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Official Trailer for 1960s Drama 'Son of the South' Starring Lucas Till

"You're gonna have to decide which side you're on." Vertical Entertainment has unveiled an official trailer for Son of the South, a coming-of-age drama set in the turbulent times of the 1960s. This premiered at the American Black Film Festival last year, and it arrives on VOD next month. Lucas Till stars as a grandson of a Klansman who comes of age during the early 60's in the deep south and eventually joins the Civil Rights Movement. Based on Bob Zellner's autobiography "The Wrong Side of M...
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Cedric The Entertainer And Max Greenfield On ‘The Neighborhood’s Third Season: ‘We’re Starting Off The Season Really Powerful’

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‘The Price Is Right’ And ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Come To Primetime With Three New Specials

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France and the Netherlands Call For Tough EU Powers To Curb Big Tech

France and the Netherlands have proposed stricter EU rules to oversee large technology firms, such as Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon. From a report: In a joint document, seen by CNBC and due to be sent to the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, the two countries suggested that an EU authority should be able to control the market position of these large tech platforms. "Our common ambition is to design a framework that will be efficient enough to address the economic footprint of such act...
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The Capital Note: China Bulls Shop, Europe’s Sour Grapes

Welcome to the Capital Note, a newsletter about business, finance and economics. On the menu today: China’s successful bond issue, America’s high tech (and the resentment it generates in the EU), China’s Covid exports (no, not that one) and the end of risk-free assets.China Bulls Shop U.S. investors facing meager returns on developed-market bonds bought up record amounts of Chinese sovereign debt in a bond offering today. According to the Wall Street Journal, U.S. investors bought at least $250...
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It Felt Almost Normal

Yesterday I drove to Sylva to sign books at City Lights--a fine independent bookstore that has hosted events for each of my six previous books. It felt like old times. Almost. There was no room full of readers waiting to hear me talk, no table with wine and nibbly bits, in fact, no event. There was a very nice cat named Cedric and the lovely, heart-warming feel of being in a bookstore. I signed books...and bought some too. I always buy books when I visit an in...
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The Opening Act Trailer: You Have to Start at the Bottom to Reach the Top

The Opening Act Trailer: You have to start at the bottom to reach the top RLJE Films has debuted the first trailer for the star-studded indie comedy The Opening Act led by Jimmy O. Yang (Fantasy Island) and Cedric the Entertainer (First Reformed) that shows in the stand-up comedy game, you have to start at the bottom to reach the top. The trailer can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: The Last Shift Trailer Starring Richard Jenkins in Sony’s New Comedy PB ...
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France to spend $8.4 billion on digital as part of stimulus plan

The French government unveiled a massive $120 million (€100 billion) stimulus package earlier today to recover from the economic downturn — it represents 4% of the country’s GDP. As part of this support plan, the government plans to spend a significant chunk on money on all things digital — startup investment, infrastructure investment and digital transformation. I interviewed France’s digital minister Cédric O earlier today to get some details on how it’s going to work. Overall, France will spe...
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CBS Announces Two New Scripted Dramas Amid Fall Premiere Schedule Reveal

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BWW TV: Watch Kristin Chenoweth Surprise WICKED Fans on GREATEST #ATHOMEVIDEOS

Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth stops by in the latest episode of Greatest AtHomeVideos to helpseries host Cedric the Entertainer plan a surprise video conference for a group of theater fans who perform Broadway musicals in peopleas driveways. [Author: BroadwayWorld TV]
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The Daily Edit – Cedric Terrell

Cedric Terrell Heidi: Why did you create that series, Marwang? Cedric: Last fall I set out to capture the beauty and diversity of black skin, which is poorly represented and rarely celebrated in mainstream media. I wanted to create a project focused specifically on that. I’d worked previously with another model with a rich dark complexion and Marwang was on the same roster and riveted my attention. The conversation during our shoot was insightful; I was curious to know what kind of proje...
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The World’s Greatest Directors Have Their Own Streaming Lists

A French platform asked auteurs to put together their ideal cinémathèques. It turns out filmmakers with seemingly little in common share favorite movies.
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Cedric The Entertainer On What Viewers Can Expect From ‘The Greatest #AtHomeVideos’: ‘Laugh, Cry, Become Inspired’

