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Football was only part of it: Diego Maradona transcended sport | Uki Goñi

Proud, defiant, political. To the world’s neglected and marginalised, he was a figure of hopeFor a nation prone to frequent lamentation over its missed opportunities, crashing from the world’s 10th wealthiest economy per capita in 1913 to a constant teetering at the edge of economic and social collapse for the better part of the past century, Argentina has produced an astonishing array of instantly recognisable global icons.Eva Perón, unanointed queen of Argentina’s “shirtless” working class, wa...
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Jan Morris, Legendary Travel Writer And Memoirist, 94

Morris established her reputation with dispatches from Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary’s climb of Mount Everest – she went 3/4 of the way up herself – and continued as a journalist interviewing everyone from Che Guevara to Guy Burgess. In a book review, “Anatole Broyard extolled Ms. Morris’s travel books as ‘oddly reassuring, showing us that there are more ways of experiencing cultures than most of us supposed.'” – The New York Times
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From Che Guevara to lockdown: photo book tells story of Madrid

Work features images by some of the most famous photographers of the past centuryCapturing Madrid’s history – in photographsOne warm June weekend 61 years ago, a scruffily bearded Argentinian on his way from Cuba to Cairo stopped over in Madrid. With almost a day to kill between flights, he did what any tourist of the time would have done: explored the city, visited a bullring, had breakfast and did a little shopping.He was, however, no ordinary tourist. A photograph taken very early that Sunday...
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Loving’s Jeff Nichols Tapped to Write/Direct Third Quiet Place Film!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Loving’s Jeff Nichols tapped to write/direct third Quiet Place film! The global pandemic may have pushed back the highly-anticipated second installment of the burgeoning hit horror franchise, but Paramount Pictures is looking to keep the ball rolling on the Quiet Place universe as Loving writer/director Jeff Nichols has been tapped to write and direct a third film in the series, according to Deadline. RELATED: Adam Driver To Lead Jeff Nichols’ Yankee Comandante ...
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A Post I Did Not Want to Make

 My father, age 86, has been a Democrat for much of the latter part of his life.  He was not a fan of Donald Trump, but we never really had a political discussion.  I used to argue with my mother (who was of similar political bent) but dad stayed out of it.He sent me a link tonight, no comment, to this piece:  We Were Wrong About America.  Give that a read before you click on the break. In keeping with my recent post Don't #WalkAway, I responded.  This is that response:" We thought we would be ...
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What is the proper drink to celebrate dead Che Guevara day?

I'm thinking something with Rum
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Watch how AI accessing a huge face database can create better restorations

YouTuber bycloud demonstrates how a deep face dictionary network (DFDNet) can be applied to degraded and low-quality images to create better quality facial restorations: "In this video I combined and compared colorization, upscaling, and image super-resolution." For those interested in the technical aspects, here is a paper on how it works. This iconic image of Che Guevara gets significantly sharper when processed in black and white: Below is a blurry low-res image of Marilyn Monroe,...
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Cuba: Castro vs the World review – a triumph of historical illumination

The conclusion of this two-part documentary charted the end of the Soviet Union to the Clinton years and beyond, with the former US president joining a superb cast of talking headsIt’s been so long since I experienced it – either personally or simply as a possibility in the wider world – that for a minute or two I couldn’t identify the feeling that arrived as Cuba: Castro vs the World (BBC Two) concluded. It was, I realised after rummaging through distant memory, the sense of having become bette...
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De Blasio Quotes Marx’s Communist Manifesto in Discussion on Relationship with NYC Business Community

New York mayor Bill de Blasio quoted Karl Marx when outlining the relationship he wanted his office to have with the city's business community, in an appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC.Host Brian Lehrer asked de Blasio how the mayor was approaching businesses for help with recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Lehrer said that the mayor was not known for extensive outreach to the business community given his focus on issues of wealth inequality."There’s an underlying truth in the ...
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NYC Shooting Surge Highlights de Blasio’s Ineptness and Futility of Anti-Gun Edicts

Bill de Blasio can't dictate his way out of New York City's problems, which means that's exactly what he'll continue trying to do as long as other people's money holds out. (Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0.) U.S.A. – -( “NYC's surge in gun violence sees spike in kid, teen and young adult victims,” WNBC-TV 4 reported Monday. “New York City has been grappling with an outstanding increase in gun violence over the past few months.” Shooting stats are up overall and ac...
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Che Guevara's birth home is up for sale in Argentina

