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Black Taxi tours in Belfast

The late 20th century saw Northern Ireland’s capital of Belfast nearly torn in two as organized factions of Irish Catholics clashed head-on with Protestant counterparts loyal to the British crown. The conflict is known as the Troubles, and physical marks from 30 years of vigilante violence and working-class activism cover the western part of the city. While the city has long since rebounded from the conflict and is now one of the most vibrant destinations in all of Europe, relics of the Troub...
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AP Exclusive: Foster agency sued for turning down Catholic

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A Catholic mother accuses a federally funded South Carolina foster agency of not working with her because she’s “not the right kind of Christian,” her lawyers say. In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, Aimee Maddonna challenges a waiver granted earlier this year to Miracle Hill Ministries, a Greenville foster care agency […]
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Vatican envoy faces inquiry into ‘sexual aggression’ claims

Paris police to look into allegations Luigi Ventura molested male employeeThe Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into alleged “sexual aggression” by the Catholic priest Luigi Ventura, the Vatican envoy to France.Confirming a report published by Le Monde on Friday, a French judicial official said the investigation would be conducted by Paris police following an alleged incident inside city hall of the French capital. Continue reading...
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Top Vatican priest in Paris facing ‘sexual aggression’ probe

PARIS (AP) — A French judicial official says the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into alleged “sexual aggression” by Catholic priest Luigi Ventura, the Apostolic Nuncio to France. Confirming a report published by Le Monde newspaper on Friday, the official said the investigation will be conducted by Paris police following an alleged incident […]
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Servant of God Fr. Augustus Tolton | Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

Father Augustus Tolton was born into slavery and, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, rose to become the first black priest in the United States. His cause for canonization has been opened but many are just learning about this heroic priest who served his Church and community despite racism, bigotry, and opposition from fellow Catholics. To introduce us to Fr. Tolton and his holy example, Michael is joined by popular author and speaker Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. In his latest book, Father Au...
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The Saintly Life of Father Augustus Tolton

Augustus John Tolton, the second of three children, was born into slavery on April 1, 1854, in Brush Creek, Missouri. His baptismal record reads, in part, “A colored child. . . . Property of Stephen Eliot.” His mother, Martha Jane Chisley, was given as a wedding gift to the Eliot family, on whose plantation she met and married Augustus’s father, Peter Paul Tolton. When Augustus was seven years old, his father died in the Civil War, fighting for the belief that all men, including blacks, are equa...
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AP Photos: Editor selections from the past week in Asia

Young Buddhist novices attend a dance festival as part of Tibetan New Year celebrations in Kathmandu, Nepal. In other images from the Asia-Pacific region this week, South Korean high school seniors clad in traditional attire bow during a joint graduation and coming-of-age ceremony in Seoul. Thousands of students and faculty from the Catholic-run St. Scholastica’s […]
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A La Carte (February 14)

Today’s Kindle deals include some excellent resources on the local church. You’ll also find my little book Run to Win and a few from Reformation Heritage Books. (Yesterday on the blog: Biographies for People Who Have Never Read a Biography) James MacDonald Fired from Harvest “In the midst of efforts to reconcile with longtime critics, Harvest Bible Chapel fired its founder and senior pastor James MacDonald for ‘engaging in conduct … contrary and harmful to the best interests ...
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Covington Students ‘Did Not Instigate’ Lincoln Memorial Encounter, Bishop Says

A report from a detective agency offered a detailed account of what happened between students from a Catholic high school and a Native American man.
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Will the pope go vegan for Lent?

Pope Francis is known for his simplicity, favoring what’s been called “papal athleisure” over the fine silks worn by his predecessors, and urging Christians to forego greed. He doesn’t want to be a millionaire. But will he turn down the chance to donate a million dollars to the charity of his choice? That’s what a group of celebrity vegans, led by 12-year-old Genesis Butler, are offering if Pope Francis goes vegan for Lent. The group Million Dollar Vegan launched earlier this month by sending a...
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Catholic dioceses in New Jersey name 189 priests accused of sexual abuse

The release of names marks the culmination of the Catholic dioceses' internal review of abuse cases in New Jersey. Many on the list have died.            [Author: North Jersey Record]
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Catholic dioceses in New Jersey name 188 priests accused of sexual abuse

The release of names marks the culmination of the Catholic dioceses' internal review of abuse cases in New Jersey. Many on the list have died.            [Author: North Jersey Record]
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Bishop says Covington H.S. students were not instigators in D.C. viral video

A Kentucky diocese investigation has determined that Catholic school boys didn't instigate a confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial that went viral on social media.
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Catholic dioceses in New Jersey release names of priests accused of sexual abuse

The release of names marks the culmination of the Catholic dioceses' internal review of abuse cases in New Jersey. Many on the list have died.            [Author: North Jersey Record]
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The Gift of a Catholic Community

As members of the Catholic Church, we are in communion with Jesus, and we are part of a community of other Catholics throughout the world and with the souls in Heaven and Purgatory through the Communion of Saints. Just as we need each other’s prayers, we also need each other’s friendship. We need Catholic friends to encourage us and support us in living as faithful Catholics, to help us with difficulties, and to celebrate the joys in life. I know from personal experience the great difference tha...
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“If I want to be an orthodox Christia...

