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Martin Fuchs and Chaplin earn double victory in LGCT Madrid

Swiss Martin Fuchs rider won the Longines Global Champions Tour and the Global Champions League in Madrid.
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"Loving someone with whom you disagree or whom you do not admire holds the potential for transforming that person for the better."

"But even if it appears to have no effect on the other person, loving transforms and frees the person who loves. It allows one to set down the exhausting weight of hatred, anger and disappointment. It is a proactive act. It means taking control of the situation. The reaction of President Trump and his supporters to love is inconsequential. By loving them—whether they accept, or reject, or mock the sentiment—the president’s opponents can move toward an agenda that they set, hopefully one that see...
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Charlie Chaplin’s Silent Film Classic ‘The Kid’ Being Remade as an Animated Sci-Fi Film Starring Jacob Tremblay

Charlie Chaplin‘s 1921 silent film classic The Kid is getting the remake treatment. That information alone is unexpected, but brace yourselves, because that’s just the beginning. The new film will be an animated science fiction movie called The Kid: An Animated Adventure, starring Jacob Tremblay (Room, The Predator, the upcoming Good Boys) as the young protagonist who discovers a robot named Chaplin who possesses a human soul. I’m sorry…what? The Kid Remake Deadline broke the news about thi...
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The Charlie Chaplin Archive Opens, Putting Online 30,000 Photos & Documents from the Life of the Iconic Film Star

Charlie Chaplin knew his movies were popular, but could he have imagined that we'd still be watching them now, as the 130th anniversary of his birth approaches? And even if he could, he surely wouldn't have guessed that even the materials of his long working life would draw great fascination in the 21st century — much less that they would be made instantaneously available to the entire world on a site like the Charlie Chaplin Archive. A project of the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, which has p...
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Federal judge allows lawsuit alleging excessive force by Olympia officer in 2015 shooting to move forward

The shooting had sparked demonstrations that rippled through the city. Donald is white and Chaplin, and Thompson are black.
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Who is Donald Trump?

Few individuals divide opinion and promote disagreement as intensely as Donald Trump. Americans in particular, are deeply divided on his merits, while, for the most part, the rest of the world looks on, perplexed. He is a man of singular views, voiced unreservedly and this is possibly the major driver of both his popularity and his censure from those onlookers. For the right-leaning, he is hailed as a kind of saviour, selflessly renouncing the ease of private life, for the slings and arrows of p...
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Visual Feasts: Merchant Ivory Do What They Do Best in 'Feast of July'

None Left in the lurch by the movie-going public in 1995, Feast of July was probably one of the more demure productions to come out of the Merchant Ivory workshop. Based on a minor work by H.E. Bates, who wrote mostly charming and very British novels about the English working life, the film was further sidelined by its rather unenthusiastic critical reception. Time, however, has been kind to the film and it isn't really the forgettable fluff that the likes of Roger Ebert claimed it to be. Lift...
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Where to find the best cocktails in the San Fernando Valley

I recently read a book called “Imbibe!” by cocktail and spirits writer David Wondrich, a polymath with many advanced degrees in many disciplines, an insatiable curiosity and, far as I can tell, the liver of an ox. In the course of researching this deeply in-depth history of the cocktail, he apparently tasted every one of them, many times. The book is a history of not just the cocktail, but also the punch bowl, juleps, fizzes, sours, toddies, slings and innumerable libations that have long been f...
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1919: Hollywood’s Boom Year

A century ago, the struggle between stars and studios shaped the future of the movies.
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Harold Lloyd matriculated to Ontario for ‘The Freshman’

Ninety-five years ago this year, one of the world’s biggest movie stars came to Ontario. Harold Lloyd was here in 1924 to film scenes at the Southern Pacific Depot for “The Freshman,” in which he played naive college freshman Harold Lamb. A crew of 80 filmed at the station and on nearby streets in the downtown core. The visit “threw considerable stir into the affairs of Ontario,” the Daily Report wrote, as “plenty of Ontario spectators” gawked at the filming. In “The Freshman,” Harold Lamb is a ...
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"With a gun against my belly, I always smile."

Linked by Meade in the comments to "An affected or simpering smile; a silly, conceited, smiling look," which is a post about the criticism of the smile — the "smirk" — on the face of the Covington Catholic schoolboy Nick Sandmann. Sandmann is smiling, but it's not a natural, happy smile, because — as he wrote in his statement — he was anxious and trying to express that he "was not going to become angry, intimidated or be provoked into a larger confrontation." So that's just about exactly the the...
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CS Interview: John C. Reilly & Steve Coogan on Stan & Ollie

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Interview: John C. Reilly & Steve Coogan on Stan & Ollie Sony Pictures Classics invited to interview acclaimed actors Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly about portraying Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in the Stan & Ollie biopic. Check out the insightful interview below! Stan & Ollie is a drama that follows the legendary comedy duo Laurel & Hardy during their 1953 variety hall tour of Britain which began with low attendance and eventually became a hit with old...
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How Silent Film Comedian Harold Lloyd Influenced ‘Star Wars’ (and Jar Jar Binks)

(Welcome to The Movies That Made Star Wars, a series where we explore the films and television properties that inspired or help us better understand George Lucas’ iconic universe. In this edition: Girl Shy.) Among film nerds, Harold Lloyd is a household name. Saying his name instantly evokes images of the bespectacled actor dangling from a clock or in other improbable and impossibly dangerous situations. Made in 1924, Girl Shy was Harold Lloyd’s first production independent of Hal Roach and ...
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Oscar-Winning Screenwriter William Goldman Dead at 87

Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman dead at 87 is sad to report that legendary screenwriter William Goldman has passed away in his Manhattan home last night at the age of 87, per a report from Deadline. Goldman had been in failing health for some time, and was surrounded by family and friends. Goldman started his career off as a novelist before transitioning into screenplays in 1965 by writing the comedy/thriller Masquerade. Since then he had written some of the most me...
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12 Horror Movies That Should Have Won Best Picture

The Oscars don’t like horror. Every once in a while, a horror film peeks its head into the rarefied air of the Academy Awards with a costume or technical nod. One even won Best Picture. But, despite Get Out and The Shape of Water getting their due, it’s a genre largely cast out of the process for seeming too middle- or low-brow. As if fear and its construction aren’t worthwhile artistic pursuits. As if dramas can’t also be schlocky or cheap. It’s in that spirit that I wanted to conduct this lit...
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How to raise a non-materialistic kid

Keeping a gratitude journal caused children to donate 60 percent more to charitable causes. Other methods suggested by researchers include daily gratitude reflection, gratitude posters, and keeping a "gratitude jar."Materialism has been shown to increase anxiety and depression and promote selfish attitudes and behavior. None The new Netflix drama The Kindergarten Teacher offers viewers a complex and uncomfortable narrative. Lisa Spinelli is worried that her teenage children are caught in the cl...
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Challenging Technology’s Ability to Produce Reliable Evidence

Access to Justice (A2J): for our work as lawyers, we don’t know enough about the technology that produces much of the evidence we have to deal with. So how to be educated affordably? This is an outline of three articles that I have recently posted on the SSRN. (Click on each of the three hyperlinked headings below to download a pdf. copy of each.) 1. Technology, Evidence, and its Procedural Rules (SSRN, October 1, 2018, pdf., 64 pages) The rules of procedure that govern proceedings concerning di...
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50 Under 50 - Part V

I'm 31 movies into my resolution to watch 50 movies made before 1950 in 2018 [see Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV]. I faltered a bit due to vacations, but am pretty much back on track. If I only watch one qualifying movie a week until the end of the year, I'm only 2 movies behind. Considering that I only really started doing this challenge in March or so, I should be good. Further, I expect a fair amount of my 6 Weeks of Halloween horror movie marathon to qualify, such that it's quite poss...
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Chaplin's KiwiSaver report available now

David Chaplin's report on KiwiSaver's "Prime" year - it is 11 years old - is now available at this link. This is an excellent resource for dedicated KiwiSaver watchers.
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Charlie Chaplin Films a Scene Inside a Lion’s Cage in 200 Takes

Charlie Chaplin was an actor and filmmaker committed to his craft--a perfectionist, in short. When directing City Lights (1931), Chaplin demanded as many as 342 takes of a fairly straightforward three-minute scene. That's what it took to get it right. Above, we find an earlier example of the filmmaker's attention to detail ... and his appetite for risk. In the 1928 film, The Circus, Chaplin took more than 200 takes to complete the Lion's Cage scene shown above. Many of those takes, the o...
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Queen 'lucky' that Mirren played her

On Chaplin gala red carpet, Taylor Hackford says Queen Elizabeth II was lucky his wife Helen Mirren portrayed her. Mirren, who was being honored at the event, said she will be watching the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle later this month. (May 1)            [Author: AP]
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Charlie Chaplin Documentary in the Works

Charlie Chaplin documentary will take us deeper into iconic figure Altitude and Showtime have announced today that they are teaming up in representing worldwide rights to Chaplin, the upcoming second feature documentary from Peter Middleton and James Spinney, three-time BAFTA nominees for Notes on Blindness. Chaplin is the working title for the film. Altitude is handling international rights for the film and will be introducing the project to buyers at Cannes. Showtime has North American righ...
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He’s the Producer. She’s the Talent. Who Owns the Hit Record?

Joe Penhall’s new play, “Mood Music,” has real-world echoes in its story of a battle between a young singer-songwriter and her record producer.
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Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc 2018 North American Teams

March 2018 is approaching and four teams of women in the United States are getting ready to head to France and Morocco for the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc. More casually known in North America as “Gazelles”, the rally was started in 1990 as an adventure for all-female teams. As in stage rally, each team of two – a driver and a navigator – drive off-road from checkpoint to checkpoint over 6 legs in Morocco for a total of nine days of competition. GPS is not allowed – traditional navig...
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Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear Join House of Cards Cast

Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear join House of Cards cast Netflix has announced that Academy Award-nominated actors Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear will join the cast of House of Cards for the sixth and final season. Lane and Kinnear join Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award nominee Robin Wright, as well as Michael Kelly, Jayne Atkinson, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer, Derek Cecil, Campbell Scott and Boris McGiver in the upcoming season. The landmark series House of Cards – from the studio MRC (the...
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Communist laughter

“History is thorough and passes through many stages while bearing an ancient form to its grave.” So wrote Karl Marx in 1843, as he reflected on the collapse of Germany’s old regime whilst looking toward a revolutionary horizon. “The last phase of a world-historical form,” he adds, “is its comedy.” According to Marx, comedy has revolutionary value in that it allows us to part happily with the superannuated ways of the past. Laughter, in this context, signals progress toward communism, the social ...
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Chaplin to Oprah: California’s Montecito is a star haven

The California coastal community devastated by this week’s deadly mudslides is known as Oprah’s hometown. But it was Charlie Chaplin, the biggest star of another era, who first made Montecito a celebrity haven. Chaplin led a small group of investors who built the Montecito Inn, a posh getaway that is a local landmark. Its lobby […]
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The Little Tramp and the Refugees Who Loved, Then Loathed Him

At a film club for young women who have escaped bleak lives, Charlie Chaplin’s silents offered an escape. Then they learned about his offscreen life.
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