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"I used to love to watch her dance the Grizzly Bear/I guess she's gone to Frisco, to dance it there..."

There really is a dance called the Grizzly Bear, which I didn't know until yesterday, though I've heard the lyric quoted in the post title hundreds of times. "Grizzly Bear" by The Youngbloods was in the stack of singles next to my record player in the 1960s. I happened to play this video of it:Before they play the song, Dick Clark interviews Jesse Colin Young about it, and he says: "I'm a ragtime freak, and... this is about a dance in the 1890s called the Grizzly Bear where people used to hug ea...
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Netflix Has Reportedly Signed a 'Best Practices' Code in India to Avoid State Censorship

Netflix and eight other streaming services including pending Disney acquisition Hotstar and Jio Cinema have signed a “code of best practices” stating they will voluntarily self-regulate their content in India, CNN Business reported on Friday. According to CNN, the agreement (posted to Indian tech site MediaNama)…Read more...
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China TV Censoring Lobes Of Male Stars Who Have Earrings

Worshiped male celebrities in China have strangely had their earlobes censored on TV, with the supposed “ban” leaving just as many individuals confused as idol fans are upset. The “earring ban” is yet another hampering restriction imposed by authorities on Chinese male idols who appear on TV, as they have also been banned from singing […]
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China is blurring men's earrings on TV

Chinese TV is blurring out the ears of men wearing earrings. From CNN: It's unclear if Chinese regulators have issued a specific directive barring men from being shown wearing earrings, or whether TV stations are reacting to a shift in what is considered culturally appropriate. Last year, China's media regulator banned TV stations from featuring actors with tattoos. Depictions of "hip hop culture, sub-culture and immoral culture," were also banned according to Chinese state media... When it...
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Male TV stars' earrings censored on Chinese site, say viewers

Web users report that images have been blurred on Netflix-like iQiyi’s TV showsEditors of television programmes streamed on China’s Netflix-like iQiyi site appear to be blurring the earlobes of male actors with earrings, according to web users in the country.Doctored images of male actors on a show called Sisters Flower Shop alongside earlier footage where they were sporting earrings have been posted online. In another show, I, Actor, the earlobes of the actor and singer Jǐng Bórán also appear t...
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Resident Evil 2 Remake Japan Demo Censorship Guts The Gore

Comparisons between the western and Japanese versions of the Resident Evil 2 remake have been provided online by a fan, with the Japanese version unsurprisingly choosing to tone down the excessive gore and blood typically present in western iterations. The comparison video: Some have been making comparisons to how video game companies in the west […]
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IAMAI’s regulatory code for OTT platforms outlining principles and seeking a creation of grievance redressal; will it lead to self-censorship?

With the aim to provide a regulatory code for video streaming platforms, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has released a document called “Code of best practices for online curated content providers.” OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5, Arre, SonyLIV,... ...
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Bird nonpologizes: "we accidentally sent you a threatening letter"

Last week, our lawyers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation sent a reply to Bird, the scooter company, which had sent us an intimidating letter seeking to censor this post on Bird conversion kits, which let you unlock the hundreds of Bird scooters that are auctioned off by cities after Bird fails to claim them from their impound lots. Having been publicly dragged, Bird has issued a traditional corporate nonpology: "Bird celebrates freedom in many ways—freedom from traffic [and] congesti...
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IAMAI to release a code of self regulation for OTT platforms; our take

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has drafted a code of self-regulation for video streaming OTT platforms, reports The Economic Times. IAMAI officials confirmed the existence of the draft to MediaNama, and said that it would be released tomorrow, 17 January. MediaNama has not... ...
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Angry Christians riot and throw firebomb at a museum that exhibits 'McJesus' sculpture

Hundreds of angry Christians protested at a museum in Haifa, Israel, demanding that the museum remove an exhibit that featured a "McJesus" sculpture. The sculpture – Ronald McDonald crucified on a cross – is part of a larger exhibit commenting on society's worship of capitalism, but after photos of the crucified clown were shared on social media, a group of Christians became irate. They rioted by throwing a firebomb at the museum and stones at police officers, injuring three of them. Police the...
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Next year, the UK will start requiring ID to visit sexy “adult” websites

In April 2019, the UK will require government ID to access sites with adult content — here's what could possibly go wrong.
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China has a very Orwellian reason for banning typing "1984" on social media, while allowing people to read Nineteen Eighty-Four

Chinese internet users can't type the numbers "1984" into social media, but Chinese bookstores freely sell copies of Orwell's novels, including Nineteen Eighty-Four, as well as other books whose titles are banned on social media. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the inner Party members are allowed to read the literature that is banned for consumption by proles and outer Party members, and the same is true in China: the Politburo treats books as the purview of intellectual elites, who are on the on...
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Gris Ad Actually Rejected Over Instagram Butt

A Facebook spokesperson provided insight on the ad rejection debacle surrounding Devolver Digital’s game “Gris”, with the accused image of a woman not being the source of the “sexually suggestive” content but actually the publisher’s link to their Instagram account. Devolver Digital had mentioned that an advertisement they sent to Facebook ended up being rejected […]
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Bird Issues 'Chilling' Legal Threat After Boing Boing Publishes Blog on E-Scooter Hack

