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Cryptocat author gets insanely fast backing to build P2P tech for social media

The idea for Capsule started with a tweet about reinventing social media. A day later cryptography researcher, Nadim Kobeissi — best known for authoring the open source E2E encrypted desktop chat app Cryptocat (now discontinued) — had pulled in a pre-seed investment of $100,000 for his lightweight mesh-networked microservices concept, with support coming from angel investor and   former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan, William J. Pulte and Wamda Capital. I'm designing a decentralized soc...
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The Trump ban across social media wasn't censorship - it was a series of editorial decisions by media companies that call themselves social platforms

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. REUTERS/Anushree Fadnav Becca Lewis is a PhD candidate in communication at Stanford University who researches online social movements and extremist groups. She says decrying Trump's bans on social media as censorship distracts from the real issue: that companies like Facebook and Twitter are really simply media companies who use editorial intervention and oversight. We've begun to see platforms make decisions that implicitly, if not explicitly, acknowledge this, sh...
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Should we celebrate Trump’s Twitter ban? Five free speech experts weigh in

In recent years, the conversation around free speech – and arguments to protect it – have been dominated by the right. Should liberals try and reclaim the value for themselves?Last week, as Twitter permanently banned Trump from its platform, critics from the right have been quick to blame a “leftist” culture within tech companies for a crackdown on free speech. That is not without its contradictions – many people have expressed concerns about the decision, including Alexey Navalny and Angela Mer...
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‘The eye of the storm’: how 76 Days captured Wuhan’s Covid lockdown up close

The co-director of the haunting documentary, filmed inside the city’s hospitals during the first outbreak, explains why it is so importantIn the opening scene of 76 Days, the extraordinary inside story of how Wuhan’s hospitals coped with the initial wave of Covid, a sobbing daughter in full PPE begs to see her dying mother. The staff refuse and restrain her. Soon after, she pursues her mother’s body bag on to the street, only to watch as it is driven away. The woman crumples in the road, distrau...
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Twitch’s Daily PogChamp Emote Idea Scrapped After Only a Few Days

Twitch has only seemed to make matters worse for themselves after removing the PogChamp emote from their service after the person it was based on “encouraged violence“, as the daily emotes they replaced it with only brought about further bickering and hypocrisy. Twitch decided they would release new different PogChamp emotes every day as a […]
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Twitch’s Daily PogChamp Emote Scrapped After Only a Few Days

Twitch has only seemed to make matters worse for themselves after removing the PogChamp emote from their service after the person it was based on “encouraged violence“, as the daily emotes they replaced it with only brought about further bickering and hypocrisy. Twitch decided they would release new different PogChamp emotes every day as a […]
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"The ability of companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google to control what people see online is so potent, it is the subject of antitrust hearings...."

"But the decision by Amazon to push Parler off its dominant cloud-computing service illustrates just how powerful its content-moderation capabilities are as well.... [T]he companies that provide the technical infrastructure that powers websites and services where people express opinions have vast power as well, though they rarely use it. They include little-known companies that register website domains for customers; so-called content delivery networks, which can boost the speed at which webpage...
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Poland plans to make censoring of social media accounts illegal

Following Trump’s Twitter ban, Polish government wants to protect posts that do not break nation’s lawsPolish government officials have denounced the deactivation of Donald Trump’s social media accounts, and said a draft law being readied in Poland will make it illegal for tech companies to take similar actions there.“Algorithms or the owners of corporate giants should not decide which views are right and which are not,” wrote the prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, on Facebook earlier this week...
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Amazon Court Filing Includes Chilling Death Threats Published On Parler

Amazon submitted a new filing in federal court on Tuesday in response to an emergency motion by Parler to restore its hosting services through Amazon’s AWS. Parler was kicked offline early Monday after Amazon said the social media company had violated its terms of service and Parler couldn’t find another company…Read more...
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Why I put AdSense ads back on the blog — self-defense.

