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Tesla Twitter is a battleground where legendary hedge-fund managers and amateur investors gather to trash and praise Elon Musk's polarizing empire (TSLA)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spends a lot of time on Twitter — as do his fans and critics. That combination has made Tesla one of the most talked-about companies online. A community known as $TSLAQ is betting on the company's death and have found much success in irritating the billionaire executive. Business Insider spoke with a half-dozen outspoken Tesla fans — both bulls and bears — to piece together how Tesla garnered its fandom. They say the company is "perfect" for this kind of discussion. Visit B...

Inside Tesla Twitter, where legendary short-sellers and amateur investors gather to trash and praise Elon Musk’s electric empire (TSLA)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spends a lot of time on Twitter — as do his fans and critics. That combination has made Tesla one of the most talked-about companies online. A community known as $TSLAQ is betting on the company's death and have found much success in irritating the billionaire executive. Business Insider spoke with a half-dozen outspoken Tesla fans — both bulls and bears — to piece together how Tesla garnered its fandom. They say the company is "perfect" for this kind of discussion. Visit B...

Falling levels of air pollution drove decline in California's tule fog

The Central Valley's heavy wintertime tule fog -- known for snarling traffic and closing schools -- has been on the decline over the past 30 years, and falling levels of air pollution are the cause, says a new study by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley. The findings help explain the puzzling decades-long rise and fall in the number of 'fog days' affecting the region over the past century.
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Where will flooded fields best replenish groundwater?

Overpumping in California's Central Valley has depleted groundwater storage capacity and caused the land to sink. A new model based on remote sensing data could help zero in on where water managers can replenish aquifers by flooding fields.
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Personnel doubled to tackle growing outbreak of chicken-killing Newcastle disease

Federal and state officials are doubling the number personnel working to eradicate the virulent Newcastle disease killing Southern California chickens, thanks in large measure to $45 million in emergency funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The new funds come in addition to $27 million previously spent on the growing epidemic. But the total, about $72 million spent or allocated so far, still falls well short of the nearly $170 million spent during the last Newcastle outbreak, in 2002...
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Federal mediator called in to speed up grocery-union talks

A federal mediator has been asked to help move along contract talks between Southern California’s three major supermarket chains and the union that represents most of the workers in their stores. Leaders of the United Food and Commercial Workers met with representatives from Albertsons, Vons and Ralphs for two days this week. A union negotiator said some progress has been made, but the two sides are far from an agreement on the major issues of wages and benefits. UFCW represents about 60,000 sup...
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California Already Has a Green New Deal. Here’s How It Works

Republicans in the Senate uniformly voted against the Green New Deal earlier this week. President Donald Trump thinks it can help him win re-election. And conservative pundits on cable news regularly rail against it. But 3,000 miles away, the former Republican mayor of Fresno, a conservative hub of California’s Central Valley, sounds very different. When…
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Word of the week: Cow

Last week’s headlines were full of bovine references. I’m not talking about the usual bull: This was all about a fake cow with hundreds of thousands of (presumably) real Twitter followers—a cowfluencer, you might say—that’s being sued by a sitting U.S. congressman. The cow in question (1,200 followers on March 18, 634,000 followers on March 24):   The congressman (404,000 followers):   Yes, Devin Nunes of California’s Central Valley, the ranking Republican on the House Intellige...
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Who keeps buying California's scarce water? #SaudiArabia | US news | The Guardian

Who keeps buying California's scarce water? Saudi Arabia | US news | The Guardian:Four hours east of Los Angeles, in a drought-stricken area of a drought-afflicted state, is a small town called Blythe where alfalfa is king. More than half of the town’s 94,000 acres are bushy blue-green fields growing the crop.Massive industrial storehouses line the southern end of town, packed with thousands upon thousands of stacks of alfalfa bales ready to be fed to dairy cows – but not cows in California’s Ce...
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Who keeps buying California's scarce water? Saudi Arabia

Saudi-based Almarai owns 15,000 acres of an irrigated valley – but what business does a foreign food production company have drawing resources from a US desert?Four hours east of Los Angeles, in a drought-stricken area of a drought-afflicted state, is a small town called Blythe where alfalfa is king. More than half of the town’s 94,000 acres are bushy blue-green fields growing the crop.Massive industrial storehouses line the southern end of town, packed with thousands upon thousands of stacks of...
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Sponsor of the "Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act" sues Twitter cow-account for $250 million

