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Cave Painting of Pigs Might Be the Oldest Known Artwork of Animals

A pig painting inside an Indonesian cave has been dated to 43,900 years old, making it among the oldest—if not the oldest—known figurative art piece in the archaeological record.Read more...
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More than 2.5 miles of cliff paintings found hidden in the Amazon rainforest show ancient hunter-gatherers killing Ice Age creatures

Tepuye de Cerro Azul, the largest of the rocky, image-covered shelters studied by a team of researchers, in the Serranía La Lindosa region of Colombia. Jeison Lenis Chaparro-Cárdenas Researchers discovered thousands of drawings adorning three rock shelters in the Colombian Amazon. The drawings cover more than 2.5 miles of rock and are at least 11,800 years old. They depict an ancient hunter-gatherer society that lived at the end of the Ice Age, with scenes of humans hunting mastodons and ...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A 3D-printed neighborhood, at-home insemination tools, alternative education and more innovation from around the globe Hawaii Moves to Ban Single-Use Takeout Containers Part of a comprehensive plan to drastically reduce single-use plastic reliance within the state, Hawaii passed a ban on plastic takeout containers—plates, bowls, cups, utensils, straws, foam containers, and more. The plan (formally named Bill 40) will roll out over two years, allowing …
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43,900-Year-Old Cave Art Depicts Ancient Hunting Scene

Predating the next oldest depiction of a human/animal hunting scene by 4,000 years, this 43,900-year-old scene painted on cave walls on Sulawesi (an island in central Indonesia) is now believed to be the oldest—and includes one of the most complex discoveries yet. It reshapes our long-held conceptions about the practice of hunting by depicting therianthropes, predominantly human figures with a distinguishing animal feature. In this …
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Neanderthal cave art

On 23 February this year, the American journal Science published an article by an international group of scientists and prehistorians. It presented a series of dates obtained from layers of calcite that had formed on top of drawings in three Ice-Age-decorated caves in Spain: La Pasiega in the north, Maltravieso in the centre, and Ardales in the south. The results—c. 64-66,000 years ago—are so early that it makes it certain that Neanderthals must have made these markings on cave walls. There is b...
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Neandertals Were Creative! Or were they?

We still don’t know. Don’t believe the headlines you read about a new scientific study of cave sketches by Neandertals. The study itself is good, solid science: it demonstrates that Neandertals made rough sketches on cave walls–geometric shapes, stencils of hands, and “figurative representations” of animals. The study was published in the leading journal Science (read […]
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Scientists Who Doubt Neanderthal Art Must Reckon With New Evidence From These Sweet Cave Paintings

Back in 2012, archaeologists concluded that a series of cave paintings in Spain were created by Neanderthals, not early humans as was previously assumed. Critics complained about the dating method used, and more contentiously, claimed that only modern humans had the capacity for symbolic thought. Now, using an updated…Read more...
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The cave art in New Mexico that took 25 years to create and cost $2m

An American cave sculptor has spent more than 25 years carving out "cathedral-like" cave rooms from desert sandstone [Author: Soo Kim] [Link to media]
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