary ligne claire chops in this single panel cartoon starring Wonder Woman and a nameless schlubby villain.
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Jackie Orms was the first black woman cartoonist to be published in a newspaper

Shondaland looks at the life of Jackie Orms, a recent inductee into the  Will Eisner Comics Hall of Fame. When the 14-year-old African American boy Emmett Till was lynched in 1955, one cartoonist responded in a single-panel comic. It showed one black girl telling another: "I don't want to seem touchy on the subject… but…
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Jackie Ormes was the first black woman cartoonist to be published in a newspaper

Shondaland looks at the life of Jackie Ormes, a recent inductee into the  Will Eisner Comics Hall of Fame. When the 14-year-old African American boy Emmett Till was lynched in 1955, one cartoonist responded in a single-panel comic. It showed one black girl telling another: "I don't want to seem touchy on the subject… but…
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R Sikoryak’s latest project is a word-for-word adaptation of the U.S. Constitution

Cartoonist R. Sikoryak's talent for mimicking other cartoonists, from Krazy Kat's George Herriman to Nancy's Ernie Bushmiiler, is uncanny. He has a new book out, called Constitution Illustrated, published by Drawn & Quarterly and I have been marveling at the illustrations. The publisher kindly gave me permission to run some samples so you can see the versatility of Sikoryak's work. A gifted pastiche and parody artist as well as a New Yorker cartoonist, R. Sikoryak’s perhaps best known for his wi...
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Meet Katoto, Museveni’s big fan

The TV cartoon character — think Homer Simpson meets Robin Hood — with added propaganda The post Meet Katoto, Museveni’s big fan appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Talking The Rough Pearl with Xeric Award-winning Canadian cartoonist Kevin Mutch

This interview presents a conversation with Xeric Award-winning Canadian cartoonist Kevin Mutch about The Rough Pearl (Fantagraphics, 2020), his new graphic novel which addresses issues surrounding the intersection of class and race privilege in the “precariat” creative communities in and around New York City. Jeffery Klaehn: Thanks for the interview, Kevin!!  Please tell me about The Rough Pearl. Kevin Mutch: The Rough Pearl is an autobiographical fantasy — a mixture of truth and fiction in rou...
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Talking Comics with Ignatz Award-Winning Cartoonist Noah Van Sciver

This interview presents a conversation with Ignatz award-winning cartoonist Noah Van Sciver ( Fante Bukowski, Grateful Dead: Origins, Disquiet, Please Don’t Step On My JNCO Jeans, One Dirty Tree, Blammo, Saint Cole, More Mundane, Constant Companion, 1999, The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln) about his life, art and work. Jeffery Klaehn: In addition to winning an Ignatz award in 2016 for your autobiographical mini-comic, My Hot Date, you were nominated for multiple Ignatz awards throughout 2...
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Cartoonist Richard Sala (1955 – 2020)

The cartoonist Richard Sala passed away this week at the age of 61. I always loved his work and own many of his comic books. Cartoonist Daniel Clowes wrote a beautiful tribute to his friend, Richard Sala: Richard was a very complicated guy, totally unlike anyone I've ever met. He could be gregarious and charming, always energetic and animated in conversation, but also crippled by terrible anxiety and profoundly agoraphobic. Over the years, it got harder and harder to get him out of the house. I ...
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Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg look at the work of cartoonist Dave Cooper

As a long time fan of cartoonist Dave Cooper, I really enjoyed Jim Rugg and Ed Piskor going over Cooper's comic books of the late 1990s and early 2000s. I agree with them that Cooper belongs in the pantheon of Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Charles Burns, Jim Woodring, and the Hernandez brothers.
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Happy 99th birthday to MAD cartoonist Al Jaffee, and scans of my snappy answers I wrote as a kid

The great Al Jaffee turned 99 last week. He's been contributing to MAD for 64 years and is famous for his hidden-image-within-an-image MAD Fold-Ins on the inside back cover of the magazine. Happy belated birthday, Al! (Back in 2011, when Al was just a kid, Ruben Bolling and I .) A couple of weeks ago I visited my parents and found a bunch of my old books and comic books in the attic. I found my copy of MAD's Al Jaffee Spews Out Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, which I bought when I was 10 or...
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Cartoonist Kayfabe is Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg's new YouTube channel

Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg are well known to readers of Boing Boing, as we had the honor of publishing Ed's epic comic history Hip Hop Family Tree and Jim's brilliant Street Angel. Now they've launched a YouTube channel, Cartoonist Kayfabe, which you should subscribe to right away. Ed writes: Jim Rugg and I created this channel as an avenue for us to add a little meaty and sincere comics talk out there on Youtube and it really seems to be catching on as each episode goes live. Lots of show-and-tel...
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Ulysse Nardin’s Erotic, Oceanic “Classico Manara” Collection

Italian cartoonist Milo Manara partners with the luxury watch brand for a 10-piece line There’s a torrid history of erotica in watch design. From graphic automatons on dials to hidden (or obvious) hyper-sexual imagery, the time-telling industry has toyed with sexual iconography for centuries. Last year, at Richemont‘s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH), acclaimed watchmaker Ulysse Nardin unveiled an orgiastic Jaquemart repeater—or a timepiece featuring …
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Tonight (11/6/2017) in LA: Cartoonist Tom Gauld in conversation with Mark Frauenfelder