For around $400,000, you can own the home where controversial Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara was born, according to official Argentine news agency, Télam.
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For the 60th anniversary of the iconic photo of Che Guevara taken on March 5, 1960 by Alberto Korda, Havas Paris designed a print campaign to appealing to the visual memory of photo enthousiasts. Today, social networks showcase a creative society whose most used element to promote photographs is the hashtags on Instagram. #clou...
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#ICONICASLEICA Distinguishes Brand's Rich History in Latest Campaign

In the world of #hashtags, how to distinguish a great photograph? The new Leica campaign from Havas Paris plays on the trend to appeal to the photo community.For the 60th anniversary of the iconic photo of Che Guevara taken on March 5, 1960 by Alberto Korda, Havas Paris designed a print campaign to appealing to the visual memory of photo enthusiasts.Today, social networks showcase a creative society whose most used element to promote photographs is the hashtags on Instagram. #clouds represents 1...
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Second Amendment Supporters Welcome the 2020 Class of New Gun Owners! ~ VIDEO

By Alan J Chwick and Joanne D Eisen Second Amendment Supporters Welcome the 2020 Class of New Gun Owners! ~ VIDEO iStock-gustavofrazao USA – -( We want to welcome the gun owners Class 0f 2020! The first 5 months of 2020, on a monthly basis, has broken every January, February, March, April, and May record of the past 10 years. The numbers are truly overwhelming, and many are first-time gun owners. According to the NSSF, “More than 2 million Americans became first-time gun owner...
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Che Guevara's birthplace put up for sale

The flat where the revolutionary icon tired out his first steps is in Argentina's city of Rosario.
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‘Yankee Comandante’ Will Reunite Adam Driver and ‘Midnight Special’ Director Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols, one of the more underrated directors working today, is reuniting with Adam Driver for Yankee Comandante. The film will tell the true story of a man from Ohio who “rose to the rank of comandante during the Cuban Revolution” alongside Che Guevara. Nichols and Driver previously worked together on the criminally underseen Midnight Special. Variety has the news on Yankee Comandante, a new film from Jeff Nichols starring Adam Driver. It’s based on a true story, chronicled in a New Yo...
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Adam Driver To Lead Jeff Nichols’ Yankee Comandante

Adam Driver to lead Jeff Nichols’ Yankee Comandante Though still waiting on word on when he can return to production on Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel, Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) has found his next project in the form of Jeff Nichols (Loving)’ upcoming adaptation of Yankee Comandante, according to Variety. RELATED: The Last Duel Set Photos Reveal Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & Adam Driver Based on David Grann’s New Yorker article, the story follows two people who rose to the r...
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If Bernie Sanders thinks Cuba is worth defending, he should talk to gay dissidents | Aaron Hicklin

Sanders is no homophobe – he was among the few to vote against Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act. Still, he is wrong to defend CubaI remember visiting Havana in 2015 and browsing the book stalls around the Plaza de Armas. From a distance they looked inviting – like those you see along the Seine in Paris. But up close it became apparent that we were being duped. The books were standard issue hagiographies of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, alongside the occasional biography of “Papa” Hemingway. Lik...
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What do celebrity deaths tell us about ourselves?

“Kobe Bryant killed in crash with eight others.” So read the shocking headlines here and around the world. We soon learned among those “eight others” was Kobe’s 13-year old daughter, Gianna. A day later, we knew the names of everyone who plunged to their deaths into a Calabasas hillside on an eerily foggy Sunday morning. It is not Kobe’s fault his fame hogged the headlines, that eight lives were reduced to “others.” While we tell ourselves, “every life matters,” in reality, some lives matter mor...
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Satire In The US Has A Trump Problem

This article is the result of a collaboration between TPM members and journalism graduate students at NYU. Over the past several months, NYU students from 10 different countries solicited the help of the community in TPM’s member forum, The Hive, to identify stories that could be of interest to TPM readers, but exist outside the range of TPM’s typical coverage areas. During the course of reporting, the students shared their progress with members for feedback and input. The project was intended ...
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Quiet docks, empty streets … Cubans count the cost as tourists stay away

