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Simple Chantilly Cream Recipe

Chantilly cream sounds fancy, but it is so easy to make! Chantilly cream is just another name for whipped cream. They are the same thing! Fresh Chantilly cream can be whipped up in minutes, and nothing beats its light, sweet flavor. Read the full article here
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Brazill ready to burn rubber on Bridgestone circuit 

International golfer Rob Brazill tees off at the Bridgestone Orders of Merit launch, Mondello Park, Naas, Kildare, Ireland. 07/03/2019. Picture Fran Caffrey / Happiness for some is a long walk with a putter.But for West of Ireland champion Robert Brazill, few things match the thrill of ripping a drive a mile — especially if he's trying to beat a souped up track car dow...
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McDermott and Duff shine at Portmarnock Links

Grange professional Michael McDermott Grange professional Michael McDermott showed his liking for Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links by carding a best-of-the-day 68 to take home the nett in the TaylorMade Winter Series. Winner of last July's mac-group Pro-Am at the links, when he also shot a three-under 68, the former West of Ireland winner claimed the nett by three strokes from Po...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 1 March 2019

A section of the brightly colored houses and shops facing out to the harbor in the lovely little town of Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull. We’ll spend two nights here on the Scotland’s Highland Highlights tour in September. Good morningAnother week with a disrupted review – the product I was testing abjectly failed at the thing it was primarily intended for.  To be fair, I have to give the manufacturer a chance to respond – maybe it is a bad unit, for example.However, there’s lot we do have this w...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 22 February 2019

Enjoy the good life in the beautiful towns and villages of France’s Loire Valley this September. See details below. Good morningThere’s more craziness this week than I can remember for a long while, and much of it gleefully commented on in the last couple of items below.I prepared a review of a fun little gadget that I’d got prior to Christmas, and was going to present it to you this morning.  But I checked and could no longer find the gadget on Amazon, or on the official supplier website either...
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You’ll Never Guess How Much These Stunning Davids Bridal Gowns Cost

Let’s just say it - sometimes it can be so difficult to find a wedding dress that you’re obsessed with that’s also in your price range. It can suck the fun right out of what’s supposed to be the happiest time in your life! So, before you get discouraged, you need to consider a trip to David’s Bridal! David’s Bridal’s huge assortment of high quality wedding dresses features a broad spectrum of silhouettes, lengths and styles, that are all SO affordable! This way, you can find your dream dress (an...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 8 February 2019

Exciting news! We’re offering a new Scotland tour in September (details immediately below), and this time we not only have a ride on this, the “Harry Potter” steam train, but we also, in the other direction, have a photo stop where we can photograph the train crossing the famous Glenfinnan viaduct. Good morning Lots of touring news this morning. Our new Loire Valley Land Cruise in September has proven to be popular, with three people already signed up and another four expected to be joining th...
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Best castles to see in France

In the same way that traveling to France should never be limited to visiting Paris, learning about its rich history and checking out some of its amazing architecture should never be constrained to a one-day visit to Versailles — there are countless castles in France that are mind-blowing, much cheaper, and less crowded. So, if you want to make your trip to France a little less predictable but still fill it with beautiful historical sights, leave the hordes of tourist sheep behind, hop on a t...
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Chantilly’s Private Princely Apartments Reopening

There are many things that make the Domaine de Chantilly unique (and, in my opinion, much more interesting to visit than Versailles). Its last resident was Henri d’Orléans, Duke d'Aumale, and son of the last King of France, Louis-Philippe. His family’s princely apartments, the only remaining examples from the Monarchie de Juillet in France, will be reopened this month after several years of careful renovations. The Duke and Duchesse d’Aumale’s Private Apartments were created in 1845 within ...
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Pullman Dana: First Class Perfume

  The perfume house Dana is known primarily for its women's fragrances. Legendary spicy Tabu, floral Chantilly, and oriental Emir have become popular examples in its genres. Recently, we were telling the story of the Canoe Dana transformation from a feminine to a masculine fragrance. Today, our review will be devoted to another fougere cologne, Pullman Dana, which was a masculine from its app... Read full article: Pullman Dana: First Class Perfume from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 25 January 2019