Tonight at 8:00 PM ET/PT Cedric The Entertainer will be invading living rooms across the United States when he hosts The Greatest #AtHomeVideos, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. This special provides everyday Americans the chance to share their home recordings and also features some special appearances from celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, Tony Hawk, Smokey Robinson and Luke Bryan. CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke with Cedric The Entertainer about tonight’s special, his favorite moments and ...
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Chaminade’s Tommy Sykes fighting coronavirus with disinfecting fog machine

Support our high school sports coverage by becoming a digital subscriber. Subscribe now. Tommy Sykes had a second-best 92 tackles for Chaminade football in 2019, but the recent graduate is tackling a much different opponent now. Instead of using his arms to wrap up the ball carrier, he’s taking COVID-19 head on with a disinfecting fog machine. Strapped with a device on his back, like something out of the Ghostbusters movie, Sykes is disinfecting houses, local businesses and cars to create a sa...
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Why Some Democrats Worry About the Whiteness of Biden’s Inner Circle

Even as his team adds people of color, allies worry that a lack of diverse viewpoints at the top could come with a steep cost: the possibility of taking for granted his strength with black voters.
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France’s data protection watchdog reviews contact-tracing app StopCovid

France's data protection watchdog CNIL has released its second review of StopCovid, the contact-tracing app backed by the French government. The CNIL says there’s no major issue with the technical implementation and legal framework around StopCovid, with some caveats. France isn’t relying on Apple and Google’s contact-tracing API. Instead, a group of research institutes and private companies have worked on a separate solution. At the heart of StopCovid, there’s a centralized contact-traci...
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Cedric The Entertainer And Max Greenfield Discuss The Season Finale Of ‘The Neighborhood’: ‘This Is Something We’re All Really Proud Of’

Cedric The Entertainer and Max Greenfield are back for the season finale of The Neighborhood tonight starting at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access. In ‘Welcome To The Speed Bump” and “Welcome To The Campaign” Dave runs for city council with Calvin’s help against a guest starring Wayne Brady. CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Cedric and Greenfield to discuss tonight’s episode, quarantine and potential side gigs. MW: Hey Cedric, Max, awesome to speak with both of you today! ...
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‘It’s Been One Of The Most Magical Experiences Of My Life’: Beth Behrs On ‘The Neighborhood’ & Cedric The Entertainer

(CBS Local)– Beth Behrs has made CBS her TV home for nearly a decade. The actor became a star as Caroline Channing on “2 Broke Girls” with Kat Dennings and now plays Gemma on “The Neighborhood” with Cedric the Entertainer, Max Greenfield, and Tichina Arnold. While Behrs has already been on a hit TV show before, this CBS sitcom is in a category of its own. “The Neighborhood has truly been one of the most magical experiences of my life,” said Behrs in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Yo...
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Quarantine Podcasts, TV Shows & Live Streams Coming from Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, Amy Schumer, The Comedy Store & More

With all of the traditional movies, TV shows and various other media productions currently shut down, entertainers are taking matters into their own hands by creating projects from the comfort of their home. Since distributors need new content to push to consumers, many of them are getting picked up for mass consumption, and we’ve got a new line-up of TV shows, live streams, and podcasts on the way featuring the likes of Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, Amy Schumer, The Comedy Store, Cedric the Enterta...
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Tiffany Haddish & Common Caught Quarantining Together, Adding Fuel to Recent Dating Rumors

After continuing to deny the rumors, there’s now more evidence that Tiffany Haddish and Common are a couple … or at least more than “just friends.” Over the weekend, Haddish made an appearance during Cedric the Entertainer’s virtual Heal Through Laughter event, a fundraiser for COVID-19 relief. Haddish revealed that she was not quarantining alone and fans noticed Common roaming in the background. The musician eventually crashed Haddish’s segment to speak to Cedric and thank him for keeping us la...
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‘It’s A Heartfelt Show That Comes From A Real Place’: Tichina Arnold On CBS’ ‘The Neighborhood’ & ‘Clover’

(CBS Local)– Tichina Arnold has been acting professionally since she was 15 years old and continues to show why she’s one of Hollywood’s consistent actors. She calls herself a survivor instead of a celebrity and Arnold has made a name for herself in show like “Martin,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” and most recently “The Neighborhood” on CBS with Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield. Arnold plays Tina Butler, the wife of Cedric the Entertainer’s character Calvin Butler. This is the first time Ar...
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New Hampshire Usually Winnows the Field. This Year May Be Different.