After Donald Trump reversed Obama’s warming of relations, curtailing flights and cruise ship visits, the island is braced for a return to economic limboAlong the docks in Havana, the streets are quiet. Where thousands of people disembarked from cruise ships on a daily basis, the port now lies empty. A quick stroll away, in the Almacenes de San José crafts market, María Hernández watches a handful of tourists browsing the aisles of this vast restored 19th-century warehouse, hoping they will pause...
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Free speech roundup

A new law making it a federal crime to threaten journalists? No thanks [Robby Soave, Reason] “In 2012, there was just one journalist in jail on fake-news charges. By 2014, there were eight…. The number rose to 27 in jail by the end of last year.” And the charge can depend simply on what news the ruling authority deems true or false [Miriam Berger, Washington Post discussing new Committee to Protect Journalists report on imprisoned journalists] Thread on the damaging impacts of COPPA, the chi...
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Rudbeckia Revolution

Be realistic, demand the impossible. Che Guevara   I am waging war against frustration, and impatience is an obstacle. My struggle may take two or three years before there is a measurable outcome. This year’s brutal heat and drought nearly ground to a halt any remaining enthusiasm for my garden. While the president fantasized in August about buying Greenland, I dreamed of a cooler global climate and a little rain. Nothing worked. Greenland’s ice sheets continued to melt, and central Kentucky ha...
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What is Portugal’s Festa do Avante!

Cruising past the Ponte 25 de Abril, which, when I squinted, could have been the Golden Gate Bridge I’d left back home, I wondered if my passport might burst into flames. I was going to a communist festival in Amora, Portugal, hardly the sort of festival I’d envisioned myself attending during my summer in Lisbon. Though the view from the ferry took me back to American soil, where the word “communism” still lands with a thud, for the people of Portugal, Lisbon’s bright red bridge commemorates ...
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Jason Gotay Joins New York City Center's EVITA

BroadwayWorld has learned that Jason Gotay has joined New York City Center's Gala Presentation of Evita, November 13 - 24. Gotay will bring to life Che Guevara. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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Today in History for October 9th

Highlights of this day in history: Guerrilla leader Che Guevara executed in Bolivia; Anthrax-laced letters sent to Capitol Hill; Achille Lauro hijackers surrender; Andrei Sakharov wins Nobel Peace Prize; Musician John Lennon born. (Oct. 9)         [Author: AP Domestic]
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Open Mike: Great Armchair Adventure Books

["Open Mike" is the anything-goes, often off-topic Editorial Page of TOP. It appears on Wednesdays. Sorry this took so long to complete! While writing it I went down rabbit-holes as never before. Kind of amazed I made it back. —Ed.] - Apropos the recent "Overtourism" post, here are some smashingly good books that will allow you to go on great adventures without leaving the warmth of your own cozy hearth: Joe Simpson, Touching the Void (2004). In some ways I'm sorry this was made into a movie,...
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The Twilight Zone 1.09 Recap: The Blue Scorpion

The Twilight Zone 1.09 recap: The Blue Scorpion Following last week’s episode of the series starring Ginnifer Goodwin, CBS All Access‘ penultimate episode of the first season of The Twilight Zone stars Chris O’Dowd (Get Shorty), Amy Landecker (Sneaky Pete), and Adam Korson (Imposters). In the latest episode, the emergence of the elusive Blue Scorpion leads anthropology professor Jeff Storck (O’Dowd) to his most personal research project yet. PB = PB || {}; P...
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A Royal coup, Malia Obama's bribe scandal, and man-eating Angelina Jolie, in this week’s reality-challenged tabloids

When Carlos Castaneda spoke of “a separate reality,” he could easily have been thinking of this week’s through-the-looking-glass tabloids. How else to explain the ‘Globe’ cover story: “Malia Obama Caught Up in Harvard Bribe Scandal!” No, she isn’t. Malia allegedly took tennis lessons from the Harvard tennis coach accused of accepting bribes for recruiting non-athletes to the university. But Malia didn’t win a tennis scholarship to Harvard, or any athletic scholarship, so there’s no scandal, just...
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Fun & Funky Restaurants in Brooklyn for Various Cuisines

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - Many people might think Manhattan is the hub of New York’s foodie culture, but the diversity of Brooklyn has increasingly made it a hotspot for NYC foodies. With independently-owned restaurants, young rising chefs, and something for just about every cuisine, Brooklyn is a great place to eat—breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert! The thing about all these Brooklyn restaurants, though, is there is always a ne...
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