Devin Nunes (previously) is a Trump-loyalist whose scandals have ranged from secretly moving his family farm to make it easier to hire undocumented workers to a bizarre obsession with the Steele Dossier; and like a lot of far-right types, he's big on "preventing frivolous lawsuits" (which is to say, he wants to make it harder for the public to sue companies that harm them, which is why he cosponsored last year's Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act. Another trait Nunes shares with a lot of f...
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Conservative lawyers steal page from progressive playbook

For liberals, legislative defeats are just a temporary setback until the real battle begins in court. Whether it’s environmentalists shutting off water to Central Valley farms or the ACLU demanding sex changes for prisoners, left-wing groups have long used the courts to advance their political agenda. Now, the Resistance has taken it one step further with 46 taxpayer-funded state lawsuits against the Trump administration. Conservatives have been quick to criticize activist judges legislating fro...
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Housing, global warming to dominate state’s 2019 agenda

Lenny Mendonca, chief economic and business advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom, tells business leaders at the state Capitol California needs more housing to drive down prices. “California is too expensive to do business in. A core driver … is housing costs too much,” he said. (Photo by Jeff Collins, the Orange County Register/SCNG) Worry less about how the environmental movement impacts your business and more about how global warming impacts the economy, Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, D-Glendale, to...
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As newspapers close, role of government watchdog disappears

One of the last investigations Jim Boren oversaw before he retired as executive editor of The Fresno Bee was a four-month examination of substandard housing in the city at the heart of California’s Central Valley. The multimedia project revealed the living conditions imposed on many of the city’s low-income renters, many of them immigrants: apartments […]
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California’s message: You built that, now get out!

The people who build our homes increasingly can no longer afford them. Even as the state elite and their academic cheering crew celebrate our progressive boom, even the most skilled, unionized construction workers, notes an upcoming study, cannot afford to live anywhere close to the state’s major job centers. In fact, notes the study, soon to be published by Chapman University, not a single unionized construction worker can afford a median-priced house in any of the major coastal counties, inclu...
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American taxpayers deserve their money back on California bullet train

Annoying as many Californians may find President Trump’s rhetoric on the environment, they should agree that Washington deserves its money back squandered on the failed high-speed rail project. Calling the captured funds a “bait and switch,” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has demanded around $2.5 billion in train funds back from Sacramento. Her argument is straightforward: regardless of the desirability of the train, the project morphed so dramatically from its original authorized proposal...
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Question of the Week: Is it time to call it quits on the bullet train?

How far is it you thought California’s long-promised high-speed rail system was going to go? San Diego to Sacramento? Or a southern start instead in Anaheim? Or simply Los Angeles to San Francisco? Whichever version you believed was promised to the state as a coming transit option, Gov. Gavin Newsom in his first State of the State address threw cold water on the already dwindling bullet-train flames by saying the route would for the foreseeable future be limited to a link between the Central Val...
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Sierra Canyon boys, girls basketball teams one win away from CIF State finals

The Trailblazers are still alive. Sierra Canyon’s boys and girls basketball teams are each one win away from a trip to Sacramento this weekend for a shot at the CIF State Open Division titles. Mater Dei of Santa Ana (29-4) stands in the way of the Sierra Canyon boys, who will take on the Monarchs in the regional final Tuesday night at Simi Valley High. The Sierra Canyon girls will travel Tuesday to No. 1 Clovis West (31-3). Both games are at 7 p.m. The game with Mater Dei will be a rematch of a ...
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Free Assyrian Language Course in Turlock, California

Caty Nariman helps students learn different letters of the Assyrian alphabet. ( Angelina Martin/Turlock Journal)The Central Valley has one of the largest Assyrian populations in the country, and Turlock is at the heart of that community.
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31 Southern California cities ignore housing reporting rules, study finds

Thirty-one Southern California cities – from Huntington Beach to Hidden Hills and from Lancaster to Loma Linda – failed to meet a state requirement to report progress meeting housing goals each year, a new report says. Out of at least five annual progress reports required since 2013, these 30 cities provided none. According to the report, Southern California as a whole – excluding Los Angeles County – gets a grade of C when it comes to addressing the region’s homebuilding needs. The letter grade...
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Word of the week: Backbencher

