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Get Free Artificial-Free Pet Food at Petco This Weekend

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your dog or cat’s diet but were waiting for the perfect opportunity, this weekend might be your chance. Petco will take your artificial-ingredient-ridden food off your hands in exchange for a free bag of artificial-free food. Read more...
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Grumpy Cat: internet’s most famous cat dies aged seven – video obituary

Grumpy Cat has died aged seven. She became an internet sensation in 2012 when images of her downturned mouth and unimpressed expression emerged on Reddit. She soon became the universal digital shorthand for displeasure, with thousands of memes and gifs of her being circulated online to communicate apathy or cynicism. Grumpy Cat’s online stardom quickly translated into a real-world empire with a Christmas film, a Madame Tussauds wax figure, and a range of merchandise including soft toys, clothing...
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Grumpy Cat, Internet Celebrity With a Piercing Look of Contempt, Is Dead at 7

The frowning feline whose permanent scowl spoke for all of us in our darkest moments died in the arms of her “mommy” on Tuesday, her family said.
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When does social media star of the nonhuman kind get a mainstream media obituary?

Grumpy Cat.Though her real name is Tardar Sauce, she earned the notorious moniker in 2012 when a photo of her scowl was posted to Reddit. (Her small size and frown were likely due to feline dwarfism, her family later revealed.)Endless memes—and success—followed. In addition to nabbing MSNBC's Most Influential Cat Award, she also scored campaigns with Purina and Cheerios. She had guest spots on Today, Good Morning America, American Idol, Sesame Street and even The Bachelorette.... And in 2014, sh...
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Grumpy Cat dies aged seven: 'Some days are grumpier than others'

Internet’s most famous cat, with a face that launched a thousand gifs, has died in ArizonaGrumpy Cat – the most famous cat on the internet, whose downturned mouth and unimpressed expression was the universal digital shorthand for displeasure – has died.The seven-year-old cat, real name Tardar Sauce or Tard, became one of the internet’s first “petfluencers” after gaining fame online for her perpetually gloomy gaze, launching an empire worth millions. She died in the arms of her owner, Tabatha Bun...
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Thrill Your Cat With These Videos of Songbirds and Squirrels

If you want to entertain your cat, or get some juicy phone footage of your cat going nuts and peeking behind your computer screen, then play these YouTube videos of English songbirds and squirrels. Cornwall resident Paul Dinning shot hundreds of wildlife videos, in which birds (and the occasional squirrel or mouse)…Read more...
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Ogle These Vintage Public-Domain Cat Pictures From the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress hosts a vast library of public domain images that can be used for anything you want, including commercial use. And they occasionally curate small collections from their database of over 800,000 photos, prints, and drawings. The Library has built 28 themed collections of images, including a…Read more...
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Fluffy cat is really enjoying this ripe strawberry

Strawberry Short-fluff! “Oreo likes to talk with his mouth full,” says IMGURian OreoCat. Unmute it and turn up the volume. Strawberry shortfluff [via]
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"My sister caused a scene at Mother’s Day brunch because we didn’t honor her as a 'cat mom.'"

A man seeks relationship advice on Reddit:Hi guys. I am a man, 32M and I have two sisters - Carly (38F) and Melinda (26F). We went out to a family style restaurant for brunch and just returned home.Melinda and I are happily married, each with three children. My older sister Carly never married. She had a fiancé that she cheated on and he left her. That was 10 years ago and she hasn’t been in a relationships longer a few months ever since. She has 4 indoor cats and also feeds a few stray cats tha...
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The ‘Cats’ Movie Sent Taylor Swift to Cat School

None of us has seen a single frame of the Cats movie, but the film community seems obsessed with the big screen adaptation of the Broadway musical – for all the wrong reasons. Rather than have the actors dress up in cat costumes like the musical, the movie is employing tech to digitally turn the cast into realistic-looking cat-people. It’s either going to look really good, or really bad. Pop icon Taylor Swift, one of the stars of the movie, recently revealed that to prepare for her part, she ha...
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An Action Scene in John Wick 3 Was Almost Derailed By an Army of Cats

Considering John Wick’s origins in its protagonist’s love of his dog, it makes sense that the sequel’s biggest nemesis would be a bunch of cats. Read more...
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Stop Trying to Make Your Own Cat Food

People who use homemade cat food—based on recipes from books and the internet—to feed their precious felines may be inadvertently harming them, suggests a new study out this week. The study’s authors found that all of the nearly 100 recipes they examined had at least one glaring dietary flaw. In some cases, they even…Read more...
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Your Homemade Cat Food May Be Bad for Your Cat

If you’re trying to overhaul your own diet and cook more at home, you might be tempted to do the same for your cat. There are plenty of recipes out there for homemade cat food, but a recent study found that many of them don’t provide appropriate nutrition. Read more...
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Have You Seen This Cat?