If you live in LA, I hope to see you at Skylight Books in Silver Lake, where I'll be talking with British cartoonist Tom Gauld about his work, including his latest book, Baking With Kafka. I'm a huge fan of Tom's work (see my reviews of his previous books, Mooncop, You're All Just Jealous of my Jetpack, Goliath, and The Gigantic Robot). Tom also created this lovely Boing Boing T-shirt, which should be in the wardrobe off all discriminating primates. I've never met Tom in person, so I'm excited...
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Interview with legendary cartoonist Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman, 81, is best known as the genius social and political cartoonist who famously illustrated Hunter S. Thompson's depraved adventures in Las Vegas, on the campaign trail in 1972, and at the Kentucky Derby. Juxtapoz's Gabe Scott interviewed the "crucial comic" about the insanity of today, his friendship with Hunter, and "let(ting) the paper discover things for you." From Juxtapoz: How do you think the difference in personality type and contrasting level of drug intake between you...
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Short film about Chris Ware: "I distinctly remember being told by my teachers, if you draw women, you're colonizing them with your eyes"

Chris Ware is inarguably one of the greatest cartoonists of the last 50 years. In this short film produced by Ian Forster and Nick Ravich, Ware talks about the challenge of writing stories from the viewpoint of an African-American school teacher named Joanne Cole. From his home and studio in Oak Park, Illinois, artist Chris Ware shares motivations and challenges for telling stories from the perspectives of others in his work. "I distinctly remember being told by my teachers, if you draw wom...
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New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast on Trump

Ben Marks says: "A couple of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to interview New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast, who was in San Francisco for the opening of her show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Naturally, I felt compelled to ask the author of Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? an unpleasant question: How does she manage to get through the day without drawing a cartoon about Donald Trump? Here's a snip from the conversation that followed: “It’s difficult not to do that every t...
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Cartoonists and bloggers under siege

It’s odd how politicians hold a cartoonist and bloggers up to tough standards once reserved for ‘The Media.’ Political cartoonists in particular, hold a lens up to our world, enabling us to see events in a different perspective. I think of a cartoonist as more than a lens, in fact. A mirror and a lens […]
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Interview with 95-year-old MAD cartoonist Al Jaffee

MAD "Fold-In" artist Al Jaffee has been a professional cartoonist for 73 years. Guinness World Records has certified him as the oldest working cartoonist. Sam Thielman of The Guardian recently interviewed Jaffee about his brilliant career. Was there a particular kind of baloney you were attracted to satirizing? Well, yes. The world is full of bloviators. And you find them in politics, and even religion, if I may say so, where somebody appoints themselves the spokesman for God. And th...
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Listen to cartoonist Ruben Bolling talk about Trump, art, and cartooning

 I’m a really lucky guy. In the course of this work I get to talk to a lot of my personal heroes and my favorite so far has been Ruben Bolling aka the creator of Tom the Dancing Bug. Bolling is a fixture in the alt-comics scene and he has a lot to say about the rise and fall of the alt-weekly and the new laws of popularity. If you want to know how to build and keep an audience you can look… Read More
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The Temple of Silence: Forgotten Worlds of Herbert Crowley

Beehive Books is kickstarting a super-deluxe book of the work of Herbert Crowley, who was kind of an early 20th Century Jim Woodring. The cartoonist, painter, illustrator, and sculptor Herbert Crowley was an innovator at the dawn of comics, and a defining figure of the early 20th century New York City avant garde art scene. He exhibited his work in dozens of venues, including the legendary Armory Show of 1913 alongside Picasso and van Gogh, and in a joint exhibition with Léon Bakst in 191...
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What Am I Doing Here? Existential absurdist cartoons from the 1940s

What Am I Doing Here? by Abner Dean New York Review Comics 2016, 168 pages, 7 x 0.75 x 9.5 inches $19 Buy one on Amazon In the 1930s and 1940s, Abner Dean was a highly sought-after illustrator who drew covers, cartoons, and illustrations for The New Yorker, Esquire, Time, Life, and Newsweek, as well as advertising illustrations for insurance companies and product manufacturers. In 1945, Dean quit his day job and drew the first of seven books that have been described as “existential gag car...
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How Cuba's greatest cartoonist fled from Castro and created 'Spy vs. Spy'

As a kid, my two favorite things in Mad magazine were the Fold-In and Spy vs Spy (which I pronounced "spyvisspy"). It was a wordless one-page comic about two oddly pointy faced spies, one dressed in black and the other dressed in white. Other than their different colored outfits, they behaved identically. They hated each other and created elaborate Rube Goldberg type machines to try to kill each other. Sometimes their machines worked, often, they’d backfire. They were tricky but usually too clev...
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How Harper Lee (and Donald Trump) Brought Back Bloom County

Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed got contemplative about his magnum Opus at a Comic-Con appearance. The post How Harper Lee (and Donald Trump) Brought Back Bloom County appeared first on WIRED.
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Founding Father cartoons on Politico

Cartoonists' Founding Fathers Obsession The winning arguments always goes to whoever has Washington and Franklin on their side. Cartoonists know that best. Matt Wuerker 07/04/16 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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"Dilbert" Guy Fears Assassination by Hillary Clinton Extremists 

Political news today: “Dilbert” cartoonist and famously reasonable man Scott Adams has made his presidential endorsement.Read more...
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Artists respond to Brussel attacks

After the tragedy of the killings at Charlie Hebdo on January 7th, 2015 and the multiple terrorist attacks in Paris that took place on November 13th, 2015, artists from around the world reacted with an outpouring of emotional cartoons. Today, Belgium was hit with the same horror that France experienced only a few months ago and the cartoonists, once again, showed their solidarity, condemned the violence, and offered sympathy through art. 1 France comforting Bel...
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Watch: Daniel Clowes Complete Eightball release party at Meltdown Comics I had a great time interviewing cartoonist Daniel Clowes at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles about his Complete Eightball anthology. This video was shot in glorious VHS by filmmaker Rocio Mesa and was produced by Gaston Dominguez-Letelier
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