It’s been six years since Ben Yagoda first noticed a spike in the U.S. usage of backbencher, a term with a specific meaning in British parliamentary politics – MPs who hold no ministerial or shadow-ministerial offices and therefore are consigned to the back benches of their respective houses – and none in U.S. government, where representatives and senators sit wherever they please on their party-defined sides of the aisle. In December 2015, Ben’s UK counterpart, Lynne Murphy, anointed backbench...
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There is nothing ‘fresh’ about a new water tax

Governor Newsom proudly declared in his State of the State address that we “need a fresh approach when it comes to meeting California’s massive water challenges.” I agree that there are serious water challenges in the state, especially when a significant number of Californians do not have access to safe and reliable drinking water. Some estimate that it’s over 1 million and mostly in the Central Valley, concentrated in poor and disadvantaged communities. As a state with the fifth largest economy...
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It’s time to derail California’s bullet train to nowhere

Gov. Gavin Newsom came close this month to abandoning the state’s misbegotten bullet train project that’s already cost many billions of dollars and demonstrates no signs of becoming viable. “Let’s be real,” Newsom told legislators in his first State of the State address. “The project as currently planned would cost too much and take too long. There’s been too little oversight and not enough transparency. Right now, there simply isn’t a path to get from Sacramento to San Diego, let alone from San...
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Gavin Newsom takes a jackhammer to Jerry Brown’s legacy

When former California Gov. Jerry Brown announced that he was departing Sacramento for his family ranch in Colusa County, he wanted the world to know that he’d be doing a lot more than hanging out in his easy chair and binge-watching trash TV on Bravo. In a wide-ranging interview with KQED radio, Brown said, “This is not a retirement — this is an action-packed path here that you should be following very closely.” Brown vowed to continue to fight for his signature political initiatives, and noted...
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CA Gov: Trump Nixing Bullet Train Funds Is ‘Political Retribution’ Over Lawsuit

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Disputes over President Donald Trump’s border wall and California’s bullet train are intensifying the feud between the White House and the nation’s most populous state. The Trump administration on Tuesday said it plans to cancel or claw back $3.5 billion in federal dollars allocated to California’s high-speed rail project, a move Gov. Gavin Newsom called “political retribution” for the state’s lawsuit against Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. California led...
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Please, Governor, don’t derail the bullet train derailment

Even before California’s High Speed Rail bond proposal appeared on the ballot in November 2008, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association commissioned a study in conjunction with the Reason Foundation because of deep concerns about the project’s viability. The study, published in September 2008, just prior to the election, confirmed our worst fears. Specifically, the executive summary of the nearly 200-page document warned: “The CHSRA plans as currently proposed are likely to have very little rela...
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USDA gives Aemetis $125M, 20-year loan for Riverbank Biorefinery

In California, the USDA issued a Conditional Commitment under the 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Program to guarantee a $125 million, 20-year loan to the Aemetis cellulosic ethanol plant to be built in Riverbank, California. The Riverbank plant is designed to convert orchard, forest and other biomass waste into cellulosic ethanol with below zero carbon emissions. Earlier this month, The Digest reported on the project here. Following Phase I approval for a loan guarantee from the USDA in late 2016, ...
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High-speed rail still ‘hanging over’ the heads of the project’s critics in the San Fernando Valley

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s comments this week on California’s high-speed rail project have led to some confusion in Los Angeles, where several routes for the southern portion have been proposed in communities like Sylmar, Sun Valley, Lake View Terrace and Sunland-Tujunga. During his state of the state speech on Tuesday, Newsom put an emphasis on completing the Central Valley portion between Merced and Bakersfield, while casting doubt on the project reaching any further north or south. “Right now, there...
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A look at our local raptors for backyard bird count weekend

BACKYARD RAPTORS The 22nd annual Great Backyard Bird Count is underway and continues through Monday. To celebrate, we take a look at a few of the more prestigious raptors of California that have come dangerously close to extinction that you might find in your own backyard. BALD EAGLE The bald eagle has been the national emblem of the United States since 1782 and a spiritual symbol for Native Americans. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the bald eagle was close to extinction in the lower 48 ...
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Travel News: February 15, 2019

India wants to make medical tourism a $9 billion industry by 2020 CNN There are many reasons people go to India: the culture, the food, the weather. But in recent years, another factor drawing visitors is health care. India’s medical tourism industry could grow by 200% by 2020, hitting $9 billion, according to Ministry of Tourism figures. As it tries to expand the industry, the country is trying to make it easier for people to come for medical reasons. It’s touting advanced facilities, skilled ...
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