Last October, after years of taking offense at Google for sending me email telling me I had offensive material on this blog, I discontinued my participation in Google Adsense. That is, I opted out of using advertising to monetize this blog.   I'm tired of checking to see what's supposedly a violation. I get so many of these and they're often posts that are nothing but a quote from a commentator in the NYT. But to see that the review didn't okay these pages... it's just mind-bending. I can't was...
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YouTube puts a temporary freeze on uploads to Trump’s channel

YouTube has been the slowest of the big social media platforms to react to the threat of letting president Trump continue to use its platform as a megaphone to whip up insurrection in the wake of the attack on the US capital last week. But it’s now applied a temporary upload ban. In a short Twitter thread today, the Google-owned service said it had removed new content uploaded to Trump’s YouTube channel “in light of concerns about the ongoing potential violence”. It also said it’s applied a firs...
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"Trump’s Twitter feed... was a window into his deranged and disordered mind. The insults, grandiosity, lies, threats, bigotry and incitement..."

"He was a menace to the world, but he was a genius of the genre: nasty, irreverent, oddly addictive. It will be strange to revert to humdrum, cautious political platitudes after drinking the wine of uninhibited, free-association populism. Here are some recent tweets by President-Elect Joe Biden. 'In 10 days, we move forward and rebuild — together.' 'In 2020 we’re going to build a brighter future.' 'I’m filled with fresh hope about the possibilities of better days to come.'" Writes Nicholas ...
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ISP in Idaho Planned to Block Facebook and Twitter to Punish 'Censorship'

Responding to the public backlash over Twitter and Facebook’s decision to boot President Trump from their platforms, an internet service provider in rural Idaho told customers that it would block the popular social media networks by default. But that decision sparked a separate mini-backlash, and the company is now…Read more...
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Internet Service Provider blocks social media after Trump's Twitter Ban, allegedly at request of customers

Following the mass social media ban on Donald Trump, ISP Your T1 WIFI — which services Northern Idaho and the Spokane, Washington area — has blocked their customers from accessing Facebook and Twitter. According to an email to customers that was shared on Twitter, the company had received complaints from upwards of 2/3 of their customers, who were so incensed with the censorship decisions made by Facebook and Twitter that they decided to ask their ISP to prevent them from accessing those webs...
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Libertarian social media site Parler asks government to force private businesses to do commerce with them

Conservative social media haven Parler has been dropped from most online services, including Amazon Web Services, which hosted the site. According to The Hill, the Libertarian-founded company has appealed to the US District Court in Seattle to stop this blacklisting: The 18-page complaint, filed in U.S. — Read the rest
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"We began preparing for Inauguration Day last year."

Write Guy Rosen, VP Integrity, and Monika Bickert, VP Global Policy Management of Facebook, setting off my bullshit detector. Last year was 12 days ago. I'll keep going. I want to read the original document, not the NBC News summary — "Facebook bans all 'stop the steal' content" — that I can see is getting lots of links.  I don't believe Facebook would ban everything with the 3-word phrase. That would include all sorts of people who are just talking about what is the biggest news story going. ...
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The downfall-of-Trump conspiracy theories will go on for 100 years. They will never end in my lifetime. I have accepted this reality.

Americans love our great conspiracy subjects. The JFK assassination.... Area 51... We were talking about that last night, and I happened to say, "Truthers. Remember Truthers. What were the Truthers?"  I had to stop and think which conspiracy subject had the people called "Truthers." I remembered: 9/11. Now, 2 hours before sunrise, I'm seeing the headline "Some members of Congress fear the Capitol mob attack was an inside job" (Axios). Oh no. It's like the 9/11 Truther theory: inside job! ...
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Behind the Silicon Wall, Big Tech Targets Parler,, Trump, & VCDL’s Lobby Day

ARFCOM Censored 01-11-2121 U.S.A. –-( In what can only be assumed to be a concerted effort by the technocracy, a new round of conservative purges hit social media platforms. Twitter banned the President of The United States shortly before also banning General Mike Flynn. This move came after protestors entered the Capitol Building on January 6th. President Trump called for calm and asked protestors to go home, yet that wasn’t enough for the social media giants not to take advant...
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Viz Media’s Manga Censorship Regains Attention

An individual on Twitter has garnered decent notoriety after bringing up an old instance of manga censorship as carried out by Viz Media, the alteration forcing a girl in Rosario + Vampire to put a bra over top her exposed breasts. Accruing 831 retweets and 2.9K likes in about a day, the Twitter user shared […]
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‘Even mourning is said to shame China’: women of Wuhan fight to be heard

Three writers who blogged about life in the city where Covid began still face constant threats and monitoringCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage“When people from other places come to Wuhan now, they would have a feeling that nothing ever happened here,” said Ai Xiaoming, sitting in the book-filled study of her home in the city at the heart of China’s coronavirus outbreak last January.“It feels like they know nothing about the dead, or the families’ feelings,” said the 67...
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"For a half-century, the trend in political culture has been inexorably in one direction: toward the steady loosening and eventually the near-obliteration of media filters...."