With the possibility of five leading candidates surviving beyond New Hampshire, the prospect of a long contest looms large.
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‘This Is A Very Consistent Show’: Max Greenfield On CBS’s ‘The Neighborhood’ & Cedric The Entertainer

(CBS Local)– Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainer have built something special on the CBS series “The Neighborhood.” The comedy about new neighbors trying to get along in Los Angeles has allowed Greenfield to explore what it’s like to perform in front of a studio audience and learn from one of the best in Cedric. “He is so involved in the show in the writing and creative side of it. I know a lot of people think I’m funny on Twitter, but I don’t approach the work in terms of how can I do thi...
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Best eco-friendly wellness retreats

It’s January, the holidays are in the rearview mirror, and there is once again ample time to focus on ourselves. It’s around this time of year — perhaps while waiting for an ice-cold steering wheel to reheat, or sensing snowy sludge start to seep past a crack in our boot — that the concept of a little self-care sojourn, preferably somewhere sandy and warm, begins to sound real nice…maybe even non-negotiable. Wellness travel is a lucrative niche in hospitality, and there’s no shortage of warm-...
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WATCH: Hulu unveils new children’s series about a medieval girl with two dads

Hulu has just dropped the trailer for Bravest Knight, a new animated series about a girl with two dads. Bravest Knight is an adaptation of Daniel Errico’s 2014 book The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived.  The series follows Nia, a young girl training to be a knight in a medieval fantasy world. Her two dads, Sir Cedric and Prince Andrew (voiced by out-gay actors TR Knight and Wilson Cruz, respectively) regale her with tales of Cedric’s youth about his own knightly training. Each episode, Nia learns ...
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Hulu Announces New Animated Original The Bravest Knight

Hulu is continuing its efforts in diverse, quality programming for kids, announcing today the original series The Bravest Knight. Based on the children’s book “The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived,” the story is delivered with the help of flashbacks as Sir Cedric recounts his journey from pumpkin farmer to knight to his adopted 10-year-old daughter, Nia. Hulu has a 13-episode order for the show, the first five of which will premiere on June 21st. The series offers more than one avenue toward ...
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The Bravest Knight: Hulu Announces New Animated Kids Series Adaptation

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The Bravest Knight: Hulu announces new animated kids series adaptation Hulu has announced the premiere of the brand-new Hulu Original animated kids series, The Bravest Knight. Based on the wildly popular children’s book by Daniel Errico The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived, the story chronicles a young pumpkin farmer’s adventure as he attempts to become the bravest knight who ever lived. Hulu has ordered 13 episodes of The Bravest Knight from Big Bad Boo Studios. The first fi...
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10 lessons learned from Inspiration Sessions at I/O 2019

Google I/O didn’t just have developers in attendance. Rock stars, astronauts and Turing Award winners took the stage for more than a dozen Inspiration Sessions, in which attendees learned about how technology is shaping the future, from music to art to creativity. Here are just a few lessons learned from these talks:The key to creativity is thinking like a child.Academy Award-winning animator Glen Keane created beloved characters like Ariel, The Beast and Pocahontas. He told attendees that no ma...
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Film News Roundup: Dacre Montgomery, Geraldine Viswanathan to Star in ‘Broken Heart Gallery’

In today’s film news roundup, Geraldine Viswanathan and Cedric the Entertainer get gigs, shooting starts on apocalyptic thriller “G.O.D.,” and immigrant story “Footprints of the Dragon” is in the works. CASTINGS Geraldine Viswanathan, Dacre Montgomery and Utkarsh Ambudkar are set to star in romantic comedy “The Broken Heart Gallery.” Viswanathan will portray an art collector […]
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Flume Health is an insurance administrator cutting costs by pre-approving prices and paying on-demand

Cedric Kovacs-Johnson launched Flume Health after watching his own family struggle with payments for his sister’s surgery. “ When we looked at who was calling the shots [on prices] it was this litany of service providers that was unknown to us and the cost was unknown to us until we got the bill weeks later,” says Kovacs-Johnson.  The family had thought that their medical bills would be covered by one insurance provider, but as bills kept rolling in, they realized that what had been promised as...
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