“If I want to be an orthodox Christian and believe that the Bible is infallible, I have to be a Catholic and believe that the Church also has that divine gift. Church and Scripture go together, like body and soul.” -Peter Kreeft, Forty Reasons I Am a Catholic
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Why Should We Read Flannery O’Connor? An Animated Video Makes the Case

In most English classes the short story has become a kind of literary specimen to be dissected. Every time a story of mine appears in a Freshman anthology, I have a vision of it, with its little organs laid open, like a frog in a bottle. –Flannery O’Connor, "A Reasonable Use of the Unreasonable" Why did Flannery O’Connor write? To convert us? The devout Catholic was not immune to a certain apologetic impulse, or a sense of her own purpose as a vessel for divine truth. Or did she, like Gr...
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French bishops questioned at Senate about sexual abuse

PARIS (AP) — The head of France’s Catholic bishops group will be questioned by Senate lawmakers who are writing a report to combat pedophilia across all of the country’s institutions. The group expects to submit the report in April with recommendations to root out sexual abuse. It was created after plans for a separate parliamentary […]
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The Bible Leads Me to the Church

All Christians trust the Bible, including (especially) the New Testament. But the Bible leads me to the Church. This happens in two ways. First, the Bible tells me that Christ established a Church and gave her His authority to teach in His name. So, the Bible sends me forward to the Church, from Christ to His Church as His invention. The Bible also sends me backward to the Church, for the Church is its cause. It is a historical fact that it was the Church (the apostles) that wrote the New Testa...
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Ex-Chilean bishop returns to face allegations of sex abuse

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A Catholic movement says former Chilean bishop Francisco Cox has returned to the country to face accusations of sex abuse after spending 17 years in Germany. The Schoenstatt Movement said in a statement that the 85-year-old Cox arrived Sunday and was taken to a residence outside the capital, where his diabetes […]
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American priest in East Timor embroiled in abuse scandal

DILI, East Timor (AP) — A church official says an American missionary who was a hero in East Timor for founding children’s shelters that have operated for more than two decades has been expelled from his Catholic congregation after admitting to sexual abuse of minors. Media reports about the scandal have stunned East Timorese. The […]
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The Bible and the Believer (5)

The Bible and the Believer: How to Read the Bible Critically and Religiously by Mark Zvi Brettler, Peter Enns, Daniel J. Harrington • • • One of my tasks this year will be to work on answering the two questions that Pete Enns raises regularly in his writings and podcasts: What is the Bible? What is the Bible for? First, we are taking up this theme by considering a book Pete co-authored with Mark Brettler and Daniel Harrington (a Jewish and Catholic scholar, respectively), called The Bible and ...
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Pope St. Vitalian: Of Calendars, Celts, and Christian Unity

I’m finally reading through Sheed and Ward’s Saints are Not Sad (1949), a collection of hagiographic portraits by some of Catholic England’s most notable authors of the last century. Just recently, I finished Fr. Vincent McNabb’s chapter on St. Columbanus, the Irish missionary-monk and founder of Italy’s Bobbio Abbey, a bulwark against Arianism and a benchmark of orthodoxy for centuries. The saint’s life story is a fascinating one, but I was especially diverted to discover his connections with t...
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A Visit to the Holy Land: Israel and Beyond

There are a lot of destinations that call themselves holy.  With that said, few places can claim that three of the world’s major faiths call the place sacred.  The land we speak of is Israel.  We recently returned from a two week visit and want to give you the ultimate guide to seeing the sacred sites.  This will be a two part post, with the first highlighting the religious sites of Israel, and the second will be about a side trip into Jordan.  Both are must dos, and compliment each other well....
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Legal Battle Over Border Wall Plays Out At Chapel In Mission, Texas

A chapel on the border is at the center of a legal dispute between the local Catholic diocese and the Trump administration. We visit the church in Mission, Texas.
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'I Just Froze': Former Nun Talks About Experiences Of Sexual And Spiritual Abuse

Pope Francis acknowledged this week that some priests and bishops have sexually abused nuns. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Doris Wagner, who experienced such abuse in a Catholic order in Germany.
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Inexperience, Incompetence, and Poor Ethics

Barry O. sent me this clip, and asked what I thought. My response:This is a classic case of folks who don’t know what to do at the end of a dig. This is a shit show.Two dogs in hole.No tools for grabbing or dispatch.Pulling a dog that may be attached to the teeth of quarry — a good way to pull a dog’s face off. Having no control of any of the dogs. Complete chaos with no dogs tied out. No one in charge. Chaos with the terrier — repeatedly pulling and releasing an over-amped dog to dive back int...
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The libertine road to serfdom

The libertine road to serfdom The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why The Church Was Right All Along. Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. TAN Books, 2018. 406 pages. Reviewed by Rev. Ben Johnson Keen-eyed analysts have probed every ideological trend threatening liberty – from socialism and fascism to the Alt-Right – with one glaring exception: the revolt against personal responsibility. Jennifer Roback Morse, the founder of the Ruth I...
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Catholic school cancels class over protest of lesbian guest

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — A Catholic school in North Carolina invited a black lesbian alumna to speak at a Black History Month event, but canceled the event and classes due to threats of protest. The Herald-Sun reports Immaculata Catholic School canceled classes Friday after officials learned “a number of groups” planned to protest the talk […]
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Blessed Klara Szczęsna: All for the Heart of Jesus

An indiscreet servant had betrayed them to the Russian police. Soldiers were dispatched to make a search of the house, but they did not discover the religious rule or the identity of the founder. However serious suspicions had been raised and the young superior was now being watched. It was a dangerous time indeed, 1892, in which to be a persecuted religious living in a partitioned Poland. The young superior, Sister Louise, belonged to the clandestine religious community, the Servants of Jesus, ...
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