"The erosion of traditional establishment filters — first by such mediums as direct mail, talk radio and cable, later and most powerfully by social media — has been a primary factor in the rise of potent ideological movements on right and left alike.... [T]he decision Friday night by Twitter to permanently ban Trump from its platform... represents an effort to reassert the notion that filters have a place in political communication.... Twitter’s announcement was made with a righteous air, as th...
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"I’ve seen lots of Trump supporters asking why the Chinese Embassy’s account hasn’t been banned for this tweet..."

I’ve seen lots of Trump supporters asking why the Chinese Embassy’s account hasn’t been banned for this tweet. This is how much conservatives hate people of colour, *especially* when they promote women’s rights.— Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath) January 9, 2021 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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How far will the anti-Trump forces go in crushing their opposition?

‘You’re not entitled your book contract,’ can quickly become ‘United doesn’t have to let you onto its planes’ ‘Marriott doesn’t have to let you stay at its hotels,’ or ‘Visa doesn’t have to let you use its cards.’And maybe that’s the point.— Abigail Shrier (@AbigailShrier) January 8, 2021 That tweet is a response to the news: "Simon & Schuster Cancels Plans for Senator Hawley’s Book/The publisher faced calls to drop the Missouri Republican’s upcoming book, 'The Tyranny of Big Tech,' following...
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Capcom Video Policy Forbids Content That is “Sexist, Prejudicial to Sexual Orientation”

Capcom has seemingly started putting its newfound knowledge in “LGBTXYZ rights and diversity” to use as they are now putting limitations on their adoring consumers in regards to fan content, as both videos and mods that are “illegal, racist, sexist, prejudicial to sexual orientation, sexually explicit, disparaging, promotes hate crimes, or is otherwise offensive are […]
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Twitch Removes Pogchamp Emote After Wrongthink Political Statement by Gootecks

The biggest game streaming platform in the world, Twitch, has now banned the “pogchamp” emote after the subject it’s based on made a “disagreeable” political statement about the riot situation in Washington DC’s Capitol Hill. The statement was officially made on Twitch’s Twitter account blaming Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez for “encouraging further violence” in regards to […]
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PlayStation “in Decline in Japan”, Censorship Claimed as One Possible Factor

Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at the Ace Economic Research Institute, has provided some factors that might possibly explain the reason for the PlayStation’s decline in Japan, with one of the reasons being the absurd censorship targeting Japanese titles. The analyst believes Sony’s hold on the Japanese market is starting to dwindle and has expressed concerns […]
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Vietnam Gives Reporters Decades-Long Jail Sentences

A court in Vietnam on Tuesday handed down jail sentences of more than a decade each to three journalists found guilty of spreading propaganda against the state. Pham Chi Dung, Nguyen Tuong Thuy and Le Huu Minh Tuan, prominent members of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam, were charged with “making, storing, spreading information, materials, […]
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Speechless: An allegory for our time

They had warned me about the silence of the City. Living in the woods these last few years, alone with my pod-family, my mind’s ear had grown accustomed to nature’s carols of birds, crickets, and wind. From the City, I expected the cacophonies of my memory. But now, there was not a word. When researchers agreed that this latest virus, MO’VID-29, was spread most effectively via talking or shouting — not to mention coughing and sneezing or, God forbid, singing — it did not take long for ma...
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Top Hat Studios Provides Evidence of Death Theats & Harassment

Top Hat Studios, the publisher of cyberpunk adventure game Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, has posted examples of the threatening messages, death threats, and demands for censorship slung their way to prove that the hatred towards them is real (and will likely not be covered by any of the “mainstream gaming websites”). In addition […]
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Top Hat Studios “Categorically Refuses” to Censor Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

Developer and publisher Top Hat Studios announced they will not censor the recently excoriated Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story despite the incessant demands from social media’s contingency of offended misfits. The developer publisher combo delivered the news through Twitter, where they asserted that they stand for creative freedom and expression: Top Hat Studios expressed […]
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