The 500 year old Chenonceau Castle in the Loire Valley – we visit it on our tour this September (see below). Good morning I hope you had a nice long weekend. I spent much of mine listening to music – through a new pair of Bluetooth equipped noise cancelling headphones.  Although I love technology and gadgets, and definitely love noise cancelling headphones, I’ve not been able to convince myself that adding Bluetooth to a regular pair of headphones is a good idea, either from a convenience or a ...
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Why Disneyland is about to start selling purple food

The culinary forecast for Disneyland calls for purple rain with a strong chance of purple macarons, cake pops and churros as the Anaheim theme park makes a concerted push to turn #PotionPurple into a trending color on social media. The Instagram-ready line of new Potion Purple foods launches Friday, Jan. 11, at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure as Disney’s latest attempt to capitalize on the popularity of posting food photos online. From cobblers to pancakes to fish tacos, Disney will b...
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Here’s the Disneyland Resort’s holiday food menu that starts Friday, Nov. 9

The Holiday Dinner Pizza can be found for a limited time at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta in Paradise Gardens Park at Disney California Adventure park during Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. It’s just one of many specialty food items available throughout the resort during the 2018-2019 holiday season. Disneyland Resort is located in Anaheim, Calif. (Disneyland Resort) The peppermint crunch shake can be found for a limited time at Schmoozies in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure park ...
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Recommended Reading: A Half Hour from Paris

“Half an Hour From Paris: 10 Secret Daytrips by Train” by Annabel Simms, author of the now-classic, written in the days when people had more time, “An Hour from Paris” is a great resource for locals who need a good excuse to escape Paris for the day, or for visitors looking to expand beyond the regular tourist haunts of the capital. As I write this on a particularly gray and chilly autumn day, I want to say that this would be a great book for the warmer days of spring, or to escape the suffo...
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Recommended Reading: Half An Hour from Paris

“Half an Hour From Paris: 10 Secret Daytrips by Train” by Annabel Simms, author of the now-classic “An Hour from Paris”, written in the days when people had more time, is a great resource for locals who need a good excuse to escape Paris for the day, or for visitors looking to expand beyond the regular tourist haunts of the capital. As I write this on a particularly gray and chilly autumn day, I want to say that this would be a great book for the warmer days of spring, or to escape the suffo...
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Handgun Qualification & Bump Stocks Maryland Shall Issue Legislative Update

Opinon Handgun Qualification & Bump Stocks Maryland Shall Issue Legislative Update Maryland – -( 1. Litigation Updates: The HQL Suit UpdateThat suit was filed to challenge the Handgun Qualification License requirement and State Police regulations that ban Maryland residents from purchasing a handgun unless they jump through all the training, fingerprinting and application hoops imposed by the so-called Firearms Safety Act of 2013. We challenged these requirements on multiple gro...
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Parsi Gara: Using History For a New Story

How Ashdeen Lilaowala keeps traditional oriental embroidery craft distinct without adapting to the millennial culture Seated in the plush, spacious, newly launched store of textile designer and author Ashdeen Lilaowala, one can’t help but notice how this space like his oeuvre of work is an amalgamation of influences. Article by Chirag Mohanty Samal |The Voice of Fashion The Parsi gara revivalist has incorporated traditional Chinese and Indian elements into an otherwise chic and modern store, h...
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No joke: horse gallops into a bar – video

A young horse escaped her racing stable in the town of Chantilly, north of Paris, and ran into the nearest cafe.CCTV captured the animal running from one end to the other of the bar before making a U-turn, bucking its legs in the air and bumping into the bar tables and chairs.Stephane Jasmin, the bar owner, said no one was hurt in the incident though he was stunned at what had happened Continue reading...
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Watch: Bucking race horse charges into a betting bar

People were enjoying drinks while watching horse races on a screen at a betting bar north of Paris when a real-life race horse charged into the bar. It galloped and bucked its way alongside the bar counter, where patrons ran for their lives. According to the Independent: The horse's trainer, Jean-Marie Beguigne, said the horse had dumped her rider at the Chantilly race course stables, less than a mile away, and made a run for it. Mr Beguigne said the horse had a tendency of trying to escap...
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Nicola Philippaerts wraps up double success in Chantilly