In early December, Boing Boing published a piece about an e-scooter “conversion kit,” a $30 hotwiring option for users who were, in theory, able purchase any number of Bird electric scooters collecting dust at city impound lots. This apparently didn’t sit well with Bird, which promptly issued a “notice of claimed…Read more...
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Bird Scooter tried to censor my Boing Boing post with a legal threat that's so stupid, it's a whole new kind of wrong

Last month, I published a post discussing the mountains of abandoned Bird Scooters piling up in city impound lots, and the rise of $30 Chinese conversion kits that let you buy a scooter at auction, swap out the motherboard, and turn it into a personal scooter, untethered from the Bird company. In response, Bird sent us a legal threat of such absurdity that we are publishing it in full, along with a scorching response from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as a kind of celebration of truly...
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Tor pulls in record donations as it lessens reliance on US government grants

Tor, the open source initiative which provides a more secure way to access the internet, is continuing to diversify its funding away from its long-standing reliance on U.S. government grants. The Tor Foundation — the organization behind the service which stands for ‘The Onion Router’ — announced this week that it brought in a record $460,000 from individual donors in 2018. In addition, recently released financial information shows it raised a record $4.13 million from all sources in 2017 than...
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Valve Bans & Delays More Anime Games With No Explanation

More games with anime-style graphics have been forcibly banned or infinitely delayed from release on Steam, a turn of events that will hardly surprise any at this point. Hentai School Life, a Chinese RPG following a prostitute attempting to return to a normal school life, was expunged from Steam on January 9th; the title was […]
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Netflix Chose a New Market Over Free Speech. That Sets a Disturbing Precedent.

Netflix does not face the pressures and dangers that Arab networks and artists do. It makes its bowing to Saudi censorship demand even more disappointing.
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Saudi Arabia, Netflix and the Globalization of Censorship

Netflix does not face the pressures and dangers that Arab networks and artists do. It makes its bowing to Saudi censorship demand even more disappointing.
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The internet, but not as we know it: life online in China, Russia, Cuba and India

More than half of the world’s population is now online, but that does not mean we all see the same thing. From being filtered by the government to being delivered by post, the internet can vary enormously depending on where you live. Here are four illustrated examples Continue reading...
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Twitter Users in China Face Detention and Threats in New Beijing Crackdown

Authorities are using harsh methods to target people posting criticism of the government on a social media platform that is blocked in the country, extending online censorship beyond China’s borders.
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Shield Hero Fans Worry About Censorship Amidst English Dub Delay

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari‘s English dub has been delayed to an unmentioned date, immediately leading many to theorize that the controversy surrounding the first episode might have been the cause. The official English Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero‏) Twitter account delivered the sad news: Many commenters naturally began […]
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The Accidental Prime Minister Case: SC refuses to grant an urgent hearing

The Supreme Court has refused to grant an urgent hearing to the plea seeking a ban on the trailer of and the film The Accidental Prime Minister. This means that the trailer will remain as is on YouTube and the movie will be released on its scheduled release date of January 11, 2019. The Supreme... ...
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Toe the line: China bans foot fetish videos and political spoofs as censorship tightens

China’s new guidelines come after a year in which the government stepped up censorship efforts China released new guidelines on censoring short videos on Wednesday, prohibiting everything from foot fetishes to spoofing the national anthem, as Beijing continues to clamp down on “harmful” information.The China Netcasting Services Association, one of the country’s largest government-backed internet associations, published a detailed list of 100 types of content that short video platforms must scrub...
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Song Of Memories Dated For PS4, Canceled On Switch

Visual novel Song Of Memories, which was forced to remove any instance of text alluding to the age of its characters and the word “school” to “academy”, has been canceled on the Switch, with the reason being due to development issues. PQubeGames first announced on Twitter that a release date has been confirmed for the […]
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Vietnam threatens to penalize Facebook for breaking its draconian cybersecurity law

Well, that didn’t take long. We’re less than ten days into 2019 and already Vietnam is aiming threats at Facebook after it violating its draconian cybersecurity law which came into force on January 1. The U.S. social network stands accused of allowing users in Vietnam to post “slanderous content, anti-government sentiment and libel and defamation of individuals, organisations and state agencies,” according to a report from state-controlled media Vietnam News. The content is said to have been ...
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Gris Trailer Ad Rejected By Facebook For Being “Sexually Suggestive”

Devolver Digital stated that Facebook rejected a launch trailer ad for their game GRIS due to one scene being “sexually suggestive”, certain to have many confused as the trailer in question has no such content whatsoever. Devolver Digital’s tweet on the matter: The launch trailer the developer is likely referring to: Devolver Digital also mentioned […]
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Updated: Case dismissed – Fresh PIL seeks a ban on ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ movie

Update 2, 2pm: The matter was earlier listed to be heard by the bench of Justice S Muralidhar and Justice Sanjeev Narula, but was transferred to the bench headed by Chief Justice Menon this morning. During the hearing, the producers of the film, represented by Advocate Sangram Patnaik, objected to... ...
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Fresh PIL seeks a ban on ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ movie

Pooja Mahajan, a Delhi based designer, has filed a fresh PIL in the Delhi High Court seeking a ban on the release of the trailer and the film The Accidental Prime Minister. Mahajan had initially filed a writ petition seeking a ban on the trailer from YouTube and Google and not the film. However,... ...
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