Before any of you wiseacres say, “Technically yes, now I have,” just take a sec and think, because there’s a very distressed man in Portland, Oregon who would like to be reunited with this handsome feline.Read more...
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Cat shadow.

View this post on Instagram Art Work by @seth_globepainter ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖ ➖ To submit your works : @urbanvibescommunity #urbanvibescommunity ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #art#artist#artwork#wall#wallart#wallporn#graffitiart#graffiti#graffitiporn#urban#urbanart#urbanwall#urbanphotography#street#streetart#streetstyle#streetphotography#urbanlife#painting#jj_urbanart#urbanwalls#terracina #photography#streetart_daily#JJ_UrbanArt#streetarteverywhere#be_one_...
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Happy Cats, Coffee Shops And Carefree Times In TAO’s Cheerful, Detailed And Nostalgic Illustrations

As she explains on her Tumblr profile, Sapporo-based illustrator TAO is particularly fond of cats, Showa Era things, and sneakers. With their cheerful tone and kawaii characters enjoying relaxing moments, coffee mug in hand, her artwork will surely put a smile on your face or dispel any clouds hanging over your head. More: Tumblr, Twitter h/t: grapee Her most recent illustration perfectly... Source
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Kitty is a fluff-butt

It's so fluffy! [faints of cute] Mirror, Mirror on the wall - Who has the fluffiest tail of all? [via]
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How to Minimize Allergies in Your Home

If you have terrible seasonal and indoor allergies, here’s how to minimize them when you’re indoors.
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5 Questions All Cat or Dog Owners Should Ask Their Vets

Bring this list of questions to ask your vet at your next appointment.
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5 Questions All Cat or Dog Owner Should Ask Their Vets

Bring this list of questions to ask your vet at your next appointment.
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Low poly shower cat

Looks like they're gonna need a stronger download connection for this cat. [via]
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5 Questions Every Cat or Dog Owner Should Ask Their Vet

Bring this list of questions to ask your vet at your next appointment.
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"Morse and Figliomeni unpacked their boxes, filled with thousands of frozen sausages they produced at a factory south of Perth, according to a recipe developed by a man they jokingly called Dr. Death."

"It called for kangaroo meat, chicken fat and a mix of herbs and spices, along with a poison — called 1080 — derived from gastrolobium plants and highly lethal to animals, like cats, whose evolutionary paths did not require them to develop a tolerance to it. (The baits would also be lethal to other nonnative species, like foxes.) As the sun brightened the brume, the baits began to defrost. By midmorning, when Morse helped load them into a wooden crate inside a light twin-engine propeller Beechcr...
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Man Pledges to Send Dead Cat Into Space, Whether You Help Him or Not

An Oregon cat lover has vowed to memorialize his late feline friend Pikachu by sending the dead cat’s cremated remains into space so it can orbit the planet and eventually fall back toward earth, disintegrating into the ether in a blaze. Ashes to ashes, vapor to vapor. Read more...
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Rainy Wednesday

Wednesday morning, after my visit to Indy Arms Co, I headed downtown to pick up some processed film at Roberts Camera.My order wasn't supposed to be ready until noon, so I figured I'd grab a little lunch on the way down. I stopped at Goose the Market, but the little enoteca in the basement didn't start serving until noon. Down to Mass Ave it was, then. After orbiting the block twice trying to find a parking spot close to The Eagle, I gave up and parked a block north and walked down.I passed the ...
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Japanese Illustrator Imagines A World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals

By the hands of super creative mystery illustrator from Japan, comes the world like no other. On social media, the artist is known as Ariduka55 and it seems artist loves cats the most. There are a lot of other cuddly animals like pandas, rabbits, raccoons, and dogs and they are all giant creatures! “A world where you can surrender yourself to sleep on a giant ball of fur is a world where you... Source
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Turn Your Cats Into Furry Train Conductors With Colorful Cardboard Trains

Thanks to Japanese retailer Felissimo, however, even cats will get to pretend-travel distances far and wide in fancy cardboard trains! More: Felissimo h/t: grapee This train for felines doubles as a house and a cardboard scratcher and comes in blue, red, and black. It can easily accommodate a 6.5-kilogram (14-pound) cat, and comes with adorable accessories to give the furry travelers an authentic... Source
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Feature: Australia Is Deadly Serious About Killing Millions of Cats

Feral felines are driving the country’s native species to extinction. Now a massive culling is underway to preserve what’s left of the wild.
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Is There Purpose in Biology?  The Cost of Existence and the God of Love. By Denis Alexander, Chapter 2: Biology’s Grand Narrative

Is There Purpose in Biology?  The Cost of Existence and the God of Love. By Denis Alexander Chapter 2: Biology’s Grand Narrative We are reviewing the book: Is There Purpose in Biology?  The Cost of Existence and the God of Love. By Denis Alexander.  Chapter 2 is Biology’s Grand Narrative.  In this chapter Alexander asks the question: “What happens when we look at the general features of biological evolution – the overall “grand narrative” – in the light of the claim that it is necessarily purpo...
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