It was a golden weekend for Nicola Philippaerts in Chantilly, who picked up his second win of the Longines Global Champions Tour season.
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Visiting Paris for the first time: 8 rookie mistakes to avoid

Let’s face it, being a first-time visitor in Paris isn’t easy. Travelers have to deal with everything from jet lag and language barriers, to a new currency and figuring out the public transit system. Some of us save up our whole lives to visit the City of Light, so pricey mistakes aren’t something we want to keep as souvenirs. While a few faux-pas here or there won’t ruin your experience, there are a few common mistakes to look out for that will make your first days a little smoother. Avoid thes...
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Further On

More photos from the Camino.   The lovely village of Estaing, very ancient with an interesting church. The only problem was a very busy main street with cars and trucks roaring through. This statue was on an ancient bridge built in the 16th century and part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. He was an Estaing, the family from which one of France’s presidents came. This is Saint Flueret. This sculpture contains relics from, I’m guessing, the saint. It’s carried around in a procession once a y...
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Chantilly, a Horse Racing Town (and Forest)

One of the most scenic training centers is found in Europe, where a majority of France’s top racehorses are conditioned in the Chantilly Forest.
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Prix du Jockey Club: Study of Man claims French derby

Study of Man wins the French derby in Chantilly, with the best of Aidan O'Brien's four chances only finishing sixth.
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Rafferty best of the Irish in Chantilly

Caolan Rafferty Dundalk's Caolan Rafferty tied for 16th as France's Hubert Tisserand claimed a one-shot win in the French Amateur Open at Chantilly.The Maynooth University golfer followed rounds of 74, 69 and 72 with a final round 71 to finish on two-over-par 286.Tisserand shot a one-over-par 72 in the final round, finishing with a birdie to edge out compatriots François Lagralet ...
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Yates starts well at Chantilly

Jonathan Yates (Naas) with International teammate Colm Campbell helping on the bag during his recovery from injury at the Flogas Irish Amateur Open Championship at Royal County Down Golf. Picture by Pat Cashman Naas' Jonny Yates birdied two of his last five holes to lead the eight-strong Irish challenge in the battle for the Coupe Murat the French Amateur Open Strokeplay at Chanti...
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Even We Can't Tell the Difference Between a £100,000 and £400,000 Wedding Dress

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement last year there has been an endless conversation about which designer will make Meghan Markle's wedding dress. Everyone from Roland Mouret and Erdem to Victoria Beckham have been suggested, and this week the rumour mill pointed towards British couture house Ralph and Russo, who designed the £56,000 gown Meghan wore for the official engagement portraits. The wedding dress will come with a six-figure price tag—around £100,000, ac...
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L.table Johor Bahru – Cosy Western Restaurant By Popular Lavender Patisserie

Opened by successful bakery chain Lavender, L.table is a full-service western restaurant in Johor Bahru that is part of a multi-concept space (also comprising the bakery, bistro and a cafe) at their Taman Pelangi Flagship store. L.table’s team of chefs are trained to whip up hearty western-style dishes that are not overly pretentious yet presentable so it looks atheistically pleasing to the eyes. The restaurant prides itself on using only the best quality of ingredients that are all natural wit...
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Long-roof cat: The Jaguar XJS-based Lynx Eventer shooting brake

1984 Jaguar XJS Lynx Eventer. Photos courtesy Bonhams Auctions. Officially, Jaguar didn’t build a station wagon until 2005, when the Ian Callum-designed X-type estate (“Sportwagon” to U.S. buyers) first appeared in dealer showrooms. However, savvy shoppers — with sizable budgets — could have procured a long-roof Jaguar XJS shooting brake, marketed as the Lynx Eventer, as early as 1983. Over 16 production years, just 67 examples (and one prototype) were built, and on May 11, a 1984 Jaguar XJS V1...
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GUI names six-man squad for French Amateur

Alex Gleeson (IRL) during the final round of the European Nations Cup at Real Club de Golf Sotogrande. Picture: Golffile | Fran Caffrey The Golfing Union of Ireland has selected a six-man squad to compete at the French International Amateur Open for the Murat Cup at Chantilly from 25-27 May.Castle’s Alex Gleeson, runner-up at the West of Ireland and tied second at the European Nat...
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